Hadith Series – #52 – There are six rights towards a fellow Muslim – 1-6

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a Muslim has six rights, or is entitled to six things from another Muslim. The first thing is that when they meet, that he gives him a greeting of peace. So

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when you meet somebody and give someone a greeting of peace, two things are going on. The first thing is internal.

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You're kind of renewing your intention and your sincerity towards that person. Right? You want good for that other person. You're not looking at that person in an objectifying way. You're not looking at that person, as what can I get out of that person, you're not looking at that person in any sort of demeaning way. You want good for that person. And so you're giving them a greeting of peace, you're wishing peace for that person.

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We say Salam on equal means I want peace for you.

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So the first thing that that teaches us is our intention. We have to want good for other people, and especially other people of faith.

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And the second thing, the second thing that it teaches us, it's external, it said, the way that we treat each other is extremely important, this, this right? Or this entitlement. This instruction is about spreading good vibes, right? A Muslim, a person of faith. They should be like the rain, the rain doesn't discriminate, who it falls upon, it benefits everybody. Right? When somebody sees you, and you greet them with a smiling face, and you like reach out to them, you try to make a human connection. You can turn someone's entire day around, you don't know what that person was bringing into the situation, maybe they just lost their job. Maybe they just lost a relative, anything could

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have happened. So if you start with your intention, you intend good for that person. And then you match it with this outward smile and greeting of peace and trying to make a connection. The whole community. Everybody in the neighborhood, everybody in the town, everybody in the area gets elevated, because now everybody's doing it for everybody else. And everybody is spreading these good vibes. And that's what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to do.