Minute with a Muslim #098 – Our Brother Michael Converts To Islam

Tom Facchine


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Okay, that's good.

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So no one forced you to be here. You have your free well, okay hamdulillah so we're going to do it once in English. And then once an average just for fun, I bear witness, a bear witness, but there's no God. There's no God, except for Allah except for Allah. And I bear witness or witness that Mohammed that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah is the messenger of Allah

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Michael I newest brother, newest member of the community, now let's just give it a whirl in Arabic. Okay, just for fun. Okay, she had a shadow.

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It's good.

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Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Pretty good, right? Well as head of a shadow and Mohammed and Muhammadan rasul Allah rasool Allah Tech where

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we are your brothers and faith. We're going to take a number, we're gonna get you plugged in in sha Allah, and we're all here support. Okay, so thank you so much for coming down and reaching out to us and make your brother feel welcome.