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This imam is talking about an event where women panelists talked about empowerment and what they want in this world. The speaker of this lecture mentions their speeches at the event, as well as other significant events with the same message outside the panel. He is discussing how far astray Muslims in the west have diverted from the path of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, As well as its consequence on the person who strays, i.e. oppression by the west and by the non-Muslims. It is a very powerful lecture full of stories from the prophet’s peace be upon him time and it teaches us that no matter how much power or education or otherwise luxurious lifestyle you lead in the west , that you should remain on a strict, simple path of Allah and not get to into yourself and your worldly things.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah shadow Allah in LA Allahu wa la sharika lahu

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ye shadow another Mohammad Abdullah who was who Salawat Allah He was set Amma who Id My Baba.

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Recently, I did a program, a series with one of the famous Islamic channels. It's known globally as well as being in Europe, woman program, or channel.

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And it was a series dealing with a number of episodes trying to address in tackle many of the contemporary issues and challenges that we have to get a grip upon, especially issues that are really important to our youth issues like Islamic

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entertainment, like comedy. Is there such a thing as a Muslim standing up as a comic making jokes with the golden the objective of making people laugh?

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Issues like whether or not the Sharia is compatible with British law?

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Issues like sports? What does Ellis lamb have to say about sports? And is it permissible for our children to aspire to be professional soccer players football players? And if one of them becomes a football player? How do we deal with the challenges? And what does Islam have to say about those issues? I was brought as the expert.

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My job was simply to give my opinion as it relates to what else Islam says about the issues that were brought on the table. And they will bring people who are comedians people who are footballers, people who are in the political arena and sphere.

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I was shocked to be honest with you to see how some of our youngsters think and how many of the Muslims think when formulating opinions. Like they should love Islamic comedy and entertainment. The question is posed to the Muslim comic, when it comes to comedy when it comes to comedy. who draws the line as to what you can say? And what you can say? Can you mock people? And if you do mock them, how far can you go? Who draws the line?

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Who is that up to? I think is basic and fundamental that every Muslim, when he hears that question posed to him right away, he's gonna say, Allah and His messenger. That's how the line is drawn, that the Prophet sallallahu was sending them physically drew a long line. And he said, This is the spirit of ALLAH, this Musa ain and drew subsequent lines to the right and the left of it, and said, these are tentative lines and paths on each one of them is the shaytaan calling to it. So when we ask

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Allah to guide us to the Surah, optimal stopping, and our prayer when we ask him that, the Serato stalking, the her dude, the lines, the demarcations, they have been established by Allah and His messenger. But the Muslim comic he believes, as his answer indicated, it's up to the comic to draw the line. If I want to curse in my stand up comedy, I can curse and I can swear, if I want to lie, I can lie, I draw the line. As for the listening public, if you want to come you come in, if you don't

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want to come you don't come, but I draw the line. But to the credit of the comment to his credit, he had humility, because when he heard I had to be her a Hadith from the Quran and the Sunnah that he had never heard before. He seemed to humble himself and begin to think maybe this is not a good profession. Maybe it's not a good profession, unlike some of the other people. Is al Islam compatible the Sharia with Islam with the law of the land here in the UK. The representative comes

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from Quilliam Foundation. And we know that these people from Quilliam, with their hundreds of pounds of support from the government, they don't speak on behalf of Ellis land. They are people spew Kufa, coffer and hypocrisy and what is clearly against our religion and the man he doesn't fail what we know about them, and he says things that will cause you to say, Wow, what are you talking about?

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But from all of those episodes that I want to share with you today is the episode that was called What do Muslim women want? Your wife and my wife and your sister and my sister, the Muslim young girls who are growing up in the UK

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that's what the issue was named? What two Muslim women one? Three Muslim sisters were brought. They're highly agile.

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cated highly articulate progressive in their thinking.

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But again, this issue of who draws the line is an issue that is blurred in the mind. And in the concepts of many of the Muslims, unfortunately, one of them was a lady who has an Asian background, Allahu Allah in Pakistan, I don't know. But she was an Asian background, well known on the circuit of activists, those Muslim women who are trying to be active to get the rights of Muslims, the other to get the rights of Muslim women. The other tool were two well known reverse white sisters reverse

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one from this country, and one from Germany. And both of them are well known authors. Both of them was in journalism, to the credit of the one who was from the UK. She accepted all Islam in Iran. In the masjid of the Shiite, she saw in a dream, a vision, something happened and she became a Muslim. And it's not fair for people when they hear stories like that, to pass judgment on people and say, This person is a Shiite, because they accepted Islam in Iran, you have to meet the person, you have

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to listen to what they're saying, before you pass judgments on people. This individual became a Muslim as a result of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad and that cover, he became a Muslim because he went to listen to them, he thought that was a slam, he met real Muslims and embrace Islam, don't say that he's from the Nation of Islam. And that went over there. He accepted Islam, after having a serious, powerful trip on drugs. Something was opening his mind and

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he was connected to some spirituality. After that experience, he became a Muslim. Allah guides people the way he wants to guide people. The issue is after embracing Islam, how is the person to this lady's credit? She said on a number of the panel discussions, I was impressed because again, she respected the Quran, she respected the Sunnah. And when the is of the Quran and the Sunnah came to her, she submitted, and she praised them, and she supported them. And she was against everybody

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who went against that. As for the other sisters, Allahu Akbar, the first question that was put forth by the moderator to the system is a new reverb, well known in Germany, well known author. So since the you, we want to know, what do Muslim women want? What do you want, and you can speak on behalf of the Muslim community, the woman, she said, we Muslim women want to be empowered. We don't want anyone to tell us what to do. We don't want our husbands, our fathers brothers, society. We don't

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want anybody to tell us what to do. We had been oppressed, and we know what's best for us in light of history. And she gave a lot of verbiage and a lot of philosophy. When you listen to that, if you don't know your religion, you listen to those $64 words, those big words and those synthesis that are strange strung along and you say, Oh, it was intelligent.

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Although I wasn't the moderator and it was my job just to answer halau haram This is that hadith, I interjected in a nice way I am project excuse me, sister. They brought me here as the expert. I'm the expert and I know I'm not the moderator. But

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I know from the Quran and the Sunnah, that no human being should say he doesn't want to be told anything. Because Allah describes the nature of Benny Adam in the Quran. The Quran, will have Insano anyone who can have a lumen Joe hula, the mankind, they carry, the Amana, of giving dower in establishing the heart on the earth, mankind took that where the sky and the mountains and the earth refused Allah saying, verily, mankind, He is oppressive, and he's ignorant.

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He is oppressive, and he is ignorant, Allah and another is

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the ephah mankind has been created weak. So listen, sister, as the expert on this program, Islamic expert. If I were to say something, and I'm older than you, if I were to say something that was wrong, do something that was wrong, you and those who are younger than you, other women, men, children, they have the right to stop me and to advise me and to tell me, so no Muslim exists saying, I don't want to be told what to do. No Muslim woman can say that no Muslim man can say that.

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I don't want to be told what to do. So maybe you would like to rectify that language and change it up. Explain what do you mean? She said, I'm adamant. We Muslim women. We don't want to be told what to do by our husbands and so forth and so on. It's not for me to fight her after let that go. Or I'm going to fit into that.

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narrative of the stereotypical imam who is intolerant, he's rough, he's tough, and so forth. This one, it went to the second sister from this country, the river. And to her credit, you know what that lady said? She said, I'm going to tell you what I want. And what sisters like me want is we want to practice our religion. We want to be honored, we want to be respected. We want to be held in high esteem, we want to be protected. We want to be loved. We want to take care of our families. She

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said, I'll even go a step further. Say this, I'm sorry and apologetic to my ex husband, who, before Al Islam, and he knows the importance of being a wife before Islam, I didn't know the importance of the rights of the husband, so I didn't treat them well. But now that Allah guided me to this religion, I see my honor, my respect is with how I am with my wife, with my husband and my children. And then it came to me. Well, Chef, Abu Samah, what do you think that's a slam, empower the woman, I

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said, Allah Who Manam alyssum empowers the woman in a way that is pleasing to Allah in a way that the Prophet brought Salallahu Alaihe Salam, and there are many ways, and I will take up the whole program telling you if you want, okay, well just name a few, well at the top of the list, and there is no empowerment greater than this for the Muslim woman. And that is the empowerment that Allah gave her to worship Him in him alone. Because when the slave worships Allah, he's not a slave to

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anyone else. He's not a slave to a system. He's not a slave to his desires. He's not a slave to anyone. He's not a slave to the media. The woman today in American Europe, she is a slave. She's not happy with herself. She feels she's too fat, she thinks she's too black. She thinks she's too white, too skinny, too tall, too short. She thinks this, this, this, her face is not okay, unless she packs on her face, a lot of makeup, and so forth and so on. She's a slave to mass media. But if she knew

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her religion, and she realized that she was Amapola, first and foremost, she's free. She's a free thinker, thinks for herself. Beauty is defined by what Allah Drew, by the line that's been established in Ellis land, not by what men are saying, and so forth as one, whether they are Muslims are not, whether it's from her culture outside of her culture. And this is something that's funny. We never ever, ever hear the Muslim women feminists ever mention when it is, when we talk about

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empowering women, they never talked about empowering them spiritually, never. It's always about money. It's always about status. It's always about some position. I went on, I say in any essay helps them I will Allah, this religion empower them. And the fact that the lady when she gets married, she doesn't have to take her husband's name. It's not permissible for her to take her husband's name. And Alison, that is a sign of enslavement to her husband. It is a sign in the West

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End America. When the man married the woman, the woman became his property. So she took on his name. My last name before Ellis lamb is the name of my forefathers slave master. And that's why we slave that name, and we buried that name, to get rid of it to get rid of that server tool that our forefathers had. So when the woman comes into his land, she doesn't call herself fought the mother daughter, Muhammad, and then takes the last name of the husband. That's what they do in Europe.

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That's enslavement. So Islam gave me that freedom. And then I told them, and here's where the bomb blew up. And when I say bomb, I'm talking figuratively so that nobody gets upset. No one gets nervous. Here's where the bomb went off. Al Islam has empowered the Muslim lady, woman, the woman and that she's allowed to get married to whoever she wants to get married to. I know, I know, speaking on behalf of our sisters, that we have ignorant fathers, we are ignorant husbands. We are

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ignorant, oppressive cultures that were misogynistic. We are Mel's chauvinist. We are people who don't want to hear what the woman has to say. And we have enslaved them the way Quraysh did, by burying their daughters. Socially, socially, we bury our daughters. We don't want to hear what they have to say we have double standards. I'm the first one to say we have to kill that nonsense, forcing her to get married and slam empowered her. You could get married and then I gave them the

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Hadith of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The man told his daughter, marry your cousin. She said, No, y'all Rasul. Allah told my daughter to marry her cousin, she disobeyed me and says, No, the Prophet said to the girls of Allah, he was sending them obey your father. She said, allow Allah He rasool Allah unto

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You tell me what is the right of the husband over the wife I'm not getting married. He said the right of the husband over the wife is if he developed a saw an abscess in his nose, and it was oozing blood and pus, if she were to lick it and swallow that he she wouldn't have given him his rice. She said, Well, law he I'm never gonna get married. The Prophet said don't force them to get married. When I said that hadith right there in the studio, those women jumped up. Whoa, just like

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that. And I don't exaggerate. They jumped up, right there filming. That hadith is weak. That's enslavement. What is that? I was shocked. I was shocked. The question is SR, there are five conditions that make a hadith authentic. Do you know one of them? Know? You? What makes the Hadith week my Sheikh told me that anytime you hear a hadith, claiming that the Prophet said this, or the Prophet said that Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and it causes the hair on your head, and the hair

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on your skin to rise up, then the Prophet didn't say you have to reject it. Have you ever heard of such a principle? Have you ever heard of such a principle? You read an if you hear a hadith, and it affects you in that type of way, that's a sign that the hadith is weak. Look at the confusion.

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That's in the standing of the Muslim girl that's in the standard of Adam's child. But look what Allahu Taala said in the Quran. Allah said, how the line is drawn. He said in the Quran, Allah who necessarily asks another Hadith, Ki tiden Moutere, shabby, Hanmer Thani, texture aircrewman, who Gianluca Lavinia Shona, a bow, Allah is the One who sent down the best speech, Arsenal, Hadith. It is a book that confirms itself. And it repeats itself. When those who fear the Lord hear it and read

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it, their hair stands up, their skin stands up at a fear when they read about your MO Kiama when they read about the NARA that Jahannam that are that what Allah prepared in the Paradise when they read about how Allah can do this and will do this and do that? They become afraid and they get a Ziad of Eman. But on this person's mind, if that happens to me, that's a sign that I rejected.

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So I wanted to share with this community, especially our children who are here today, but this is not just for our women. This is for every group of Muslim, every single Muslim who's out there who thinks and he believes and he's been duped and tricked, bamboozled into thinking that empowerment comes to us from outside of Islam, you are sorely mistaken.

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Empowerment doesn't come outside of what Allah has legislated. And as a Muslim there says basic and fundamental. If you don't buy into it, if you don't believe it, then there's something suspect about your Eman. Maybe you're excused because you're brand spanking new Muslim, or you live in a desert somewhere you can't read and write. So you don't know very much, maybe your excuse. But for the vast majority of us who can read and write, contemplate, consider. We know what's going on? What's the

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excuse for a person to be in doubt, thinking that you can get empowered from outside of Islam?

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Muslim woman feminists, what is that Muslim woman feminists? I even heard on that program or at the studio, the Muslim atheists, or the Muslim feminists, the Muslim modernists and the Muslim atheist. It's an oxymoron. How can you possibly Muslim atheists at the same time? Where does it stop? As it relates to what I'm telling you? A person wants to bring empowerment to our community by killing innocent people in Belgium or other than that? ISIS, anyone who wants to empower this ummah and

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bring back the magic of Al Islam, the Islam, if you try to do it politically, anyway, and you go outside of the realms of this religion, you won't be successful.

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Look what the Prophet said some Allahu Allah He was telling me what happened. The companion and Robin Hussain Raghu, Rama Allah He alleged Alayhi he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a man who came in and the man had a copper ring on his hand. Rasul Allah not knowing the end movie, but he said to the man, what is that? The man said Allah Hina yah rasool Allah, it protects me from rheumatism. By wearing this, I'll be protected from rheumatism. The Prophet told

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the man sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in zero

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Hola Hola to Z Dukkha in the word men were no mater we're here, man.

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Hey, take that time wheeze off, take that Tomino off, take that necklace off, take their hocus pocus stuff off. For burly it won't do anything but increase you in weakness. And if you were to die and that thing is on you, you would never be successful. You will never be powerful, you will never be safe, strong, protected, never lie man. He brought this hadith shaken Islam saying Islam, Muhammad Abdul Wahab and kitasato He brought that hadith to show them permissibility of wearing the tie weave

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and so forth and so on. He said this hadith, it's not the hula, de se acceptable Hadith. So the point here and the Shahid here, the Muslim, the human being, he wants to take something to get strength, he wants to be empowered. He wants to be helped by something that is diametrically opposed to the religion. Demeter allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anyone who invents something introduces something in this religion, that's not from it, it will be rejected and it's not going to help you.

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You think is going to help you and empower you. But in fact, you're on a slippery slope, that thing will destroy you. One narration of this hadith said, if you die and this thing is on you, you will die and other than the middle of Muhammad. I don't want nobody to tell him I don't want anyone to tell me what to do. Look at what happened within the BS, Hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that proves the point. What's the issue? What's the point, if we look for is the power and respect from

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outside of Islam, with the government, with the media with this with that you look for it outside of the boundaries of Allah has prescribed, you won't find it.

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He mentioned Salah who it was suddenly an authentic hadith, and the authority about delighting your mind and say Buhari and other than that, I've already narrated the Hadith as well, may Allah be pleased with all of those companions. What Jew Isla Avila was salam, and I'm in harder for Emery woman to shut Barbie Coleman for who are men who

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Rasul Allah says, Anyone who goes against my way who goes against my command anyone who goes against my way, then what's going to happen is he's going to be subjected to servitude, he's going to be subjected to being low and being downtrodden. And whoever resembles a people, he's from those people. So that hadith clearly indicates and clearly shows what has happened to the Muslims were subservient. We leave our countries and we abandon the resources in our country that we don't even

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have control over. And we come to other countries to help enhance their way of life.

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We are subservient to the west slaves to the west. Why? Because we did everything in opposition to what Allah azza wa jal has decreed in his religion. Not everything, obviously. But the OMA for the most part. We've left what we've been given the other Hadith Abdullah

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in what was collected by the Imam Ahmed, similar to that first Hadith, he says Allah Allahu Allah, he was telling me that Tobias to Marina were a craft to be undeniable Bucher, what are the two Missoura What are optimal Jihad samatha Allahu alaykum Villa lion zero ha ha. Taraji Dini calm. If you people this OMA, if this OMA becomes preoccupied with the dunya, commerce, money, agriculture, the main thing for you is what kind of car I'm going to be a slave to a car, where I'm going to

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live, these issues become the dominant things that occupy our minds, the dunya becomes the main thing in your existence. If you do this, and you abandon jihad in the course of Allah, Allah is going to make you serve other people. He's going to make human and you put you down, put your necks under the feet of people who don't care about you and won't have any rock my pain. And Allah will leave it that way. Until when? Until you come back to your deen. When you come back to your deen,

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then Allah will get the help now Allah let me

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calm in

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him. Allah won't change the condition of this community today can change the condition was changing the condition. Changing it from bad to worse. We're in a tough situation. We're gonna go from bad to worse by trying to become empowered by something that's not legislated. No, we're going to go from bad to what is better. Coming back to the religion, practicing the religion, getting what we need from inside of the religion Jabril Jabril came to our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam giving him

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advice given to me

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instruction, he told him a number of things. This is what Jabril told the prophet for the person who wants to know, the Muslim sister who is looking for empowerment. Anyone who's looking for empowerment is shut off. Gibreel told them a number of things. And then he told them why LM and Sheriff min piano who believes where Zoom is take now when a nurse

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he said Mohammed, you have to know that the nobility you want to be in the bill. You want to be a normal person. You know, like the people the King, the Queen, the court, the Dukes and they have no ability, the tribe you come from, you want that? Okay, Mohammed, then the Muslim the way he gets nobility is the way he's like that. And Allah say is by praying pmla.

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And if he wants, if he wants, then the way he gets Enza is being free from the people not be an individual who has to rely on people helping him. His situation is if he wants to build a rocket, he has to get people to help him outside of him. If he wants to establish his government, he has to get people his enemies outside of him to help him. He's free from the people. He doesn't need them. He relies on Allah. And he relies on those who are with him who have the same idea that same goals or

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same objectives. So the point here ommitted, Islam, brothers and sisters, if this Omar wants to be people who go back to that original state of is an earner that those campaigns had, there's only one way of getting it. There's only one way of getting there's not a second way and that one way of getting it is by doing what the proper legislative somebody was selling them by Allah's permission. Omar may Allah be pleased with him when he went to receive the keys of baked a muchness, and he was

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at that time walking with his shoes off beautifully. And his had them was taken his turn on the right and beasts as he came all the way from Medina, all the way to bake the luctus and one animal the meaning.

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Allah decreed that when he came into the eyesight of the people, it was his turn to walk. And it was the turn of the hadham terrein. Amana smart had him I said, Hey, get down. Let me get up there. And I'm going to ride this animal in here to show these people don't mess with me. The Prophet did that he allowed that. I will do Jana was that the jihad and the Muslims were arrested after firing, they took arrest, and they were wounded. And they had low morale

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and a gun on his horse and started making his horse walking away. Like that show horse does that say to the people that stole we're going to get busy out here. And when the Companions saw that they got excited. The Prophet says SallAllahu wasallam Harvey Misha led to Jews who if you have a calm, this type of walking is not permissible because his arrogance is only allowed right here. In this constricted circumstance. Get people fired up American to say Get off, get off, let me get up. And

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I'm gonna walk I'm gonna go in here. Like like a soldier. He didn't do that. He kept walking. So the leader of the Muslims, they're one of the 10 people promised Jana Abu Zubaydah. Abu Zubaydah, obey them and he came, he said,

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Put your shoes on, put your shoes on, get on top of the thing. You got to go in and these people got to see you. And I said I wish someone other than you said that. Yeah. I bought rubedo. You one of the 10 people promise Jana, one of the original sabya came in Oh, Moline.

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He said let me remind you, we were people, the Arabs, the low Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula. We were a group of people who were low, downtrodden, underfoot. Persian Rome used to spit at us laugh at us, we will low and downtrodden. And then Allah sent the prophets Allah Salam, Al Islam, and Allah gave us Iza and here I am going to get the key we got Iza he said anytime anytime we start to look phase outside of Islam, Allah is going to bring us down.

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Allah is going to bring us down. So if you're going to be in politics, Abdullah, let the lines the demarcation. The her dude, the boundaries, they be determined by the Quran and the Sunnah. If you want to be a student, if you want to be a teacher, if you want to be a businessman, then let the lines of the religion determine what you're going to do in what you're not going to do. And don't be apologetic. But be a person who has wisdom because wisdom is

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is from our religion. A pull up Cody hada was stuck for Allah and we welcome oneness Allah Allah to Allah Tofik was said that

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Allah azza wa jal

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mentioned in the Quran Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Lin, can you read it?

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For Allah He is to Jaime, anyone who wants a visa, the visa belongs to Allah.

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If that's what you want, then seek for it and look for it with your Lord. Don't be one of those miscreants, one of those weak minuscule human beings that doesn't know his worth, and don't know the ability of his Lord where he's trying to get Ana from any and everything by any means necessary, even if it even if it means to sell his religion to sell himself out to sell is to sell his self respect and so forth and so on. And how are we going to seek is from Allah azza wa jal if we people

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who don't know the religion

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and concluded, you young people, members of our community,

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you don't have to and it is not expected of you to come here in a week, two weeks, one month, three months in sha Allah to deliver the hookah Juma, you do not have to memorize all of the Quran, or sign Buhari, or even memorize the 40 Hadith of Al Imam and normally, but learn enough of your religion. Learn Enough of your religion so that you can understand things when they come at you. Because we're living in a time is close. Things are topsy turvy. And this is no joke. We're living

00:31:54--> 00:32:25

in a time right now. People hate the wrong people and love the wrong people. We're living in a time right now, where everything is upside down the way we think is crazy. We are slaves to things. And all we need is the opportunity slow down and just think smell the coffee and just think you don't need that in your life. And you don't need that. And you don't have to live like that, letting these people decide for us and determine for us how we think politicians. And other than that, the median

00:32:25--> 00:32:48

Other than that, the young child, the young child, as I told you before, on a daily basis, when you know, these confer these non Muslims, there are some of them who have some principles and they have some morals, they stand up for Islam, Lady in America, African American University professor, she had tenure at the university, she went to the University wherein he had

00:32:49--> 00:33:08

to stand in solidarity with the Muslim women to tell the university your policies are not fair. And if this was something that we had that was done against Christians and some aspects, they were religion, we would have seen everyone standing against that particular thing. She lost her job lost her job. What's the point here? What's the point?

00:33:09--> 00:33:41

Here, regardless of what ethnic background, what's her sex, she's another Muslim, who stood up for principle. But for the one who's always scared, he dares to speak the truth, he's afraid to be against the tidal wave of the opposition, what people think, my family, they're all going to be against me. Don't be like that. Be of the people who learn how to think for yourselves. And if we are people who are given to watching movies, listening to music, and that's what we give ourselves,

00:33:41--> 00:34:10

these people are going to control you. The powers that be are going to control your mind. And that's not to say we don't have any recreation, but what's the reaction recreation, the recreation is where the line has been drawn, the Islamic recreation, the recreation that the Prophet used to do so Allahu alayhi wa, it was similar. So we ask Allah to vertical dialer to make things easy for us, to protect all of us as individuals and families to raise up off of us this loneliness and servitude

00:34:10--> 00:34:41

that we have, and to make us of those people that He is pleased with, and that he connects us in sha Allah azza wa jal to those people who our righteous predecessors from those companions are Eduardo Allah, He ally Jemaine, why do we have a gang load of people here today because this is Good Friday, meaning every Friday is good to us. So we have a lot of people here, you guys have to squeeze in. You have to you have to squeeze in so that these brothers that you can see are all around here. I

00:34:41--> 00:34:52

want a parking lot in the carpark so that they can get in with a fit in so don't suck your teeth when the brothers trying to squeeze in. We have a lot of people here so cooperate between yourselves upcoming select Yahama