Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – The Rules Of The Masjid

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The history and challenges of the Islam-ering community have faced challenges such as the lack of clarity in Christmas celebrations and the social media crisis. The importance of building up the church and the Prophet sall Drive is emphasized. The upcoming conflict in the world and the use of the term "the bubble" in relation to theents and the need for acceptance of the Islam-IA are also discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing Islam for practical purposes and offer resources for those interested in it.
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and welcome to the Lahaina model when a strain of wanna stuff Euro

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when I really realized human surely I'm phocoena Women's singing it i Molina

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Mia de la who Philomel be nella hauling new Bilal fella Heidi Allahu wa shadow La Ilaha illa Allah who are to hula Cherie Calico.

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Well, I shall do and Mohammed bin Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who led to Sleeman Kathira in my Bible for in a halal cannamd. Kalam Allah he will Haven Houda Houda rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were shuttled more data to what coulomb depth in with attune Wakulla, but Atan wallarah Tune Wakulla velocity infinity

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as it has been mentioned, and announced, and we want to reiterate it

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the administration here in this mystery have decided to take advantage Inshallah, of the days that we have off from work and we days we have off from school, to put a program on the next three days, the evening night to address some of the critical contemporary issues that are facing our community.

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Many times Muslims, we will identify a problem, but we never come up with the solution. For an example, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, I'm here to say right now, without biting my tongue without talking out of the side of my neck. It is haram for the Muslim to have any manifestation in the form of a celebration that has to deal with Christmas.

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We can't eat the food of Christmas. We can't give cars Christmas. We can't take Christmas gifts. Any and everything connected to Christmas. The Muslim has to say as it relates to that issue. The convener come when he or did.

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The only thing that we can do about Christmas is to give dollar to our relatives to give dollar to the non Muslims. Let me repeat that again.

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Because one of the contemporary issues is what do we do when our children go to public school and state schools? What do we do?

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The reality of the situation is, it's not always easy. It's not always easy living in these societies. But what am I to do, I don't believe in Christmas, and my kids don't believe in Christmas. But there's going to be a show there's going to be a play in school of the Nativity, and they want my child to play one of the three wise men

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or they want mother child to be an angel. Or they want the other child to be Meriam or ISA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why the human point is that's not the hotbar points.

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Instead of us just saying this is haram and that's haram and we shouldn't do this and we shouldn't do that. The question, the challenge. The question, the challenge is, what's the big deal? What's to replace me?

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So instead of just saying Christmas is haram, you can't do anything. And I repeat that I hope this question comes up during these three days after the hook, but Inshallah, what's the deal that we can't do anything connected to Christmas? nothing, zero. If I had a pen and a piece of paper, and I put a.on, that paper, you can't do that much.

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But the point here is, what's the big deal? Don't tell me everything is haram, but you don't come with a solution. And slam is a religion that identifies the problem and it comes with the solution. So now the solution is part of it. The big deal is, instead of doing anything with Christmas, we're going to come to the community and these days, and we're going to make a Taiwan inshallah and a bit of a Taqwa. We're going to cooperate. And we're going to put our fingers on the pulse of some of

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these issues that need to be addressed. So I appreciate acknowledge and recognize the hikma of the choice of the administration hear this from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It is with the fact and the HMR the scholars of Islam yet mature Islam when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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Left Mecca, and he came to El Medina. All of the scholars are in agreement that the very first thing that he took care of before addressing mica, to love and Hola. Before addressing jihad, before addressing all of these issues, even before making alliances, the very first thing he paid attention to was building the masjid, building the Masjid. There is no afterlife in that. And why did he build the mistake? For many reasons. One of the reasons is that in Medina, when the community is in

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Medina, he has to address the issues, the challenges. And then Medina he had challenges. He had to address them in an organized way. It wasn't a way that everybody was doing his own thing, everybody was all over the place. So with that being the case, with that being the case, I want to draw your attention to the hikma of what the masjid what the data here has chosen, and also your responsibility in terms of the call to come in to participate, not only in this program, but to get

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you to understand that as we are Muslims here in this country, if we don't know the role of the masjid, if the mystery is just to you a place where I come on Friday, then you're missing the point.

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These challenges that are in front of us, I would describe it as we say in America, we have some big fish to fry. And then there's some little fish, the Muslims many times we are juvenile, we're immature. So we busy ourselves with the little fish at the expense of the big big fish. Issues like Islamophobia. Issues like the media issues like our marriages, issues like protecting the Islamic identity of our kids. They snapping identity. Right now there's a child in this masjid, he's the

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youngest boy or girl here, newly born three weeks, four weeks, one month, inshallah Allah after 10 years 15 years from today. What is going to be the Islamabad kick? What is it going to be? Because there are people who are actively engaged in trying to change normal Islam. Even from our own community, there are those Muslims who are liberal. There are those Muslims who are monks of their brothers, their sisters. They are those muscles from amongst us what a man is the people secularists

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people actually believe people actually believe the idea that I said earlier. Let come Dino Kuma, Leah de, the modern person says this idea goes to show that Allah allows you to be a cashier if you want to be a cashier. You can leave your religion if you want to be a non Muslim. So the point here, point here is the masjid in Al Islam and the role of the masjid is critical when it comes to addressing these issues. And until we all get on the same page, and we get on this point, we're

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going to continue to have some of the problems that we're having and Allah knows best and the book of Allah akoni bring this to your attention, the issue of the masjid and the role of the Masjid. It is that the Quran as it relates to the masjid and the role of the masjid it talks about many different things, many subjects many ways. When the masjid is mentioned in the Quran, many topics are discussed many, many topics. The student is the same way. From that is what the Prophet said sal

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam in a humble boulardii in Allah, Messiah do Ha

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ha ha, a swarco Ha, the praises that Allah loves the most in the world on the messages. The places that he hates the most are the marketplace. He doesn't like the marketplace because in the marketplace, people are lying, stealing, cheating, screaming, they're acting in the way that's a problem whereas he loves the masjid because look at yourselves right now. The Masjid is the place where when the person comes here, no matter what his problems are outside this masjid, he is going

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to sit and he's going to listen. And he's going to be tuned in. He's going to be tuned into what's being said on a day like this. This is religion. He's been, he's been created to worship Allah. So when it comes to this place, he's reminded of that automatic, all you have to do is just look out everybody is sitting. You can practically hear a pin drop, why? It's part of our deen on Friday come be quiet and don't talk. So the message helps people to remember Allah. Whereas when you leave the

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masjid, when you leave the masjid, everything out there is designed to make you forget Allah. So as a result of that one of the narratives one of the subjects one of the messages of the Quran and the Sunnah is how Allah loves the Masjid. I've been to some places where the masjid is built out of marble and

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this and that, but there's no wrong or right spirit in that message. You know, I've been to messages where they're very small, smaller than that room, right? They're small and like that room. But in that masjid, they are teaching the people calling to the Quran calling to the Sunnah, that people are brothers and sisters, and they switched on and they're moving forward. So Allah azza wa jal, he loves that. That's part of the narrative. Another narrative from the many, many, many subjects that

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have been mentioned in the Quran about the masjid is what we see going on today in Aleppo. Someone I heard from in there, some voices went up, the brother had to mention we don't talk about politics, I understood exactly what he was talking about. We don't talk about politics in the real masjid, in any way that I'm a bucket and see wants to talk about politics. We talk about everything in our religion, but there are a dude, there's a dad, there can the master is not the market place where

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anybody could just stand up and jump up, say, What do you want to say? Do what do you want to do? And this is something that our OMA has lost? What are the etiquettes of the messaging? Is it okay for you just to scream out, do whatever you want to do at any given time? So look what happened in Aleppo, as it relates to the Quran? A narrative a subject, Allah mentioned in the Quran? Well, Lola, definitely Allah He lives by the whom the barbed LaHood demons, one will be your Salah to one

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masajid youth graffia Smilla Kathira if it wasn't for one group of people, if it wasn't for the fact that Allah created one group of people to stop and to push back and to repel another group of people, if that didn't happen, then verily the masajid will be destroyed. Synagogues will be destroyed, churches will be destroyed. So Allah Allah, tada created this ummah, so that when there's boom, and people are oppressing other people, he created this ummah, to stop other people from doing

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that. Because if there's not a group of people that does that, then the masajid are going to be destroyed. Like in Aleppo. This issue is mentioned in the Quran. So people like Putin, people like Bashar bus shuttle hula Huhtala Be my guest the hip, y'all know piano, these people like this, these people like this. There are ways to destroy the masjid to destroy the masajid so that Allah's name is not mentioned. The point here is the point here is that narrative has been mentioned how the

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Quraysh deal with the Masjid Al haram, how did the machinic own day when they stop people from coming to the masjid? To hear about those things? Why were they created? So the masjid has a lot of narratives that have been mentioned in the Quran. Now was not the time to go through on that one of the narratives connected to us on an everyday basis. Allah mentioned in the Quran, about the masajid Danika warmane You, them Hurmati Allah, that is, anyone, anyone, anyone who exalts what is haram?

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Those things that are sacred like the masjid like the masjid, for who will be that is better for him with his Lord. So anyone who sees the masjid as being haram and as a former, he can stream out in the masjid. Kids scream out, just see what you want to say, because you want to see it. And you have a position and opinion. Is there anyone here who his father was difficult? His mother was difficult as we were growing up, right now we are difficult. Can I just come slap my father in the face?

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Because he says that that's something I don't like? No, because there's a love of aroma. There's a love of deer, the wrong, I have to be respectful. And I have to bite my tongue. At the eat humble pie. At the bite the bullet. The Masjid is like that. For the one who has man. He makes Haviv our community, our community, because we don't always know do anything that they can remain you them. SHA, Allah and Muhammad.

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That's from the narrative of the Messiah. So I want to share a few issues with you guys here, your brothers and your sisters here at liquor that I hope and I pray to Allah will benefit you, as it relates to tackling these serious challenges that we have. What is the role of the messaging that we just get up and we say, Hey, we got a lot of challenges. Let's just get with the program. All right, where is the big deal? Where is the solution? What do we do? What can we do? Is it just cut on

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Friday? If we don't know how to deal with the mistake, when and how are we going to deal with big issues. There's simple things right in front of my nose. I want to leave that alone and tackle the big issues. know our Prophet Tora Salatu was Salam. Ala taught us and then his messenger SallAllahu Sallam take care of the small things Allah

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We'll take care of the big things for you. First issue I want to mention a quantity above the masjid is a simple question. Who does the best it belong to? doesn't miss it belong to the Imam? There's a metric belong to the data from the Shura. Does it miss it belong to the people first built it? Does the mystery of belong to a particular tribe? Does mystery belong to the Arabs? Who were the first Muslims? Does the mystery belong to the people who had the most money? I think everybody knows the

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answer. That the masjid belongs to Allah and Lenin masajid Nila he for that tend to Ramallah. The meshes belong to Allah. He told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Min Tata ha Rafi Beatty, Masha in a beta Ningbo utili

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canon law who hoped within Canada will be kuliah.

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Anyone who makes while doing his house and it comes to one of the houses of Allah, the Masjid belong to Allah.

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Now I'm coming to a really important point here.

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The Prophet prohibited us prohibited us people in the masjid. He prohibited you from coming to the masjid and telling a man who's sitting there, get up and let me sit there. Because he doesn't own that place. He prohibited us from choosing one place in the masjid that you always pray in there, like the eatin of the even the Arabs knew during the time of the process of them the nature of the camel, the bear ear, the camera was an animal. If he lives here in Toronto, you let him go from this

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masjid, his corral, he'll go all the way over to the east. He'll go all the way to the west, he'll go over here visit his cousin, his uncle, he'll drink from over there. And grace from there at the end of the day is going to come right back here. And he's going to always sit where he sits all the time. He prohibited you from choosing a place in the masjid like that. Because it's not your place. And plus your piano the earth is going to come and bear witness for you. That you pray you pray that

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you pray you pray there. So the point is that he can't put some rag Darius hat beard and he says, This is my spot. The shaking say that's my spot. Everybody knows shit. Man. He always prays over the chair in the same spot. Know anybody who gets there. That's his spot. Because the masjid belongs to Allah. If the masjid belongs to Allah, the Muslim he has to understand that when domestic he has to do Allah's work, my body belongs to Allah, your body belongs to Allah, so I can't do anything. I

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can't just punch you and kill you and shoot you and stab you and steal your money. I can't do anything to myself, put tattoos on do this do that. I can't do that. My wife, my wife, she can't come and pluck her eyebrows pluck your eyebrows, the man and Muslim man. He wants to avoid what's in front of his nose, what's above his nose above his nose, the eyebrows of your wife is a major sin. And the Prophet asked Allah to curse the lady that did it. And the one is being done to the one who

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did it and the ones being done. And he wants to put that aside and talk about big, big issues that are very, very far away. Those big issues are important. Take care of what is in front of your nose and above your nose and Allah is gonna take care of the rest. So the point is, the Masjid belongs to Allah in nama Yama masajid. The lie, man I'm in the biller, he will Yeoman those people believe in Allah the last day they are the custodians of the Masjid. So the Eman so the data so the shorter so

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everybody hear you we all have a responsibility to do the work of the messaging. And what's the work of the messaging, learning the IDI of of the messaging, learning the outcome of the messaging, learning how to come in how to eat, what to do what not to do. These are part of the challenges. How are we going to look outside of the masjid when the reality in the masjid the house of Allah, the Muslims or gender men babble hola with Ts. If the messaging is messed up in our behavior, then it's

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going to be a problem dealing with the other stuff. It's going to be a problem.

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And this is the way shaytani has tricked us and proved us. Second thing is when you I want to mention about the masjid as it relates to these challenges. The Masjid first that's what the Prophet did. So Allah He was telling them when he came to Medina, he focused on the mystery. Is there anyone here who doesn't know that? And that's why those scholars used to say and we continue to say, the statement of the the scholars all of the good and failed to higher

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fee at battement self, all of the good isn't following the self. And the prophet is at the top of the list from Allah He was telling me his companions and all of the evil is in following the people of the color of the people today. The different Muslims who had

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different understandings. You have the political Muslim, but which politics is the politics of Trump? The politics of Trump, as he's running for the president, he talks about about his opponent. If I become the president, I'm gonna put in jail. She's a thief. She's a criminal. she's there. She's that. But then when he wins, he says she's a very nice lady. She's a good night those politics lie in the politics, lying cheating. Democrat Republic. No, that's not the CI server listening.

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That's not the CI server listening. We have an understanding of C Assa with us. That's different from the other people. So my point here my point here is, when it came sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he didn't start with Jihad didn't start with Tila didn't start with he didn't start with any of these issues. He started with, I have to address the issues of my community from the Masjid. It is this place that I'm going to be able to deal with my community. Second thing quani one of the most

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important issues of the masjid is the importance of the masjid being a place where we get solace where we get comfort, where we get what is known in Arabic as Kena not like the swap. This is the place where the Muslim comes like I don't even know the toilet. When he had a misunderstanding what his wife Fatima Zahra rubbed the Allah on has Fatima had a misunderstanding. He didn't beat her down, do punch it out, didn't knock it out, then put in the body back didn't do any of that. He left

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her house and went to the masjid. Prophet Muhammad came and found him in the masjid sleeping on the dirt and the dirt, no carpet, no fans, no pink, the wall, the dirt. But he dealt with all of the issues of the community and conquered his continent. And his mess it was made out of

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he saw the man laying there and he bent down and he shook him and he said to rob, rob, what's what's going on?

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I will turn up he came to the masjid to relax to leave his wife to come down. The Masjid is a place of Sakina before doing this a lot asked of us a lot like when now are you people not paying attention right now. This Masjid is filled up right now. Every room is still dark right now. If you look around, everyone is quiet. Everyone has edit everyone here. That's how the masjid is supposed to be. The Masjid is not a place like where you have cows and camels and dogs and crazy people

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seeing and doing what they want. Before Salah doing a lot of after salah. He was praying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while praying. He heard the noise of people were not praying. They made a lot of noise after the Salah because he was not given the elemental vein. He said to those people my shad look what happened. They say Allah so Allah we ran we ran to the mistake we ran to the salon because we didn't want anything we didn't want to miss it. So I was making we'll go I was pulling up so I

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ran into the mistake. I don't want to miss the salad. I don't want to miss the record. He told the people Sallalahu it was telling them not to follow it I take two minutes salad like convinced Sakina tea well what caught my eye adorato for solo when I try to come to more pay attention is Adam. Because there's not a day except people go against this because we don't know. He said somebody was telling them what are you people what's that noise we were running. He said don't run to the salon.

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When you come to the salon when you come to the masjid have Sakina and wakad come gentle walk normally don't run. Continue to walk normally Sakina easy. Whatever you catch with the Imam prayer, whatever you miss, get up and make it a Sakina that's before the salon. He was praying. People were outside of the salon. He said to do that inside of the salon. He was praying SallAllahu wasallam when he went down and said he heard the people make a lot of noise everybody in the masjid. They

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went down on their knees. After the prayer he faced the people which was a sunnah sometimes you will face the people like this to the right after Salah sometimes he was sick and face to people to the left in the suffer Owen because these people generally they made more efforts to get here. They got here before everybody else. So as a result of that they get some special rewards especially the people on the right. May Allah who try to put the people suffering Oh in the genital for DOS. And

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may He allow all of us to go to the genital for those but the suffering is not like the guy who's coming right now. The system or when it's not like the guy who's over there. Anyway, anyway, after the somebody told the people sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it has said yo.com for like yeah, bro come by ear, if any

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Have you goes into such depth don't go down the way the camel goes down. So everybody went down on their knees. So they heard the noise boo, boo, boo, boo, boo boo boo boo. The process was salam said, Don't do that. They didn't mean any evil. They didn't mean any harm. But the harm of the message suggests dictates necessitates that no one should compromise the Sakina of the masjid with any Qalam that's not monastic.

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Also after salah, now you got to really pay attention to this. After the prayer, he told the people sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was setting them in Mala it gets to suddenly a haidakhan My dama Themis Allah who will lead the Salafi melon, your support her devil, as long as one of you praise, I sent out my camera to last and I'm why they come to LA and you're in the masjid and you stay in your place. As long as you stay in your place, and you don't lose your will do the melodica they are

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making dua to Allah for you.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:34

Sakina after the Salah. So this man, he wants to stay in his place and that man wants to stay in his place and that man, but the vast majority of us, we want to get up and we want to leave. That's okay. No problem. But watch what happens today after selected Joomla. Watch what happened to the shallot rasa. Watch what happens after every prayer in every Masjid. After Andrey pray in the masjid. The people who are wanting to leave they start competing with those people with sitting down

00:26:34 --> 00:27:03

in them and start making dua for them. Watch what happens in every mistake. And what are they competing them with? Competing with can I'm fighting? Can I bet there's no benefit? What did the Toronto Raptors do? What did he over there? What did he do them and I can making dua for this person, and his mobile phone is going off. That went over there. His mobile phone is playing Eric music, this will African music that was hip hop music. That was something else. The ringtones This

00:27:03 --> 00:27:33

is a craziness. In the message the ringtones Allah describe the salad of the mushroom King. We have some imams in with the Shakti Dean. They will say that the Shabbat with the kuffaar is when you wear a suit and tie. You can wear suit and tie because that's at the Shabbat with the Kufa mentorship coming for her men who NASA has anyone who was like a group of people that from them, so they should deed Elon comes and says, Hey, you can wear a shirt and tie. Hey, you can't wear jeans. Hey, that's

00:27:33 --> 00:28:03

shady. That is not resembling the kuffar resembling liquefies. When you do something that the Cathar unknown by, like wearing the dark on your head, the way the CIF can handle the Hindus do, like wearing the things of the Father, the priest in the church when people see that they say that's a priest that is specific to him. But this thing with our telephones, it is something that is from the kuffaar as it relates to Salah because Allah mentioned them in the Quran, and he made time deed.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:07

Some of us have that ringtone when it goes off. It goes like

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something like this whistlin His ringtone was the whistle of the bird.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:30

Allahu Taala said in the Quran with my Canon salata home and they'll bathe the law mukaan waters, dear. There's a lot at the house, the kuffaar There's a lot at the Kaaba in the masjid. There. There's a lot it was nothing but clapping and whistling.

00:28:32 --> 00:29:03

That's what the kuffaar do in the masjid when it comes to iba so we find in our masjid, that the masjid and LS Nam is something that tells us if we don't take care of what's between these four walls, how in the world are we going to take care of what's out of these walls? If I can't respect my mother and my father, how in the world I'm gonna respect somebody else. It just doesn't make sense. So it's from the hikma of Allah, that would happen before the Salah, and I'm not I'm not

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attacking anyone. This is not a Jew, mind anyone. It was an Abler for all of us. The Masjid is a special sacred place. It is not just the place we come and dump our heads in.

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It is a place that has been mentioned in the Quran in many ways, mentioned in the cinema in many ways, and all I can do here today inshallah is scratched the surface, the message the next year. Everybody here he knows of the Hadith of the Bedouin who came in urinating in the masjid. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told that Bedouin he said come in bed with me Come here in the having masajid lamp tuna, the cover rottenness. The Masjid has not been built for the pollution of mankind.

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That's what it's for.

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The messier wasn't built for the pollution of mankind. Talking about the Raptors mission is not for that. The message is not built for me and you to be arguing and talking nonsense.

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Didn't mean to spit in the masjid he was about to pray some lie started up someone spit towards the Qibla and they just didn't regular state. It was this fake zoo calm, that stuff stay panoramic, I really pray he saw it. He went any white day when his own clothes when his own clothes, and everybody knows that that's something gets stolen. I'm not going to touch anybody green spit with my clothes. But that was the prophets way of telling the people, some of them take care of the Qibla as

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part of your identity, take clear the novel off of the mistake. It's part of our snap.

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This issue of the Bedouin, the Masjid was not built for our nonsense, and I'm gonna come to something that is really a tragic tragedy in sha Allah. Thurman. The last point that I want to mention here today at 20 is as it relates to the masjid. Everybody knows that the Prophet sallahu wa salam was a gentleman. He was the constant gentleman, you know gentleman with edit. The one who opens the door let you go in. He has edit the column attend to man, he has other but he was also a

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gentle man. He was gentle, easy. Everybody knows that about him. Allah described them in the Quran with that over and over again. Bill, meaning are often Rahim when it relates to the believers. He's off. He's Rahim. sallallahu alayhi wa it will seldom be Rama 10 min Allah healing to the home was tougher than the woman howling you were easy with him yeah Muhammad, Rama from Allah. Well, my silica in

00:31:41 --> 00:32:06

many iron and a hadith listen to this. He was gentle and the way his religion is the tertiary of Al Islam. Things are with us today Roach things are with us today Raj just got everything haram just like that according to what the people can do. That's Rama that religion that he brought his religion wants ease for everybody doesn't want difficulty. You read Allah who become a Yasser Allah.

00:32:08 --> 00:32:40

Allah mustard. Our religion is easy. I will not be who brought it was a rough to us. But although he was a Rama, listen to what he said. Part of his Rama as he said, like the rule and unfussy comb will become, don't make dua against yourselves and don't make dua against your children. It may be that the mother gets upset with a child the father gets upset with the child. He says about his child, May Allah curse you for what you do. May Allah punish you for what you're doing? He may make a dua

00:32:40 --> 00:32:47

general dua talking about Syria talking about Bashar but shuttle Hello tiny yomo piano

00:32:48 --> 00:33:01

when you hit annihilating the mud person makes a dragon's Pasha. Oh Allah curse the villa. Hey, hey, Ashley, that DWIs general, don't you know a lot of us from the Vani mean?

00:33:03 --> 00:33:20

Don't you know that allowed us from the body mean I know what you mean and who you mean, but don't make it general like that. Then that he said, Don't make dua against yourselves, know your children. So we don't make dua against ourselves. He may make dua and Juma and then as a result of that, that goes along with the hours do I accept it?

00:33:21 --> 00:33:26

And yet, he made dua, because people compromise the Masjid.

00:33:28 --> 00:33:45

There's a person from amongst us, he loses his key. He lives on the other side of Toronto. He gets up and he says, My key my key I lost my key. Anybody see my key Prophet Muhammad taught us Allah something to say to that brother, Lara, Hello, may Allah don't give you a key back.

00:33:46 --> 00:34:07

He has to leave this message to go all the way to the other side of Toronto, in this weather without his keys, and he has no one. He's a single brother. He has no one with another key. But the prophet may do us against him. He told us electively make dua against him. Why? Why? Because he compromised the hormone MSJ. It's not a joke serious.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:38

He told us Allah Allahu Allah. He was, it was telling them that when the person sells in the masjid, and I experienced this just recently, a chef came during the days when Halak was in a lot of trouble. Everybody was excited. So they were asking for money. Who's gonna donate? Who's gonna donate? The chef took off his watch, and he donated it to the brother. He said who will buy the shakes watch who will buy the shakes watch in the masjid who will buy a brother to buy 4000 pounds

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

because he likes to share 1000 pounds. One of the regular brothers says chef says, What about the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you see a man selling in the masjid, then you should make dua against him and c'est la mala T Giada tick May Allah not close your commerce to profit the ship have fun

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

Got he got caught up like everybody else shouldn't say give me my watch back give me my watch took the watch. He said I'm giving you your the my watch and I'm going to donate 1000 pounds that cathedral for what I did.

00:35:12 --> 00:35:18

So we made dua against that individual. Why the masjid is not that it's not for the marketplace

00:35:19 --> 00:35:50

that messianic 20 An hour religion, it plays a role until Islam. The Masjid is not the place where the Muslim only sees it and smells it this is only on Friday. If we don't go back to what the Prophet left us in disregard somebody who said it and I think we're fooling ourselves. Something is right in front of my nose. And I want to deal with something that's really big, it's important, but right now I have the ability as a regular Muslim I have the ability to participate more in the

00:35:50 --> 00:36:20

masjid, to give money for the masjid that come to the masjid to be a help of the masjid so forth and so on. When the EBU sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was selling a coin, he has left us a religion that is practical with Teignmouth Kadima, to Rebecca, second one Agla our religion is practical, it is not the religion of folder like these Christians and like these are your who is not a religion like that. So religion that makes sense. It's just our job to come to learn our religion Akula Cody ha

00:36:20 --> 00:36:23

That was stuck for the Lalibela commonness, Allah Allah to Allah to fit was Sadat.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:56

And hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah I know that I went over by 10 minutes, but that is because I noticed the weekend stuff like that, but I know that some people you have to go back to work so I just want to apologize. I hope that a lot of time to put your southern inshallah and Yama why Xena Pasternack Yama, Yama, so I'm not a tuber for what had happened. Let us just be boundless people. Let us go back to the simple sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we asked

00:36:56 --> 00:37:22

Allahu Taala to plant our feet firmly upon the Kitab and the Sunnah and to make us of those people to flee and word and deed, and to bring this ummah back to his messaged him back to his roots that we used to be a pawn until it makes us have those people who are the Ocala in this religion who know how to move the religion forward is when he donate and give generously to the masjid inshallah we'll Tala. For those of you who can come. We encourage you to bring your children to bring your families

00:37:22 --> 00:37:27

to the masjid to the best of your ability for these last days at the masala your hammock Lulu

The Masjid’s environment, rights, manners.

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