Faaik Gamieldien – Does our Age Reflect the Times of the Sahabah #2

Faaik Gamieldien
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam in Afghanistan is discussed, including the loss of the legal system and the need for authority in the area. The challenges faced by Muslims in achieving goals and the difficulty in finding accurate information. The Hster's Line and reward provided for individuals are emphasized, along with the importance of protecting individuals and their families, particularly during times of lockdown. The importance of support for the truth and avoiding false opinion is emphasized, along with the need for a national security law.
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Rila Alhamdulillah in

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a few who really want to talk Hello Ollie, when I was be learning intruder and now I mean say, Medina

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philomel de la la mejor de la Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika wanna shadow? Mohammed Abu rasuluh Slava Toby was Allahu alayhi wa sallam he was happy woman died without What did he lie within?

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This is in Islam or Salam aleikum, WA to light Allah wa barakaatuh.

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As I pointed out

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of last week,

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these lectures

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does he reflect the terms of the harder work we're initially given by a shared by the name of Anwar Nasir Allah

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Yamani scholar in Gujarat.

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And this is given a nice honor to his lectures, I'm just paraphrasing what he said. And for your information, he was killed by an American grown into

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so today we continue

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alive and reviving the heritage of not only our earliest callers, but also our latest callers keep the memories alive in Sharla, particularly when they were committed Muslims and committed to Islam and their beautiful work interpreting this Deen of Allah was kind of what are so in continuances is part two of our continuance on our lectures on desert times deflect the terms of the Sahaba and we ended off by saying that of all the generations

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that had

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was without us post the Nabi sallallahu sallam, our generation seems to reflect

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what had happened

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the time with us a haba, more so than any other time in the history of Islam.

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And I pointed out that and that the first thing that we have lost is the skill of

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Allah 11 not so long ago, Alice Khalifa was only deposed in 1924, which is not, you know, not a long time ago.

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It was, of course, an automatic part of the Ottoman Empire, the new year, which was

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seated in, in Turkey.

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So, from the time that there'll be Elisa to Salaam until 1924, we are the Khalifa we are good or bad, but we had halifa we had what is called a central authority for Muslims, to whom they could revert in terms of trouble or war, or oppression or the need to know about the deen and so forth and so on.

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So, I also reflected last week on on Sunday, rather on

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what is the need of the hour for us?

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Believe for the hour for us.

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And I brought this in myself it's not part of normalities lecture is to re establish and to restore the law of Islam, the legal system of Islam.

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Then evisa Selim says in the Hadith that we'll call Donna ora Islamic Norma akula in Takata overtoun. The shabbath unnaturally let Italia for over Luna nocturnal hokum.

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And I'd be so solemn said in the Hadith, that the Pillars of Islam

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will be attacked one by one,

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to be brought down one by one, say but who,

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but we can instinctively know that it was a fleeting pass.

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And the Prophet Hassan said, Every time a pillar is broken down or destroyed, the Muslims will cling on to the next pillar.

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And the first pillar that will build will be the pillar of

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the Hakama lost.

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Focus Of course, he's the leader legal system. It is your fault in Islam. So the authority is the first ecologo. So we need to reestablish that authority of our laws.

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And you ask how do we do that?

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We can do that in our lives by establishing the deen in our lives.

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Our worlds for example, our estates, our inheritance

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is still a low wage week.

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can implement fully in our time in this day in this country.

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But yet many of us seek to go other ways, which means we are very we're breaking it down. So we are lost on giving Sharla that we rise to the challenge of this generation in which we live.

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Let's see what the mama says.

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The Warlock he says that

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he emphasizes that for 14 centuries.

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We have not had this kind of situation.

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But the situation we even now is most similar to the situation of the Sahaba Halima Salatu. Salam, in which way first, there was no Khalifa at the time

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until the prophets of Salaam came to Medina and established, of course, profitability tip.

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Number two is that in the time that harbor the whole of the known world at the time were against

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the Prophet Solomon, the Sahaba.

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They fought the entire surroundings, the whole Arabian peninsula was against the Roman Empire was against him. The two great empires the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire

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was against him, wanted to eliminate them. When they heard this prophet sallahu wa salam arrived in Mk.

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And this is similar to our situation today, we find that the Islamic world is in it

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is surrounded by those who want to destroy the Muslims

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at any cost that will cost and they've already restored the sonic authority and wherever Muslims are, and not only in Muslims living in Muslim majority countries, but also Muslims living in Muslim majority countries, even their the outcome of our laws.

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I'm not going to give examples. Let's move on.

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my malarkey says in every generation, in every age, there will be people who will assist you in

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that was throughout the ages, people will stand with the truth, people will stand with the hook

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you will find people

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who will you'll find countries where you will find a place where you could make a gelato

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as Muslims many people in the early 18 1716 century used to makhija to Makkah and Medina resettle them from all over the world used to go wherever they were pressed in they could get to Mecca, Medina, they would they would they would get

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they would know that that is

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that Islam down Eman and so forth. And so,

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today we find in the entire globe, there is not a single place that was integrated into a refugee list of all the so called Muslim countries, please therefore, there are still non Muslim countries, majority non Muslim countries who take Muslim refugees and Muslim people are oppressing their own countries,

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very similar to the term of Sahaba they had nowhere to go.

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Which means that

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just as as hub deserve the reward from Allah subhanaw taala which Allah promising in the Quran

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and the reader of our last day this is great reward from Allah Allah. I'm pleased with you What more do you want or less I'm pleased with you. Are

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you pleased with me I'm pleased with this panel. So

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the Agile that the Sahaba God we can get. Maybe not the same great agile but the same kind of agile.

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And that is

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not to lie. Salalah hora Silla

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leeches this in a hurry.

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Now we know that the best age that we said was the age of his age and the age of the Sahaba then the age of the tiger and the Tiger I tabea. In

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but one day the Prophet the rest of the hava and this was in Medina and he said to them, say yeah, it is

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a time will come.

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50 of you don't do this Have I said when 50 of you when one Muslim will equal to 50 of you handle so Sahaba said

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one Muslim

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50 Muslims will be equal to one of us because you know not 50 Muslims equal to one of you.

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One will slim will equal to 50 of you that was one of one was in well

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Time will come in one was equal to 50 bucks 50 bucks 50 is how long

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so it means that there is a time

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near the end, and when we don't know which type that will be, but certainly the time is getting closer and closer and closer

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when one Salah that we make

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will be equal to 50 selasa abubaker made automatically panela one day that we fast will be equal to 31st of America bucket panel and our bucket was second only to the MDR

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in the status handler.

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why is this so?

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Because the difficulty that we will find

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in the end of time and we living in the end of time

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will be so difficult.

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We'll find it so difficult

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that we will get this added from the low density world from time will come to know what is it that

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we will need to do in the standard delivery.

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So why do we complain about the time in which we live?

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Why do we complain in the time when we in the time of the new gold rush?

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rush for gold rush for bassinet

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rush forward?

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Why did

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Why did aboubaker Why was he given that status about Lowe's wakanow Todd

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and Alma and the rest of the Sahaba deck was a Londoner recent alarm because of the support they gave to the Navy sallallahu wasallam nothing more.

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Because they said Mohammed Salim we are here we are with you we will support you with your allies fee. So

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they openly show the support for the hawk which allows you to handle it same to Mohammed sobre la

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so that was the bassinet that they had that weighs like mountains upon the scale on there.

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we live in a boot times at end of times this is boom times this is the Gold Rush I say there's not a rush for gold rush for hassle net. So we need to go and get it.

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We need to have the truth

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upon Allah. That was the light was havalim salatu salam

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ala until I do agree and Masha that your address your reward will be

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with your difficulty. So the more difficulty, the more difficult you find it to spread the HAC to speak the implementer The greater

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the greater

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the greater your reward. So the closer we come to the time of the visa, the greater the greater the reward of the Mujahideen

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and the people of trust, the more greater the greater the reward.

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shouldn't wait on the sidelines. Don't be afraid Don't be scared. Think about the other day Allah was powerful.

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So we shouldn't complain about the times in which we live.

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That'd be so sad and Susan hadith of Muslim, Allah showed me the whole world the entire Earth was shown to me

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Well last time

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and allows her to tell me

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the kingdom of your nation

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will be spread and will reach every corner of this

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isn't the time but if you

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have time we certainly are not Muslims, in every single corner of the

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channel. We've already lived

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that time.

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We live in that. And you know and I know

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that the world is divided into those who speak the truth and those who lie.

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will Leach and continue to reach every column of Allah Allah Allah Allah already.

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Let me just say said say Abu hanifa de Nabina Lila

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is angry the sunsets everywhere and get sold.

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We must agree then that

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the time

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that we're talking about

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the time of this Harbor, come back to us. Opportunities are coming back to us.

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I don't know how long we don't know how long under the age of two years, 200 years, 500 years, but certainly all the signs of the and the makings of a distinct.

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So we quoted in the beginning, I quoted

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oblateness earlier to say to the, to the toddler, he said, either the law unburden sorry, not not, not the target. It was

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a famous call of Damascus. He said the law the law

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he said that when allows to a handle on a one something covered by laws create something in the future allows for Allah tala creates the circumstances for that thing to take place.

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I want to put this to the test.

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Let's see how this works. is a true that will allow us to bring about something in the future.

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He creates a circumstances now so that that can take place in the future.

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For this we need to look at history.

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We need to look at our history.

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And we need to see what events in Europe. Allah planned

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for the Muslims.

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And I want to refer you to a hadith in Bukhari Hadith number 377737.

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Visa selected canaille Mobile is the new man Adama who allowed

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me to keep this in mind is very important. It's very important name of something can I

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say this, this is a

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very important name to remember.

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You forget anything else about this lecture must remember this word book

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block. It was a day of a great battle.

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And it changed the

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future of Islam.

00:17:25 --> 00:17:28

And I just hit this was it they cut them a hula hoop,

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which allows you to bid for the diesel a lot of sullom.

00:17:34 --> 00:17:51

Five years before it happened. And it was totally unaware of what this was. This pedal of war took place in Medina while he was still in Makkah, only five years after this battle took place and that is a salami de jure.

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So what is the connection between this battle

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and the Navy So allow this.

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We know that let's just rewind a little bit. We know that Addison Salim preached in Makkah for 13 years, 13 years.

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He made no progress with the people of Iraq.

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And he was looking for an alternative anyone to type and we know the story of life.

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And then every year what he used to do is

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when the people or tribes of the Arabian Peninsula came to Makkah for height, they had they made, he used to go to the tribes that came for Hajj. And he started asked him one question, you asked him, please just support me in the truth. Just supporting to make this tower, the Tao of La ilaha illa Allah, please give me your support, so that I can carry this message

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throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

00:18:57 --> 00:18:58

He got no response.

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Nobody wants to support the truth.

00:19:03 --> 00:19:04

People are scared, they're scared.

00:19:05 --> 00:19:10

They're scared of the contract. They were scared of the consequences of supporting Mohammed Salah.

00:19:12 --> 00:19:26

And that attitude we get right up to today. People who stand on the truth people who speak the truth can avoid it. People don't support them. The same with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may not be of those people learning from

00:19:29 --> 00:19:55

Allah subhanho wa Taala. One wanted that, that reward to go to go somewhere else. The order what the award of supporting the truth was not going to go to those people. Type. It wasn't going to go to the people of America. It wasn't going to go to tribes who came for Hajj. Allah didn't want him to get that as a tricky word questioningly.

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The door he'd have allows for Hannah

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And who are those people?

00:20:05 --> 00:20:09

Those people were the thought of Medina they will get the reward.

00:20:10 --> 00:20:19

And this time they were out of the picture. They were not in the picture at all. They were not Muslim. They used to come to Hyderabad so they were interested.

00:20:20 --> 00:20:23

So let's carry on the dialogue and see

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what happened.

00:20:29 --> 00:20:42

in Medina, nice catch Medina. While the Prophet was Makkah and he had no contact with the people of Medina, he was struggling in Makkah to spread the Dean of allowes pantalon. We know that the ultimately they wanted to kill him.

00:20:43 --> 00:20:45

Ultimately, they wanted to kill him.

00:20:47 --> 00:20:52

This was five years before he went to Medina, what happened in Medina, this war took place was called the

00:20:53 --> 00:21:19

harbor life is called a broth. What happened in this thing? Now, the hours and the hazard edge. These were two tribes, Arab tribes living in Medina, they went all the time and observe to fight the only person who could bring peace between all the other tribes was Mohamed Salah Larsson, fondants of years he was in the hazard. These two tribes fought against each other.

00:21:21 --> 00:21:23

Every day they would get up put on the teacher.

00:21:24 --> 00:21:25

It was the life

00:21:27 --> 00:21:30

and they were getting tired. When is this going to end?

00:21:32 --> 00:21:34

And the day boss came.

00:21:36 --> 00:21:37

And what happened was,

00:21:39 --> 00:21:45

at this particular battle, the leaders of both the House and the garage working so they will leaderless.

00:21:47 --> 00:21:51

And it tries to control Medina, they will leaderless.

00:21:53 --> 00:21:58

And this has nothing to do with Medina. This is five years before the prophet SAW Selim in Egypt.

00:22:02 --> 00:22:06

Five years later, we know what happened before he came to Medina.

00:22:07 --> 00:22:11

Because they will no leader also in the Hadhrat, and the Jews.

00:22:13 --> 00:22:21

They all came together and they said, We will we appoint Mohammed Salah center as a leader, because the Jews were not sincere in this.

00:22:22 --> 00:22:25

And that is our

00:22:26 --> 00:22:31

Islam was established as a state. in Medina, that honor was given to the answer

00:22:32 --> 00:22:44

their support of Mohammed Salah law. So they are thought they were the supporters of the Navy personnel course including the people, the mohajir, who came from

00:22:50 --> 00:22:55

you will notice that throughout the reading of the earth, is really the corner from cover to cover.

00:22:56 --> 00:23:02

You will find other people who are always against the ambia.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:09

They made it a profession to oppose the MBR last time.

00:23:13 --> 00:23:15

And the Quran gives them a title.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:23

There is a word that refers to those who opposed the truth. They're called de la mala.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:26


00:23:27 --> 00:23:31

Many, many verses in the Quran related to what Allah?

00:23:32 --> 00:23:35

Who are these people? What wisdom Allah was around

00:23:37 --> 00:23:39

that the mother of the leadership,

00:23:40 --> 00:23:42

people in leadership capacities,

00:23:43 --> 00:23:46

political leadership, economic leadership,

00:23:48 --> 00:23:51

today media to control the media

00:23:53 --> 00:23:58

and COVID and so on. These are the people who oppose the MBR from day one.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:19

Why Why did they oppose MBR? What reason? Do the leaders in their communities Why always oppose a boo, boo lab, these are the leaders of rage. oppose that they they stood against him. They were the most intelligent in the in the communities.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:22

But they fought against it.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:25

Why? Because they're the most blues,

00:24:27 --> 00:24:31

you'll always find that those who are against the truth, they're the most to lose,

00:24:32 --> 00:24:34

because they will lose the status quo.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:49

The only thing that can destroy false status calls and false egos is the truth. It exposes those who are there not to lead or to serve, but to serve their own

00:24:50 --> 00:24:51


00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

So these leaders,

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

they will benefit benefiting they benefit from the status quo. So they're resisted that way.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

He resisted the dial on the MBA.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:06

Because the Dow What was it?

00:25:08 --> 00:25:09

They knew

00:25:10 --> 00:25:15

that the Dow of the MBA was the power and what was the what is the power of them there?

00:25:17 --> 00:25:25

What is the Dow of Gambia, the Tao of Gambia, the book of the last chronotype the revelation of allows, if there was no book.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:27


00:25:30 --> 00:25:32

Allah subhanaw taala,

00:25:33 --> 00:25:39

this Elijah that we were talking about early on, they are those people who

00:25:41 --> 00:25:46

was only trying to establish the book of Allah, Allah,

00:25:48 --> 00:25:54

Allah, Earth man, all the scholars throughout the centuries, they were there for themselves.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

Nobody paid him a salary.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:02

gave him the salary to have to protect all of them there to protect

00:26:03 --> 00:26:04

or the

00:26:08 --> 00:26:10

fact that they were well known to protect them.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:13

Don't you think that to protect was the book of our laws.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:26

And so, these leaders, whether they social leaders or political leaders or leaders in economic field,

00:26:28 --> 00:26:32

whatever lead whatever position they have amongst their people as leaders,

00:26:34 --> 00:26:34

that is,

00:26:36 --> 00:26:37

they will be opposition

00:26:38 --> 00:26:42

to the Gambia, Gambia, but the message of

00:26:46 --> 00:26:49

Abuja, nobody loves the Navistar solo, uncle.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:51

What is up the founder

00:26:53 --> 00:26:57

until until the day he said la de la.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:03

We go like, you know, one of us outside.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:08

And of course, what they don't realize is a lot harder or question

00:27:09 --> 00:27:12

then yet the intentions of the FTM.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:18

And these people, these leaders

00:27:20 --> 00:27:22

had wanted to split the hook and speak the truth.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:26

They were forced into the positions with their

00:27:31 --> 00:27:35

abubaker gave our seat, please. When you think did you think

00:27:37 --> 00:27:39

when she first Ababa was appointed,

00:27:40 --> 00:27:42

then Omar, he appointed Omar

00:27:44 --> 00:27:45

I didn't want it.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:48

They didn't look at it, because they knew

00:27:50 --> 00:27:55

they counted the level of accountability they will have in front of Allah subhanaw taala

00:27:57 --> 00:27:58

either very difficult, very easy.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:06

To be with the truth can be very easy can also be very difficult. Our ego makes it very, very difficult, can break that

00:28:08 --> 00:28:12

maybe we will succeed as a community and as individuals.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:18


00:28:22 --> 00:28:23

those who oppose the RBI

00:28:34 --> 00:28:38

was leader of the army that fought

00:28:39 --> 00:28:43

against the Persians conquered the Persian Empire.

00:28:47 --> 00:28:53

The king of Persia, asked him because he went to him and said, I'm offering you to accept Islam.

00:28:57 --> 00:29:00

And the king of Burgesses

00:29:01 --> 00:29:04

really want to fight I mean, to live to go to war, this

00:29:06 --> 00:29:10

is about pay each one of your soldiers or whatever you want to be paid. Leave us alone.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:23

So we asked him, he said, Why are you coming here? Why are you coming to lay down your lives for this, Deen for this Islam that you talking about? for this? prophet? nonmuscle alaris.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:26

What did he teach you?

00:29:27 --> 00:29:28

What does he want?

00:29:30 --> 00:29:35

He said to him, he said to the king, Lucretia nurser, in the hydrolyzate, La

00:29:36 --> 00:29:37


00:29:40 --> 00:29:43

He said, We have come to liberate

00:29:44 --> 00:29:47

people, from the worship

00:29:48 --> 00:29:50

of man to the worship of allows

00:29:51 --> 00:29:55

to the worship of the rub of men of the Lord

00:29:58 --> 00:30:00

and what forces the worship of

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00

Word of

00:30:02 --> 00:30:04

enhancing in embracing

00:30:05 --> 00:30:10

and practicing the revelation which allows Katana and said to the to do

00:30:15 --> 00:30:17

so bothan was the preparation

00:30:18 --> 00:30:19

of leadership

00:30:22 --> 00:30:28

it was the preparation that allows father prepared for a particular circumstance for particularly

00:30:30 --> 00:30:37

and inshallah, on Sunday we will continue this lecture while loss handler

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40

make us of those

00:30:41 --> 00:30:47

who love the truth, speak the truth and preach the truth. Time is short.

00:30:48 --> 00:30:57

We have a long road, back to allows panatela and they every word of truth is going to count on the scale of our mouths.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:03

Again, we pray sincerely to allow us to protect all of us

00:31:05 --> 00:31:08

to protect our Eman even in lockdown

00:31:09 --> 00:31:14

in people that don't have anything nice to know. Let's pray for in the situation that we in

00:31:16 --> 00:31:23

a situation we need to be in lockdown. We ask Allah to protect our Eman in this state that we need to make our strong Muslims

00:31:24 --> 00:31:27

because remember your mind doesn't depend on your

00:31:28 --> 00:31:30

surroundings in your circumstances.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:36

minute is an internal light that shines to shine forth anyway.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:40

Within a prison cell for 99 years

00:31:42 --> 00:31:44

lockup like who was

00:31:46 --> 00:31:46

and like

00:31:47 --> 00:31:48

Campbell was locked up

00:31:50 --> 00:31:51

at me I was locked up

00:31:52 --> 00:31:53

for one reason only

00:31:54 --> 00:31:56

for coming out and speaking the truth.

00:31:58 --> 00:32:00

people died in prison, great scholars of Islam.

00:32:02 --> 00:32:05

And while in prison they used to write holla

00:32:06 --> 00:32:08

God guru was in prison on Robben Island

00:32:11 --> 00:32:13

didn't waste his time he sat and he wrote the whole

00:32:15 --> 00:32:26

panel so this lodge we can achieve inside our homes. We shouldn't feel Dahlgren oh we can't go Yeah. Oh we prevented from going there. Oh, we prevented from going there? No.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:36

No, we used to say Allah, you put me in prison, I can't do anything. My mind is not gonna go away. My mind is gonna go down. No, they might be getting stronger.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:52

You can become stronger Muslims, we can become what we never thought you could become. Sometimes we we influenced our circumstances by our friends, but we should not be influenced just we will just have no pride in our homes. heinola and we read it.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:01

With understanding we can achieve so much in terms of the growth of our faith, no loss only protect us protect our health protect us from

00:33:03 --> 00:33:07

all the viruses that may be around. And remember if we do die of

00:33:08 --> 00:33:11

a virus in the plague, we die Shaheed

00:33:14 --> 00:33:20

in the Shahada will be wavy and via the Shahada will be working with the profits panel.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:26

Not only the def camera but in general. So we have

00:33:28 --> 00:33:33

we are confronted with a subpoena if we live our mid stonger.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:38

If we die in the epidemic independently with as cheap

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40


00:33:41 --> 00:33:46

you imagine, nobody's gonna come to my janazah nobody's gonna pray for me everyone's gonna stay away.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:54

But allows for what Allah has provided something greater, the greatest gift from allies

00:33:55 --> 00:33:55


00:33:57 --> 00:34:04

so now last one to protect us protect our children. Allah guide us. Allah takes a long time to give that we absorb

00:34:05 --> 00:34:06

what we learn,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:10

remember it, internalize it.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:12

Think about it.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:24

become stronger and carry on. Tomorrow belongs to our last panel will out Allah Allah shall on Sunday at 12 o'clock.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:31

This lecture will continue well Lord Allah Allah. Wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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