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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the story of Islam and its impact on media. It touches on Subhan conversions to Islam and the use of pride in public speaking, as well as the MAC's history and its impact on media expression. The segment also touches on punishment and the importance of avoiding discomfort in one's behavior. The segment ends with a reminder to read the story of Salah and a category for those who want to be careful.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was the woman, whatever by the salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. Welcome back to our weekly lecture of the Stories of the Prophets at Emma salaam, and we stopped in our last lecture talking about the story of who that is.

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And we're going to continue inshallah today and finish the story Inshallah, and next week, we'll go into the story of Saleh Ali Salam Subhan. Allah, when you look at the story of hood,

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and throughout the Quran, the Stories of the Prophets, many of them, you'll find that the same reasons that

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you know, certain groups or certain peoples denied their profits, it's the same reasons that other ones were denied as well. And it's very similar reasons why those giving Dawa today also that their Dawa is rejected and not accepted from their people as well. But nonetheless, the prophets, just as those who are the DUA who are sincere in their Dawa, they focus on doing that which is beneficial for their people. During the time of hewed they went through a drought where it hadn't rained in over three years. And as we mentioned in the last episode, they were very arrogant people but yet

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any this didn't bring them back to Allah subhanho wa Taala this didn't call them to reflect and throughout life, this type of thing happen all the time. And what Allah wants as mentioned all throughout the Quran, Allah Allahu murgee, Rwanda, perhaps they will return these type of calamities, these type of difficulties, the objective of them is to bring bring us back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So no rain for three years, but yet they're not, you know, not getting it they're not returning to Allah subhana wa Tada. But Al Hamdulillah with this, even though they have, you know, been the marking hood and rejecting his message and causing difficulties in harm, he did not

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so that was him. He didn't give up and wanting to hear for his people. And he realized that the way to lay it in the way for good for them is for them to return to Allah subhana wa Tada and I want you to reflect and go back to the

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the episode we did about about new highlights Salam when we talked about his story and when the similar thing when they had Bernie and what did he advise them to do for the rain to come down to them and for the good for them once he wakes up? He called them to make it stick far. So the same thing now who The SLM he called them and he said, all call me is still federal Rob, welcome to boo LA. Oh my people, seek forgiveness from your Lord and then repent to Him. What do you get in return, just like in the story of Noah, it said I'm the same meaning and I hadn't sort of newer you what to say to sama la COVID Aurora that Allah was sent down from the sky, a rains and showers way as it

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come forward. And Isla Quwata come and he will increase you and he and your strength even with even more strength and the supine lump. As you mentioned, they were known to be very strong, and they're in their in their bodies. And that led them to oppressing others that we mentioned the last episode. So he said here that the strength that you have that Allah is going to increase you and give you even more strength. And he didn't even warn them at the end. He said well that well at our low Majidi mean and do not turn away being criminals. But did they take his advice Allah mentions is the beauty of this story. It's all throughout the Quran, Subhan Allah, and different ayat, and different

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sources all throughout the Quran because of the importance of the story. Allah then is added and salt Shuara in verses 136 to 138, also on Allina our altar, um, lamb to Coleman and what I think that they say that even you know, know what I'm what you do, if you want them if you're gonna give us advice, or if you're not gonna give us advice. They said in her horrible when they said this is only the customs of the form of people assuming that this is only false tales and in the region of the form of people that they're not believing in that are going for it. And they said to him, Well, my NanoBeam was the bean, that we are not going to be punished, that we are not going to be punished

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or denying the fact that if they don't accept that they don't repent to Allah subhanaw Wattana that they're not going to be punished Subhanallah and these excuses that many of the people made to deny their profits, you know, throughout history, it was things like that he's a man like us, that you know, are we going to be sent back and the same if you look, for example, and sort of me known for verses 30 to 33, you're going to find the same, the same meanings that Allah mentioned here in the student who

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with Ali Salam also and in surah to itself, Allah mentions from verses 53 to 57 the story when they request it from him a miracle, and what is the objective when the people request a miracle from their prophet, it's not because they really want to believe it's what they will make things difficult and they and bring things that they think are not not possible. And you'll see many of those things with the story of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but yet many of the many of the examples came, and many of the Ayat came down to them, but yet they still denied. So they said, You need to shoot in verse 53. And sorted who'd call Yeah, who do merge it and

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be the unit in why am I not gonna be tariki early Hatena unco likoma Nana Lockerby, meaning they said that you have not come to us with clear evidence, and we're not going to leave our gods

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just for what you say. And we're not going to believe in what you're telling us. So they denied very clear even though they they realize any Allah was punishing them with this drought.

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Trying to bring them back to Allah subhanaw taala. And who is calling them to that which is good for them. But yeah, they keep the night and they keep an A now asking for miracles, and becoming more and more arrogant SubhanAllah. They said to

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them, they said we're not going to leave what we found our our forefathers worshipping, and, and follow what you're coming with. And Allah mentions, you know, throughout the corridor, they come with a challenge to hoot. And this once again, happens to many of the the people in the past nations where they they become so arrogant and arrogance filled the hearts is that they challenge And subhanAllah we just talked about how just do an interview, a bit of going on the Dean show with our brother Eddie. And we've talked about this show of Conor McGregor, and you know, his downfall and I know, in a way that I think he's become a better person, we mentioned that you could check it out in

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Sharla should be out soon on the channel there. The point is, is that in the arrogance, and that's what it what it leads you to lead you so far astray Subhanallah them. So that arrogance is what led him down. We even mentioned the story of the Titanic, where the people who said that, you know, even God can't sink this upon Allah. So what happened is that they did the same type of challenge but they challenge the low subhanaw taala and a challenging hard and challenging a lot. They said Callooh Gitana the Naboo the linerboard Allah whenever I'm I can I wanna fat teen Abby matter a donor in Quinta, Minnesota team, they say that you've come to us, for us to worship Allah alone, and

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to leave what our fathers used to worship. And they said, so bring to us what You promised us if you are someone who is truthful Subhan Allah, and then their destruction came from ALLAH SubhanA wa Atana. They refuse to stop worshipping idols, even though they know what happened. The people have known they know the stories of their forefathers, but yet they continue to mock who they challenged to bring the punishment and they increased in their stubbornness and their mockery and their disability Subhanallah and sort of tell me known and all and many ma throughout the Quran. They may Allah mentioned the Psalter movement or for example,

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that he that when who turned to his lawyer at the law says

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he's been striving and working so hard. Then he said he turned to ALLAH SubhanA Watani said, Paul, Rob be on Sony the market double O Allah support me because they have denied me. Allah said to who call I'm Pauline la used to be one nadie mean that soon they will surely become regretful and this is the reality of so many people who have become arrogant and turned away that when even if their own in the story of our own at the end we know when the waves are coming down and what does he say Hola. Hola see now now I believe you know now he's believing Subhanallah when there's no time and then when regret it doesn't benefit you. He says soon that they're going to be from the nadi mean

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from those who have become regretful Bahadur tomo say how to how to say hi to Bill help, but you're all now home with the law says that the shriek sees them to say hi and say it comes in many I had we're gonna explain Shala in more detail on the other ion channel what it actually means. And then they became we made them a like a stubble and there's no so this example what's meant by the water and how's the stubble? And like, like the type of you know the dead tree it's gonna come in different areas and show respect to in Shell and a bit inshallah. So we like we said this as soon as mentioned all throughout the Quran, because of the importance because Allah wants us to reflect on

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this one says to reflect on it. And that's what comes out and one of the verses, and many of the verses that do the people not reflecting you're gonna see the example and some of the verses that are going to come that's why we're trying in this series.

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not just for me to sit here and to explain it to you, like many people do who explain the Stories of the Prophets, but we want to connect it directly into the main source which is the Quran Al Hamdulillah.

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And so

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Assura also Allah subhanaw taala said in verse 139, for Canada, both are Lucknow home, that they they denied him so we destroyed them. And then Allah said in Nephi, that Attica indeed in this there is an ayah there was a sign, while ma kind of act Federal Home meaning and most of them were not believers. So this is the objective the law reminds us and he shows us what the people who were destroyed, give them chance after chance side after sign for them to return they they denied, they were rejected. Why are these stories mentioned to us? Why do we study them as a reminder for us not to fall in the same thing that they fell into, and sort of any now if if you get the some of these,

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we mentioned the beginning or a bit

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general ayat about them being destroyed, now want to go into some ayat, which are more in depth.

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In reality, when you look at the meaning of these if they're very, very deep, and very, very powerful,

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and the description of how they were punished the pennant alone

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and sort of back off, versus 24 and 25. Allah says to us, for Allah Mela, oh, who are you been Mustafa Bella, oh, deity him. And when they saw the cloud approaching their values, they sought out it which means here.

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The cloud it was coming to the valleys. And what do we say? A three year?

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Drought, no rain. Their animals are almost all dead. The suffering but yet they're still arrogant. They're still refusing to return to return to Allah subhanaw taala. What did they say when they saw this out of this cloud? They said all over her that are you alone? MoonPie Runa that this is a cloud bring us rain. And then Allah says Belle who are Mr. Agile to be? In fact rather it? Is that what you were impatient with? Which is what when they said, bring that punishment that you've been talking about who they said bring it to us? If you're on the saw, there's been Allah said Rio and V has been lean, that it's already

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that it's a wind, with a very painful punishment as I had when I lean. What is this read a lot and I was going to scribe, what's the next verse? What is this ray? What is this wind? What is this? When do what is it going to do to them when it hits them when it comes to them? And you can imagine now it says it's very, it's very description of Quran is very powerful. You see, they see this cloud coming in, and they think now this is what it's rain coming to us. But it's actually going to become into a strong wind, even like a tornado which is going to come and just rip them apart. Allah says to the middle Kula che in the Emirate of Bihar, that this cloud destroys everything with the command

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of its Lord, for us, Viola euro in kinome, that they then then they became well, you didn't see anything left from them except for their dwellings for them a second, meaning that all of their animals all of themselves, all of them were destroyed. Subhan Allah can that he can add Z L. Coleman, Majid Amin, Allah says this is how we reconvince the criminal people and stole little comma in verses 18 to 20. Also Allah gives another description where he said,

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cut the dune for K for can there be one order that add the people have add people in to be able to add which the people who would as we said in the last episode, and all throughout the Colonia here, as you notice that people have heard that they said how severe was my punishment and a warning. And this is what Allah wants us to reflect on. Anyway. That's why it's mentioned throughout the Quran, reflect on his punishment, don't follow the same things they did. Don't do the same things they did so you won't be the same punishment won't come to you. Allah said in now the setting I lay him Rehan once again, the word Ray, the wind, Allah said in our center that we sent I lay him upon them Rehan

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Ray, what is the description of the ray? Sorcery sudden, that it is a screaming wind and you and you can imagine now, I mean, I remember lifetimes. You know, my wife. She gets scared when she hears the wind, you know, hitting the house very hard. You can imagine that's just a heavy wind sometimes imagine if it's if it's like a very powerful, a very powerful wind that it will do with the screaming sound, how scary that's going to be FeO Amin Nason Musa mirror on a continuous day of misfortune a day of misery. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says 10 Zero ness to unknown agias una min Monica that extracts the people as if they were trunks of palm trees uprooted Subhanallah no see

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the description of what happened to them.

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When they were destroyed Subhan Allah and then

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Allah said in the story of insult will help. Also in the beginning were Amma add on for overly kooberi In sorcerer in Attia and the people of add they were destroyed by once again the rear sorcerer in it a a screaming violent when Sakura ally him how long did it last it comes in the next verse. As you know how long did this torment this punishment lasts for them. It said Sahara I lay him Subhanallah Yellin with Imani at 2am in Houma that Allah impose it upon them seven nights and eight days any assuming meaning in succession, but our coma fee how Surah agias are now clemco here. So you see the people there and as if they were hollow trunks upon a palm tree Subhanallah the hotel

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Allah whom in Belka? So do you see any of their remains, as of Allah mentioned in the verses are the only thing that remained from them was their Moroccan meaning their dwellings that they used to live in Subhan Allah that was left by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada as a sign. He says, You saw, for example, in the tsunami that hit back in the ini. Recently, and Indonesia, for example, Allah left just the masjid and all the surroundings around it were were destroyed. And it also for people to reflect this. Look, everything was destroyed. Allah left this one thing for a sign for the people to return to Him. Subhan Allah, the question that we asked now, what happened to who that is Salam. Allah told

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us in surah. Who,

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what happened to who are Islam? Well, I'm Jaya Amona.

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That J now who then well, Dina Armand OMA, B rahmati, Mina, when a Jaina when a j, now whom many other Bengali Subhan Allah, Allah said that when our command came, We saved who then those who believe them but the Rama by the mercy of Allah, when a J Now whom in a Debian rallied, and we saved them from this harsh punishment, will reflect on his story. There's many lessons that we gain. And obviously if we go back to the last episode, as well, because it took us two episodes to cover this story.

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The key thing, like an older stories to the prophets, that to hear was the foundation of their message and that what they own and that which they call to, they call to let Allah and Allah this was their main message and what they focused on all of the prophets because this is this is what saves you. This to heat is what saves you from the hellfire. It's what also what makes you from those who truly surrendered to Allah subhanaw taala unless you find peace of heart and peace of mind in this life, it gives you direction, you know why you're here? What are your critical what is what is your purpose in life, this is the issue of to eat. And that's why this call that's why the all of

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the prophets focused on the importance of a to hate. The other thing that really gained from their story is the issue of arrogance, and what happens when people are arrogant and what it does to them. Subhanallah

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if you look throughout the Quran, Allah mentions obviously the first

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one to be arrogant who was it as you mentioned, the first lesson it was

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it was a bliss at any Allahi Lana Allah subhanaw taala. And anyone who follows as a scholar mentioned when he was arrogant, they're following the footsteps of shaytaan Subhan Allah and so that out of Allah shows us I'm going to mention just quickly some of the ill effects of arrogance, Allah mentioned and sort of going out of what's going to happen to those who are arrogant. Allah sets us sorry for at Ella the netiquette. berguna will only be available, then I'm going to try and make make them turn away from my son's those who are arrogant upon the earth without right Subhanallah those who are arrogant,

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Allah subhanaw taala even if all of the ayat come, and in front of them, they're not going to see it. They're not going to believe in it. Subhanallah and sort of the law firm Allah said, can that he can yet bow Allahu Allah, Allah kuliah Calbee multicap Behringer bar and this Allah will seal the heart of every moto Kibera Jabbar every arrogant tyrant. So when that's what happens with arrogance, it leads people to being tyrants. And that's what Allah told us in Salta Nahal. In hula, your Hebrew mistake Vereen, that indeed Allah does not love those who are arrogant. And this what happens when the arrogance enters into your heart? And that's why the prophet is that was salam. He said that the

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one who has myth called Dora an atom's weight of Kibber of arrogance or pride in his heart that he will not enter into the Jannah. And one of the Sahaba asked because it's important understand what is this meant by arrogance? They one of the Sahaba asked he said, but one of us likes to have, you know, a nice clothes or and his clothes to be nice and his shoes to be nice. And he said, I said it was salam. He said that this is not for Americans. He said in the lodge immunohistology men that Allah is beautiful, he loves beauty. If you want to look good, it's no problem. But a lot of times we have to be careful because when

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You look good. Sometimes you dress up, you might think you become arrogant. Sometimes you have to be careful that it doesn't enter into your heart. Allama Stan? So he said that this is not arrogance, he said, What is arrogance? He said it's both oral health. Well, the nurse he said that it's denying the truth, and looking down upon people. And that's what arrogance leads to, is that you deny the heart when it comes to you, like the people in the hood. And also you look down upon others also like to be able to push the pedal so it's the exact definition that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to arrogance. This was the reality of the people to put Subhanallah also, from the

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things we benefit from the story is any the reply of Hoot and we know the general principle that Allah told us in the Quran with our hot dog woman, Johanna will call you Salam. If the ignorant people say stuff to them that they say peace back to them. When they called him a

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foolish liar. He didn't come back with the same type of reply the same thing like Noah and the story of Noah as well, he did reply to them. And at because we said, it's important that we understand that not it's not always the hikma to, to not say anything. Because if you're someone who has Hoja, you have the proof with you, and you're open towards them any reply to them, but you reply with husana is the way of the believer that we reply in a good way private and with the way it has ended as manners, not something that they say a bad word to you, you don't come back and say a bad word to them say, well, he said it to me. And how many how many of our brothers and sisters will either fall

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into this, you'll see that someone on the road says something to him, you know, BP like this and he comes back to them BP.

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You'll find he puts up a finger, not the two finger the other one up, he puts up a finger and you'll find that the brother puts up a finger back to them. Hey, man, he did it to me. I just came back at him, right? I did what he did to me, you are Muslim? You have to be different. That's why we started the Stories of the Prophets. Don't be a punk Don't be soft. We don't reply. No, they replied in the stories. But they reply with Hostnet with good and a good way. A call to salami they reply with with a peaceful reply to the people. They don't show themselves weak. No, because either I'm from Allah Subhana Allah has sent me to you with this message. I'm a Muslim. Now I'm following the way of the

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prophets I have that we have the message from Allah subhanho wa taala. We have certainty Alhamdulillah we have certainly we have certainty in our hearts. We're sharing this with you. And we're going to be firm upon that we're going to be proud of that. We're going to answer you in a nice way. We're not going to be scared and hide if someone says no, we reply back. But we reply back with edit, reply that with matters as we see here in the Stories of the Prophets. Also from the things we gain, just like the story of Noah, the baraka and the blessings and it's the fall, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless us. If we truly make us too far and repent to Him. We need to

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focus on making this therefore a part of our lives, repenting to Allah the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in two different narrations and Bukhari and Muslim where he said Ali Ali salaam where he will make history for 100 times a day that other nations 70 times a day. And there's the Prophet that he said to Senator how many times a day should we be making it's different needs to be pumped become part of our daily routine at least 100 times a day, or we do it 100 times in the morning, with avocado Sabha 100 times in the evening with avocado Messiah and shadow Tana. And you'll see the true Barack and blessings that you have, not just except for we said Sahara, still for coming from the

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heart, really remaining repenting making the stick for thinking about our sins and asking Allah to forgive us, as we're saying stuff for last for last for long. Also, we benefit from the story, once again, that the dad doesn't give up, he continues on his path, even if his dad was not accepted. And we see this time and time again, through our store to the stories of the province, the main encouragement of studying this story is that we follow in their footsteps and genitalia and we never give up. And also from the things that we gain is the severity of the punishment of Allah subhanaw Wattana and it's not something that we should take lightly. That's something that we should play

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around with something that we need to be you know, serious and in realizing Subhanallah that when it comes to punishment, but also Panem Wattana it comes,

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you know, should eat, it's harsh. And it's something you don't want to experience in this life and something you definitely don't want to experience in the Hereafter. And it's amazing

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that it's not just in the stories of the Quran, but even in the days we lived in where Wallahi we've seen, you know, the impact of the punishment, but also with the reality. And I just something where Subhanallah we heard from the Scripture, in the stories of the people of the past, and we are in an era from the store that people No, no, no, we're seeing in front of us like the tsunamis, like the earthquakes, all of these things where people are just just taking like that Subhanallah and people you know, disobeying Allah subhanaw taala you know, all forms of haram that are happening there in Muslim countries, unfortunately, some of the places where the tsunami hit, but they're they're doing

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all these forms of haram and our largest immediately took them anyway What a horrible way to die Subhanallah and this is

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A reminder to all of us to you know, to always be ready

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to always repent to Allah subhanaw taala to always strive to obey Allah to stay away from disobeying Him. And that brings us to the end of this episode in shallow Tana will continue next week starting with the story of Salah and a Salam. Until then Allah knows best Allah Allah masala cinema Baraka Muhammad, which is co located cinema Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato