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Ways Of Salvations From Sins In Islam


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So one

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome back to path to salvation. How do we cleanse our sense? We mentioned 10 means but these 10 means Come on the basis of the hate.

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Or son of Adam. If you come in today for resurrection with Earth filled with sins, but with one condition that you do not have led to shake Misha at a Toka karate hammock, I will bring you Earth filled with forgiveness. Brothers and sisters in Islam. We mentioned that there are four things which Allah would do for you, to cleanse you from your sense. Number one, afflictions and calamities in this world, anything that befalls you, will cleanse you from your sense. What if you die and you still have sins, then the punishment in the grave for certain sins, will expiate some of these major sense, there are certain sins major sins which the Hadith identified, to be exploited by the fact

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that you were forgiving in the grave. What if your eyes and you still have other sins, then the anxiety and fear and certain punishments as well in the land of gathering in the resurrection? We know alladhina coluna Reba, Leia como una Illa Kamiya como la dia Taha Babu shaitan amin illness, those who devour usury in this world, they will rise in a certain way, like somebody who's inflected by seizure.

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We know that the person who did not pay the mandatories aka Zakat will mal for example, will be punished in the land of gathering Mammon sahibi that have been well, I feel like you at the hacker level Sofia had law who suffered from and now the dogma phenology

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to kwabena de bajo de novo model thielmann Canon adaro hum Sina alpha santa hat de la habana la sala tada who Ll Jenna, Elana, anyone who had golden silver cash in this world and he never paid the 2.5% there's a capital man, it will be transformed into blades and it will be heated in the Hellfire and he will be branded face side and back by it. Look at this in a day the length of which is 50,000 years long. until Allah subhana wa tada concludes a reckoning amongst the creation of Allah subhanaw taala then he will see his place to gender or to hell. What is the shade here? Why are we not reading this hotteok de la who binal holla until Allah subhanho wa Taala basically finishes

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punishment is sharing of the important thing here that this person will be punished in the name for direction. Also, we were told that the Oregon people will be rising from beneath the ground, the size of an end of an end, they will be brought down by little to the size of finance and so forth, for there is a punishment in the day for the election. But what if you still have since then the Hellfire for a while, but by the virtue of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, a Muslim will be taken out of the Hellfire and placed in general, the fourth one that comes from Allah is automatic forgiveness that Allah subhana wa Taala would actually forgive you without having to go through

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this. So those are the first four, a flexion in the dunya punishment in the grave, punishment and then a further action including hell, or Allah subhana wa Taala would pardon you without you having to do anything. And we'll talk about this Hadith, beautiful Hadith that Allah will say to his servant, I have failed you in the dunya and today I forgive you. Now if you don't want to take your chances with those four and if you want to do something about your sins, you must come up with these three. Number one is still that you must ask for forgiveness always. I still through law, stuff for the law. I'll say the stuff say you the list of alojamento de la ilaha illa and Hanukkah Nirvana

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Abba Dooku and Allah de karateka mostofa to becoming sharena sana la cabina Antarctica Allah yo boo them before Philip and Alejandro de Nova Island don't say the surfer hi Muslim. So you could do a surfer stop for a while the mela de la la la and higher to LA and so forth. I stopped for LA bill fairly there are different things

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For it insha Allah we're gonna talk about Easter far. And we're gonna talk about the difference between it and Toba, because the next thing is called Toba. What is the difference between the SFR and the tower? So the next thing is Toba, you must make Toba and we're gonna mentioned the difference between the two, and so forth. Then comes in number three, which is called al Hassan to

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the erasing good deeds, it's by C et al Hassan at a tempo and this is the nasiha How is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam given to his head more admirable robiola, one and the other wording or be very, very early Allah love and follow a bad deed with a good deed the good deed will erase the bad deed. Actually, if you stay away from major sins automatically, your minor sins are erased and inshallah we're going to shed more light on what is a major sin and what is the major a minor sin? And what is the criteria that places a distinction between the two, and also distinguishing is the far from Toba and so forth. inshallah, I will detail all of this, but now we spoke about for from

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Allah expiating disasters calamities, punishment in the grave, punishment in the eighth resurrection, or the Hellfire for a while, and then after that you'll be taken to gender or Allah subhanaw taala would forgive you without having to go through any of this. Those are four from Allah, then three tofik Allah, if Allah give you the trophy in the light of the heart, that you actually do them as you go, and it's the stuff Rila at Toba, repenting from the major sins in particular, and giving back the rights of people the in justices. And basically the erasing since it was a personality you'd be hipness, a delicate dechra with Zachary joaquina salata parrafin, Haryana

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Femina, late in the vicinity of hipness, a dedica dechra leave their Korean solitude indeed good deeds erase bad deeds. Now, there are three left's which are granted to you by others, that he is that you are which others do for you, and that when the son of Adam dies, he stops receiving any good deeds from this world except from three sources. Well, Adam Sawyer Anya Dora, metal inside internet ad no Adam in Papa Ahmed who 11 salat wa salam ala unrighteous offspring who will invoke the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala upon him and we read the Hadith that in a different direction, Allah subhana wa tada will show his servant a mountain of good deeds. The servant will say you're up

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I did not do any of this. Allah will say to him had this till Friday while Eddie qalaat this is by the virtue of your son, asking you asking me to forgive you. The best investment the viewers, these brothers, the brothers and sisters in Islam, that you can make in this world is your child, if you can prepare them to be righteous and pious. So when you die, they will give sadaqa on your soul and so forth and Allah will talk about this then comes in shafa to remove menial movement that a believer intercedes for another believer and this happens when selectel Genesis willowbrae janaza Mashallah, we need to offer the deceased her fee for Technorati. The first pillar,

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the second pillar of the shadow Brahimi. The third technique era you need to offer that Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah tala, you know well, Allah jerseyville has no say at all of the shefa at the moment, therefore, of the live law that says that any Muslim who dies a Muslim, a Muslim who dies and 14 Muslims who do not commit should re jenessa on this person, his their shafa will be accepted they will do for the disease will be accepted. When we take the disease to the grave and bury the disease. What happened don't we say along with a bitter in the soil. Oh Allah grant him steadfastness. steadfastness when he is asked by the two angels moon Kawasaki, and so forth. Shahzad also Allah Surat

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we know that Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the believers will intercede for Muslims who fall down in the hill, or bene Illa. Hanna, our our Lord, our Illa our brothers, they used to pray with us. They used to fast with us, we do not see them. They fall in the Hellfire, go take them out of the hellfire. Those are the Muslims for the Muslims, they're believers for the believers. So that the, the sadaqa that comes to you from after you die comes in number two from that set of three, the intercession of the believers for the believers and comes in the 10th which is the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for his oma shatta Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa

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The only man in the Day of Resurrection The only person in the Day of Resurrection, who will say Almighty Almighty, and he said cannot be saya Muslim Khalid Abu hurayrah Ravi, Allah one Li Kulina D in that hour to nostalgia, every messenger and prophet had an answered supplication and all of them use the wire under the heart with our Tisha lomatium altium. I spelled my da to be transformed into intercession on behalf of my oma and the difference reduction. So these are 10 means to get your sins expiated for from Allah

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flexions punishment in the grave punishment in the day for selection on Hill, then you will be taken out to gender or our last part of the new without having to do anything. If you do want to take your chances with those four. Then make sure that you come with these three come up with these three, as far as stop for Allah Toba or doing a lot of righteous deeds with raise your bad deeds. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala with guide people to help you, your son, your daughter, your children will do do I will do good righteous deeds for you after you die, it will help you there are believers interceding for you and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam interceding for you and then a free selection.

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These are 10 means to get your sins experienced. Of course I summed them up in in one episode, be it Mila hit Allah in the episodes to come. I will go over each one of those and explain to them to my viewers so that we can embark and working so that we cleanse our sins as we go as Allah subhanaw taala and your Filipina Hannah, don't miss the next episode of your path to salvation as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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to Allah belongs the thin scan