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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillah

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Hamza interferon Mubarak in fee

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or salatu wa he was sent mo Allah they begin me

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why the early he was having a Jemaine

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wanna men Thomas cerca de su Neti, he sang in LA Dini from mavado.

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Alina, and Howdy.

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accent sent the Moroccan okra without any mistake

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when a smile for them

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come to the fourth Hadith, honey and the Hadith that the Muslim should consider Muslim man and the Muslim woman in regards to

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cultivating our personality. And today's Hadith is connected to the Hadith that we did last week. Because without today's Hadith, a person will not position himself to be balanced in his love and to be balanced in his hate. So remember, each Hadeeth is connected to the Hadeeth that went before it. So last week, we dealt with the Hadeeth loved the one you love in a matter of moderate fashion because they may come where that person becomes someone who you detest, and you hate and hate the person that you hate moderately because they may come where that individual becomes someone that you love, you won't be able to do that, without what today's Hadeeth is dealing with. The brothers

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narrated and read to us the data was collected by an amendment property attorney Rahmatullahi la lmm Bharani. But in the book, the Hadees was collected in a different way, by Imam Eben Nasim, or was he in his book keytab, top lien cutter, a solid tremendous book about the importance of prayer. And it has a different narration than this famous one that the two brothers read. But basically saying the same thing in the book of the 40 Hadith of the Muslims personality, the things that we have to develop within ourselves. It said that a man from the tab earring by the name of

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Allah, Allah, even Ziad he was sitting in the Methodists with some people and in that measure, this was the companion Abdullah bin amor, even Alas, may Allah be pleased with him and his father. He was a companion from the younger companions and his father was a companion tremendous personality in the Arab peninsula. The narrator of the Hadith, Abdullah, even Amery even allows is one of the four people that we mentioned a number of times, they are known as the bad della, those four companions who narrated the majority of the Hadith and the names are Abdullah. Even Omar Abdullah

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Abdullah Al Zubair, and Abdullah even Amari even allows for the Align meaning people from our oma don't know that Abdullah, even Ahmed have been allies. Today's narrative the Hadith had, in fact memorized more Hadith in Abu huraira radi Allahu, or narrated more Hadith than Abu huraira. Abu huraira is well known as being the companion that was the most prolific and narrations of Hadeeth in terms of his memory. But Abu huraira himself said and what

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collected by the amendment Buhari and the chapter of knowledge Kitab will and there was no companion that memorized or narrated more than me, other than Abdullah, even Ahmed ebenen. us and that's because he used to read the Hadith because he read them, he wrote them down. So he wrote a lot of Hadith. Well, O'Hara used to say that Heidi from his memory. The important thing is he's one of the tremendous companions as they were sitting in the mattress, and the skull and the teacher, the companion Abdullayev and ometer. And Alas, was there.

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A man said to him in the mattress,

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believer is the best believer, I mean, of Islam and tell us which of the believers or here is the best in his Islam. He said, rob the Allahu anhu, the one who the Muslims are safe from his tongue in his hand, and sell him on Muslim on melissani. He was

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the one who the Muslims are safe from being harmed by his tongue, and by his hand. Then he axed him after that, and which jihad is the best Jihad for Al Jihad of God? What is the best Jihad? He mentioned? Probably Allah who is doing DJ de mer, nafsa houfy, that Allah, the best jihad is for the person to make jihad against his own knifes to subdue his own desires for Allah sake. Then he acts in the third and final question, and that was, which of them will hygiene people who make hedra and we dealt with the Hydra in the first class that we dealt with in the Milan madhubani at the beach, these will be judged based upon the intention. So if a man may have fallen His Messenger, then it's

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hedra for lion, His Messenger if you Mahendra in order to marry a woman, then that was what his his rules form. We told you that the hedgehog means to leave and to abandon something. So he said which person is the best person to make hedra to migrate from one place to another place, seeking to practice religion who's the best at that? He said, Rob, do I know the best mohajir is the one who makes jihad against his knifes and he makes jihad against his how're his desires. That's the best one. So that's today's Heidi finished tremendous Heidi, a tremendous Heidi that deserves more than one class, but we'll make it one class in sha Allah. Buhari is dealing with three issues that we

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have to consider finding. The man said, the man said, Is that your statement Abdullah in an American Alliance, this is what you're telling us and teaching us? Or if the Prophet tell you that some of the law while he was setting them up to live in I live in a law set. The nibi told me that meaning? I heard that Heidi from the rural schools Allahu alayhi wa anusandhan. So that if is not the statement of Abdullah live in the US and the man who was there, the reason why he was asking that question Is he wanted to learn from the companion? What did they maybe say? Some Allahu alayhi wa It was said that he was dealing with three issues. And when I told you and I tell you again, this class

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is not to say he didn't just to give you some ahaadeeth. And some if this is a hadith that we have to consider, we have to develop it.

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The first thing that the Hadith is talking about is that the best one from amongst us, is the one who the Muslims are safe from your tongue and from your hand.

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The second thing so the first thing is not harming the Muslims. That's the first issue. Don't be a person that harms the Muslims, your ex wife, your ex husband, the person who's in the masjid, you go to a place you don't even know those people the way you park. What you do, the Muslim has to be cognizant at all times. Am I making an EMI by learning or annoying other people? And a lot of us exist without considering this. And we behaved without considering those young people from amongst you get on the bus you get on the bus is speaking loud. In front of you is an elderly gentleman or an elderly woman you're bothering them. You won't get out of the seat of the people who their

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designated seats for people who are pregnant people who are sick people old and you will get out of the seat. Muslim smoking on the bus, listening to music loud behaving and screaming laughing loudly on the bus. This Hadith is talking against that.

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So many of us. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, we don't even consider it. The ex wife, the husband, the ex husband deals with her as if she's not a Muslim. He bothers her he annoys her and vice versa. She doesn't let him see his children. They holler at each other

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Screaming each other, they swear at each other. He doesn't give him money. They're paying each other back evil with evil. The second thing that the Heidi is dealing with is the issue of jihad. What is the best Jihad? So we understand there are different types of jihad and we're going to deal with some of them in sha Allah. The best jihad is for the individual to make jihad against his knifes and there's not a single person here my little nephew right here has to make jihad against his knifes getting up in the morning to pray about the federal government saying just stay in the bed to stay in the bed.

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So listening to things watching things and those things are Haram. You young people, you want to get married, you have to make jihad, the knifes because you have your desires and so forth. So on. The third issue is the issue of Elijah and as we mentioned, we already explained about the hedger the best Mohajer as the Hadith that they mentioned. And Mohajer men Hydra man now lawanna. Hadrian means to abandon something. So you abandon the place of copper, copper, and you go to a place of Islam, you can practice your religion, and that's why the people of Mecca we'll call them hygiene, because they left Mecca and Medina Mahendra, the first Muslims may hedger from Mecca to Ethiopia. And that's

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a big thing in Islam, to leave your homeland. But you're familiar with your family, to leave your job, to go to a place in order to elevate your Islamic existence. That's magic. And it's one of the best forms of evaluating Islam because as a prophet is a dilemma, you have a man because not everybody is going to do that. And hijra doesn't always have to be to the Muslim land. hedger can be that you are in a place you go to the non Muslim country if you can practice your religion there, as the Muslims did, from Mecca to

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Ethiopia, and move him we dealt with it. The real Mahajan, the Hadith said, is the one who abandons what a lot Maehara. So although we were born here, we were raised here, we didn't make any hatred we live in here. Still, you can be a mohajir because the real Mohajer is more comprehensive than the individual who left his place of residence. Real jihad is more comprehensive is deeper than the one who takes some weapon and he goes and he fights against the enemies is more comprehensive than that. And this is really important,

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especially for our young people in this does, and the people are hearing my voice from our boys and our girls.

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Leaving making jihad, the knifes right here in the UK, where you can get a degree, help your parents help your younger siblings where you can help the community. That's jihad, FISA bt law, and it's more beneficial than you go into Syria, then you go into Iraq, then you go into one of these crazy places where everything is haisa Basin, everything is mixed up. You don't know who you fight in and you don't know what you're fighting for. jihad is not about just shedding blood and killing people.

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But we're going to come to that in chatlines region. As it relates to the first issue, whining the very first issue, the issue of

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the best Muslim, the one who has the best Islam.

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The Muslim may find himself or herself practicing, she wears Gil bad gloves. She has a nice top. And she prays and she gets down to people around her and she's memorizing the Quran and she's a student of knowledge. And she goes to lectures and she's trying to be upright. She's trying to imitate and emulate the righteous woman from the time of the companions or the dwama line even.

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But she's an individual, her tongue that people will not see from me and everything that the person does with his tongue that harms the Muslim is haram and it disqualifies you from being the best of the Muslim. We have people in this audience right now that memorize the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu it will send them high recommend a lemon for an a llama, just abused one who learned the Quran. And then he taught the Quran. But that individual with that Koran means Viva and Nima. He makes al Qaeda. He's doing all kinds of things. Even with that Quran. Someone can bother the Muslims with the Quran, how? How the Prophet salallahu it was send them so as companions and they were in

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the masjid. And some people were making the dhikr of Allah and some people were making salaat and some people were reading the Quran and they were reading the Parana Lau. He told the people reading the Quran out loud. Don't read the Quran out loud in this time, because this one is sitting there making the dhikr of Allah and that one over there.

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Brain and that one over there is engaged in some other form of ibadah. So your recitation of the Quran at that particular time is not appropriate. You may ever, ever, like on a day of Friday, the Imam is given the Horta and you decide to start reading the Quran. You're bothering people around on the day of the gym on the day of the Juma, you're talking to people next to you, that's ever all of that. So ever. It's just not the bad things and the evil things like lion, talking bad about people cursing people and shut them a sub, where you curse people out, you talk bad about them, you call them nasty names. You spread lies and falsehood is a problem. So don't be of the people practice

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religion, but you can guard your tongue. And the other one is the Muslims are saved from him concern his hands. How in the world somebody told me sitting there, how in the world can Boko Haram Chabad of Somalia car either? How can Taliban? How can these extreme groups and the people who follow that stuff? consider themselves making Jihad when they're killing more Muslims than they are now Muslims? How was that? Somebody explained to me that equation, Boko Haram goes into Nigeria and takes over 200 innocent young Muslim girls who belong to the fathers and the mothers and they run off with them into the jungle to this very day. Some of them have not been reconnected or reunited with their

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families. Some of them came up pregnant, some of them were harmed and hurt. And you're talking about you want a jihad.

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You killed more Muslims with your hands and your weapons, then now Muslims, and it's not that I'm justifying or condoning if they were to kill non Muslims is better. No, I'm not saying that.

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There's a big masiva, big, big, big Siva. So the religious practice in person with his tongue, he says this person is dead here. This person is a catheter. This person is a facet with his tongue. He's passing rules and regulations on people. This person, he's a non Muslim, and his blood is halau. All of that is bothering the people. You're not from the best Muslims even if you call yourself selfie. And even if you wear a big shirt with that word on it, or whatever group you belong to, from the groups of LS land because as I mentioned before, many times, each and every one of these groups of the Muslims without any exclusion. There are those people from those groups who

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think they're on it and everybody else is off of it. No matter what you call yourself. You have to be cognizant, you have to consider the real Muslim personality is I came home the Muslims with my tongue, I can't harm the Muslims unnecessarily with my hand. I can't do that. I can't do that.

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As relates to the jihad, which jihad is best, he said some of the love what he was sending the best jihad is that you make jihad against your knifes. You have to make Jihad on a daily basis like I told you, you have to make Jihad to get up to pray some often fraudulent is pray the other four prayers after Frederick you have to make Jihad FISA bt leggi had the fast a month of Ramadan. If you were to perform Hajj or Umrah you had to perform LG had feasibility law. I mentioned last week in kewanee, that Al Islam is not against any of us learning mixed martial arts. And I encourage everybody to learn how to take care of himself and to handle himself, not just to handle himself one

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on one, but to handle yourself. If you had to deal with three or four or five people, the more dangerous you are in terms of handling yourself, the better it is islamically I encourage that I encourage you to lift weights, I encourage you lifting weights gives you that thing in your mind where you learn how to push through the pain makes you strong, psychologically stronger than the one who doesn't work out. Especially if you're serious about it. Especially all of that is jihad. There's the person from amongst us. If he eats he can eat what is moderate, what is beneficial. He has to overeat, he has to make Jihad not to overeat not to be obese, jihad, Jihad Jihad and how he

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shows us that there are levels of Al jihad is really important.

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The great scholar of Islam and Imam Abu Rahmatullahi to Allah Allah He said in his book that is called Zeidan mind, really important book. He said that LG had based upon the Quran and the Sunnah are four levels. And they're not the same levels there are four levels of a jihad. He said that the highest level of jihad that a person can engage in remember this is Jihad knifes making jihad against yourself, because the Prophet said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one who makes jihad against himself. That's the

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jihad. There's a hadith where the companions came back from a campaign of jihad that he said they came back to in Medina. It said that the Prophet said to them some law what he was selling now, we have come from the small jihad. They were wounded blood pus was coming out of the wounds, we have come from the small jihad, the companions were shocked. They were out fighting, some of them got killed, some of them were wounded. And he said that they say, out of solo law, we just made jihad. He said, You just made the small jihad in front of us is the major Jihad and that's the jihad, the knifes for you to make jihad against yourself,

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to watch your mouth, to watch your eyes, to watch your ears and to try to pre a person who is saying, my life my death is fall, I'm just gonna try to do everything right to the best of my ability. It requires you hat that hat Eve is not authentic. It's a famous Heidi that has on the tongues of people is not authentic. But the meaning of the Hadith is authentic. After jihad, Jihad enough's, the best jihad is the Jihad of yourself finding yourself. Anybody here, my little nephew right here, you can give them a gun and tell them go make Jihad and you can just go on and start shooting people with the gun, take a knife just gone and start stabbing people anybody can do that.

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Anybody can do that. A person who doesn't have his article is Majnoon challenged. They can do that. But not everybody can make Jihad enough's. And if you're not making Jihad enough, the Jihad of the sword is going to be more difficult. The second level of jihad that MMA will pay him said is the Jihad of a shape on your external enemy the shaytaan makes with suas as all he does, can grab anybody by the neck, you have to say what's right do what's right at all times. Shaytan he has us all over the place. So Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran will levena Uj he doin Athena and the unknown su banana. Those people who make Jihad for my cause they make these efforts for my cause.

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I'll guide them to the right way. So he makes jihad against a shakedown and makes effort to make it easy for him. The third, the third level of jihad, according to this Imam of the Sunnah, CMM of Al Islam is for a person to make jihad against the non Muslims, the kuffaar, those Ayat of the Quran, and those are Hadith, that talk about jihad, that we don't allow people to miss appropriate and to misinterpret the meaning of jihad. When we hear the word Jihad and Islam, what should come to your mind is the war campaign that is regionalists. Vamp, but that war campaign as his people, has his time, has his place. It has a cam, it has his ad that has his rules and regulations, not confusion.

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Nobody here nobody, no one has the right to say this Jihad invest Jihad

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with what's going on in Saudi Arabia right now all of the drama with the leader, all of the drama, with the change of their society, with all of the political drama that Saudi Arabia is going with going through with these other countries, Yemen, Qatar, all of that drama. Someone from amongst this measure is from this city says Well, I will put my opinion across I think the what we should do in order to get Saudi Arabia to totally align and get back in line is we should all boycott Ramallah and how

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we're gonna say Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who you who you, who are you? Who are you to get that footwork. It's not your place, go home and make Jihad grow your beard and make Jihad start praying, make Jihad get your wife to where he joined me she had. The point here is

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talking like that we put ourselves in a position it's not our right Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying again, complete what I'm saying. I agree with everything Saudi Arabia. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is you're not a move the amount of Mufti don't pass rulings, often big issues like that, big issues. So the first Jihad Jihad and loves the biggest one Jihad of the shape on that Jihad of the non Muslims. He said that the fourth level of jihad is making jihad against the moon after killing the hypocrites from amongst us. Prophet Mohammed had them sell a love while he was selling them. And if they had him during that time, we got them now. They come on TV almost

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every Sunday, where they come out as the experts about different aspects of Islam they speaking on behalf of Islam and the Muslims. And a lot of times these people don't know they elbow from the ankle bones and they don't even know Islam, they apologetic. So those are the four levels. I want to ask you guys a question right now, when actually

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question concerning these four levels of LG has four levels of LG had there anybody ever sit down from amongst us especially from you young people and you learn the fifth of each one of these levels. You read the I at about each one of these levels because all of these four levels also have subdivisions.

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So before you nephew or any one of you start packing your bags to go get Jenna and Shahada VCB Leila, pump your brakes and slow down snam is not based upon your emotions. This first level of jihad Jihad knifes and the amendment will pay him said that Jihad knifes consists of four levels as well and I want you guys to pay attention to this

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because it's connected to something some of you should know and I'm going to ask you inshallah, the connection for levels of jihad, Jihad enough's jihad, a shake bond, she had, she had the kafar she had the moon at 15. She had the lufs for levels. First level that a person has to have concern and she had the knifes that he has to learn his religion. He has to make Jihad and go out and learn his religion like you brothers are doing right now. There's a hadith that was collected by Mohammed

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Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him said that the Prophet said Salah love what he was saying the men Miss God Heather, Lamia tea in lolly Haven, Mo, Mo, for Huberman zelich Award Manzanita, mu j. p. sebelah. Anybody who comes to my Masjid in order to do good, he only came to the masjid in order to do good to learn something good or to teach something good. He is a Mujahid in the cause of allies which For this reason, some of the scholars of Islam said that the student of knowledge he can get zakat. You can spend your money as a can because the eight categories of people can get this account and from them, the Mujahideen disobey the law. There's Hadid said a student of knowledge is

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from the Mujahideen. Why is he from the Mujahideen? Because you're not going to get knowledge by relaxing, you're going to get knowledge by making yourself tired like in jihad, you're going to get knowledge by traveling like a jihad. How is Islam saved? Islam is saved and protected by jihad is saved and is protected by getting knowledge, not ignorant people. If you have an ignorant friend, Muslim, non Muslim, he's ignorant. He'll do more harm to you, then your enemy who's not ignorant, the ignorant friend will do more harm to you than the friend who is not ignorant. It's a problem. It's a problem. So we have to learn in our religion. Some of the scholars of Islam say that had

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either just mentioned is just not for the practice Masjid someone lied was handed any and everybody who goes out getting knowledge there Mujahid to raise ignorance off of yourself. Getting knowledge is an obligation and that's just like Jihad of the cofa It's not easy. Jihad of the knifes and getting knowledge is not easy. The second level of jihad enough steady mentioned Rama to lie and he is making jihad against the shape on taking him as an enemy. learning those two hours that we have to make inside of our prayer outside of our prayer Rukia for our children for ourselves, before you come in the house, go out of the house go on the toilet, a Chroma Kamala so many issues we have to

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do and our ongoing war against the chiffon. Allah said about the shape on in the shape on a doula Can I do what shaytan is a clearly to you? You are at war with that guy. You're at war with that creation he believes. So take them as an enemy. Make jihad against him is a problem. How do you make Jihad? How do you make jihad against them? You can't see them. How do you make jihad against them? You keep your eyes open and you learn your religion. Because the lady you want to marry may be a nibblies

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your family member may be shouting because they are shouting of the incident the jinn. So you gotta make jihad against that shaytaan third level jihad is the non Muslims. And the way you make jihad against non Muslims is with your lisanne. As I mentioned in the Koran, Jahan, BG has an Kabira make the big jihad against these now Muslims in Mecca when they went out fighting make the major Jihad by telling them the Quran given our evil law, intellectually engaging them and arguing with them and debating with them. Also jihad against the non Muslims and concerns of jihad are using weapons, whatever weapons Muslims are using at that particular time.

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The hand you had with the non Muslims is more than anything else. As for the Malacca cane, we make jihad against the Malacca King with our tongues because they are like Muslims you don't know. So ally mentioned in the Quran about the moon africaine una levena yanam Allahu Matthew, OBEY Him for our

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Baku la whom cold wakulla homefree unfussy him colon believer concerning the monastic King, the prophet was told some of love when he was a lamb. Those monastic clone Allah knows what's in their hearts. They say with their tongues, but they don't believe the man is not in their hearts. He says, so what you do is turn away from them, turn away from them, and warn them and say a word to them that resonates in the soul say things to them, because you can't fight them. Those people are Muslims. They say they're Muslims. Now for you is not for me to come and open up the HSA. Now you're not a Muslim, although they may be doing insane things of hypocrisy, those four levels of jihad, I

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want to repeat them real quick and ask you a question. First level learning knowledge second, second level is working by that knowledge, I'm sorry, working by that knowledge. Third Level, she had the knifes you had them nose, work, getting knowledge. Second one is working by that knowledge, working by that knowledge, the third level, the third one of jihad, the knifes is given down to it. And the fourth one is being patient and what's going to happen to you when you do that. Where else did you guys hear that? those four things.

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The job I sent them

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in the book for Rafa to also the very first thing that Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab mentioned, were the issues that come to us from sort of Alaska

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for things that we benefit from sort of acid. And that's a book in Hawaii that I think we should start off with one of those simple, simple, easy books that help us to comprehend our pizza. So imagine a blue team said a long time ago, and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Wahab mentioned it in another context, which means again, this is one of the reasons why you hear those same names coming up all the time, because they were affecting each other, able to pay him even Tamia Khalid Abdul Wahab and although we were loving, respecting the honor them and so forth, so on, we do not we do not consider any of them, any of them to be on par with the nibi of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't

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make a tech lead and so forth and so on. We don't say that any of them I assume we don't say that. So just to go back because I wanted to be clear, I think I kind of mixed it up a little bit, four levels of jihad, jihad, the knifes jihad against the shaytaan, jihad against the kofod jihad against the monastic in concerning jihad, the knifes fighting against yourselves for things you have to do. You have to learn your religion, burn this religion, raise off of yourself, ignorance so that you can worship along you know what you're doing. After you learn the religion, you have to practice what you know. You have to practice it. And certain facts you have when we asked the lies of

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Angelica call the guidance to the Serato stuck in the throat of the people that Ally's pleased with them because he gave them the NEMA not the sword out of those people who Ally's angry with all those people that Allah has sent them astray. Allah is angry with the Yahoo because Yahoo and knowledge and even work by the knowledge, the ICT of the poor, I say yeah, you will levena Aminu nema toluna. ma la lune kabara McClellan de Lyonne Taku Mala

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Mala falloon are you believe? Why do you say that? But you don't do. It is a bad thing in a lot of sight that you say what you don't do. The third issue is given doubt a lot when the Prophet started his Tao and Mecca sallallahu alayhi wa it was seldom, his Dawa was just to a few people. He didn't go out. It was in secret in outcome. They were afraid of going out you could lose your life. He used his brain cell A lot while he was setting the environment was hostile. He even prevented some of his companions from going out giving Tao he told me don't go to the Kaaba and give Tao they're gonna beat you up. They're gonna kill you. I did it anyway, and they beat him up. Ravi Alon the prophet in

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the beginning of Mecca used to turn the other cheek. He used to let it go was in time in a position to find him back.

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But then Allahu tada reveal a number of sorrows of the Quran. They told him no, you have to start giving down the Koran. Yeah, you hadn't musclemania young

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would that feel calm for under what Rebecca for cat beer? Oh, you wrapped up in your blanket get up in the wall and start wanting these people and glorify Your Lord by making salon and giving these people $1 so that they will know who aligns with who Allah, who Allah azza wa jal is. So it's not enough for the Muslim just to learn the religion, practice the religion within himself, he has to relay what he knows of the religion to the best of his ability. This brings me to an issue that we have to continue to touch upon, and harp upon. No one here can stop people from giving dowel to Allah, you want to get on an internet, social media, you want to get down on your Facebook, Twitter,

00:35:42--> 00:35:47

whatever you want to get down. This is fine and dandy do that. But just stay within your realm.

00:35:48--> 00:36:23

Just stay within your lane. And don't go outside of your lane. Talk with knowledge talks based upon principles with knowledge, no problem. As for going outside of your realm and given fatawa outside of your muscles. Your speciality is not politics. You're not a person who's qualified in politics. Some people are political scientists, they study politics. They know how to think they know how to think we don't know how to think we have knee jerk reactions to everything. Pointing cases I mentioned to you last week with that fight with Habib,

00:36:24--> 00:37:05

the non Muslims from the non Muslims from the organization, Dana White, and those guys, those non Muslims, you know what they did? After the problem happened? The confirm Muslims, they took their time to figure out, what are we going to do? The bottom line with them is making money. So they have to make a decision that's going to guarantee that their sport will continue to make money, and they can get the most traction out of this drama. They didn't come out right away and start talking. They said we have to gather all of the footage, look at every angle. And then after that, we're going to decide what we're going to do. The Muslim has more right to be like that.

00:37:06--> 00:37:26

He has more right? Why Elijah two minute shaytan. Being in a rush or being in haste is from shaytaan, you're going to make a mistake. So the question is, why is it that the non Muslims, they sit back and they say let us relax and take our time. And let us make sure we secure our bottom line, which is all about money.

00:37:27--> 00:37:42

And the Muslim is the individual who his religion tells him that don't be in haste, especially when it comes to big issues. Don't divorce your wife is a big issue. Take your time, she may get really upset. And she screams at the top of her lungs divorce me

00:37:44--> 00:37:54

and you upset as well. You can't avoid them. You can't You can't have a knee jerk reaction. You got to calm down. You have to sit down, accept the premises.

00:37:56--> 00:38:05

Because if you divorce her, she's gonna come back later and say I didn't really mean it. Why didn't you do it? And it was the third one I had to do is calm down.

00:38:07--> 00:38:13

So in regards to the issue of jihad, the knifes we get down to what we give

00:38:14--> 00:38:43

what we learn and what we're practicing. And the last thing is that we have to be patient, because you're going to get problems you're going to get drama. When the Prophet came sell a loved one he was selling with this quarter and he went to the cousin of our mother I Isha Baraka, ebano nofal, who was one of the people who was in Mecca, who had believed he had exposure to Christianity and Judaism. He heard about the prophets and the messengers other than Ibrahim and his smile. He knew about moose he knew about Isa.

00:38:45--> 00:38:54

And the Prophet came and told him that jabril came to him so Lola who it was sudden, and jabril revealed those Ayad ekra, this mirrabooka levy halaqa.

00:38:55--> 00:39:38

And he described what had happened. When the man heard the story. He said, that's the now moves that used to come to Moosa. That's the angel that used to come to Moosa, the one who has the secret that was one who came in and jabril He said, I wish I was young because he was an old man. He said, I wish I was young, when your people throw you out of Mecca, because if I was young, I would I will help you for so long. I was shocked. He's from the nobleman of Mecca. He's well known in Mecca. His family has clout in pool and status and position in Mecca. So he said surprisingly, are my people Quraysh they can expel me they're gonna kick me out of Mecca. It was not it was something can

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

fathom. The main saying, yes. Nobody ever came with what you come with right now, except that he had opposition. The people are not going to summit because you're getting ready to come now. You have to tell these people in Mecca, La ilaha illAllah. These guys and these idols that you're worshiping, they all gotta go and if they go

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

It's an economic, it's an economic problem for you people have courage, you will lose your money.

00:40:08--> 00:40:47

And it's something that your fathers didn't do. And whenever people do something contrary to what their fathers were doing, we get upset with it. I don't want to leave off the time, the circumcision the way we do it to our women, because that's what my father's used to do. I don't want to leave off putting these marks in my face, although is disfiguring the creation of Allah. Why? Because that's what my father's used to do. I don't want to get away from dressing like this. Why? Because that's what my father is used to do, and on and on. And I don't want to get away from the things that we do, I have to marry my cousin. And on and on and on. I must, I can't step out of that. marrying my

00:40:47--> 00:40:54

cousin, why not? Because that's what my fathers used to do. I am not going to listen to your dour because that's not my mother.

00:40:56--> 00:41:39

That's not my what my father's used to do. So the point here is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he received a lot of drama from the people. So you have to have a sub on the issue. last issue hiding from the Hadith is about the Hydra. And in the first class, the class of the net, and making the hijra and talking about the history of own pace, the man who may hit your form, that was keyfile. inshallah, concerning the issue of the Hydra, but I think what we will repeat here is Hydra and LS lamb is from the best prepared that but hijra is just not leaving your priests, your place of residence when you leave, and you shift from one geographical location to another. That is not just

00:41:39--> 00:42:14

hedger, that's an important aspect of idre is mentioned along with Jihad throughout the Quran. And in the beginning of Al Islam, the companions it was magic upon them to make a turn to leave Mecca, and to go to Mecca in the Islamic State, except that people didn't have the ability. Now, we don't have to do that. We're in a country where they are non Muslims, but we have the opportunity and the ability to worship allies are generally here better than we do in many parts of the Muslim world without going overboard in saying that will never say we found Islam here.

00:42:16--> 00:42:46

But we didn't find Muslims. And in the Muslim world, we found we found Muslims but we didn't find Islam. And I'm going to say that that's extreme. That's extreme. So in order to stay balanced in your love and your hate and your positions that you take and so on, it requires a level of jihad as jihad. Okay, when if you brothers have any questions, you can ask your questions now inshallah, if you have any questions, five, two minutes, and then we'll call it a day and in the come shake.

00:43:01--> 00:43:04

People want non Muslims Hindus see us,

00:43:06--> 00:43:15

Christians, Jewish people, agnostics, atheists, whatever person happens to be a Nation of Islam, non Muslims, whatever they are,

00:43:16--> 00:43:32

Israel lights Hebrew, Israeli, Israeli, whatever the case may be. There's the general rule in our religion lag and how common law when and livina lendio Cogito COVID-19, when I'm, you're free to come, men dare come into Roma toxie to LA and Allah.

00:43:34--> 00:44:13

Allah does not prohibit you people in regards to people who don't fight you because of your religion, and then on expelled you because you'll be your religion and are hostile to you. Allah doesn't prevent you from dealing justly and kindly with them. And Allah loves those who are just in those who are kind. So when dealing with those people, we deal with them in a nice way. The way that the Prophet did sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in an attempt to convince people about the beauty of Islam, and he did different things with different people. Some people, we gave them money, they were not Muslims. So we gave them money, in order to encourage them to come into Islam. So one of the

00:44:13--> 00:44:34

eight people that can receive as a cat are non Muslims, who are inclined to the religion, so is to give them camels, camels, camels, and the man will come into on Islam. And as people come into slam, he will subdue some of his enemies who deserve to be killed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will let him go.

00:44:35--> 00:45:00

Give him a pass, and he deserved to be killed. And he was saved with his own tongue. Yeah, I mean, if you kill me you kill someone who deserves to be killed. If you let me go, I'll be happy please. And if you want ransom as for whatever amount of money you want to give it to, like in the case of Kumar, maybe Ufa, the prophet let them go after three days of being tied up in the masjid and watching the Muslims so

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

The Prophet knew that he was intelligent, some a lot what he said he was a leader of his people. He was intellectual. You don't have to sit with him and say things then he can just sit and figure things out for himself. And what he saw in that mistake was dour coming from the actions of the Muslims, another delille about the importance of practice and what you know, they didn't go to that man and ask him the province and go to them and ask them what are the tell them about the five hour cannabis slam the six hour cannabis Eman? The three exam of a toe he he just came and said, What's your situation?

00:45:32--> 00:46:19

Three days in a row. And he just watched the Muslims. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam subdued the people who fought against Islam. He subdue them. And he says a lot while he was sending them. There are two people that ally is amazed at them. yomo piano two people, two people allies amazed at them. yomo piano The first one is the Mujahid FISA Beatty law who went out to defend this land he was killed and he got Shahada. It was a moto is gonna go to gentlemen. And the one who killed him was caught by the Muslims and put in selasa. He was put in chains. And he became an addict. And I see him a captive. But while in the state of captivity, accepted as a slam, but he had killed a Muslim

00:46:19--> 00:46:44

who was spreading the religion. So the one who was spreading the religion was killed by that man and then that man subsequently became a Muslim. Allah has an eerie job. He's amazed at those two Yokoyama. So there were some people who will accept it, Ellis them in that way. So we gave a hold by here a while ago, about about the nine and 10 ways that the companions accepted Islam, Marian women who were non Muslims.

00:46:45--> 00:47:14

On solane, Marian Abu solane, she said you're mature Kathy, I can marry you, he wants to marry, I can marry you. But if you say la ilaha illa that'd be my dowry. And he said it and saw her and the companions and he became a good Muslim. So with those people, he just be nice to those people. You treat them kindly treat them well, comparable to how they treat you keeping in mind, you're an ambassador and the DI E to allies with just religion. Any more questions or whining Any more questions?

00:47:17--> 00:47:25

Every week after the class is over, and we're going out 789 people ask me questions, and sometimes those questions are questions everybody should hear.

00:47:26--> 00:47:52

So make jihad against yourself and don't be afraid and have stage fright. Understand it can be you know, social anxiety. You don't want to be heard or seen. But you're giving down a lot. So the companions just do what they used to be happy when the bedroom would come and ask questions because they may be shy to ask that question. Every week 678 people after the Salah they hooked me up and I got to take the bus number six bus number eight bus always leaves me

00:47:54--> 00:47:56

any questions acquainting familia

00:48:08--> 00:48:27

one of the forms of jihad hunting as the Prophet says some of the loved one he was setting them in raw minkin camera film you hear who be ready for them? Yes, the three for bV sanef and EMEA study for the rugby with Africa allow for a man if anyone from amongst you see something that is

00:48:28--> 00:49:07

something that is haram is not right. You witnessed it, you saw it, you heard it, you knew about it. You said you have to change it with your hand. You have to stop it. And if you can't stop it with your hand for whatever reason, then change it with your tongue by speaking out against it. Do you have the hand Do you have the dissent? And if you can't do that, if you can't do that, then hate it in your heart. And that is the weakest level of an Amen. So if people are making rebuffed someone and you're in their presence, then you have to take it as an opportunity to get close to allies or gel by giving down to those people in a nice way that was being said was being done as a Riba is not

00:49:07--> 00:49:49

permissible. If you don't if you don't, then you will be you could be partly responsible for that. And that's what I meant. When we talked about Jihad knifes. Jihad enough's requires every moment of the waking day for the Muslim to remind himself and to be cognizant is nobody perfect. And we've been created to forget every waking moment of the day, you have to think I'm supposed to be doing the right thing. Right now I'm supposed to be doing the right thing after the class. gotta talk about what I know if I don't know. I don't know. After I've edited the way I said after using the right diction, the right correct verbiage

00:49:50--> 00:50:00

all day long every day, that's what he doesn't have time to lakhs off. So I asked our friends around him who wanted to

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

Do that friends around him, we're going to remind him as he says a lot. It was setting them in a movement to movement. The believer is a mirror for his brother and to his brother. He's down, he picks him up. He's in need, he helps him. He sees in him something he may not see. So we have to change those things. And again, and again, honey, some of us practice in people. We get it twisted. And we really think that we're something because you were told, because you have a beard, because you're not Muslim. Because you pray in the masjid so many times during the day, you fast on Mondays and Thursdays. You don't have issues with pornography, you don't have issues with music, you don't

00:50:40--> 00:51:25

have issues with the TV, you don't have those issues. You don't have those issues. But there are other constant issues that are bombarding the Muslim all day, every day, all day, every single day, every single day. So Muslim has to be on top of that, you have to be on top of that, just to be sure that I got this right, four levels of jihad, the Jihad of the notes, the Jihad of this shape bond, the Jihad of the kuffaar and the Jihad of the moon at 15. I forgot to mention something important about the Jihad of misshapen, that the Jihad of a shaytaan his two levels and the memorable theme said very quickly, he said that the Jihad of his shaytan consists of making jihad against your

00:51:25--> 00:51:26


00:51:27--> 00:51:40

You know, when the Prophet drew the line, he said this disabil of a line was long and it's straight. He said in these alternative lines, Seville's paths, there's a shakedown on each path.

00:51:42--> 00:51:48

calling people to that path. One of the paths that shaytan is calling to is to shower, the desires.

00:51:50--> 00:51:51


00:51:52--> 00:52:06

pornography, especially with the internet the way it is right now, someone is caught in the snares of pornography, being tried by being in school girls all around,

00:52:08--> 00:52:12

shower, your desires, drinking Hummer, smoking weed

00:52:13--> 00:52:54

those evil things takes away from your Eman. As he says subtle lighting setting them. The one who makes Xena is not a movement while he's doing the Xena. And the one who was drinking while he was drinking is not a mortman. And the one who was stealing shower, he goes to the store with his crew in the morning before school after school. And he do the five, five finger discount all the time. He's stealing from city center, from the local stores and on and on and on shower. That's from shaytaan. The other jihad against shaytaan is he gives you with the shuba hat. He brings you things that make you doubt the religion. You start praying you say why do we pray every day five times a

00:52:54--> 00:53:36

day doesn't make sense? Is this religion the real religion? Am I make a mistake? I may die and come to find out. There's no guy. And Shakedown comes in the mix that was was two people, you around people, you expose yourself to people and stuff information that starts you to become doubtful about your religion. Someone has drama in their life, a marriage, the girl is down in the dumps, depress. And then she starts thinking, if there was really a lot there, Why would my child while my child died like that? Then they just the doctor made a mistake. It killed my kid and I can't get any money. Where is that? Where's the Rama? Or the way the husband is treating her? The way she has been

00:53:36--> 00:53:53

training. And the machine doesn't give her help? Because their hands are tied. It can only do so much. The lady starts saying you know what, what is this religion? We've seen it. She was setting up she got a divorce. She you can advise her now you give her advice. She said you said if he's

00:53:54--> 00:54:00

meeting selfies, you need the way he got your selfies now he talking about so you start to doubt.

00:54:02--> 00:54:49

So all of that, honey, it shows us the importance of Don't be pleased with yourself. And don't be displeased with yourself that you say you're going to be from the people in the Hellfire but exists between that exists between you hope for lies mercy and His Rama. His graciousness upon you, but you're afraid of allies or that because nobody, nobody here no one not a single person will allow it not a single person all day every day is thinking about the reality of death and thinking about the reality of normal pm and that's why he said if you people knew what I knew, you would laugh less and you'll cry more if you knew what I knew. You got to be responsible for having and choosing your

00:54:49--> 00:54:59

friend. You have to be responsible and having fear about how you exist. You have to make your car it's just so much that you need to do and that only comes with the TOEFL.

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

lies with Jen. So in conclusion, in conclusion, we have to be upon the truth, the Kitab in the Sunnah, the way that the companions understood those two texts, may Allah be pleased with them. And that is the truth. But don't stand on that. And don't be upon that with this mentality and this stature, better than everybody else, and looking down at people in a condescending way. Nor does that mean that you're going to be weak in front of people who don't know what they're talking about, or people's desires. I'm not saying that neither, you're going to be weak in front of people who are spewing nonsense, no, you don't be weak in front of them, but you're not judgmental and nasty. And I

00:55:39--> 00:55:46

like that. You say the truth as allowed time to commanded the prophet SAW the light of the sun in them for the man to

00:55:47--> 00:55:48

go forth

00:55:49--> 00:56:02

and do what you've been ordered to do and give down in a nice gentle way. Have a masala Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was hobby of mine was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh