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The characteristics of Islam, including the need for effort to be authentic and the importance of being from the people love, are discussed. The speakers stress the need to be in agreement with who Allah is and what he does, as it is the core of Islam, and stress the importance of being aware of the culture of the Prophet and the use of culture as a political power. The history of the prophets of Islam, including the setting of individuals with individuals, is also mentioned.

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for you hit boo, boo Santa for my daughter, Luna, who Alka Bulu fill out and what was collected by Emmanuel Bukhari and Muslim messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Mustafa. I mean, he said, Verily, Allah the Most High, if he loves an individual, he calls out to Jabril. And he says to Jabril Beverly I love so and so from the servants when the earth therefore you Jabril shall love that individual. And then Jabril begins to love. And then after that Jabril calls out to those who

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are in the heavens meaning the melodica Verily, Allah loves such a such an individual. So therefore you shall love and then the mela it will begin to love that individual and then after that Allah Who Tada places the acceptance or the Cabal, for that individual in the earth,

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this hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes to show that our Lord Allah Who Tada from his characteristics is that he loves and he loves in a way that befits His Majesty Suharto who died. And when Allahu Taala loves an individual from His servants, as a result of that, the mullah EcoLog, that individual from those melodica is the Arch Angel Jibreel, who was responsible for telling the other angels that they should love this individual because Allah loves

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and in addition to that, as the Allahu Taala loves that individual, Allah puts the acceptance in the earth for that particular person which goes to show the virtues of being of the people that Allah Who Tada loves, the virtues of being from the people that Allahu Taala loves. If Allah loves a person who puts the football in the earth, it means an individual wants to get married into a particular family, and he may not have everything working for himself. He wants to be accepted by

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that family, and he may not have the best job or the best credentials, he wants to get a job and he wants to be accepted for that job. There are other people who have more qualifications than him, he may not feel that he's the most qualified for the job. The young person from amongst us he wants to enroll in a prestigious university. He wants to get into medical school other than that, and the competition is stiff. If he wants to get an added an extra addition in terms of qualifications, then

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let him be from the people that Allah Huhtala loves as Allah Who title will put the kaboom in the earth for that individual. That's from the blessings and the benefits of being from those that Allahu Tada loves. But as it relates to Allah loving an individual, there are characteristics that that personality or the Muslim individual has to have, in order to be from those who Allah loves is not an issue. That in person can just acquire it by just merely bowing out empty slogans are

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professing with his lips, or was tongue I love Allah and Allah loves me, and he's doing everything that is counter to what it takes to be of those who Allah loves. So

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The Book of Allah who Thailand Be authentic sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are filled with many characteristics for the Muslim who was concerned about being from those people that Allah loves many characteristics that you have to take on board. And you have to make efforts to inculcate within yourself that be of those individuals. And there are too many for one hotbar, to deal with all of them. But we want to deal with a few of the most important and at the top of the

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list, the single most important characteristic that has been compromised by a lot of the Muslims today. If you want to be of the people that Allahu Taala loves, then you have to have the correct Peter. You have to know who Allah is and who Allah isn't and what he does and what he doesn't do, where Allah is and where Allah is it your concept of who Allah is, it has to be in accordance to what has been revealed in the Kitab in the Sunnah. And we can't be like the Yahoo Denver NESARA who

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claim that they love Allah and Allah loves them, but they compromise this most important and integral characteristic that has been given to us in the Quran and the authentic sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa. It was the reason why I say that is what was collected by Imam Bukhari Muslim, in which our mother I issued the Allah she informed us that the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam sent out a battalion, a group of men, and he may from amongst them, an individual

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who was the Emir. And it was from his sunnah, anytime a person was the emir, that he may lead the people in the salon unless he chose someone else. This particular man used to be the salah, in every single salon that was horrible alfursan Madrid and Russia for the duration of the trip, he read in the first router, and in fact the hot and then there's a nap to that, another sort of the Quran, and then after that he will read put a whole lot and then in the second rock, it will do the same thing.

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And in fact, you have another sewer, and then after that it will read sort of a class called hula. When the people arrived back to Medina, they told the prophet of what happened, Salah who it was, and he told them, Don't ask the man Why did he do that? They went and they said, Why did you read Cole who Allah I had an every single salam after reading that in fact, he had another Surah The man said, Radi Allahu Anhu inna CIFA Torah man, well, no.

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I had is the description of a rock man. He is Allah was and Allah is a summer, he's not born was he began, and nothing is like going to him and as a result of that, I love this particular Surah when they told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah told them to tell that man, let him know that Allah loves him, because of that particular Surah because of what he understood of the RP than that particular surah. He was a man of a toe he. On the other hand, when we have those

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people from our Ummah, who believe that is permissible to go to the graves, and to make dua, to the people in the graves, there are those people from our Ummah, who believe that out even though the toilet is Allah reincarnate, there are individuals from our own mobile believe based upon ignorance and not based upon knowledge, who believe in all kinds of issues, right, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can answer the dua of the person who was in need. So the point here is,

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if you want to be of those people that Allahu Taala loves, then you have to have the correct nakida you have to be a person of a towhee that you don't worship and make dua along with Allah, anyone else or anything else, or there will be no different than you. And Nikita, they are Google and NASA, who Allahu Taala mentioned their condition in the Quran, will come and tell you the Oneness

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of Allah, Allah, He will battle. Fatima you will come with a new vehicle and to embrace your mantra, the Jews and the Christians saying, We are the sons of Allah, and we are the Beloved of Allah. Allah loves us. Allah loves us. That's a claim. Allah says to the messenger of Allah say unto them, If you are the sons of Allah, and Allah loves you, then why is it that Allah punishes you for your sins, human beings like everybody else. So the point here one is, it is not enough just to be a person who

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gives the lip service that you love Allah, that you're Muslim or that your name is Abdullah and as a result of that, that qualifies you to automatically receive Allah's love. This happened during the time of the prophets of Allah when he was setting them with some individuals who were hypocrites. They came to the Prophet and

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