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The everywhere- unified- Islam (CBD) movement is a movement focused on men and women, with some members struggling to show their "will" to try and convince others to take pictures of their "will". The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's religion to push off one's success and avoid embarrassment, and encourages people to read the book of Allah and memorize the Sunents, as they are the ones who have been taught to do so. The movement is not recognized by relatives and is not afraid of being censored.

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msgid He's from my family. Allah loves those people were just whether that is against them or for them, against them, or for them, from those individuals that Allah Tala loves that was mentioned in this ayat is that they make jihad in the Cause of Allah. And we're not going to jump over this ayat, because it's not politically correct to mention it. But the jihad of this ayat is talking about the jihad, that the scholars of of Islam are behind the jihad that is determined by the rhythm of Islam,

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not the jihad, that's understood by a small group of people who don't represent knowledge, nor do they represent the ability to give birth to us. So young people in this mystery, pay attention to Feola learn the religion of Ellis lamb, learn with the jihad is another thread. And don't be of the people make fitmom for that for the Muslims and other than the Muslims. So as it relates to the issue of jihad, those people will love Tada, loves there that people meant jihad. He said, meaning

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that they meant jihad for Allah, not because they must have not because of their mind necessarily, they don't make jihad for that issue. They make gi so that the kingdom of Allah Tala will be uppermost in the lead, Allah class. So the jihad here is the jihad of Al Islam that you have the scholars of Islam are behind it, and they give the fatwa Yes, that's the jihad, not the jihad that people we don't know. Young people will just growing up they come to understand this gi that jet lag

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that's fitting for set. Lastly, a corny as it relates to this ayat, the fourth characteristic, Leia halfmoon Aloma to learn from those people that Allah loves is that they are those individuals that are not afraid to be censored. criticized. The prophets are one of us, Allah, Allah what He was telling you men of this community, chatroom after Raju show on Hallett. What do

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the worst thing that can be in a man is that he's extremely stingy. He doesn't ever get to the masjid. This Masjid has electric bills, water bills, it provides for us a service. He comes every week and he never gets any money. The money has always been used for sure what am I here? I surrender my DVD over here, things that will not bring them closer to Allah azza wa jal when it comes to the Mr. Hayes, but he'll show it's one of the worst characteristics. But what we want to

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deal with here is the second issue. He said Jubran highly. He's extremely a coward. He's afraid. Everybody sitting here is going to be confronted with a situation where people are going to challenge you. Challenge you about your deen and your principles. Your wife. She is a person trying to practice Islam, your relatives because of the culture. They tell her shake hands with the men. You don't want to make anyone upset. You tell a Go head or you yourself. You go and you shake hands.

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You young brothers, you want to get married, your culture. The relatives tell you we're going to take pictures, we want to do the camera while your wife is without her clothes. She has had Vina, it's permissible, Chico become beautiful for the women, beautiful for you to go and watch that day of the Nikka. But if you want to be from those who Allah loves, then when your mother and your aunties and all of the people from our family say we insist that take the pictures and then after

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the pitches, we want to pass them around to other men after the Nikka you have to stand your ground at your job want to work here. You want to work here. If you work here, you can perform your Salah if you work here, you can go to Juma. If you work here, you have to compromise your Islamic identity your religion. Don't be of the people who are cowards, the people who they are apologetic and the acquiesce as it relates to their religion. For very those are not from the people that Allahu Taala

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loves. If you're an individual who compromises in your religion, and the compromising that I'm referring to here is the compromising in the deem that is not permissible. The relatives, they want to practice something that is CO thrown and shake. Some of you are no are aware of. Some people believe in a celebration that is called the header. And the last Thursday of every month they believe that the dead souls of the relatives come out of the grave and they come to the house to

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smell it to eat the food

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and they float off for those souls. You don't believe that? No one in his right mind and understands his Deen believe that. But it says relatives his mother's father, his wife's mother father, you have to stand up for the religion. Go and give them down and don't eat the food Akula polyhedra was stuck for a long time.

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Hola tofi

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Hamdulillah I haven't been to theorem. By Eva mo PATA can feed solo Abdullah he was cinema wine in the BNF. Kadeem.

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While it was Harvey and Jemaine brothers and Al Islam, sisters in less than

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Allah item whether or not I'll ever see you people again after today.

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But one thing I want to leave you all with is the importance of everybody here seeing the need and the necessity of getting knowledge in the religion of others that tolerable anybody for either to Nanakuli Muslim. Get it now it is an obligation on every Muslim. You don't have to come and give the football here. And you don't have to give a talk and give lectures. But you have to know enough about your religion so that you can push off of yourself. Jeff is the one from amongst us who can't

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read his own me illiterate, he or she has to get knowledge based on this ID to the ability and to the degree that Allah allows them. The Prophet told us Allah Allahu Allah, he was sending the men to come at O'Meara, while Salah come O'Meara Luffy let

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them be, whatever makes will do the way he was told to make Moodle. Whoever prays the way he was told, commanded, the way he praised the way he was taught. But when he was commanded by Allah and His Messenger, whoever does that he will be forgiven for since the day of the Juma we don't even know many times the basic can have a Juma because lack of knowledge. So I want to impress upon all of you turn to the book of Allah studying the book of Allah and memorizing the book of Allah,

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getting the tweet of the book of Allah and not being of those people who have abandoned the Quran and we only read it for the Manasa bat at the Juma time, we may try to read it in the month of Ramadan, we may try to read it when one of us has a problem. I'm going to figure out what I do open the Quran. If it's an even number, then I'll do it and number I will do it. Learn the book of Allah and learn the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. And verily We have those people in sha Allah who

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today to do that with Atlas, from those people that Allah loves. And we asked Allah in Thailand to make all of the all of us of those people we love, and to forgive us and overlook our transgressions and our indiscretions and that he Subhanahu wa Taala does not hold us accountable and to account for what we've put forth in terms of what we've been doing through the duration of our lives, and may make us those people were truthful in word and deed. A poodle Cody had stuff on Monday when I come

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at the masala Yahama