Abu Bakr Zoud – Episode 28 Surat At Tariq

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Do Sofia's mind or praise and thanks belongs to a loss of Hannah what that made the peace and blessing of a lot via Panis sermon confido messenger Mohammed Salah Lalwani, your seller, as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam said I want to

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know what I get.

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Firstly, I'll just begin by an advice, I think it's better that we start straight off the Scylla. So we can have, for example, select and assume a can leave, leave it for the house, when you get to the house, you can pray it, or after we finish the lesson, inshallah, then you're able to pray it. When we had the lesson after we used to pray the sooner because obviously, we're gonna go all the way to Russia, so you might miss the summer. But because this is after Russia, so you have time to pray it, so inshallah we'll begin straight off the summer. Today's lesson will be shortly won't be long, I'm just going to finish

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with you inshallah, we got about three to four, eight left. And that's because I didn't want to begin with those sort of phenomena because so little and as I told you, it's the second half of his ama, and the second half, it's got a whole different shift and a whole different angle to it, which just we need any time to explain inshallah, so we're going to leave that for two week time from now two weeks time. So this is the last lesson I give today. Next week and the week after chef Mohammed dua for those that don't know him is a graduate from Medina, and his specialized field is in Hadith. He'll come and shall Medina for the next two weeks Saturday after Russia. And he will give you the

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lesson on introduction to the sooner an introduction to the Sundar right so yeah, nice. We're doing plenty How did they become familiar with the with the style and the techniques of of the Quran and how Russian words things and so on? For you need to now have an insight and a deeper look into the sooner Fabio delay comes in? He explains in two lessons, he'll give you just a nice, brief, yummy, look into the Sunnah and hopefully inshallah we can bring him during the week to start something with you in the late I buy.

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That's For what concerns me that attendance is so alright, so we continue our listen after show is that Oh, like the ID who doesn't like after the show and once after the moment, because now I prefer the other Mary. The young people can come. But the problem is motive is going to go all the way back to the guest about five o'clock is going to be an issue. So who wants or prefers after I said, let me just see if roofers are so shallow will only leave

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after Russia. And if any within weeks if you decide to change it then I have no problem by it.

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So last week, we explained the Napoleon fosse which was the response of the earth, the loss of hands on what Allah has taken at the end of the solar, a lot took an earth by a summer event, the Ranger basically by rain, and he called it Russia because it cycles it returns the range and he comes back out of the event. So there and he took an earth by the earth as it splits as well because it splits for the crop to come out and for the plant to come out. And then the response was unknown about on fossil Verily, this is a decisive, no doubt about it. This is a decisive conclusive word. In otherwise it's referring to the poet. And we drew the link in the relationship and the parallel

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between rain and apply and crops coming out of the earth. And what's all that got to do with the plant? We said because the rain revives and gives life to the dead land. And why which also is revelation that comes from above gives life and revives the data. Right, this was already founded last week. So then a lot of storage and he continues. And he says he just doesn't say no.

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He gives us one more descriptive describing this poll and he says one man

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one man

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it is not at all in any way shape or form a hazard. And you know this is a very strong negation in this area. Because a man coupled with a bad in the Arabic language gives a very, very strong negation. So it was originally said one man who will be bill has these two and then you and you put them together. It creates the most powerful ways of negating something of saying no to something

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coulda said a woman who has, or Lisa hustla, for example, you could have said many ways, but the male with the bat, absolutely not at all, in any shape or form. This is a has. So what is hasn't,

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hasn't refers, and it means in the Arabic language, someone that is skinny or someone that's weak, and as a result is not able to do any work. So basically someone that's useless. So for example, you say, who was Matt Zul, it means you're saying that this person is so weak, he's not able to do any work. Therefore, He's useless, because then we get nothing good out of nothing, no benefit is produced from this person. That's not Matthew. But when you say Odin has an own hazard means a speech that's weak, that is useless, that has no benefit to it. You know,

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your Nicola and husband could mean it something, a piece of information, some sort of speech, that might entertain the people. And it might keep him laughing. And keep him addicted. For example, movies, or comic books, or comedy shows, these are things that keep people entertained and keeps people addicted. But it produces no benefit. All of that is gone and hasn't, because at the end of the day, you just had a good time you read this book, you heard a story, or God, and

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nothing came out of it. So we produce no benefit. No good. And, and you've you've been in gatherings like this? How many gatherings Have you attended? where someone speaks something the other speaks something and you just have a nice good laugh. And there's nothing wrong with that. But obviously his own hasn't it his talk and words and conversation and stories that are of no benefit to them? whatsoever? Unless they're Islamic related? And they are related, then what it what is Allah saying? Who am I who I believe that this poll? No, absolutely. Not at all, in any way, shape or form? It is useless speech? Absolutely. It's never. And it has never been a useless speech. And speech, rage,

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casual, it's rude, something, we get it, we understand, well, it was entertaining, maybe it was awesome. And then you leave and nothing changes. The plan is not like this, a lot of social is saying that the Quran, every single word of it. Every area offers guidance to me and you. And he offers a way of life, every area, every area shapes the way you live. And every area has a guidance for you, inherently, for for ease to go

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for. And you know what's interesting in this, in this area, and towards the end of the summer,

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is we already can see a connection between the ending of the soul and the beginning of the soul. The ending of the soul, our minds division is talking to us about the player. And he's saying to us, it's not hasn't, it is not a useless speech. It's speech that changes you. At the beginning of the surah. Allah has mentioned something about the stars are similar. But it is a star because he said, the brilliant star. And you know, one of the benefits of the star is

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a guidance for the traveler. you're traveling in the light in the desert, and is in the desert back in the Arab times. There's no streetlights, there's no GPS, there's nothing you need to travel. And you need to solely and fully depend on the stars to get you to your destination. And so similarly, how does the Quran relate to stars? You know, because you find on multiple occasions in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal, he always groups these two together, stars and stars and Quran always the same. It comes about, for example, a man or a woman or an you know, a shampoo Oh, come on over his bed. And he says that that one mesh more should always do that. That's what another one Almanzo gently

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in solid use of Alif Lam la tilka to keep me moving and keep me moving.

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to Atlanta, he says,

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again, this dimension of stars. This solar began with a national star, and it ended with the poorer. So there's always this parallel and this relation between the poor end and the stars. You see the stars alone, so it tells us of three benefits for them. One is that it's a guidance for the traveler. The second it's a decoration for the sky and the third

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benefit for the stars is that it's a shooting stone, or rather shooting star against the devils. The Orion exactly has these three same benefits. The first is that it is a Goddess is what being taught? Well, it's a guidance for us. The second is that it's a, it's a declaration that the Quran decorates the heart decorates the mouth, the tongue when you resolve it, and even take it literally, people even decorate their houses with a head of the Quran. You put them up on the ceiling, just like a size up in the ceiling of the earth. So that's how we deal with the planet, taking on a literal end, and the stars are shooting stone, or a shooting star against the devils and the Orion the same

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What is it a shooting star due to the misconceptions and the doubts you have about Islam and about Vlad itself? Some people come and say I have an issue, other sort of issue of how does not know everything? And how does this work, and he's decreed everything for us. And he knows our decree. And we do we can do. So you get sort of confused, you might have a misconception. So what's the whole and he says it's a shooting star against this misconception. One A in the Quran will make everything clean. Run. So it gets rid of this doubt and this misconception. So Allah says one more bill hasn't. In other words, it is abidance. This Quran is of guidance, it's not a useless speech. And there is a

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connection we see the beginning of the sutra began with the stars, and it ends with the poor, and the poor, every A is a guidance, just like the star is a guidance for the traveler at night to get these destination, then we are in darkness, all in darkness. That's how we were sent to this earth alone, you

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know, he brings them out from the shades of darkness levels, you're in darkness, to the light, how, through the prophets that he sends through the poor. And then when we're in darkness, and we're on to travel, as you've heard, the idea that we are on travel in this life couldn't

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be in this in this life as a stranger or as a traveler. And then every traveler has a destination to get to, you don't just walk around, you need to get someone if you travel.

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So if you put that scene that way, in this life, in darkness, and on a journey, and we have a destination and our destination is you get to the pleasure of alone to the mercy of a monk to the paradise of a lot of zoja then what's missing is stars. How do we get there? So every aim

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is a star. That's how it's that's the parallel between the two.

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And they see unfortunately, what people have turned the poor ad into a husband. That's what people have turned it into an entertainment. You know, reading Quran has become an entertainment listening to the Quran has become an entertainment. You know, people sit down and listen.

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Or you know, the sim clips around listen to this beautiful reciting so good. But if you've missed the bigger point, which is how did this area offer you guidance? And how did I offer you a better way of life? If that's missing, then it's useless to send that around. You understand this is how the Quran is being addressed in this particular one.

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It's not an entertainment, not not at all with entertainment, or a useless speech, ie it's supposed to change you forever, forever. That's what the Quran is then. And also this air is too is also a threat to the disbelievers. This area is threatening the disbelievers

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so gently saying this plan is a decisive word. And it's not useless speech. In other words, they're making fun when the products on the lawn while you're selling recites about the Day of Judgment, and about the accountability and interest in the soil we read your material or survive on the day all the secrets will be exposed. So how is this a threat to the disbeliever a lot he's warning them and telling them look, this word 100% it is going to come exactly what I say.

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Accountability I said mentioned in this poll and accountability, then don't make fun of it. Because it's not it's your show it's coming. So it's like a threat against them in where a lot of us origin is confirming to them that every A this is reality and it will happen. Then Allah azza wa jal, he says in pneumonia can you do in a Qaeda

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There is absolutely no doubt that they Yaki tuna Qaeda they are playing and they are planning and this is that is speaking about the cofell because at the end he says Rama really carefully saying that for sure the Coachella planning and planning.

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And he says at the beginning in Nevada, we actually do an Akita, I'm in the home, we keep saying this is to create certainty.

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Be sure

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don't have any doubt whatsoever. Even though the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, you are selling them, and the believers might not know of the plans of the cofell. But Allah subhanho wa Taala by him saying, you know, it's like he's making it for sure and certain to the messenger, that you might not know what their plans against you, but for sure, notice something and they're planning against you. And your key doing is in the present, it's a present tense, so it's implying continuity. So they always plotting and planning against you. And they will always plot and plan against your followers and up until this day. So this is Yaki tuna, Qaeda, its present tense, it

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implies that this plotting and planning from the cofell, to eliminate Islam, to destroy the believers is a continual thing that will keep happening, and Allah will respond to this. But let me just finish this is. So if you look into the seal of the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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back in the day, in the first days of Mecca, you know, the believers were tortured, and they were punished. And this is all the plan to get rid of Islam.

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And they were forced to migrate twice, because of the suffering and the torture, and the plotting and planning against them by cofell. Courage. And then they migrated to Medina, and they left everything behind. They only took within their deal. They only took religion with them. And the greatest, and the biggest plot that has ever been on the slab

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is the planning and planning, of executing the Prophet Samba love it awesome. That's the biggest plan. Because you get rid of some of

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the missing, there's nothing less. And that the prophet SAW

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said this when he was in the war.

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He said when he made a law, that if I'm destroyed, if we all get destroyed today, then you will never be worshipped after today. Satan was your critical time at that time is the beginning of his lab. And he still there's there's no military, there's no power, there's nothing. So a lot of us are gently saying this is their plans and nothing we actually do. And again, they continually plan against you and against this team and against the followers. And one of the greatest plugs was this to get rid of them, maybe some of them. And you know, during the migration to Medina, the leaders of Polish said listen to this. How it happened isn't how they applauded to get rid of it. During the

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time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam That's it, received the revelation go, it's time to get out of Mecca to Medina move. And so who fell Polish? They all joined all the leaders they gathered together, and they discuss this issue. You know, how are we going to get rid of it? What are we going to do? We need to get rid of it.

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So every time someone came with an opinion, or with an ID, they said, Oh, that doesn't work. It doesn't sound good.

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It's not working until this mentioned about howdy until the devil the devil in the form of a man comes in. And he says all that I hate the plan for you. You know you should do it. This is a devil.

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He says get one from every tribe. So that's 10 people from every tribe of you.

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And give everyone a sword

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and walk in and all of you kill the products.

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Now if you do this, when he dies, Ben Ohashi are not going to come and kill you. Because they can't kill everyone. If it's one person, maybe they'll grab him kill him. But if every tribe has a share of the blood of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is difficult. What are they going to buy himself they can't possibly go and kill everyone. So the maximum they'll do is they'll ask for blood money, which is alright, you can give them blood money, there's no problem. So this was their plan until they agreed and they accepted his plan. And this is what happened to

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Have them come out with their soul waiting for the province allowing them to leave his house. But the province when I send them, he leaves the house.

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And then I see.

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And he goes around and he places does better see, he's got time to get done and put it on everyone's head. And he's really worked

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himself down on helping them file sharing their home phone notes law. And if you think that's amazing, this is even more amazing than this. You see, when the province on the low, sell him, he left, and he passed, he paused the tip, and they stayed without.

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And he went to a cave.

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And he remained there for three days. You know, look, look you're leaving even more amazing is that you didn't see him.

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They had put an offer, who gets what sort of massages alone will give him 100 camels, who gets them both human and animal will give them 200, camels access the big prize they had. And this is like news going all around the city. And you got young boys, you have people everyone wants to go for this, there's a lot of money involved. So anyone that catches him, they don't even they don't even want to hear what he's got to say just grab him attention.

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Until a group got to the cave, little small size 11 over.

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you know, the cave, it's open, the mouth of the cave is open. Anyone that's in a cave, you can see now the indicators not that deep. If you've been to Mecca of ortho. It's not like a 700 meter walk inside the cave walls. It's just you can see the end of it from the beginning. You stand here, there's nothing here. And this during the day, the group got it.

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he says to the messengers all along while

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he's in the cave, he says

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if just one of them looks down to his feet, he's gonna see us and we go. And then the famous center is our salary system. And

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you know that we feel sorry, and said, You know, a lot of surgeon is with us. What do you think of to in a cave, the third is a modern surgeon with him. So here firms are working on their long runway, he puts him at peace and at ease. And so how am I you know, this group that's outside the cave. It's not like they were they had shortness in the vision, or they were a bit there are these people are normal people. But still, they couldn't see because a man had placed the covering between their eyesight and

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and the story of the spider, building the web. That's not authentic. That's that's not authentic story. So this adds two more that adds more of the amazement, that there's nothing there. And you can see to the end of the cave. And these people that are watching and looking and looking for the province are setting up their site for there's nothing wrong with their vision. There's nothing wrong with ease they can either no problem. But still, that I've seen him that he because Allah azza wa jal had placed that seal and this is part of the plan of a lot of soldiers to protect his messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So allows origin he says unknown Yaki Dona Qaeda as part of the plans, and this was a mess. This is the biggest plan, nothing will come together this because after this, it's our last promise, but at the time, it's to get rid of him. And Yaki Dune is a plural Allah so gently say they all get together and plan. And what it suggests. It gives us the idea that there are many groups that plan against the messenger against Islam, in order to get rid of Islam. Many groups, it's important to say many groups, why we'll see in the next day, and

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everyone has his ID. And up until today, not all the cofounders have the same one plan to get rid of Islam. Not all of them have the same plan. You have this country. And they divided this this army political groups, and every political group has its own agenda, how to get rid of Islam and how to finish Islam once and for all. Not everyone agrees with each other with their plan. They might have some different plan to this other group. But they all fell out there. And

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you see them you might think they all work together. But in reality, all their hearts are different. And none of them work together. You understand that? Oh, well everyone separated. So this is very important to understand. You have more

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To pull groups of cofell with multiple IDs to get rid of Islam. Now, a lot of social response, listen to what he says. He says, as simple as, what aikidoka What can you do now?

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Why Akito Qaeda also is a present tense.

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Employing continued every time they've learned a lot plans against them, not one time they winning their plan, except a lot of soldier that something prepared for them. But listen to this, Allah says, and I plan to,

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he said about them in now, Jackie Tanaka. But he never said what imedia key to Qaeda? He didn't say I certainly also plan Firstly, because there is no doubt in the planning of a lot of soldiers against them. And secondly, the word in that sometimes in Arabic, in implies effort, implies effort. So when it says in

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Qaeda, it implies that these multiple groups with multiple IDs, are putting the utmost effort in into their plan. That's, that's what in the implies, they give me an offer, I have to get rid of this deal, and to get rid of Muslims. But Allah doesn't sing in me Akito. Canada, why? Because a loss plan requires no effort. There's no effort, it is as simple as going for your code. And then again, okay, that is singular form. You know, sometimes he refers to himself in the plural, sometimes in the senior form, right? For example, He says, wahala Khmer comas version, for example, we created the page is like a sort of a pool, and this is the plural of roti, why we would not

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understand that there's many Illa. But understand that there's one and it's the role plural. But in this area, he doesn't say one a key indicator, and we plan and talk. You know why? Because he's responding back to the planning. He says why key indicator in the singular form, meaning that as many groups as they are, and as many plans and IDs they have, I'm one will get rid of all these many groups, and many IDs, and many plantings, and many plugins, use the singular. And in this in this area, referring to himself in the singular form has more power in one key digit by myself. I am alone, I came to Canada, and I continue on The Club.

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And so a lot of social in this area, he's speaking to his messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's not even speaking to the co founder. And what this implies is that is humiliating them, they're not even worth talking to say he doesn't even speak to them. And just to give you an understanding of this, imagine,

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you're talking to one of your children.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:15

about another one of your children, you're speaking to him about the other child.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:30

How does the other child feel? He feels ignored, neglected, you know, he's angry. You're speaking to your kid, about this one. You know, he's thinking, why don't you just speak to me about myself. So he needs

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what a lot of socialists actually doing. He's speaking to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about them. And it makes them annoyed, because pasola is receiving these air. And if he wanted, he was directed to us if it concerns us. So what he illustrates that online is so angry and upset with the kafele that he doesn't even speak to them, or they're not even worth speaking to. So he tells his messenger I too, I'm telling him planning against it. Why Akito Qaeda, and then on our social concludes this sort of format union cafe de una amela, homeboy the fat from the fat here, it means then as a result, as a result of their planning and plotting, you know, I should do, man,

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this is a command to the messenger man, a man you warm, a man Hill means an extension. Give them an extension to their deadline. That smile means to give an extension to the deadline. So for example, you're only $20 tomorrow, you come up to me now you say well, I can't Can you give me an extension? I say you know, next Saturday, that's, that's to give an extension. So mine is telling his messenger, give them my healing, care feeding. Give them an extension. Go easy on them now. You know, don't get all upset and angry. Don't make that against them. Don't fight them. This is a

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Mexican soldiers still there's no command or fighting. So give them time Don't rush. And what's amazing, amazing.

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This is a monkey.

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And the monkey soldier who is in power, the Muslims of

00:30:16 --> 00:30:20

Russia in town. So who should be giving her the deadline?

00:30:23 --> 00:31:04

They're the ones that have power. They're the ones that have the authority. They're supposed to be telling the believers, hey, listen, you got this much time left. But what happens is our shifts are this. He's telling me His Messenger, who apparently not that they're the weakest. But he tells him, give them an extension to the deadline. In other words, Allah azzawajal is promising a victory. He's promising the believers a victory. It's like, oh, you're already there. And you've got the power. It's just the time that I execute my punishment onto these people. So he says give them time by Haley carefully in a

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way that give them time. Relax, don't fight Don't make

00:31:11 --> 00:31:13

me Mecca, always merciful

00:31:14 --> 00:31:20

towards the Kufa didn't exercise any toughness or roughness against the

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enemy Sam comes down when he's alive. You know, it says if you want I can get the mountains destroy the mountains on them. Leave them

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doesn't make die against them all. Good, relax, wait for my healing carefree. But how much time should the Prophet sallallahu wasallam give them is the question for us is that in the last word ROI, give them that much time that is calculated to ROI that way that means a short time. ROI then means a short time. But it's it's the it's a smaller version. For example, you say

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hello, hello. Hello, Dawn is a shorter world is a shorter wait even shorter in the short time. So give them just a little bit more time. And it should be older. And what is this because a lot of people have already planned for the believers and photoshoot Messiah salamander believers, he's planned for the future to Medina. And then he's planned for them, the market better, which happened in the second year of Asia. And then eight years later or less was further Mecca, say give them a little bit more time. And then you're going to go and then the plan of outline is going to be that you're going to meet again in better. And that's when you can start killing. And that's when they

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destroy almost most of the chiefs and 40 up to 40 approximately 4050 of the portfolio or kill one of the most chiefs in the most elite of police were killed then in butter, and then came after that. And then Alaska. And some of these, this was the plan of Allah azza wa jal in how to restore power and authority back in Mecca. Up until in the eighth year visual, also they came back to Mecca, and they opened Mecca. So this is the time that a lot of social is telling the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to wait a short time.

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Now just to connect the beginning of the surah to the end and will conclude in Sharma data.

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At the beginning of the solar,

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it mentioned

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that all our surgeons informed us that this guy leans over us and we remember that incandescent lamp and I have no doubt every single person has a guardian over him. And the end of the soul I spoke about the cofell planning and plotting against this message and against the client and against the province of a law to send them any slamming in the hole in general. So it's like the message being said here, you're planning and plotting. Bottom line is a guardian of everything you plan on plot. Nothing goes nothing slides under the table, a lot of social seasonal, and he's the Guardian over and the other connection we already established that It began with dimension of styles, and he ended

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with dementia of the polar bear.

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In two weeks time from now, we will begin with sooner than arlette and as I said sooner than Allah is a very important sola let me just give you the the connection between the end of a product and an allergist to know how things run here for Matt Healy carefree Lena Emil homeaway de la socialist commanding His Messenger, give them time. Give him a short time. And during this time, you're having patience and waiting sebaceous mom began during this time you should relax him and make this beer and pray and concern

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So, in worshipping Amazonian and then later on in the future will come and later on the fight fighting the wars will happen. So, this is sort of the connection What am I doing this time and usually and this is something that is very important that we need to establish in our life as well and that is at the speed

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of the can Allah and inshallah Allah when we discuss this one will speak about a dispute. And what does this mean? Where does it come from, and a small B can not allow them So, this there's a lot of discussion in the sola Sharma, we asked the marzotto to make a students learn people would benefit from the reminders of the plan, and nobody has any godfather it was on the level of cinnamon bellick identity and Mohammed wila. And he or Safi

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