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The speakers discuss the importance of gifts given during holidays to celebrate Christmas. gifts can be given to non-key personnel, and non-key people can receive gifts from non-key people. The speakers emphasize the need to establish that one is a Muslim or Christian before giving gifts. gifts are not stolen or stolen from, and one should not give gifts during celebrations.

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You're invited to a Christmas party at work. And let's see this not necessarily to celebrate Christmas but you may have this thing they call Secret Santa. Whether is participating in the giving of gifts and receiving of gifts next I want to talk about

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are you okay to receive a gift on for Christmas like a Christmas gift?

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And first of all, as it relates to Santa I hope we can get around to Santa man we got to talk about Santa Claus was Kringle we got to talk about that cat. But as it relates to answering this question receiving gifts from the non Muslims, when they give you a grift a gift doing their holidays and because of their holidays, it's permissible to take it shameful to slam people who Tamia talked about this Rama toolani and other scholars, and they show how some of the self premier personalities

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from the self used to do this. Ali bin Abi Taalib he accepted gifts from some magic Ian's doing this celebration of knee rules. They had a celebration and they gave him a gift on the day and because of that, he took it I will mother I Isha was from the scholars of the companions may Allah be pleased with them. Some wet nurses came to have women who used to breastfeed other people's babies and they said yeah almond milk meaning the scholar these non Muslims from the margins. They give us these

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gifts and stuff because we wet nurses and they give us gifts to show the appreciation during the holidays Should we take this fool? She said yes, take the vegetables but don't take the meat that was slaughtered don't take the meat because they slaughter and for other than Allah. So generally speaking guys, it's permissible to take gifts from non Muslims Prophet Muhammad himself some Allah why do you send them he took gifts from the Macau cuz the macaque Gus was the king of Egypt. And he

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sent Rasul Allah gift he gave him a slave girl was Marya, the Coptic? Who his son Ibrahim came from. She was a slave that was given to the Nibi as a gift SallAllahu Sallam that King also gave him along with Madea rub the Allahu anha he gave him a bundle, a cross between a horse and a mule, a horse and a donkey was so lucky. And and the the Jewish lady, she cooked a lamb and roasted it and put poison in it. And yeah, Mohamed come and have that it was a gift. He went and he started eating it. And it

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was a miracle that the rose started speaking to him and telling them is poison in here.

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So he took the gift and the mammal Bacardi and Sahih Bukhari has a chapter based on that hadith, the permissibility of taking gifts from machinery keen. So generally speaking, we could take gifts from these people, no problem. And on their holidays, if they give you a gift for Christmas, and this and that, you can take the gift, provide it the gift is not meat that was slaughtered for other than Allah is haram, provided that the gift is not an expression an example of the holiday for an example

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of Christmas tree for an example.

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In Christianity, they use the pomp the palms, you know, the palms, certain leaves and stuff. Ash Wednesday, they they have symbols and things, they give you a cross, you can't take things like that, provided that it's not stolen, provided it's not something that is you know, pointed to *can Cooper. But if they gave you a cake, they gave you a coat they bought your car. Let me gonna tell them, the guy comes to say Yo, he is an Audi man, I'm gonna break you off with this alley. Audi

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because Christmas I'm in a good mood here. Go you can have this. I'm gonna say man, I don't want the Audi look, I'm Deena comedy a dean. Now I'm gonna say let me have the Audi. And thank you very much. And then there's another thing about our relatives.

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And I love the people pay attention to this. How in the world is someone going to come and out of the goodness of their heart? Think about you personally purchase a gift for you and bring that gift to you. And it doesn't compromise your religion in any way. But it's his religion and he's given it to you because of his celebration. He wants to give you that gift. And you say I don't want that. Why do you think that's going to affect him? Don't you know what our religion the Prophet says of

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Allah he was sending them to hide due to Habu to hide

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Oh Hi boo that's it if you guys should learn to hide due to Habu exchange gifts Muslims between yourselves and it will force the love. It will create love because I appreciate you brought this gift back from you from Lebanon. I appreciate you took time out to go shopping and to get me this night this Tom for them Tom for dumb perfume deep breath this time for a perfume while we were traveling the brother when brought me some time for perfume Machelle so the non Muslim gives you

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that and then when he gives it to you put it on the you throw it on, on the ground in his splatters all over the place and you say called who Allahu Allah Who summit

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you say NA La la la la la man you got to get yourself together. That's not Tao will Allah in mink kimono feeding 15th From you Muslims are those who are experts at running people away from the religion. Shala So, accepting the gift is okay. hamdulillah accepting the gift during their holidays is permissible. Outside of the holidays is permissible. And there is a Hadith we have to mention. There's a hadith that the Prophet says on the law, why do you send them to Hina and Zubin Mushrikeen

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we have been prohibited from receiving the gifts of the polytheist that's an authentic hadith. No, Hina and zuba. Dilma shrieking we've been prohibited from taking the gifts of the Mushrikeen the meaning of that hadith, as the scholar said, is when the non Muslims give you a gift, but it's like a bribe, they give you a gift. And he wants you to turn a blind eye to something, they give you a gift, but they just greasing your hands, you know, like, you know, come on, break you off with this,

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just let me do this. That's what that hadith is talking about. So don't just take that hadith, and what's apparent and then reject those other incidents that we talked about? Where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accept the gifts so you can accept gifts from non Muslims when they give them to you because of their holidays, as long as they don't go against the religion. Mashallah. But you cannot give a gift back? Or can you?

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You can't give them a gift. You cannot give them a gift during the times of their celebrations because you are in essence, saying to them, I agree. This celebration has some truth to it. So here that's not permissible. Allah told us in the Quran with the Iman who is a bit of me what Taqwa what I wouldn't, if me what are Duan cooperate with each other in righteousness and, and and doing the right thing and don't cooperate and oppression and sin in the small saw of the Quran, but his big

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and his meaning? While Asri nellen Santa Fe hos Illa livina am and why Montessori had what the was so Bill hacky with the was sold the suburb. So we have to have this mutual dealing with each other, and the truth and with the truth. And we have to be mutually dealing with each other with suburb. So given them a gift and Christmas time,

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a Christmas gift, you can't do that. Because you are making a crowd a crowd is like you are saying yes, this thing is cool. You can't do that. Because in order to be a Muslim, you have to make a barrage from them. You have to make borrow from Schick and from the machete King. So in order to be a Muslim, you have to establish that you have to negate there's no God worthy of worship. No God, who was worthy of worship, and then you establish except Allah. And similar to that you have to free

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yourself from * gets his can't say I'm a Muslim. And that's it. You have to free yourself from Schick and from the machinery keen. And that means you don't do any of that rabada that you bad. And the emojis that we send out when you want to say give me prayers. You don't send the emoji with the hands like this because we don't pray like that. This is how Christians pray. This is how people, Chinese people in the people in the Orient. So if you want to send that emoji, send the emoji like

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this. This is how the Muslim in his religion frees himself from *can the machete cane and if you're like me, African American, if you're a person of color, I would advise that you put

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Some melanin in the color. You don't have to Muhammad. But I don't know why somebody like you put a white when it's permissible to do that if you want. But I'm just saying don't do the one like this. So we don't do any of that rabada we don't do any of the al Qaeda, we don't believe in what they believe in the melodica, the melodica, fallen, fallen angels. This Iblees is a fallen angel. We don't believe in that stuff.

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Eve went to the apple tree. We don't believe in that. We don't believe Adam and Eve went to the apple tree, because that's the key there. And the third thing, freeing yourself from the ship and the machine is we don't do their eat any of their celebrations we don't participate. So a man came and he said God also lot. I did another an oath. Oh Allah, my wife is sick. If you make a well, I'll give 1000 pounds as sadaqa to the Muslims. If he says that, and he keeps his oath is a good thing.

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But it's better not to do that. The man say God also I did an oath that I'm going to slaughter for Allah, a camel at a place called Bryana

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Rasul Allah not knowing the unseen. He said this place Bwana where you want to do this oath where you did it? Is that a place where the idols of them we should Akina? They're the cross the statues, what they believe in, in worship, are the idols there. The man said no. He said, This place Bwana is that a place where the non Muslims celebrate their celebrations. The man said, No, he said, even ofI be nothing, then go ahead and do your oath. So we understand for that from that have the man say,

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yes, that's where the idols are. The church is there. That's where they do the bother. That's with a temple that says, Please, no, then don't do with it. Yes, that's where they have their eight, then no, don't do it. So all of that is proof that we don't give them gifts. We don't give them gifts. But if they give us gifts, we take it now giving them gifts outside of the celebrations. Now that's permissible they had a baby they got a promotion, they graduated we give them a gift. No problem

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