Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 04

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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The example of

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a man, a boy, a brother, a brother, a son, inheriting double of his sister.

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When the father or mother passed away, the boy thinks of what is the what's the wisdom behind that? Who knows?

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To some Muslims, some Muslims, is injustice is unfair

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to non Muslims, okay? They know nothing about Islam anyway. But the most thing to say unfair, do you know? Are you telling a wise and fair

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that statement of copper By the way, you have to be careful never said he always out there.

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My name

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my last name, okay, that's in another very good, that's a good point. But it's an another, another field.

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But why is that has to take two

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of his sister to to to, to pass, because it's

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excellent because

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that is responsibility of taking care of the girl is on the neck of her brother. And she gets married.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is so wise that he put the responsibility on somebody, he gave him more.

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You have for example, you when you inherit with your sister, if your father left 3,000,002 for you and one for her to you take good care of her and he gets married. And when she gets married,

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her husband gives her power.

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And when she gets all her son is supposed to take care of her. So she dies.

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While you she's supposed to Yes.

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While you are spending writing that not only on your mom, but on your wife,

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your daughter

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has to give you more and only in this case, only in this case, only, in this case, the case of brother and sister when they are sons of somebody. And notice

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when you come to father and mother

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when their son dies,

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it's not double.

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Brother and Sister, his

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brother and sister have the disease.

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So you see people don't know nothing. And they said like the example also, of course, our sisters will never accept this. But I refuse to allow that. They even debate this issue often men

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allowed by Allah to marry more than one up to up to ensure

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up to four. Now, most people think Islam is that there is wisdom in it. Most people think Islam has allowed men to marry. Who says

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who says,

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Now go back to the area in saltiness. That says this, you find it between two, this is between two verses of orphans.

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etc. And then

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thank you for matabele

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transcriptome if you are afraid. Now you can. Allah says you can marry two and three and four and he stopped at four. But if you are afraid not to make justice, then do I stick to one. The point is a person marrying up to for let's say, let's assume with strict conditions that if he does not fulfill Allah will ask him to them judgment. Okay, fine. But what's the wisdom behind this? Why Allah has allowed that number one before we go to the wisdom when this episode was revealed? It was living in a moment where men used to manage up to 1010 average average.

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Time was average. So actually the poor and limited are my sisters to know this. Because when I speak like that people saw his men. That's why as we know, when sisters defend Islam, it's beautiful, especially in this point. When our wives our mothers, our daughters speak like this, when the Quran was being revealed at that moment. Men used to have multiple wives. So the Quran limited one second, what Allah allowed that, do you think everybody is living in peace?

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You know, how many Muslim countries are in war? And you know, what does it mean? means what? orphans and widows. War means always our social problems. The only way really to keep the balance of the society is that Allah subhanaw taala allowed those widows to have a chance to marry men.

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Iraq, Afghanistan,

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Palestine, Chechnya, Somalia, Sudan

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south of Thailand, Pakistan, Kashmir, South and Philippines. Just to mention a few. Look how many Muslim countries are in war.

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But because we are living in America eating yogurt, and we don't feel that, but if you are there and see widows that this I have become so simple for you.

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Only people who are sitting on charcoal feel that there is burn, you may see them as a suicide, but you can never feel it. So my brother's

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You know, sometimes, as we say there is wisdom and Allah knows what he's talking about. But we don't know. We don't know. One of my says, For example, another topic when he says, you cannot adopt the child.

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What does it mean by a doctor, you cannot give him your name. You can adopt you can have a son or daughter, or many. treat them like your own kids, or more. Because may they might be orphan

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and treat them well and give them decent, decent, decent, but don't give them your name. What was the wisdom behind Allah says could only ever name them call them for their fathers?

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Like my brother's name, they serve as

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a wonderful continuum it if you don't know that fathers, call them

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brothers in religion.

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And they become you're

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under your protection.

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But do not call them

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with your title. It's very important. If you have a child that is under your name, please go and change it. Haram. You cannot do that. Why? What's the risk? What's the wisdom? Obviously.

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He made his own sister.

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You call him? You called him?

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For example.

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And he's not he's a dp

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is from Sydney family. But you brought him and called him Han?

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What's your last name if

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you bring somebody from the family of what's your last name

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and call him.

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And then he thinks his father. And he goes meet the sister. And he is about to marry her. And she wants to marry him. She ends up to be sister because nobody told him that you are not really

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you are heard.

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And it happened. It happened brothers.

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So I was planning to add I said don't second he doesn't have he doesn't have a right to inherit you

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have to one only one.

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Others inherit you are those who are related in you to you in black

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fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, if you don't have children,

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but you can live up to one. So there is wisdom.

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And Allah knows many things that we don't know.

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Will law Viana want to latch on to Allah knows. The point back to our topic is that you can see from verse 30, the beauty of knowledge, Allah mentioning in story of Adam, that everything is based on knowledge. And that's why brothers will lie. We have no excuse in the Day of Judgment. When we stand up before our last night and says, Okay, why you didn't ask the shape.

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And the shape maybe used to walk with you or it was accessible. All you do go to South America, Asia, if you are busy during the day,

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won't sit with him and ask him questions.

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or university or anywhere.

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There is no excusing the day of judgment that I didn't know because Allah said no learn

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a few little ones you are running after the green

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that you will leave

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after knowledge you take it with you to the grave the knowledge you take it with

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us among those who realize the importance of knowledge.

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So we were talking about the importance of combining between two great things and we ask Allah to give us knowledge and wisdom.

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And so halala the job of each and every prophet, especially our beloved Prophet Mohammed symbolized the loss of profits was when the Dr. Salah

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Rasulullah will be the Buddha or Daniel, how can you tell us what it is he Allah who sent His messenger in the Buddha with the guidance of

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what didn't have a religion of the truth, you will hit the police so that always of life would come under the way of life of Islam.