Ayah Series #11 – Surah An-Nasr

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the success of Islam, including mass and the response to the pandemic. They also talk about the importance of forgiveness and the need for everyone to seek forgiveness. The speaker uses historical examples to explain the success of Islam, including the weight of history and the importance of history for everyone.
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One of the main ideas behind swords and NASA is that no matter how much you achieve in this world, you have to be grateful. It's kind of like the inverse of what Allah was teaching us. And so it's a mess. Because in this case, he's talking about a good example. He's talking about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, he's talking about the ultimate achievement. Islam has been established for so many years. It was weak, it was being challenged. There were people that were trying to wipe the Muslims out. And then finally, the success has come. People are becoming Muslims, and mass and what's the response is the response it's now it's party time, as the last day now you

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can all you know, wile out and get crazy now, a law says, So glorify Your Lord and seek forgiveness. So wait a second, why would he have to seek forgiveness? Don't we only seek forgiveness when we've done something wrong? Well, that's not necessarily true. Because what's the first thing that we say as Muslims after we complete a prayer, you say salam, Aleikum laughs Allah Salam aleikum. wa taala. I stopped for last for last time. Is prayer something sinful? Did you just sin still for Allah? I just prayed? No, it's because even the good things that we do they have deficiency. They're not perfect. It's also why one of the aspects of the wisdom behind giving the cattle fitter at the end

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of Ramadan we fasted 30 days was that fast, perfect, every single second of every single fasting day you did it absolutely perfectly, never said a single bad word about anyone behind their back, never looked at anything you shouldn't have looked at, no, maybe we pray, and we get credit for 95% of our prayer or 90% of our prayer or less than that. Maybe we fast Ramadan and we get 90% 80% Whatever it is saying stuff for Allah pains or cat on fifth or doing these acts of repentance are meant to make up for that gap to compensate for our own imperfection, and to make us humble that even the amount of credit that we're able to get whatever percentage it is, that's from the selfie of Allah, that is

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from the success that Allah granted us and we weren't able to get it except through his giving it to us. So in this chapter, Allah is even saying to the prophets of Allah, how you achieved all this, and he wouldn't even you know, the things that we're going to come they kept on adding to the success of the Muslims a civilization that stretched from Spain to China and hundreds of years and, you know, the pinnacle of success and advancement in the world at the time and a lot of saying, Okay, you achieve this glory be to God and seek his forgiveness.