Abu Bakr Zoud – You Only Have Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam Allah, you have no Lord but Allah subhanho wa Taala if you are thrown in a fire, like Ibrahim alayhi salam will know you have no one but Allah azza wa jal if you end up in the belly of a whale, like you do Salah you set up with Allah, you will absolutely have no one except Allah azza wa jal on the most difficult day you will experience in this world, you will absolutely have no one but Allah azza wa jal, and even on the Day of Judgment, when the angels and the prophets including the noble Prophet, when they are distancing themselves from mankind and running away, at that moment, you will not have that Allah subhanahu wa Donna, Allah is the only one

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that people will be occupied with after their death. Imagine this. After your death the only thing you're thinking about his Allah that's all you know, nothing will be for you. Nothing is important. hellos everything is done, everything's finished.

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Allah who was stabbed the one who did not know Allah in this life, how, after his death, the only thing he can be thinking of his reality, which is Allah, but by then it's too late if he didn't know who Allah has, so I can lose. You know, today,

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when we knew what money is, when we knew how money solves problems, we began to run after it.

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But when you learn about how much Allah is the One who can solve the problems, you experience a life, when you know this as a fact, then and only you begin to pursue after him subhanho wa Taala then only the biggest goal in your life would be to draw nearer to him. subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar. Look at the case of Musa Allah He set up with this is real life stories. Musa alayhis salam in front of the sea, for our knees behind him, and when he saw in 600,000 of them are with Musa and they all screaming in Allah with the record these are people that don't know Allah, the One who doesn't know Allah Who to scream at the time of calamity. He'll be running left and right not

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knowing what to do in the record. But he suela saying hello my god we finished fifth our own will grab us right now any second any moment. Musa Allah, you said, amidst all this chaos is standing firm and strong, over the soil as really amazed. What Why musei standing like this, he's not fazed. He's not moving. He's not worried or scared. Why?

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Danny, you can just imagine that they probably want to go to Musa Musa Danny, do you have an atomic bomb ready for us to deploy it and send it on our own, there's something down the plans. All of you have some money or some gold you're gonna give him and as a result, we're going to be freed from him. Musa alayhis salam has something stronger than an atomic bomb has something more important than money and gold and everything that is on earth has something stronger than an army of men with swords and weapons and whatever it is.

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He has on his side, the one who controls the sword in the hands of frown and the army or frown, and that is Allah He said these people can learn in denial or B C or D. The one who knows Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't feel anything. Let me he knows that Allah subhanahu wa taala could solve any problem he has in life. The only one who knows Allah solution news that there isn't a problem on Earth except that it can be solved by Allah has solution and that there is no home except Allah can protect me from subhanho wa taala. You need to be with Allah by fulfilling His commands in order to attain his companion. Oh in order to attain his company subhanho wa Taala

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