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Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of achieving beauty in one's life, including embracing Islam and embracing the public's actability. They also talk about how women are seeking satisfaction from their acquisition, and how women are often treated differently by society. The speaker emphasizes the importance of achieving a natural look and being a good friend with the person they are met.
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Salam Peace to you. I pray this finds you well and blessed. In today's video, I'm going to be looking at beauty. How do we attain it? What does it mean to me? What is my beauty journey, both before Islam and since accepting Islam and how do I cope with the attention of public life? And what does that mean for you as well? How do you cope with the pressures of being young or older, or in the public sphere? Or just trying to attain really difficult beauty standards? And how do we get to a better place a tired place with beauty in our hearts inshallah to Allah? Well, that's what it's about today. If you like these videos, do subscribe, and share with your friends Inshallah, to

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Allah. So I've noticed that there seem to be three areas that women we really want to change, or we're never satisfied with our weight, our age, and our skin color.

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When I was young, I wasn't I didn't have bad skin back speak to God. But I always was a bit gawky and gangly, in fact, that sort of teenage look seem to last from about 12 to 25. I was always just like, you know, my mom used to call me a young horse, you know, was like, you know, galloping long legs there was sinless, even at my most thin and there are photos out there that'll show you that. I was I got pretty emaciated at one point on on their tragic diet, which is the cocaine, cocaine cigarettes diet. It was a stock photo, I think. Even then, I was really paranoid about the waiting around my waist. And then skin color. My mom her whole life used to tan her skin. from as young as I

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can remember, right in the 1970s. She used to sit outside on the green area outside our apartment, and she would put what she called chip fat on her skin. She used to put oil, literally oil onto her skin and fry herself, because she didn't like her white skin. And sometimes this is done to us by society. I was with a spouse who used to call me lily white Lauren, how are you? So wait, you know, be nice. I've always liked women with a bit of color in their skin but of pigments. And subhanAllah I started to tan my skin and my mum was really relieved when I put tanning lotion on my skin for the first time and Cape turned up Brown. Actually, I turned up looking really Donald Trump to try and

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fit into impress other people around us. And the incredible thing is, is that it never works in that we're seeking satisfaction from their pleasure. And expecting their satisfaction with how we look to them make us feel at ease. But guess what that brings us back to the age, the age limit. Because as soon as you've moved from go Kish and maybe having an acne problem to fully flown adult, that is a fleeting moment, let me tell you, because if you're worried about lions, they're going to come. They're going to arise. You know what else I've noticed?

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The women that I knew, and I've known in my life, who have been the most extremely beautiful, have been treated like freaks have been treated like freaks in society. There was a young, a young girl who I used to hang out with and she out of all of our group, we all accepted she was the stunner. She was kind of Whitney Houston, only, you know, with some ethereal quality. The air went out the room when she went in, I never met someone are so mixed up. So mixed up in my life.

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Why she was still dealing with all this stuff in her background, which we all have. We all have our stuff, our baggage, our emotional things that make us who we are. So she had that to deal with. And the world loved her and wanted her men chased her woman wanted to be her friend, can we stand next to you? Would you like a drink? Let me be your best friend and then vanishes because there was nothing there. She hadn't developed herself the whole thing. She hadn't had the time or the space from the attention of outward beauty in order to develop herself having faith in God seeking knowing God takes that away the steps which our deen gives us by the Grace of Allah to give us freedom.

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Whatever shade of pigmentation we have. vicar is the lightness of the tongue that lightens our face with a

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radiance that cannot be packaged. Yeah, Allah, La ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah will handle Allah

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Subhana Allah will be handy, huge, huge rewards in this. And every time we say it, and we're praising Allah, every time we are acknowledging our smallness, instead of trying to make ourselves great or attention seeking,

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that is the lightness on our tongues, opens our hearts, and gives us the ease. And that is, is reflected in who and what we are. Now, we don't set out on a beauty regime say I'm gonna say to Pamela 700 times to get lighter skin. No, no, no sisters, don't let shaytan mess about with this purity.

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What I'm saying here is look around you. Look at the people you meet and you would really admire, is it really for their skin tone? Or is it for their beautiful manners? It's quality of person, quality of character, La ilaha illallah subservience to Allah, relaxation, letting go of who we are, and saying Allah I'm just gonna sit here and praise you. So it's Al Imran i A three says, As for the bright face, they are under the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. The bright faced beauty is not a symmetry of face beauty is in character

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