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for yourself a selfie and tell me your thoughts I would see you wet the machine now you barely pray at all brother if I'm missing something you should let me know you was on your D night You ain't found at all I know life can get crazy can see sunlight when it's rainy maybe it's easy to be lazy when nobody checking on your day and night perfect but you already know that reminiscing Gabi looking back like a Kodak you have my back when I didn't know what they used to put me on a dean helped me overcome my sins. He was a real board member looking up for you for all my day ones they forget about you. So I'm gonna tell you what you once told me

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don't forget about the D Don't forget about the

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ultimate stuff

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Don't forget

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Don't forget about the knee

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Don't forget about you just like a sister. I never knew I wanted nothing physical you just knew what was important to me to put Dean in my poetry and believed in me gave me opportunities to reach the masses told me about classes and she was a bookworm. Put me on the classics never got to thank you for what you did but always prayed one day you find happiness. Now I hear that she was going through a mess took off your scarf when you're dealing with a stress maybe you depressed maybe you're successful maybe I could never understand I confess I can't judge you could do what you please but you don't have to hardship comes ease so I'm gonna tell you what you once told me don't forget about

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the D Don't forget about the

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Don't forget

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Don't forget

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forget about

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Don't forget about

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Don't forget about

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crazy getting sucked like this rainy. I know like to get crazy Jesse sunlight.

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like crazy.

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like crazy

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