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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom as we come to the final portion of Quran, we finally ended the Quran is a vision or mirror image of the beginning of the Quran. The common theme that comes into begin to put on social Fatiha, or the belief or the speech about Allah subhanaw taala and praise and the mercy and forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah and guidance to the straight path. That scene begins to reflect towards the end of the Quran. In today's Surah certainly has that against our sort of follow considerateness So you find this relationship between the beginning and

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the end of the Quran, the beginning speaking about belief Tawheed in the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah and the end as well. Rather you find that the main message of the Quran was what is what is soulful Quran 1/3 of the Quran is speaking about Allah Subhana Allah that's based upon today's Hadith that we find. Yeah, I just had to come and yakugaku the Leila fulfill Quran or Hadith in such a Muslim? Is one of you unable to read 1/3 of the Quran every single night Kulu Allahu Ahad as a Prophet alayhi salam he mentioned this surah they are ideally suited for Quran. This surah is equivalent to 1/3 of the Quran. Imam Muslim in Saudi share of this hadith or sorry, ma'am, no, we in

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the explanation this hadith incites a Muslim in some 18 volumes or so when he speaks about thoughtful Quran what is 1/3 of the Quran and you find these three general broad categories of the Quran. One is a Tauheed, the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala sacrifice urusan the messengers and the stories related to the messengers were absolutely terrible yahood one Nosara will erode what um third all comes under this broad category. And the third carrier is an American rules and regulations. So whichever angle you look at the Quran, you find it falls into one of these broad categories of the Quran. Either it's speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, speaking about the names

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and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah or talking about Allah Subhana Allah or belief in Allah Subhana Allah when he speaks about the messengers that came before or speaks about the Prophet, at least to some speaks about rules and regulations. This is thoughtful Quran, the three broad categories of the Quran Surah Surah is Holly Lila is Subhana Allah is full of nothing but Tauheed that's what those are yet are those places inside the Quran we should study and focus upon them, whether it be AYATUL kursi, in such sort of Bukhara verse 255. This is one verse which is not known as our abdomen if in Quran that the greatest verse inside the Quran is AYATUL kursi read these 10

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sections of this one Isaiah is speaking only about Allah Subhana Allah if you travel to Surah Al Imran Corinda Houma medical moved to the milkman Tasha Wattens yarmulke Manisha read about this, these ayat in sutra Al Imran the beginning speaking about the majestic pneus of Allah Subhana Allah the glory of Allah spent Allah to lead you Leila fitna hurry were to rejuvenate Rafi Lane, the one who alternates the night into the day, the day into the night, the one who gives life or gives death, etc. If I'm only speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, then you travel into sort of a nor Allah Who noodle summer where it will, which is another one of the most profound Ayat inside the Quran

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speaking about Allah Subhana Allah had salted hash at the end of certain hash of the 59th Chapter of Quran code, who Allah who led Illa Illa Illa, who is similar it was shahada, who were Rahman Rahim. Then he continues the SIFAT and the names of Allah Subhana Allah and then we come to the end of the Quran surah and enclose. These three or four is the only speaking about Allah Subhana Allah this Imam so up, he said, that's why it's called an EClass. The analisa fee, the crooner Well, Jenna, what else other than a cop what an Hala Alolan haram inside the surah there's no vicar of paradise or Hellfire or punishment or reward or halal or haram. Here at Hollister to Lila is Subhana Allah,

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it is nothing but specifically and Sincerely speaking about Allah subhanaw taala and as we find even shabby 10 year old rissalah moussaka Luffy shall have to see fear of Surah ikhlas a whole book a whole pamphlet speaking about this surah basepoint is Hadith delu soulful Quran that how the sort of Islam has become 1/3 of the Quran, Imam Al Ghazali in his works johathan Quran, the jewels of the Quran, he says that the Quran has Salah to Muhammad, there's three main roles of the Quran or willen Malefor to Allah Subhana Allah firstly to know Allah

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nasukawa Allah have knowledge about Allah Spandana then we find, ma'am after Marivaux to lay Subhana Allah Marivaux to utter it to know the path that leads to Allah subhana wa Tada Anna that what is the action that we need to do on that path to get to Allah Subhana Allah is highlighted inside the Quran will not refer to an earth Hara and recognition of an Astra as a person knows these three broad categories. There may be broad but they're very deep because the Quran mentions fat and no layer in Allah was still fairly them bigger well meaning in a minute why Allah Allah Moutoku watercolor caliber calm Allah Allah mentioned Fatima Nola in a in Allah have knowledge that none had

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the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah, this is the beginning the foundation and then they have knowledge about Allah Subhana Allah then we're stuck fiddly them big. How can you make it stiffer what Toba will do in a lifetime data will tell a better and even worse your if you don't know Allah Subhana Allah does even amo Josie highlight that Surah Al khair farrowed What a class these are the two suitors, one of them is LM of Allah and the other one is Iman and L mu will Amman. The first you're negating the belief of what these people were they their false beliefs and then you make affirmation of belief in Allah subhanaw taala and your affirmation in belief leads you

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in a thorough lead you to obedience is not just as many of us think Moogerah the

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gospel and that is gather knowledge, quantified knowledge that I read this or memorize this or know this, look at the surah one small surah is Rockdoor lil Abner Sora while Mushrikeen is a refutation of of the Jews, the Christians the most Shikun those attributes that the angels the duties of Allah Subhana Allah the other level Erlewine Kaviraj oldest is just one surah that earlier mentioned a person understands this one surah they become a deep understanding about Allah Subhana Allah and the message of Allah Subhana Allah they sorted AirFloss that somebody random I've collected numerous names but it's Sora never element honorable Cora dimension that construct will USMA excessive names

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shows importance of something, whether it be sort of a Tauheed assess, attach, read, an EClass or Samad Imam Bukhari says Surah puluh Allah had another Hadith mentions Kulu Allah that's why Imam Arrazi sadita SeaPlex more than 20 names, where Imam Pharaohs Abadi fee Kitab al Basa takes many names as well, but the most profound name of the sewerage leafless. That is a Surah. Everybody speak about Allah Subhana Allah. What is the reason of the revelation of this consumer and some realm I mentioned, it could also be Medina. Remember certain sutras could be revealed in the Macan period, but again revealed in Medina, a second revelation to take place to teach to people it's at Medina

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because under Sora, they were asking about Allah subhana, Allah and Yahoo to ask him about Allah. Or he said to the mushy rekeyed asked him, to narrate to tell us about Allah Subhana Allah, the words that are used in the genealogy, the lineage of Allah Subhana Allah, so Allah, yo, daddy Kulu Allah, Allah is One. He's absolute eternal lemmya lead Well, a mula Well, I'm yakusoku when I heard that your mindset, you could not comprehend and understand Allah subhana wa Tada. And what your mindset is that you're trying to find this dissect about that's what you find in the Hadith. When a person a comes in ask who created this who created that. And when when that when the shape on whispers in

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your mind, who created a lot I had the min ash shaytaan person doesn't delve in a questioning person should look at the creation of Allah. Liana Kulu. Shea, to do Louella and know why don't because everything shows that he is the one, the one and only the eternal, the absolute. That's what you find even the bedroom arrows when they wrote lines of poetry that even things on the ground they saw even had that you find that the dunk on the floor that they saw, they saw they said this old proves the point that there is there is a Creator this vast oceans of the sand that we visualize the sun that we visualize the water the oasis that we see inside the desert, and even his dung and his dead

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beetles and whatever on the floor that we see. It's all science for us, that there is a sublime creator powerful and above us is all science is showing that there is only one to be worshipped is only a lot of data and a cool new machine, kind of low Bob Dylan, as even the poet, the poet Jania you wrote everything is false. And everything is false. It comes to an end. It has no value except for Allah subhanahu wa Erna. So this is the beginning of Tawheed within the heart and the mind of the individual. We find that for Barton, the virtues of the surah that we find

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Some of the Mercedes A Medina sudokus, a person amongst a NESARA also even answer every time he went on an expedition I would lead the people in a prayer ganja him be Surah ikhlas would finish which Surah AirFloss so some of them did take a frustrated every time you need a Salah. You remember you read this whole Surah or you read some other portion of the Quran and then you finish with sort of ECOWAS? What is this? So they complain this to the Prophet Allah to Islam, what is this person doing? So he said, he said ask him ask a man who was suburb you know this, you know him you read about the Prophet some his his way of teaching engaging with people looking is the etiquettes. He

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doesn't quickly give a response. Many of us people filter our minds and ears with things and we're very pasty people hasty, not responsive and judgment and foot here and giving rulings and verdicts upon people. He wants to know the reasoning Salu a cyber Boss, what's the reason? What's the monthly What's the logic? What's the philosophy? What's the reason why Why does he do this? Why is he doing this? He says across Ohio and Accra haha I love this surah love to recite it. Leon Ophea Sefa to rock man. I love to recite this surah because it speaks about AR Rahman speaks about Allah Subhana Allah for us Biru then inform him and the hoopoe iya at the Hello will Genoa Hanukkah Jana. Then he

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said to him the Prophet Sam directly that your love for the surah What is it done to you? And Khaliqul Jana has made you go into paradise Surah Nicholas, then a hadith inside Sahih Muslim that we find for Mr. Ravi Rajan Khanna chakra will be Surah calf erode. The professor went past a person's reading sort of Cafe rule and said this person reading his Surah has saved him Mina Schick farmer Ravi Rajan in answer to him by another individual for carrying your crown Surah ikhlas he was reciting Surah ikhlas. He said that this person is reciting has made it guaranteed for him to go into paradise. Lima because we find ATO heat who are Nafi what is birth? The terrain is a negation

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La Ilaha illa Allah, there is no deity to be worshipped except for Allah negating of everything. CO Lucia in collusion, whatever it worship, besides Allah Spanner is Bobtail is false. And it is birth, an Allah who will Hawk who will Mahmoud that Allah is the One and Only the one who needs to be worshipped. That's what the the theme of the surah is. If you find that for bilabial surah is the ideal Sulu Quran is equivalent to 1/3 of the Quran. As the Shackleton mentioned, does it mean that you read this surah three times that is equivalent to the Quran, but it's the virtue it's a blessing and the importance and the understanding of the of the surah that we should penetrate inside our

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minds in such a small Surah Kulu Allah goon you know inside the Quran, there's only five places where is the surest begin by a pool? There's numerous places inside the Quran that Allah mentioned school couldn't be man a kpop an AMA Rasul Allah said Islam is a commandment to the Prophet saw that tell the people this study those Ayat inside the Quran yes eluded.

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Any rule? Yes Aluna idol Muhammad yes Aluna can become very well may say, Yes, alluded to, I need a Hilda some 1112 places inside the Quran they asked you this questioning the response is always good say to them, your Rasul Allah say this is the answer to the question that they make.

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And so these five sutras inside the Quran which systematically they begin with cool is Surah ikhlas operator I'll carry through a class that we find I'll follow up and a nurse these four sodas that we find called free the Sapkota people call them the four pools of what is the fifth Surah that begins with the code inside the Quran Kulu hiya Ella and no stamina for Amina Guinea for call inner summit and Quran Ajiboye pseudo gene it the only other place inside the Quran. You know these These may seem like small things, but these were in the Quran is that certain places and certain words inside a Samad la Yachty fill Quran in Luffy surah Allah Kulu Allah, Allah Who Samad a summer doesn't come

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nowhere else inside the Quran. They only come decide short a fluff, there is some for three coolit Surah Samad that Allah and Allah is a burpee is eternal. Absolute has no need of eating of drinking of sustenance of support have aid. That's a fine tailed any accident occurred creep Shireen Marani a Samad Somerset from 18 to close to 20 meanings of the word

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summit what does it mean? But prior to that cool? Who Allah who say he's Allah? Who? Manila, Who is Allah? Does he find the element mentioned that the name Allah Subhana Allah, that that is our will and the Greatest Name of Allah? is mu Jelena. There's four views are the greatest name of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah is Allah. If you look inside so to normal, the 27th chapter is near enough a whole page or Illa whom Allah read the whole page again again the question and may Yup, don't conquer, who the one that initiates the creation, who brings the night the day, all his questioning, and then it's always mentioned Allah is it or not Allah? Or is there another day to besides Allah Subhana

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Allah. So based upon this and this hadith, Allah go to the View, there are a double ism, the laser Panatela who Allah The Greatest Name of Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah

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What are you Sani

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is a ramen Kulu a rough man who am and be their Greatest Name of Allah from Dallas a rough man? There is only one place that the Quran Allah begins so to ramen ramen and lemon Quran holla Collinson, Allah Mahul Diane and Lemuel by an alpha Saha, Al Bulava, Lima the Why did Allah give the individual the right the ability to speak to express themselves? For what purpose? The first purpose is? The speech Allah. The first purpose is to glorify Allah. That's why He gave us Bejan. That's why he gave a speech he gave us rhetoric, the ability to express herself is to make this be and to Hamid and de Lille and Takbeer of Allah.

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The third you is on how you are you use a hadith your present makes to avoid his name and how you assume only occurs three times inside the Quran. Inside it could see inside the beginning of Surah Al Imran, inside surah Taha wirenetting Wulin Hagy Luca UMX surah Taha Surah 20 verse 111. So, the method and how you can be the greatest name of Allah subhanaw taala. And the fourth interpretation is a combination Name of Allah and Allah you are you combining both these names, because in the Hadith it mentioned that whoever calls upon Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Allah Allah Allah and Allah had a Samad and let the lambda lead Wella Mulan who makes it to our cooling upon Allah

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Spandana by these names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah is that individual be responded. So here you find that this is the whole concept when you learn a smell Prusiner for the Ruby her to Allah has pantalla belongs the most beautiful names and attributes call upon him via these names and attributes. Don't chant these names. Don't sing these names.

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That's not what these names are about that some people that they think that when they chant these names, it brings them close to Allah Subhana Allah and why this chanting from from from Allah, then it becomes into who definitely just becomes Tana force, it will become the blowing. They feel. This is the Karup illa Allah. This is blasphemy. This being derogatory to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah never in Santa Quran said that you you plant and make a sound from your chest, emanating from your chest or from your nose and say this is glorifying Allah. Allah never said that inside the Quran, and the Prophet. He never done that in his life. Because he was the most closest in spirituality to

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Allah Subhana Allah, He never chanted the names. He never breathed out the names and said that it comes out from your chest, your inner self and this is close proximity to Allah, Allah Allah. He uttered the names. He professed, the names, he glorified the names. He paid attention to the names to Allah panda belongs 99 names Manasseh. Does Allah Jana, whoever asked Allah have a great discussion? What does it mean? Manasseh doesn't just mean just to just to say them, they say we have a preserved Gods them, implements them, understands them, use them appropriately. Dalla Jana will enter to Jenna, this will believe is at the other extreme to find is going around asking people do

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you know who Allah is? Do you know what the right belief is? If you don't know you must be a deviated individual.

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Does not the intent of learning about the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala is we are plausible, you correct people? You know, because most people via their fitrah fitrah, Allah ifakara NASA and a lot of D that he helped. Then a dino came. Most people in natural fitrah is about some of us. We think that people are deviant. That's what we placed in the minds of people that every Muslim is a deviant Muslim in their belief. Every Muslim is on their natural fitrah every Muslim believes in Allah. Every Muslim has a deep conviction within their heart

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There is Allah. Allah is the one that that we call upon, that he responds to just walk into any Masjid just stand at the back and see how many mineral awam how many from the masses of average people, they don't have fake. They don't have knowledge in that sense. But what do they do? Who are they imploring upon? Who they asking from? Who are they begging from? Who they weeping in front of? Who are they asking from? They ask you from Allah. So when someone have the audacity to come and dissect people's belief, and to think that we need to find some corruption inside their belief, to weaken these people to show that no, you're down to Allah is not a proper door if the Meza for what

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purpose? For what intent? Your intent inside life is for yourself.

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To K to Kareem nasaka Illa Allah, to bring yourself closer to Allah Subhana Allah to become more stronger in your worship towards Allah and Allah leaves somebody Affairs who are rock man, Allah is a rock man, you are the woman you shall we have truly Manisha. He punishes him whether he wants he forgives whomever he wants. It's not for us but human beings to make dissect people and place people in compartments that you know this person won't be forgiven.

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It's not for us to do that. This is the role of Allah subhanho wa taala. To the virtue of knowing Allah Subhana Allah knowing who Allah is pumped Aliza making your a bed towards Allah Subhana Allah. That's why I'm sad, sad to see the mention that this surah is nothing but a smell what she said is speak by the names in the attributes of Allah, Allah making dua to Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Samad he though only Allah, the absolute that eternal as we mentioned,

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Allah subhanaw taala Nemean did wanna Mulan,

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he is not born because this question they asked that tell us the genealogy the lineage of Allah Subhana Allah and that's why even in the world today, even Muslims, they ask this question, I can't understand Islam I need to logically know what Islam says. I need to use my rationale you know not to concede the flesh of the swine was made haram 1400 40 odd years ago

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there was no Mantic there was no logic. There was no logic alcohols made haram then there was no logic there was no logic why is it haram?

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Or looser? Now partner we hear and we obey, we just told

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is from Allah if you began, if you know Mali, for Tula, if you have belief in Allah, You know what Allah is telling me? Allah? Yeah, man, holla koala people obeyed. If I believe in Allah subhanaw taala that conviction that he is my Creator. So whatever he is created for me, then it must be best for me. And whatever he tells me to abstain from it and is best for me. And if I fall into it will harm me. So when Allah said something is haram inside the Quran, we don't need to follow the western science that when logic proves it to me, when logic proves to me that covering my beauty is good for my health and my body and for my life and protection, my honor, then I will do it when logic tells

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me that alcohol is detrimental to my life.

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When my logic tells me when somebody tells me the medical field that they eat in a freshwater swamp, it creates so many diseases, then I will leave it. That's what most of us are absorbed in at the moment. Your rationale has limitations. It has limitations. There's a blockade in our in our mindset, we can't go we can't understand so many things. So many things we can't understand. You have to leave it as how Allah Allah told us inside the Quran and accepted rather than posing these questions we mentioned asking about Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah is not born and none is because different there is no lineage that comes from Allah Subhana Allah that's why in New

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Jersey, I'll Kelby alojar, not the al Maliki without a 741 is famous that seed in his seed and find a tansy really lay a test Healy Aluma Tenzin, a famous Andalusian scholar, he lists all so many Ayat inside the Quran, about the negation of what these people what they believe in affirmation about belief in Allah Subhana Allah,

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just for based upon his one verse, there were these individuals

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in the lead in a tougher religion, the views of disbelief

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that they said that Allah is one of the three one of the destinies the Trinity, that we find these days of Kufa that we find what they attribute Allah Subhana Allah, as you find the most strongest warning inside the Quran, look, Allah for the places certain Ayat inside the Quran, he places the most strongest warning about what they attribute to Allah Subhana Allah in such Surah Meriam

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in the 19th chapter, there's no Maria inside the Bible.

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There is no suitor Miriam inside the Bible, but in the Quran. There is an Allah places right inside the surah

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The heavens and the earth are about to rip asunder, that it will come with a with a very evil speech and the only Rahmani Wallander

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that they attribute a son to Allah subhanaw taala.

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This is the heaven and earth about to rip asunder of the claim that they make. So you know, we should put ourselves in context and environment that live in and the people living. There were so infused that I mentioned small people, you could say small, average Muslim, not a small May Allah forbid, by necessity, these small issues about them, and we don't see the greater Cofer around us.

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The message of Tawheed is a greater concept of speaking to the people around us about their disbelief, because undoubtedly Rukmani one other they've attribute it a son to Allah. And they believe in that. That's what the Tao of Tawheed is. And that could be the seer, the secrecy or the lesson, or the wisdom of why we reside here that we're almost done, or we're OMA of Cabul OMA Dawa preaching. That's why we're here. That's why we should be here that we're here to speak about Allah. Kalamata, Allah here earlier to speak about the word of Allah Spandana is to help by the provision to save these people from the punishment of the Hellfire. Why the surah doesn't speak about the

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punishment, but trying to penetrate into their mind in their heart, the belief in Allah subhanaw taala just the Quran, it focuses upon these that the animal Kitab they're very close readings are suited by the numerous Ayat inside speaking the Anunnaki term, that they believe in Allah Subhana Allah, that they individuals when they hear the verses of Allah, Allah, Allah, you find Torah, Yom Tov II do mean Adam in the era of hoomin, and Hulk, you find that the eyes begin to shed tears, they begin to weep. Does that that's the impact of the Quran, upon the impact of revelation with the read, of the Joshy in such a human body, the Abyssinian King, the leader, the Christian leader, he

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said the difference between our faith and your faith is like his line on the floor. There is no different with us and you and what you believe in and you find it the most accurate view is he became a Muslim and a prophet Elijah. I'm such a Bukhari preyed upon him. He never met him, never saw him. But what was the message that was delivered to him? That message of door heed the message of the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, so as we mentioned, important is Surah inside our lives, is to know Allah Subhana Allah, and to employ and call and ask Allah canta via these names of Allah Subhana Allah, whereby we made you mentioned us a hadith whereby a person prays Unto Allah, Allah,

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Allah. And I had a Samad Allah de la amulet, Villa mula Dwolla, yakusoku. And Ahad. Whoever makes the are using these names and these attributes of Allah Subhana Allah, then that there is responded by Allah Subhana Allah that's the inner meaning of a car and the inner meaning of belief of conviction is closest to Allah subhanahu wa Turner. And as we find Allah Kulu Khufu and Ahad, Khufu, one man and now the well shall be, there's nothing that is like Unto Allah Subhana Allah, there were people attribute to Allah, Allah make these similarities, are they these parables? How they try to understand Allah and as you mentioned, Allah, Allah is far beyond that, the comprehension of people

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that they may have, and no one should make this comparison between the human concept and the concept of Allah subhanaw taala. So if I'm many of the of the masses just to help rectify their belief, they say that, you know, in the living world, if you want something from from the king or from the ruler, or the prime minister or the president or the director or someone senior, you have to find intermediaries, you have to find was signed up to rock, you have one ways of getting close to that individual. So we come to this righteous people, whether it be the saints, these Olia wherever it is grave, the shrines, these Imams, we've got these two rock we combine these paths. Why? Because we

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feel that they can carry a message to Allah, just like in the world, that you need this person to come and facilitate you to meet this individual.

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This is a concept of many people. And his concept is false. Because we equating Allah subhanaw taala with his creation, you can't make a parable. This is how people operate Allah's panda desert if I can use that word operate in that manner. So you can't ask and think of Allah that the way that you think about people. Allah never said that if you're so if we could say that we had so few feet, so full of haram, Hmong Quran, a sinful individual, sinful top to toe that Allah won't respond to me Where does it say that inside the Quran?

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Koulibaly Alladhina Astra who Allah and fusina talk not to me Rahmatullah Allah doesn't say that. Oh, sorry.

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such Muslim or such a type of Muslim. Allah just says any any one of my servants. Any one of my servants left * not to me Rahmatullah don't despair for My Mercy in Allah yaku the Nuba Jimmy in Nahu. Allah foo Rahim Allah forgives all sins.

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So we shouldn't have this in a mindset that I'm this type of person. Or if I ask for Allah, that Allah has limitation what he gives.

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There is no limitations. You can ask and keep on asking keep asking, Allah will give and forgive and overlook and pardon Liana, who Allah because he's Allah.

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Since we understand inside our lives, that you made a burden to the worship of Allah Subhana Allah know who

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he is to the truth, the reality, the one that you find that the hearts they sober to the heart and the mind is open. When you place yourself in a state of servitude. Find find the flow of your heart. These people speak about their spirituality this Zen and it's coming close to creation, you find it in sujood.

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And Muslim fights in sujood occur

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in NA Subhana Allah was Sajid the most closest that you are to your created a state of sujood that's the most closest that you are it because when you start looking at the asana person could see you standing making Roku coming out of Roku going into such the bar inside such stir.

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Lie fetus lubricious in nama no one knows what's inside the inner elements of the heart of the individual in the Maya except for Ma.

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No one knows another word, a shocker word.

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And masa, no one knows and birth was Shaka the the hardship, the pain, the suffering, the asking which is in the heart of the individual was surging in the MA

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except for Allah. So the person has this, when they when they approach Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that many sort of Tawheed look at the practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, look at his practice daily practice, to Sooners before Fajr What did you recite inside these two signals and carefully rule when you floss? What about the Maghrib two signals and the class? Well, I flew Polyglass towards around the Kaaba to Dhaka and Catherine and floss and it's the Hora recommended to resign and Catherine adhaalath The whole day is based upon this you find in the evening wherever recites in the morning evening so to the last three times, it will it will suffice for anybody will

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protect that individual and after every single Salah we read these schools once but after fajr and Margarita three times. This is what the kicker is. This was a bird there is you're not an imam Imam Shaka is a city bring some strange narrations. We researched it 50 times we recite it 100 times then they risk and the assassins will be gone to to them. These are false narrations and in general find all those narrations that we look through. Whether it suits us in a court of the Quran or idea at all, carefully rule all these narrations are weak. The only strong is narration which by close in truth of being a third of the Quran is sought a class that's the most strongest narration that we

00:33:28--> 00:34:12

find that this surah is equivalent to 1/3 of the Quran this should be a daily practice that we find so in our reading and understanding of the surah inside our lives, like with our children, insalata Witter concluding the night the day why reciting of praising Allah Subhana Allah. So this is what we need to develop inside our lives. Marisa Tula he Subhana Allah, the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah Wa ma refer to the earth era the knowledge of the hair after that everything on this earth could lumen Allah have fun? We have Komachi Roberto Jalali Quran everything on this world will perish is only met a moment of time, a second or a minute or an hour or a day or a month or a year here or

00:34:12--> 00:34:49

there. That's all it is. It's all going to perish. So the believer who has knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala for cut booty, coffee hayati, you find that this blessing inside their life. You know, when you read something that works with Allah MCDA Farsi, you read the life of Imam cool to be he just died over the age of 40 or so. And he left the most magnanimous work of the seed that exists to this day. How's that plausible? How's that possible? That just above the age of 40 passes away, some of the runway began to come and they listed maybe he wrote something like 28 pages a day he didn't copy and paste.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

He hand wrote 28 pages of the CD at least every single day. Check something Tamia is much more and fatawa is in 36 volumes.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Each volume being approximately 500 pages.

00:35:04--> 00:35:44

How does the person find that time? Leanna Boudicca fie hayati him, you find Baraka inside their lives. Allah places that Buttercup and if we're just a simple to the simple individual, Allah if we can't reach Allah please Burton said our time when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to place buckets I mean our wealth and our children and our property and our earnings in our life. Because that's what Baraka is. But even the Lewisham is a stream that has no ending. So the birth of your life continues after your life. If you have modified Allah, if you don't have knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala then your when your life comes to an end, then a stream is cut off.

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Then nothing continues. But the believer continues his life. He couldn't he or she continues to live, how do they continue their life when they have left this dunya is wherever they left behind in this dunya where Allah kinda wants to continue that is dunya he allows it to continue and whoever is praising and remembering Allah Subhana Allah, woman axonal cola moment they are in Allah wa AMITA Salia who is calling to Allah and doing righteous actions, then the reward those individuals they continue, may Allah subhanaw taala grant it's all a topic and ability to become amongst those individuals who call to ALLAH SubhanA to call to the Oneness of Allah and Allah and work and strive

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and carrying out the actions of belief in Allah Subhana Allah