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When the Sea split

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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the Message of Work and the use of military actions to obtain victory. The use of negative language to assert political status and the use of negative language to assert political status is also emphasized. The importance of social learning and the power of Islam to change one's behavior is emphasized, along with the need for personal certainty and protection to achieve success in Islam. The transcript uses historical examples and references to the implementation of Islam laws and the use of deadly oil, as well as the importance of fasting during the day to avoid becoming infected with COVID-19.

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The thing of OSHA law is also the date in which musala he said, he said powerful words so powerful that a lot of social treasures them in and we read them up until this day, and we will read them until we meet Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Words of certainty, words of your kin and belief in a law so I shall call a color in America to be sad. My brothers and sisters in Islam. At the very beginning of the story, we need to understand that Bani Israel.

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They were people that lived in Egypt under the oppressive rule of Pharaoh. their babies were being slaughtered every second he and they faced many trials and calamities and humiliation by fifth round in his army

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in order for a large Xhosa to prepare, but he saw it for victory. The victory was the day of ashuelot where they were saved from fit out. But in order for a lot of social to prepare them to prepare them for that victory. Alonzo Hill revealed to musalla he said, a very special and unique commandment, who are most of you, most of us understand, that allows origin all of a sudden, one night, he commanded musala is ceram take your soil and travel at night until you reach the Red Sea and go from there. It didn't happen that way. 40 years before that, there was a commandment that a lot of soil had given them in preparation for the victory 40 years before what was this commandment?

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Allow? So shall he says in Surah todos what a hyena either Moosa What are he

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komikko mabie masala boo,

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boo boo tocom Qibla wa key masala meaning that was the first commandment that prepared the prepared them for victory. A lot of social he said well hyena

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we gave commandment, we gave instruction we gave ye to Musa alayhis salam and his brother and the amico Maybe Mr. Buddha, provide housing for people for burning oil provide housing for them in Egypt and make your houses a Qibla. Yeah, and he make the house that you provide for budding Islam, he make it a must make it a place of worship. Well, okay. musalla that's the commandment, established the prayer, start praying, start praying on time, and don't neglect your salad. And if you're able to do that, what is the result? What the sheer meaning congratulate the believers give good news and glad tidings to the believers shorts of harmala. That's always been the solution, a chemo solid.

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That's the condition. And there is no word to be said that and no promise to the maid other than whereby she didn't want me promise and congratulate the believers victory would be on the way. So Pamela fit out. He did not allow any soil to pray in congregation. He did not allow that. As a result.

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Musa alayhis salam he says to budding a solo he make your houses a tabla build them Jani into the direction of a Qibla and congratulate the believers and commend them to perform their silhouette 40s and they were on this commandment of a team of solid 40 years

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40 years go by molars origin. He says to them for stocky man.

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Sabina Levine Allah Allah moon, and tell your people for Sakina meaning Hold on, hold on to this commandment, don't ask when victory is don't worry about the victory to just perform. And only fulfill the condition of victory with victory would come on the way people die during these 40 years. Some people will live to witness the victory some people didn't live to witness the victory doesn't matter. This was the condition that allows already placed upon them. And this is always the condition that allows social conditions the believers that if they were to hold on to this, that's when a muscle one further would come down into you know, at the end of time when he Salah he said um

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eventually returns and then the biggest fitna on that day is at the shell and the army of the dead. This is the greatest enemy of the Muslims at the time. And he mentioned something very important before he mentions that he sallallahu Sallam would kill at the shell. And the reason he said that Lisa alayhis salam would come down and the believers are praying solitude they are praying Salat and and they are led by the Imam where he saw that you said I'm pleased with them. Why was there a mention of this? Then the Hadith said after Salatin, they leave Tibet. And this is where he saw he said I would kill the child. And then this is when the trees and the rocks would say that they are

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Who do you

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know there's a tube behind me come and kill him. That's when it happens. But it was very it was an important for why selectel Fisher was mentioned that this is the reason for victory. Horse wants to believe is standing in row and

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appraising selecting a house now allow social cues permission for our muscles to happen. So 40 years hold on to this commandment. And after 40 years Allahu Akbar. Now Nasir is going to come 40 years later, Allah azzawajal reveals to Musa alayhis salam, the second commandment, and he says to him, while hyena Illa Musa and sleepy bear the Leyland in the kamatera allows origin revealed to masala you Sarah,

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take my sleeves, Yanni take pick up your sleeve, get them ready and travel at night. Go and actually be a bear the Leyland go towards the Red Sea at night because you're going to be followed the next thing in the morning when Phil brown finds out around wakes up the next morning. And he realizes that the prisons have been empty. So long as he says for ourself in our new film either in New Hampshire In fact, immediately he did not even get to make a decision on this. He deployed his army across Egypt and he gave them commandment catch them. And we cannot let these people go. So Pamela he treated them like criminals like today and what happens when he said in the hell they either

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shoot him or to Cologne. These people that have just escaped prison burning in

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their office vile vile scums, machinima, totally rude. Heck, this is how he treated them. And that's how we spoke about them. They're a small band. They're a small group. Don't let them distract you. While in the homeland, Aloha, Yvonne Farrell. Now he vents his anger and his frustration. And he says they have angered us, you know, anyone someone escapes prison?

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how angry does the State become? And how angry do people come? When you hear on the news that Muslim 50 criminals escaped prison, people become angry to the point where the criminals faces are plastered all over the place right? on the news. We're in the petrol stations in the restaurants post office wherever it is, so we can catch him. And that's how the people angry

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around when the homeland alcohol events, his anger and his frustration with me on the road, and he spreads the news around the country very quickly. Be where have your own beware. Be cautious. Be careful. These people are dangerous. Do not approach them. If you see bunnies slowly or spot them, you have to notify the army immediately. So if you don't spread these lines, and he spreads this propaganda to scare the citizens of Egypt, Allahu Akbar, fulfill. Quickly he prepares an army of 2 million as an Kafeel behind Allah He mentions in the Tafseer. 2 billion fully equipped soldiers, Allah azza wa jal, he says they got ready. Now Moosa and budding Israel have long gone because they

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traveled during the night, they're on foot. They're almost at the Red Sea. Allah Zoysia Lee says, blue machinery team in the early hours of the morning machinery cleaner and at the time of Sherlock, at six o'clock, seven, eight o'clock in the morning, for our army 2 million already, they begin to march towards the Red Sea with the horses. So obviously, they reach there, much quicker than the time it took

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to get there at. In the meantime, moosari Sarah and bunny Solari they have rushed to the Red Sea. They've been running all night on foot, and eventually they reach the shore of the Red Sea. And they have no idea what to do now.

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He continues the earth and he says, follow methodology man, call us Hubble Moosa nanoco

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sunrise, the sun is coming up. The two parties have seen each other for the matter. Oh

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yeah. And you know one person from Benes law. So one person from the people have filled out the entire army of around, saw the entire group of peninsula ill I contact both with each other. All of them saw each other. And once Benny saw he saw this horrific site, log about 2 million of the disbelievers have gathered. What are they going to do with us? They quickly rushed to see in the raccoon house we got finished Yani you know, earlier just before this, on the day we're alive, so shall give victory to the magicians or gave musalla a sudden victory against the magicians you know, on that day. What happened? around these magicians or people that he loved these were these were his

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friends. These were his best friends. You know, when they did such that and believed in a lot what did he do to them? Now?

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Well, Saliba no confusion.

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He chopped them up. And he crucified them into the into the palm trees. This is what he did with people who he loved when they went against him. Imagine what he's going to do with people he'd never loved in his life. What is he going to do with them? So they sit in their normal way God, they did not even say in their lahmacun he's gonna kill us. He's gonna slaughter us.

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They said in della modaco, meaning, if he kills us, it will be MRC mundo lahmacun meaning Allahu Akbar, we're finished, we're gone. We you know, Subhan Allah.

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There are people that live today that are exactly with the same mentality and the same words as penninsula. There are people like this. As soon as they see the fitna before them.

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As soon as they see the strength of the disbelievers before them, they fail, and they fall and they lose their Deen. And they lose their certainty. And they lose their email and Allah subhanho wa Taala altogether. They look at the situation of Muslims around the world. They look at the situation of the Muslims in Syria, and in Yemen, and Iraq, and they look into Burma and Palestine. And they say that's it in our code. We've lost all impossible. How is all this going to return? How are we not all return? This is the same attitude. And these are the same words that Benny his lawyer said, by the way, learning tomorrow on the day of Irish law, beware that you never say these words in

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Nanaimo de la Jani, Rosales.

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Evan Cafiero hi Mama, he mentioned that he was a prophet of Allah. I'm saying that he passed by a town that was dead and ruined, and it was destroyed. And he looked at it. And he said, and he had he.

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He looked at it and he said, How is

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he going to give this dead town life again? How

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he looked at the problem before he looked at the solution. So as a result Allah Zoysia says, Allah,

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Allah azza wa jal caused him to die 100 years, just so he can learn one lesson, one lesson. What was that lesson? When he woke up after 100 years, he says on ah Allah Allah coalition in Cadiz. Now I realize that a lot of social is capable over all things. But to learn that lesson, he deserved to die 100 E's Allahu Akbar, Yanni, my brothers and sisters in Islam. The day of Ashura is a day to strengthen your hope and your certainty and Allah Xhosa that no matter how strong, how strong the disbelievers Look, a Nussle the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala is on its way it's coming. The only question now is where are you going to be when Muslim Allah subhanho wa Taala comes? Where are

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you going to be? Are you going to be with a Masjid with a dour with Islam with the people of righteousness? Are you going to be isolated in your house and still complaining and saying well, we cannot do anything and this is our stated law? Why? Why turn yourself in close yourself and put yourself in a closet and absolutely no hope. Mr. Social his promises coming into the question is Where are you going to be? How much effort Are you going to show law social that you're going to implement our team so that we don't massage it around? He did not allow the believers to pray in congregation and humbler today we can pray in congregation. We're still people act like we're in the

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times of followed by insulated furniture, there's no one will massage it it only fills up other than that it's empty akima solid once this is established a muscle come straight after this, believe it or not, this is how it is in the beginning of solids and further.

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He says in fatahna laka for tamina. He says

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that we gave you an incredible opening. We gave you mecca for karma karma, what really happened at the end of the soul is the reason for why Mecca opened you know what the reason was at the end of the soul Allah subhanaw taala he describes the companions and he says that oh who more can sue shaddaa at all if you look at them, you find someone or you find someone in Suzhou, someone is engaged in another kind of worship they engaged in worship as a result in their fatahna Allah katha Medina This is what we need to understand. For Yani Subhan Allah among this chaos

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and among these panic, buddy you saw Ed screaming out indelible record in the record are found in his armies only getting closer and closer. And the sea is before him in the waves are crashing below what but where are they going to go left and right you cannot go anywhere. They are bunnies slowly, they're weak anyway. They are holding their children, whatever caravans or whatever gold they could carry. They're carrying with them. Among all this chaos, one man rises. Musa alayhis salam. And he says a few words, literally five words that carry huge meaning. So important in our lives that are lost or had recorded in the five words that come to an entire nation down. But he saw it for about

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600,000 it calmed them all down. One man only took his one man to reassure an entire nation of the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is an honor for musala he set up he said to them color I can imagine

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screaming at among many sorry, in Mario de la Akbar. He said no, not at all. Absolutely, this cannot happen for our own get to us. Why? Why can learn why, in my era bc I did not have ob my lord is on my side. And he'll guide us out of this. He'll give us a direction and a way out of it. I don't know how but a lot of social learning, this is the Dean of law. These are the only people that lived on the deed of alone. And the dean, the dean has a lot that will take care of it. You know, at the after the event we say

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the heavy dollar $1 has a lot, a lot of social owns this tower. He will take care of it to power data. And he will take care of those who preach and teach the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and those who preserve him fulfill the deen of Allah. So a lot of social will take care of him. So he said, To be sure, you know, we learned something. He did not say any

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musalla He said, If he had a ton of gold with him, what would I have done? If he had a ton of gold with him? What would I have done?

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If his entire army was well equipped, what would I have done for him? If you have the entire world that is aid? What would I have done to him? He realized nothing from this dunya would have any value for his victory. So the only thing that remains valuable for his victory is Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why he said in America be saying did my brothers and sisters in Islam

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is teaching us what is the real value in your life. The real value in our life is Allah subhanho wa Taala and having certainty in Allah. So this is the real value in your life, color color. He said no, not at all. For our own reaches. That's musala you salaams good foot in a large ocean has been positive. Well, as he says in the Hadith, Ananda Vanya, de

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una de Masha I am to my sleeve the way he thinks of me. He thinks good of me, he'll only see good. He thinks that all he'll see is bad. musalla you sent him this is a good thought in a law in a moment where you'd question it. What do you mean it doesn't even look like anything will happen for you for victory. But this is his certainty and his good thought in Allah subhanaw taala you know that a lot of social will end up giving him victory because of this. So panela for Jani, so Pamela, whatever you think of Allah, this is how Allah Xhosa will be with you. When the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith. He mentioned that the greatest blessing one is given is le Aquino villa.

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This is the greatest blessing to have all times and of all blessings. When we saw Selim, he said in the Hadith, he said sallallahu Martha, for in the hula, mute the hidden bedelia, teeny hierro minnewaska. How do you do sorry, let me Sorry.

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He teaches us that the blessings the best of blessings are two things. The first one is having certainty and allows origin. And the second one is having to protection. Having allows origin protecting you from the fifth and protecting you from the punishment of the grief from the Hellfire and so many of the evils these are the two greatest blessings that are lost or shall gives, for no reason, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he joins these two things in his in the in the one Hadith, the blessing of certainty in a law and the blessing of seeking and gaining a protection from a loss origin. musalla he said, when he said color in America or be say a deed, that is your theme? That is

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certainty in Allah and certainty and Allah leads to more effect it leads to the protection as a result of laws origin, protect him from fear out and his army in America, or BC or did you see my brothers and sisters in Islam?

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The See, the thing is, we say this word very easy. We say you know, I'll be in the law hamana we can say this. But the point is, to see this word, in the moment, you need to say it at any time when you let's say you're sitting in your office, and you're sitting right next to your safe and you can't close it because of how much money there is in it, let's say

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humbly law, in law, in law in America would be very easy, very simple. lose it all. And then say it be that's where the achievement is, right? This is where the achievement is. And this is why you need so Pamela I tell you, when Phil is in behind you 2 million of them, and the ocean is in front of you. And you cannot go anywhere. And you say in your A B C or D that's an achievement. And by far, Allah one of the most amazing words you'll find in the Quran

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is the words of uvala he said, when he says aubema sending a book will mean he says oh Lord, I feel the pain and you're the most merciful. Anything you don't know we say a lot hammer. Ya mean we say there might we can say it. I try saying it.

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When you have been sick for 18 years, and every time you need to go to the bathroom, you need to lean on your wife, you cannot even walk properly. And when you all your wealth has gone, and all your kids have died, and all your houses and property has destroyed, and everyone in the city has ran away, because you have a sickness and a disease, Everyone is scared from you. Even the relatives have ran away from you. And the sickness has spread to every inch of your body. And after 18 years of extreme pain and hardship, say you are under hoverwatch mean, you're the most merciful. This is an achievement. This is exactly what a yuvaraj histogram did. This is why in the recent Allahu

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alayhi wa sallam he says, as in the Hadith Messiah, that you can I mean Allah genetic Anna, no, Scotty Adam, also to you. So for me, salami says that the people of the paradise when they enter the paradise, he said that the image is the image of use of alayhis salaam. And the size in the height is the size of an N and the height of the malla histogram. And the heart is the heart of a human body. He said, Linda, the heart of you was full of full of certainty, it was full of certainty and Allah subhanaw taala.

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To say, mean, during sickness, that's an achievement. And likewise here to see in America, during times of hardship, when 2 million of Iran is behind you, with horses and swords coming right at you at fast pace. And in front of you is the see. That's an achievement, that strength, and we all see in the la hermana. But the challenge is to say it when we need to say it. When you look at the situation of the Muslims around the world now, this is the time to say in the La Romana. This is the time to say it. If everyone has let go, and everyone has betrayed everyone, and Muslims don't work for Muslims anymore. And no one supports his brothers and sisters doesn't matter. At the end of the

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day. This is the moment to say, in nama hermana. Look at the solution. Before you look at the problem. Don't worry about the problem.

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He looked at the problem. A lot of social caused him to die for 100 years. Then he realized what the solution is a lot while a coalition can do it. You and I were supposed to reflect over the solution before the problem

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in America A, B, C or D.

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The purpose This is the purpose of martial art, that we understand these powerful words that were said on the day of ashuelot say Dean, Allah who guide me out of this, but he's not going to do for musala he said,

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he says

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a hyena Illa Moosa anybody bow circle bow.

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The word fair means immediately straight after that. hos once the words of certainty come out. Laws help is right there right around the corner. Allah azza wa jal revealed them immediately.

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And it rebel cyclebar strike your staff that is in your hand at the sea. But you strike the staff at the sea. What's that going to do? And a few picked up a staff now this villa went to the ocean and you're struck it was somebody do nothing with you it's not going to do anything. But we say hot that is full of certainty be vanilla, it does whatever laws or rules for from what happened. He struck the staff at the sea oil he says fund Falak it split for Ghana kulu Philippine Kapow the loving fanfare of Korea different Falak you know, we read on our bill a bill Falak

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alpha, alpha, alpha is Daybreak the door, you know, Danny, as soon as the light of the sun emerges in the sky, and a horizontal line of the light emerges. It busts straight across the horizon. That's in philipa soba. Within a few seconds, the light has reached gone from there today. That's what fun Falak means. Yeah. And he, as soon as he struck the sea with his staff, it split in a matter of seconds it was open, just like the daybreak comes through. It's split in a matter of seconds it opened up again, good luck. Each of the halves can a couple of him. It was like a huge mountain, where they the average depth of the Red Sea is about 500 meters to tieken imagine 500 meter mountain

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he 500 meter mountain on the other side, Allahu Akbar, Mashallah he said I'm here he dropped the staff. And it solved the biggest problem in his life. Yanni he listened to the commandment of Allah, and it solved the biggest problem in his life. And what does that mean? It means whenever laws origin commands you to do something, stick to it. And he told fulfiller that once you fulfill it lohana it could be the reason for why it saves you from the biggest troubles in your life.

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Did it last or he'll save them from the biggest story. A lot of Zoysia leases and solar power had fully blown Polycom field barriers. Now, now the miracles are going to start rolling in all of this because of your feeling a loss of habitat. Tomorrow is the day of your kin. You need to revisit eliakim in your heart and strengthen it in Allah subhanaw taala house because of this watch the miracles number one miracle is that the staff is going to work by the permission of Allah. The see split, that's number two. Number three, you'd assume that the path would be money since it's what it's going to be money allows oil he says probably blonde Polycom Phil Buhari iava son, yes ever

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said became dry house and when it's dry, it's easier to walk on. In it was still many people are stuck in the mud as they walk they wouldn't be able to walk it. Philosophers you know opens it up and it's dry as land said how it makes them quicker for them to move.

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All of this because in the mail A B C or D It took hours and they kept on traveling a lot. Zoysia Lee says was left NASA marine

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fit around he reached the shore. Masada is now already in and they're traveling. They're getting to the other side. thrown in his army stop at the shore. They shocked first time they see something like this. First time history ever witnesses something like this. And Yanni from his stupidity and foolishness. He thought that the sea was open for him. So he said to them and ohana Baka Malala. You see, I told you

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hellos, no worries, he went through human his whole army of 2 million went through a lot of social informs us that Musa alayhis salam and budding Islam in all of them got to the other side safely. And imagine 600,000 you had old men, old woman, you have children. You might think maybe someone wouldn't make it. Maybe someone dies. Learn from the miracles Allah Xhosa Lee says, What Angelina musella Mao

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all of them are saved from the miracles have a large origin because of one man for they got to the other side safely. Musa alayhis salam he turns back to the ocean, doesn't know what to do. Should he strike it again? Allah zojirushi system or to kill baraha leave the ocean. Don't strike it close Leave it. And then now things are going to work differently. When Phil Allen and his entire army were in once they were all in and they got close to the other side. Bring a slot in with musala you said and they stood there, they didn't move house and they look back at the ocean. Allah Zoysia Lee says why

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lfl Allah Allah,

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Allah azza wa jal allow them to Yanni to relieve their hearts. And even this kind of joy and entertainment to see fit out and his army drowned. Allah wanted them to see how the enemy is going to be destroyed. Right? So what happens

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as they got in Allah azza wa jal, he gives permission for the two halves to come back in and for the ocean to become one ocean once again. And then this is when it hit upon a law. And this is when Pharaoh and his army began to drown. And this is when four ounces M and two and a hula a lady ever be better with little or no minute muslimeen he's drowning, all of this musala is terrible, but you can see this a lot. Zoysia cool bear eyes, and he satisfied their hearts by the fact that they saw their army being destroyed. This is the same thing we're asked a lot of social that he satisfies our hearts and he entertains our eyes by seeing the enemy of Allah subhanaw taala being destroyed. They

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go to the other side of the ocean, they go to the other side of the land, and around midday of oshoala and midday of actual masala is very useful. Now they were on the way today to knock this. We know as they are on their way today to knock this

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building is slow in some of them. They spotted a group of people worshipping idols, Jaco funada or snowmelt.

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So they rushed to Musa alayhis salam and they said to him he shall lay 11 camella home earlier Can you make for us Oh Lord, just like they have a lord Subhan Allah, the people have to see it. They said that their foot was still wet from the ocean. And look how quick they had forgotten the name of Allah subhanaw taala upon them, asking Musa Elisa making us a God make us a lord and an idol. Like these people have an idol. Now hold on a quarter Larry Larry, he said to me nothing. commentation alone. People are fools.

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So quickly forgot to peloton upon you so quick. This is why there's a lot of lessons to learn from building a solid, large oil he says about the theory about the attitude of the human being. What if instead, we said what if Emma said Nestle Boudreau and our Bomani been a

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really good this is not only about money

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People do this everyday, a lot of social he says what if Mr. Sell incentive book whenever hardship and whenever any hardship and difficulty befalls a person, he begins to make dua to Allah. Allah relieved me for my difficulty for when a loss or shield makes things easy for him. Instead of being grateful now for the rest of his life for Allah subhanaw taala he turns back into his power and he forgets the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon him these this is Yanni a Yama Allah was a Columbia Yeah, Milla remind the people of the days of Allah did they use of Allah like the day of tomorrow? Are they used to charge up the heart with Emad uncertainty in Allah subhanaw taala so that you lead

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a strong, firm life upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah and to meet until we meet him subhanaw taala for my brothers and sisters in Islam, be careful. Tomorrow is Ashura. Don't let this day just go by like this. And finish the day like the way you started the day. At the end of the day in that first thing you need to pass this day, you fast this day. Then the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he promised the one who passed this day that one year of sins is forgiven, one previous year of sins is forgiven. We recall these meanings. You revive these meanings back in your heart, in your bcfd when they're clean, and understand that tomorrow, as we said is a day of victory. Allah azza wa jal

00:31:22--> 00:31:40

gave so much victory on this day, and it is a day which Alonzo Hill accepted the repentance of Adam alayhis salam of the brothers of use of Allah you set up and the people of Eunice Allah who set up you know, I shoulda What does it come from what word? Who knows what Irish what comes from

00:31:41--> 00:32:09

Asha. That's one opinion actually means 10 fashola is the 10th day of Mahatma. But there's another opinion. It comes from the word Alaska will Archer the Arabs they used to do this. They used to have camels. And they used to Yanni keep the camels away from water. They used to dehydrate their camels for nine days. And on the 10th day, they used to let it go so he can drink the water. In other words,

00:32:10--> 00:32:41

it's like a day in where we've been suffering, the entire he we've been held back for the entirety. And now finally, the day of Baraka, the day of mercy, the day of opening the day of our power and gift giving of a marzotto opens up tomorrow. She's been held back from it all your life. Now come to it. And Yanni open up your hands tomorrow and ask Allah Zoysia of the goodness that he gives you servants of that day. Even the kids are supposed to be fasting. Then in the hadith of Allah beer been tomorrow with

00:32:42--> 00:32:52

she says that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she says that he sent a person on the morning of Arusha to the villages of alongside in El Medina.

00:32:53--> 00:33:35

He sent him with a message. So he came down on salt and he gave him this message. He said to them, and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who got up fasting today should complete the as fast. And he had breakfast in the morning should complete fasting the rest of the day without food. Then the companions they said, After that day, we would finish the day of our shop. And we made our children faster. And we would go to the masjid. And we would make toys out of wool for the kids. And when one of our kids felt hungry, and he began to cry from hunger, we gave them these toys to play with, until it was time for mother until it was time to break the fast. That's what we want to do

00:33:35--> 00:34:13

this see. We want our kids to fast with us as well. Yeah, and if there's no harm upon them, and they can do it, encourage them to vast lending the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he loved to fast this day, and he commanded the entire community to fast this day. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began to fast Ashura, he only fasted one day which is the 10th day until a man came to the prophet SAW Selim. And he said to me, Rasul Allah, you taught us to distinguish ourselves from the People of the Book from the Jews, and not imitate them. And this day is a day that the Jews first so how are we different to them? fadnavis sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a team in Berkeley to Allah

00:34:13--> 00:34:54

COVID sama Natasha, that if I lived until next day, I will fast the knife with it as well. And the next day came when the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam had died. He wasn't able to fast nine and 10 however, it was his desire and his wish that you're going to fulfill the wish of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you're going to fast the day before and the day after, or you're going to end now because the day of before which was today is gone. If you still didn't do that, you have the chance of doing tomorrow, which is Thursday, and Friday with an Abbess lovely Allahu anhu. He said fast, either a day before or a day after. We moved to Panama, Danny will just concluding if

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

a Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so concerned to oppose the Jews.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

In matters of worship, and fasting is a matter of worship, if you are so concerned to oppose them in a matter of worship, imagine how much more should I believe or be concerned to keep away from them when it comes to matters of sin and transgression, my Kiani birthday parties or Mother's Day or Father's Day Valentine's Day or the clothing and the tattoos and whatever it is that the people imitate today, yet in the research, Allah wants you to be different in your worship. Imagine that when it comes to sin and transgression. How far is a person supposed to be a reward is there my brothers and sisters in Islam and understand this? That it is permissible and okay to fast tomorrow

00:35:39--> 00:36:13

on itself, but if you fast tomorrow alone, you only get the reward of a previous he have since been forgiven. But you know, do not get the reward of opposing the Jews. Whoever wants the reward of opposing the Jews must also fast they after it if you did not do the ninth We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to accept. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to make us benefit from the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah in the holy vertical called the rally or something aloha cinema Bella collina, Vienna Muhammad wa ala he also be as my