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Hi. Over the past few months, I got a lot of criticism for being a bad Muslim Assalamu alaykum greetings a piece, how you guys doing, someone sent me a video, and I'm gonna go ahead and try to watch it together and to derive some inshallah some benefits from it. It's from our old friend, NASS. And he's asked him, am I a bad Muslim? So let's go ahead and try to see if we can answer this question. Let's go and watch the video together.

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Hi, over the past few months, I got a lot of criticism for being a bad month, when I showed you the gay capital of the world, Castro in San Francisco, I was called a bad Muslim. When I showed you alcohol in my videos, I was called a bad Muslim. When I showed you how prostitution is legal in Senegal, I was called a bad Muslim. When I drank when I did it, when I traveled, let's stop right there. Let me comment on that. So you talked about when I showed you

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some of these things. And he was criticized as being a bad Muslim, let's start off with that, like, actually what is a Muslim, it's very important that we do find these words. And the word Muslim is someone who has chosen consciously to submit his or her will, to the will of the one and only Creator of the heavens and earth. So pretty much you're you've decided, with your mind and your intellect, your body, with your limbs, with your heart, with your tongue with your, with your actions, you said, Look, I'm going to do your will not my desires, I hear and obey, I'm going to do my best to obey the Creator of the heavens and earth, not my last passions and desires. Because you

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know, best You created me, you're the Creator, I'm the creation. And it just like if you picked up a mobile phone, right, and you want to operate it to the best of its ability, you're going to go ahead and follow the guidelines that the instruction manual that came with the phone is telling you what how to use it, right? You're not if it's not waterproof, we're not just going to throw it in the water. Okay? Because you're gonna destroy the phone, the same thing. I mean, if you, you decided that, okay, through research, you've decided that, okay, this is indeed the truth is not manmade, it's not a man made way of life, Islam. It's indeed based on proof and evidence. It led you to

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believe that this there's no way that the Quran could come from a human being a group of human beings, the devil, there's no way because you did your homework, right? You earnestly were seeking the truth. And you were investigating, and all the evidence pointed that this book, there's no way that can come from, from a human being or any of these things, but from the Creator, observe. And now there's guidelines in it. I mean, if the creator if of the phone created the phone, he would have an instruction manual with it, wouldn't he, the creator that has an earth, He has an instruction manual at this time. Other times, there was other books, what was given to Jesus in His

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original, the NGO, what was given to Moses, the Torah, at that time, that was an instruction manual. And the other books that were sent at this time, is the Qur'an. So the Quran tells us So some of the things that he covered there, how a man should have a relationship with a woman, a woman have a ratio with a man that's in marriage, I mean, as straightforward. And the guidelines there, the perimeter is what we, you know, this beautiful bond between a husband and wife, you know, men and women and the guidelines that are there. Same thing with our dietary code, it's it's very straightforward and simple. So he mentioned is also alcohol. I mean, alcohol is something that is

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prohibited in Islam, whatever is prohibited, you know, it's out of the mercy of the Creator that he is, you know, you might trust someone in business, NASS, and you have someone who has, like you, you finished from Harvard University. And now you have one of your professors that you really admire, because he's so intelligent, and he's giving you some inside tips and advice, you're going to probably take that. But here we have the Creator of the heavens and earth telling us to stay away from certain things. And you mentioned alcohol, alcohol is one of those things is not just for jokes that he prohibited certainly is because it's harmful for the human being. And you can research this

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yourself. But just as a note, you know, the whole organization has said world health organization that every one person dies every 10 seconds from alcohol, not to talk about how many murders, rapes and how many evil things happen because of this drug. alcohol. When I drank when I did it when I traveled I was told not to. He also mentioned about dating. I mean, this is this is interesting. I mean, again, anything you study in Islam, there's deep wisdom behind these injunctions that were put out there for the human being to follow. So you got to go back to the beginning. You know, if you're a Muslim, right, you adhere to a book called The Quran is the verbatim word.

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God Almighty, it's called the Quran. And then the example of the last vinylester sent to mankind, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He's the one showing us how to live the Quran through his example. And now we find out that look through the wisdom of this, we see that if we implement these things, this will make our life better, not just our life, but society in the world a better place. Let's take example, he mentioned dating, you know, when he was when he was called out for many of these things, a drinking fornicating. And many of these other things, he was called a bad Muslim night, I really don't think somebody's like walking around, you know, pointing out, oh,

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you're a bad Muslim. And you could just give different examples. I mean, if you have in your profession, you hire someone who's supposed to be they claim to be an editor, right? You do a lot of editing and a person just messing things up, you don't even know how to edit. And there's some basic rules, right in post production, and he's not following those rules are going by I mean, you see that he's calling himself an editor, you know, post production specialist. And then when you bring them in, you do the job, he's not adhering to any of the codes now apply that to basketball or bring any example I'm just giving you from the small to the big somebody who's claiming to be a football

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player, basketball player, but he hates baseball hates, he hates football, he's basketball. He said, I'm a basketball player doesn't even know how to dribble a ball. But what about somebody who wants to be a US citizen, for instance, I mean, there there are certain rules that you have to follow. For example, you have to take an oath of allegiance to the American Constitution, you have to have the basic grasp of reading, writing, and speaking the English language, you have to demonstrate good moral character, and in this that qualifies paying your taxes on time and paying your tickets. Now, what if you said, Look, I don't want to speak English. I don't want to write English. I mean, are

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you a good US citizen, then? Or would you even be considered I mean, for naturalization to become a US citizen, you probably you've been definitely denied. Or if you are breaking certain of the moral codes, and you're throwing the constitution by your hand, you're speaking against the Constitution, which your words and your actions? Would you be considered a good American citizen? I'll let you answer that. So this is just common sense is just very common sense. Islam, submission to the Creator, not the creation has the moral code, guidelines and parameters as someone follows them, then he's humbly trying to sincerely be a good human being he's trying to be a good person. He's

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trying to live by certain good values that are good for him in society. If he's not if he's doing the opposite. I mean, I'll let you answer that. What is he then I mean, anybody he's claiming to be Muslim, but doing what like somebody's claiming to be a police, man. But what is he doing? He's robbing, stealing and killing? I mean, what's going on here? I mean, again, a police man has certain etiquettes he puts on that uniform, that badge. He's not supposed he's supposed to protect and serve. Right? He's not supposed to be out there doing criminal activities. So is he a good cop or bad cop? I'll let you answer that. I mean, it's straightforward and simple. It's just common sense.

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So in Islam, a Muslim is supposed to be worshipping one and only one God, that's the tawheed. And if he sticks to that, right, that's the most important fundamental thing that you worship no one else besides the one who created you. But now he's worshipping a stick stone a bone? I mean, is he still a Muslim? He's supposed to be look Muslim can make mistakes, right? He can go ahead and you know, secretly, he could be doing some things we don't expose a Muslim sin. Right? You don't go ahead and spoil expose your brother or sister you try to advise them in a nice benign kind way. But now somebody who's just coming out in the open. I mean, he's rebelling against his creator, he's

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rebelling against Islam. There's a term for that. It's called hypocrisy, right? So this is something that the human being should try to if you are upon something, you don't want to fake being a Muslim. So you marry that woman and you're just fake. I mean, you end up being there's a term for that, you know, it's called a hypocrite. So we don't want to be hypocrites. I mean, if you believe in something, then you should stand behind it. If you don't know it, get to know it, be well grounded on it, and you'll be convinced of it and then inshallah God willing, you will want to practice it, you know, but the first thing how are you going to worship your Creator if you don't know your

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Creator, that's why it's very important to know your Creator so you can worship your Creator properly. And that's where the love will come in. And you'll be doing these things not just as a bunch of rituals, you'll be doing them because you sincerely love your Creator. And you see the wisdoms behind why he legislated certain things. So he mentioned the part about dating. You know, this is Look, I'll give you some examples. You have a contract when you want to buy a car you have a contract background check when you want to buy a house or lease, an apartment, a background check, some kind of contract was there but in Islam, there's Nicola, there's a contract now of marriage.

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This is for the woman's right this is a responsibility contract. It's easy just to take the woman and go ahead and use and abuse and just like let her go. But no, no in Islam is a protection for the woman protection for the child that can come from this union, right? So the lineage that can come from this woman giving birth to this child. Also to prevent from all these STDs and many other there's great wisdom behind it. So I'm not going to go into

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In extensively into this, but again, it just goes back to when somebody is well grounded in Islam, they see the beauty of Islam and they see that these things are there not to hinder them or hold them back. But to actually, like in this case for a woman, I mean, you can, somebody can argue that actually you're abusing the woman you're abusing this woman that you you're with, because look in Islam is tells you not to do these certain things because it's a protection for her. It's a protection for the woman to preserve her dignity, her honor her self respect. I mean, I'm sure this woman would love to I mean, if you got serious too, to marry to have you as a husband, but what are

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men usually doing? Just keep it around for kicks for fun, because what there's no obligation there. There's no responsibility, you can just let her go at any time. That's easier for you. But the man he steps up, and he does things right. He does it the right way. This is in nikka in marriage when I travelled, I was told not to. And then the other thing he pointed out travel I mean, there's places that obviously a Muslim wouldn't go he wouldn't be on his way to some nudist beach obviously but there's nothing in Islam that's against someone traveling some better places to go. Some places you probably want to avoid.

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If it isn't obvious by now, I'm not a religious Muslim, but I'm also not a bad one. I don't force my beliefs on people. I don't oppress freedoms, or a stop right there look dissecting this if you look at I'm not a bad, I'm not a religious Muslim. What does that actually mean? We throw these terms around these terms that are thrown up, um, you're actually just caught a person who's really just contradicting themselves. And he says, I don't oppress freedom. Some people might argue that maybe you really are oppressing freedoms, because the ultimate freedom is to be not a slave to your desires. And this is what you're calling to people to just be a slave. You're making your own way

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your own religion, because you're calling people to just worship their desires. And there's a beautiful passage verse in the Quran, God Almighty, Allah is saying, Have you seen the one who takes for God, His own vain desires, so you make yourself not into a God and you know, the human being can't be God. He's just rebelling against God. A good Muslim, Christian or Jew or atheist is someone that keeps religion to themselves and appreciates the world for what it is up so he says a good Muslim good Christian. I mean, again, that goes back to that thing, you know, the biggest item many times often say you have to break is yourself your ego. Because what a Dasa Do we have to come out

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and say, Look, what a good Muslim what Christian and this is what you don't use so you're making yourself into a god I mean, this is the ultimate form of ship you know, associating associating partners of God. Now some people can just unintentionally be doing this out of their ignorance. So if a person went to Harvard, you studied you hit the books, I mean, really get to know your deen your purpose in life, you traveled the world really get to know why you're here in this life. Where are you going? When you die? What do you ultimately living for? So the one who defines you know, who's a good human who's not? Who's a good Christian? Who's not? I mean, ultimately, the one who

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defines what's good and bad is the creator of the human being. That's the one that ultimately has the guidelines to what's good, and what's evil. What's bad. what's right. This is all comes from the one who created us. Change the world by leading by example, not by wagging your finger at everyone who disagrees with you. We can take that I mean, obviously, by example, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. He said, I have not been sent except to perfect good manners. good character. Exactly. This is a good one, we'd agree. Yes, lead by example. And what kind of example are we being when we're calling people to what to fornication? To what to adultery? What all these

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other vices to alcohol, you know, young people are going to be looking up to you and what becoming alcoholics? I mean, how are we set? How are we leading? It's easy to say, you know, these mantras these cliches to say it, it sounds good. But what does it actually are? Are you actually living up to that? I mean, we have the best role models that walk the earth, Jesus was one of the best models at his time, Moses at his time, in all the prophets and messengers that were sent, were they mimicking this type of behavior, these thoughts or this ideology of self worship, the whole concept of YOLO you only live once Live and let live, we are not bad or good. We are just trying to live and

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let live. Is this what it was all about? Or no, there was some guidelines to make the world a better place, you have to obey your Creator, and you have to live a morally upright life. And this is what we have. today. It's there. It's clear. So what's good and bad again, it goes back to what is defined by our Creator and then we have the example of the last infomercial, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him just trying to live and let live or close off with that. I mean, if you have, you know, the pedophile, the rapist, that type of person is just throwing those kind of cliches out Live and let live. I mean, come on. Would you buy for that? Would you buy for that? I

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mean, no, you wouldn't. So these are just empty slogans, things that you know, sound for the the ignorant might sound

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You know, okay, just let me follow my desires. Let me do my thing, right? I mean, so we got to go above and beyond that there's got to be okay, I've drank enough, I've gone to enough clubs I've done, you know, enough of this, but my soul, my heart is still empty and you know, you know, the one who turns away from the remembrance of the Creator of the heavens on Earth, God Almighty, He will live a very hard struggling depress life, he will not have that contentment and peace that comes from submitting yourself entirely to the one who created you the one and only God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one Jesus worshiped. The one Muhammad peace and blessings be

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upon him called humanity to worship alone, that's the Creator of the heavens and earth, and how can you go wrong doing that. So just wanted to quickly go over this video with you guys. And hopefully, they can be of benefit, and invite, invite our friend nods, to really reflect, and really to think over this and we have to really put our ego under control, we have to put our nests, our desires, and submit that all to the one who created it. It's so important, especially, especially now, during these times of mass confusion, everybody's saying anything, and people are just doing the most crazy, outlandish things out there and not being the leading by example not being the best role

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models, we got to really look at things from a different perspective, not just from a one dimensional viewpoint of our what we think what we think purposes what we think you know, what I think what I I it's all about, you know, my philosophy, you making up your own religion as at the end of the day, but no, God Almighty Allah made it easy for you, he sent the blueprint, God Almighty, Allah He sent away and this is for everybody, the it's for everyone. The Prophet Mohammed has been sent as a mercy to all of mankind for everybody for everybody. So looking to really go back, you know, deep in your heart as the creator, the heart of the human being, to guide you, to

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guide us to guide you to guide me guide me guide me, help me to see truth as truth. guide me to the way that's pleasing to you and be sincere and humble about it and amazing things will happen and relook at the Quran, read the Quran, it's in a good translation clear Koran calm is a good place to start. And that's it for me on this segment, subscribe if you haven't already, support us on our Patreon page. And we'll see you next time here on the D show. Until then, peace be with us Salaam Alaikum.