What to say when seeing someone tested

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If you see someone who Allah has tested, then thank Allah Azzawajal that he did not test you the way he tested him. And the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, if a person sees more betalen if you see someone tested right, tested in his body, tested in the sense that he continuously since whatever test it is, if you see someone tested, then say Alhamdulillah and levy I affair nema diakhaby, or for Balani, Allah cathedra mimin Halaqaat of will.

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If you see someone tested, and you say praise belongs to Allah, the One who protected me from that which he tested you with, and that Allah azza wa jal preferred me with many blessings over many of his creation. If you say that, then that thing Allah tested that person with will not affect you. And now you have been grateful to Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar. So if you see someone that is disabled, someone that's lost a limb, someone that is blind, someone that is, you know, short, you know, that has a kind of deformity, any kind of test of Allah azza wa jal has tested someone, if you see, see Alhamdulillah and don't see it in his face, learn about why Muhammad Allah said it is not

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allowed to say it aloud in their face, because you will hurt him, you will harm your brother. If you see that, you'll walk up to me and say, I praise Allah that He protected me from the test he gave you and hamdulillah I'm not blind like you. You're not allowed to see it in his face that is insulting to the person Allahu Akbar. Look how Islam preserved brotherhood and love between us that when you see this, but you make it in secret. He said hamdulillah praise belongs to Allah that He protected me from that which he has tested you and he gave me plenty of blessings. And he has preferred me with his blessings over many of his creation. If you say that,

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then you have been grateful to the blessing Allah has given you and he has deprived your brother off. And as a result, Allah azza wa jal will not test you with what he tested your brother with law court.

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However, if someone has been tested with a sin, someone smokes, someone is upon drugs. And he does this publicly and he calls to it. Then it is allowed to save this door in his face aloud, because perhaps it wakes him up. And he realizes he's in a test and perhaps he leaves his sin very soon afterwards.