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The hadith regarding how when the F Hellfire exhales or inhales right, that's what you're going for. Yeah. Come on, man. I was gonna skip that part. Right. And so like, that's why the summer is hot and the water is cold but like how do you the the logical mind and the scientific mind, okay, we'll be like I'm interested will be like hey you know what, when it's winter in the north it's summer in the south and it's at the same time it's like, you know and it's also flipped and our world is not the only world experiences Summer and Winter all the other planets and so like nobody answered that yeah, okay

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this is why I mentioned that part of the Hellfire is extreme cold, right, isn't it? So it could be the parts of the Hellfire that are breathing out or breathing in depending on that time of the year are affecting the world in a different way. Right. So when when the world is at a specific place, and a Hellfire is breathing out because he says exhale twice, right? So it's breathing out twice, one time in the summer, one time in the winter. For those who are in places in which in the summer, it's hot. That's one of the two times that the Hellfire is breathing out. And as for those who are experiencing the cold and later on the heat at the opposite time, that's when the Hellfire is

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breathing out the opposite time. So So then logically, are you saying that the Hellfire is breathing out cold and hot at the same time? No, I'm saying that one possibility is that the how far can also breathe out cold air, okay, but according to the height that we have the prophesy sunset, it's exhaling twice. Okay. And that was so that it wouldn't overheat because it was consuming itself. And those two times that it's exhaling ones in the winter and ones in the summer. The other question was, Is it appropriate for even to be like, Okay, this is what the processor said. Okay. But if you apply the

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the ability to observe things that just doesn't make sense, there's no way to know, but that's the same thing as saying what? So this is a big thing in religion and and science, right? Yeah. The idea that for Muslims, we believe, and Christians, many of them believe this, too, that Allah subhana created the physical laws of this world. Yeah, right, we can observe the physical loss. That's what we observe. That's all we're observing. We cannot see certain things that we're not given access to seeing or we cannot discover at this time. Amongst them is the hellfire. So we can't see the link between how far in this world? This is why I started off by saying, Well, this is one of those

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things where your Eman Bill height comes in. Because you know that the prophesy ism is a prophet, you know, the Quran is true, you know, you believe in Allah Subhana Allah, therefore, because it is authentic and true, you might not know scientifically, which is a very limited tool, how you're going to how Hellfire is going to affect this world. So it's unfair and inappropriate to say that that somebody might claim that that is scientifically incorrect. And it's a mistake. They can't say that they can't say that because of the fact that although from a spiritual and knowledge of the Unseen factor, there is a link. There is a link, but we just don't know how that link actually. So

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the scientist is observed who is secular can say we cannot test it scientifically. Okay, so we can't we can't know scientifically okay. We can see the effect on this world. Well, we can't know scientifically and from a material secular perspective. We can't test the Hellfires breathing out twice and affecting the soil. It's just one of those things we believe in because of the source text. Okay? So philosophically, rationally, we're justified scientifically, there's nothing to test, okay? Because there are physical laws and laws that are created that affect this world in different ways, including our weather and our climate, how Hellfire plays into that we don't