What does (La illah illa Allah) mean

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Let ilaha illa who what does it mean? Some say?

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It means now Holika Illa Allah, whenever Allah Some say that let ilaha IL Allah means there is no creator but Allah and there is no Lord but Allah. Now this as a fact is correct, but this is an incomplete meaning to La ilaha illa who

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you see Quraysh they knew that there was no Creator, but Allah has social law social, he said, Pullman Yasuko Minister Mayawati and rbma yam lick was somehow an assault or manual ritual, how emnlp they were crucial meter minute How old are you that Bureau lumber? Lord, so shall he says in the Quran, say to Quraysh Who's the one who provides and sustains you,

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Minister man, you will help, sustenance and provision that comes from the heavens in the earth who feeds you all have this, Amelia Emily could somehow absorb and who is it that controls the ability to he and the ability to see when when you have to drill him in and meet and who brings the living out of the debt and who brings the debt out of the living? And who arranges every man or woman you don't build alarm? Quraysh would save for say aku Luna Allah, Allah does all this they know this. Everyone know this. Quraysh people that worship idols, know that Allah azza wa jal is the creator and the one who maintains all of his, even a bliss knows when he said Halekulani me now you created

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me he knows that Allah azza wa jal is the Creator. And the story between Abdul Muttalib who is the grandfather of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and died upon ship, the story between him and Ebola and eventually when they met and abre or Abdulmutallab wanted his camels that Ebola had taken from him. Eventually, after an argument,

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Ebola has said to Abdul Muttalib, and I'm coming with an army and elephants to come destroy your house. And you're telling me you want camels that I stole from you. He said, You have been Yanni, I see you as a humiliated person. As a result, Abdul Muttalib set team and our bullyville I am the monster of the camels, their mind will Beatty Abouna me. And for the house of Allah, there is a lord that will protect it and safeguard it. Even here I've been on it knows that Allah subhanahu wa taala is there and he is the one who protects and he's the one who saved God's and feeds the people and provides for them and maintains every effect. They don't have an issue with accepting that Allah is

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the creator and the provider and the giver of life and the taker of life. The issue is to worship only one Lord and reject every other god. This is the problem. This is the problem with even them accepting Allah to worship him. That's not a problem. Quraysh don't have a problem worshiping Allah. They don't have a problem worshipping Allah, but they want to worship Him alongside their idols. If that's the deal, no problems will worship your Lord and with no problem at all. The problem is worshiping Allah alone, and then you're rejecting every other god and idol besides Him. That is what they didn't do. And this is what they couldn't do. Now, this is the issue for this is what Allahu La

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ilaha illa who means that Lana abou the hat on in Allah, there is no Lord worthy of worship except Allah subhanahu Medina love