Taraweeh Reminder #06 – Leave Your Impression

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The speakers discuss the markings on the world and the impact of history and the importance of history and the markings on the world. They also mention a recent incident where a worker was killed while riding a car, which had a profound impact on people. The importance of not asking for money and leaving the culture of the Middle East without causing harm is emphasized, along with the need to remember certain words and phrases in order to avoid punished actions.

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Now with our reminder,

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similar Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While only he was so happy he or mano Allah, I think one of the most important things that for us as Muslims to think about is what kind of mark have we left

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in the world today,

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some people will call that a fingerprint. Some people call it a footprint.

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Some people call it a legacy, you know, it really differs and depends on what you leave behind. We know from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that he said, matter, even when Adam and Papa Ahmed who Illa interact that when the son of Adam, a the human dies, his actions will be cut off, except from three. And he mentioned, continuous charity. He mentioned alimony and fob knowledge that will be beneficial, or will be benefited from and a righteous child who makes too hard for him.

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And I think it's very important that we think about big things. Sometimes the little things are just as important. You know, sometimes you could do something which is small.

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Or you might say something that might be a few words or a sentence here and there. And he can have a great impact on a person's life. And you can change the reality. Because one word

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said in the right time, the right place, it's how a loss of habitat and transmits your words, to have effect on other people so that it stays with them. And there is a story that I mean, there's not a story by an incident that just happened to me recently. And I shall I'll share that with you at the end, which gave me this.

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This prompt to give a reminder about this, when you look at the life of the Prophet slice, and then when you look at the some of the incidents of the Sahaba, you see that some of them will have they were affected by a small message is that the process and then gave them and so that had, you know that has a long lasting effects on their lives, such that their effects were the effects was quite quite great.

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Let me give you some examples. Firstly, if you start off with our backer of the ally, abubaker was once seen, he was riding his camel

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and his stick used to you know, to move the camel dropped from his hand. So what he did, he stopped the camel, he brought the camel down, he got off his camel, picked up the stick, and then got up on the camel again. Now, for those of you who have seen camels and see how it's to ride the car, it's not a it's not a straightforward process, you know, the getting up on the camel and getting off is not an easy task in itself. And indeed somebody who saw that they said to a worker, then why don't you just ask somebody who was passing by just to pass you the the stick? He said, because I took a message from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam or I took an oath from the Prophet sallallaahu

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Selim and Ellen NASA she that I will not ask people anything. Now here that are not asked people anything in this general sense or the broader understanding of this is that you don't ask them for money. You don't ask them for any favors, but he took it so you know that that message you feel like had an imprint on him that he

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he would not ask anybody even if as simple as passing by, you know, just asking somebody just to pass him his stick a stick that fallen off which you know, is not a big thing. But because that left an imprint on him that mess you that you should not ask anybody anything. Even as simple as that he would stop the camel Get down, get the stick and mark the camel again. I'm not I'm not Bob, we all know how great our hubbub was. The man and even during his time as the halifa his rule he

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he pushed

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the frontiers of, of Islam to different, you know, to to bigger frontiers. And, you know, the Emperor's of Persia and Rome. were shaking from the very mention of Omar of the airline and the role model of the airline even though he will had that if you like that luxury of being

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Now almost like a world leader, but even then he had an imprint which the Prophet size and also give it gave him a message. And that was once when Ahmad entered onto the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he was lying on a straw mat. And when the prophet SAW Selim got up, he could see the marks of the straw mat on the side of the prophesizing them. So I started to cry. And the prophesizing said, Why, what's wrong?

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Why are you crying? He said, omashola the kings of Persia and of Rome, they are sleeping on beds, you know, soft beds, luxurious beds, and you are the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and yet you are sleeping on this a straw mat, and how is that? How is that an acceptable equation? So the prophets I send them said,

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Woe to you.

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And how can you think like this? Do you Mr. Tovar into cornella? Home adonia or takuna? Are you not happy or pleased that for them will be the dunya they can have their luxuries in the dunya. But for us is that after and that, that message of you know the citizen you know of leaving the dunya abstinence from the dunya left a mark on Omar will hop off to the extent that he lived his whole life even during his life, he was living a very much a life of abstinence and a life of of little he didn't even you know even his clothes, you know the counting like 20 or odd patches on his on his cloak, because he would not spend money on you know, unnecessarily to buy a new cloak for example.

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So you can see how that had an imprint on him. Or if man was known Ravi Aloha and for his re citation of the Quran and his mighty citation in the Quran. And even when he was killed, he was killed while he was reciting the Quran to the extent that his his blood was spilt on the kuranda he was reciting what is known as most half an Imam because it was the main most half that was raised and his imprint was he heard a Hadith of the process. And in fact, if you go to hydrogenerator, you see that this hadith is narrated by Ross model they are he said hi eurocom mantle ml Quran, where I lemma, the best of you as the one who learns the Quran and teaches it so you can see that Heidi,

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those few words left an imprint on him to the extent that his attachment to the Quran became for the rest of his life. And with regards to idea of the Allied

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once I Li

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actually following his wife on the line, the daughter the first lesson, she had sent a message to the prophet SAW Selim that she needs a servant, someone to help her in the house, the chores of the house are many. And she needs so

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number of times she has sent that message but the process I said didn't send her anything. So one night and they had so put themselves to bed they were going to sleep the process and came and knocked on their doors. So there he they, they invited him in, he came in and he lied down

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in their bed, but almost like the other way around. So they were sleeping that way he was lying that way because I literally I said he said he said I can even feel the coolness of the feet of the profits on last Island. So the Prophet then he said, why is it that you are asking for a servant? Shall I not tell you something that is better for you than the servant? They said what is that on the jaw line, he said that you should say when you come to bed, when you come to put your head on the pillow, you should say Alhamdulillah you should say Subhana Allah 33 times, say Alhamdulillah 33 times say Allahu Akbar 34 times, and that is better for you than any help or any servant. Now this

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hadith also left an imprint on the Prophet, so on sort of a layer of the alarm, to the extent that he never left any night without saying those words. And to the extent that the one of the person who was narrating it for me said didn't even didn't even leave it. On the night of Safin. The night of Safin was it was a tragic affair because it was a time when the Muslims were fighting each other. So this man was saying even you know this night which was quite You know, it was so much anxiety that did you not even leave that he said no, not even on the night of Safina I didn't abstain from so you see some Hannah lie. Sometimes we have small messages.

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A sentence that might be said here, a comforting word, a gesture. Those things can have an effect on people throughout life and certainly has happened to me.

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A few times where people will come and they would remind me, and they'll say, Oh, you know, we listened to your hotbar. And you said this, and I always remembered your words. And the funny thing is that sometimes I have forgotten what I actually said, in the hotel, but that person who listened and took a line from the hotel or a message and went away, and I told you that this reason for this reminder was because of something that happened and I and I, the other day, I connected with a friend of mine who had not seen for about 20 or 25 years. And he wrote me a message he said,

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whenever I'm reading the fourth verse, from Surah, Allah amrhein I always remember you, I remember you. I said, How Why is that? He said, because you when you were, when we were reading Quran together, you said to me that I didn't make the one, the one that wasn't strong on the end of this verse, which is the like a type of TGV. So he said that stuck with him, imagine for 20 years, every time he would read that verse, he would remember me because it was just a simple message or a simple point of learning. So, the message from this reminder is, you know, let us keep

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thinking about those occasions where we can reach out to people and inshallah we can make an everlasting impression and they could be beneficial. Obviously, it works the other way around, you might make an impression which is bad, and that can stick in people's heart and that can leave a very bad taste which may unfortunately not go away easily.