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The speaker discusses the concept of a shape that is standing between the user and their relationship with the creator. They encourage the user to read the Quran and use the words "has he been in touch" and "has he been in touch" to describe their relationship with the creator. They also mention the importance of finding the mercy of Allah and drawing closer to his relationship.

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If you need to have someone with you read the plan, every deed that you do require your sovereign, your soul that requires sovereign, your first thing requires sovereign, your spear requires sovereign, every deed that you do require sort of one Quran is no different. When you read the Quran, it requires sovereign as well. And don't expect an effect to happen overnight. If Allah subhanaw taala wills that it happens, but what is expected from you is that you continue in your citation of the Quran, and you don't want to give up, even if you've set an expectation for yourself that I expect to finish a visit every night. And by now it's 95. I haven't even looked at the

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expectation on this. Let me just close off, and we'll see it Next we'll move on, don't do that this is the plan of the shape on exactly. This is why before you read the plan, you say over we lay him in a shape or the regime. And when you say that, you're asking Allah to protect you from a shape and have him be conscious when you say how do we lay him in a shape or have him be conscious of the fact that it is a shape on a machine that is standing between you and the relationship with the plant. It's a shape by the regime that stands between you and opening this around and starting to read and continue to read. It's a show upon that stands between you and that's all for when you see him in a

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ship under him, feel it in your heart and take a time Take some time to read all the way like even a shop owner for him. Because if Allah so his job was to accept this from you, he was he was you ask him not to protect you from a shaper. If Allah was to accept this from you, you'll find yourself on a highway with you'll find yourself going forward with the Quran. And then before you begin to read, you say Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the most, the Most Merciful, the old merciful. When you read this name, or manual Rahim, when you read this name of Allah, realize and understand, this is where you're going to find the llama of Allah. This is where

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you're going to find the mercy of Allah. And this is the garden of His mercy and the garden of his blessing. This is where the kindness and the compassion and the gentleness and the mercy is found within this book. And then you begin to read and one very important tip that you're supposed to do as you read this Quran and begin to draw nearer and nearer to this or convert every area into convert the ayat you read into. So when you begin and you say and humbly leg a little bit I mean

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for him, and you realize in your understand that

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two names of Alonzo church and stop there, or raise your hand and ask Allah azza wa jal to bestow His mercy upon you. You read Maliki yo Medina, the king in the owner in the Master of the Day of Judgment stop and say Allah make that the easier upon me and my family and the Muslims he can you alone we worship stuff and say Oh Allah, or any Alavi creek or Shu creek or has helped me and eight men support me to continue in your worship and every I like this stop and make it work and don't use the excuse that whatever if I didn't know what I read 100% you've already known and you come across words like Adele and Rahim agenda ma filler are they're obscene. When you come by these words, which

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you know the meaning stop was Kalonzo shall for the paradise and ask Him for His mercy. Ask Him for His forgiveness. Ask ask Allah azza wa jal when you read, this is how you begin to draw this relationship between you and the Quran. Why? Because when you read the Quran, this is Allah subhanaw taala speaking to you, and when you make to her, this is us speaking to Allah subhanaw taala and when someone speaks to someone else, he expects a response from him. This will enhance your relationship with the plan and it will take it to another level and it will keep dragging you and bringing you closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala