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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being mindful of one's words and actions in relation to one's situation. They use the example of a man who spoke in a way that was considered offensive and belittling their language, and how they were able to use their own language to explain their situation. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be mindful of their words and actions in order to understand their the actions and actions of others.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah live in a castle. Many times when we want to speak to people, a certain demographic of people, or sometimes even the youth, your own children, or the older generation, or maybe someone that may not understand Islam, in regards to our whole look and our manners, one important characteristic to have and to possess or to try to have is to talk to people at their level, understand their particular situation, even if it's financial, social, political, understanding where they are mentally and spiritually and speak to them accordingly. What is their trade, or what are the things that they're involved in their interest groups, and use a vocabulary

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as long as it is Hello, and the words that permeate easier with them and words that they will immediately understand in a way that will get the message across whatever message you're trying to get across. And this is definitely an act of sympathy, and active, even selflessness because you're considering their understanding, and ultimately, their guidance. You know, the prophets of Allah, it was setting them as we know, there's a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said laissent mill and brewery are some of his suffer. He said, it is not from righteousness too fast while you're traveling, if that fasting is more detrimental to your health, or your particular situation, in

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doing so. So the promise of the lie there was someone was asked this question by a group of atoms that would in the phonetical language of Arabic, they would not pronounce the lamb. They will pronounce the lamb with a meme so they wouldn't say lb or they will say I'm better. So when they came to the province, a lot of a sudden they said, Helen, Min, Hellman Amber. Um, so more films offer the promise a lie that was sullen responded in the same way. He said, lay some in amber and so move in suffer. So this is something that is amazing that the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam understood their reality. And he spoke to them in a way that they understood in a way that was

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easier and quicker for them to understand, and didn't speak in a way that possibly could be, oh, he's responding to us in a way that is belittling our language or our dialect. He spoke to them in a way that he easily they easily would understand. And it shows that you're considering them as well.

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You know, the province of lottosend, was approached by a man that had a child, and his child was of a darker complexion. And when he saw that he it shaytaan came to him, and he started to think, okay, is this my child? What was maybe my wife doing? So the purpose of the law, there was so many came to me, he said that my child is of a darker color. He said, I let him in. And he said, Do you have any camels? And then he said, Yes. He said, Do they have any spots on them that may be darker, any places that may be darker? or Are any of them darker? And then he said, Yes, he said, and then the men said, Allah who is anti American, he said, perhaps it is probably something that is hereditary

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from their grandfathers, meaning the camels, because the reality of that man, if he had camels, he understands that reality, he lives it every single day, being that he sees different kinds of camels in different ways. This child is of a darker color than his father and mother. It is when we look at their grandfather, they were of that complexion. So he made an analogy, and put it in a situation is something that he is used to, and that is from ultimate wisdom. When one does that, that is the characteristics of someone that is considerate of that person's reality. And we see this generation gap that gets bigger and bigger sometimes when parents do not know how to talk to the youth, and

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when you don't consider the reality of the parents as well. So this is a very important characteristic of HodaC that one is considerate of the people that they're dealing with, even in the way that they talk to them, the vocabulary, the way that they speak. And with that, that is the action of the manner of the mindful person, the one that is mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this particular case, bringing into that which is good by speaking into to them in a way that is beneficial as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and some of it has been narrated on Ailee rodial. ohana and Buhari

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Heidi to NASA be matteotti foon. A to redo a you can see below what our solar, he said speak to the people in a manner that they understand or talk to them about things that they understand. Do you want them to lie upon Allah and His messenger? This is important. And this is someone that has the manners that are lofty because they care about the guidance and understanding of the people

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They are talking to me Allah subhanaw taala bless you all, and bless you with understanding of this religion to where you will be someone that is a leader in your own right saramonic Rahmatullahi Cassatt Thank you

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