How does 1 Saqadah become 700?

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Allah azza wa jal said Natalie Lavina and Fiona I'm working on visa vie de la QMF le hub and bethard Sebastian Abbot, frequently some bullet in May, Allah is speaking about the type of reward he will give you when you meet him subhanaw taala. The idea is saying Allah azza wa jal is saying the example of those who give money or those who donate and give charity visa vie Lila is the example of a hub. What is a hub? A seed, a seed coming through the hub, and better Tsubasa Neville, what does that mean? Anyone know,

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Yanni, this is one seed, we put it in the earth, we water it. As a result, a plant grows, and seven spikes grow this week, these things that come the little branches that have the greens on it, they're called spikes or ease. Seven of them grow. And on each one, there is me add to harbor, there is 100 greens 100 greens. So what does that mean? Meaning that seed you put in the earth was that sadaqa you put that sadaqa you gave on the Day of Judgment multiplied, it became seven, and each one of the seven carried 100 That 700 Each sadaqa you give is multiplied by 700 times what what and then the I would say well Allah who your wife will you make your shirt and Allah azza wa jal, he

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multiplies for whoever He wills how much he wills walk, Michael