Christian Accepts Islam at the David Livingston Memorial

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This happened on a journey. It happened literally on a journey. While we were traveling through the countryside, we came across a memorial dedicated to a man called David Livingston. And we're just looking around trying to understand and learn about this individual's life. David Livingston, those of you who know the history of colonial Africa, you will know that he was a missionary, who was sent from Britain to Africa, to do to mainly do two things. One was to gather information for the British colonial establishment. And the second purpose was to look at the missionary prospects, whether there is any room for missionary work in southern Africa. So David Livingstone traveled through much

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of southern Africa, those countries would be South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, David Livingstone was travelling through these countries, Botswana, he traveled through a place and he stayed there for a while and did some missionary work. So the government of Botswana has made a memorial in this place in his memory. He was a very well known figure in Victorian England. At the time, he inspired a lot of missionaries to travel to Africa later on at his memorial, that is the last place you would expect for someone to accept Islam. And this is the story I want to tell very quickly. When we got to the memorial, there was a caretaker in this place, who was in uniform. And

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of course, you would expect him to be a practicing Christian because he's taking care of a memorial which is dedicated to a Christian missionary, this person we met with them. We had a chat with him initially, he was very, when he saw we were Muslims. He was very kind of, you know, assertive about Christianity. He started to talk talk about Christianity and how Christianity is a faith that makes sense to him. And we thought Subhanallah someone like him, how do we get down so we had a brother called assured us who is a convert to Islam, Ashraf, may Allah bless him, Allah reward him, Allah read his rank from this Warden and this individual wherever he goes, he always look for opportunity

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to share the message of Islam, lo and behold, few minutes down the line, maybe 15 to 20 minutes I should have was talking to him and we thought Subhanallah that I should have maybe wasting his breath. He may be wasting his time because this person is a missionary and he is taking care of a missionary establishment, a missionary Memorial. To our surprise, this person taking care of David Livingston Memorial, one of the biggest symbols or historic symbols of missionary work in Botswana took Shahada. He said eyeshadow Allah ilaha illAllah. Muhammad, he has accepted Islam upon Allah. Islam made sense to him, even though he was a caretaker of a missionary Memorial. This was a shock.

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It was a surprise, it was a pleasant surprise. And this is one of the inspirational stories I wanted to share today with you that never never judge someone by the looks, or by their position or by the status. Everyone deserves our Everyone needs dollar. Don't ever think that you might give dollar to a person and he may not accept who do you how do you know and who are you to judge that? It is a low God's people. Allah is the one who guides people to Islam. Your job is to convey Allah Akbar. Never miss any opportunity you can to give Dawa and share the message of Islam