This is how fasting will intercede for you

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fasting will intercede for a person on the day of judgment loquat

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fasting will intercede for a person on the day of judgment in the vsam allahu alayhi wa sallam he said our cmo will earn yesh via nealey lab do mil pm that fasting and all

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your re citation of

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your adherence to the laws of the quran your good deeds all of that and fasting was mentioned first they will intercede for the person on the day of judgment one and two you know what that means any intercede for you meaning they will defend for you they will be your lawyers fasting will come and it will defend you on the day of judgment the first thing would say nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says your own or cm the fasting would say a or b men are two pioner was showered been held for shaffir nifi the first thing would say oh my lord i prevented this person from food and from fulfilling his desire during the day i prevented him from doing that he wanted to but i prevented

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him because he's fasting is not allowed to eat and drink and fulfill his desire so then the first thing would say

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allow me allow me oh lord that i intercede for him that i defend him allow me to be his lawyer and defend him until he enters the paradise if you're fasting is going to intercede for you on the day of judgment be if neela this is a one way street to paradise be in la he dianna la quwata hell then after all this there's a person still not find inspiration and motivation to begin to fast for the sake of allah subhanho wa taala