Having shyness of Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud


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When the server knows that Allah is looking at him, watching over him, and he sees him and he he's him, he becomes to shine in front of Allah azza wa jal to commit a sin.

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Having shyness of Allah will most definitely allow you to control yourself when it comes to a sin. I tell you something my brothers and sisters in Islam today,

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no one will dare to commit a sin in front of his father, or his mother, or his husband or his wife,

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or even in front of a young child.

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Why? Because he knows he's doing something dirty and filthy. And I don't want people to see me in this state. But Subhanallah where people are going to judge you on the Day of Judgment, why will you shy of them and not shy of Allah subhanahu wa taala when he is your lord and you will stand in front of him answering for what you did.

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When the Wii sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he defined the sin, he said what carry the polyamory hiddenness though confused about what a sin is. It's the things that you dislike people seeing you do. That's a sin.

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I'm building the