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swindler hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he while he was happy he was salam ala Marlena may info and found me my Olympian was in that in Monopol Alameen Allah mine alethic Rico Shoukry co host neighboured Attic

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a my bud

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hamdulillah last time we met, we stopped at Area 51.

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And just to recap because the following area connects to a 51

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In this ayah Allah azza wa jal when he says mesh had to manifest similar to a lot of the Allah Khalifa and fusi him I did not make them witnesses

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of the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor are they witnesses of each other's creation.

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Well, I'm not going to meet Takeda Molina Alba, and I was not going to take or I do not take the misguided those who are upon guidance as helpers.

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So in this ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala dismisses any power, that the shayateen IBLEES bliss, or anyone who is worshipped with an aura instead of Allah azza wa jal, he dismisses any right that they could have to that worship by saying what, that they did not witness the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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So they have no knowledge of it. And that indicates that they have no power.

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So they had a beginning. And that beginning is very humble, because they did not even witness the creation of each other.

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So then, with no power and no access,

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and also that Allah azza wa jal did not pick them partners in creation because a as we said last time that Allah does not need anyone to become a partner. And also because they themselves are lacking. And that's why he says, Well, welcome to Muttahida, Moto Lena. Those who are misguided I was not going to take them as helpers because Allah could have said, Well, I'm not going to McDuffie the home aguda would have worked, I was not going to take them. But Allah mentions them they say a live Haru FEMA Kamille it more meaning Allah azza wa jal makes it explicit in a place where an implicit mentioned would work.

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But why would he makes it it makes it explicit because that explicit mention of them indicates the reason why they are not fit, to be worshipped, or to be helpers have Allah azza wa jal or to have access to that power that vision or for anybody to esteem them and worship them. So that dismisses them so the next idea

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builds on that and connects to it by saying why oh my Kulu and on the day meaning and remember and recall and know about on the day meaning on the day of judgment or you may have coluna do Shura que el Medina Antoon where Allah will say, call on those that you claim are my partners call on them further our home, so they will call them meaning come help us assist, assist us further our home fellow Mr. G Bula. Home, but they did not respond to them. Would you be in our home mobile QA and then we put between them a destructive barrier or a barrier? Because it could be both just a barrier or a destructive barrier, meaning Hellfire in between them. So here Allah azza wa jal continues by

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saying that to them, we will make coluna do So who is he talking to here?

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He is talking to those who have taken partners with Allah azza wa jal that's understood from the IEA not all of us, not everybody, but those who have taken partners with Allah azza wa jal, he says what to them. Call on those partners that you've claimed, are my partner's call on them.

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So the first question that you may have is, why does Allah azza wa jal ask them to do this?

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Now he doesn't need to obviously, he could simply send them straight to hellfire by why that scene?

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That's scene is, first of all, to demonstrate the helplessness of those that they called instead of Allah azza wa jal and to chastise

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and to rebuke them for the for that choice. That is remember in the dunya because this is a very humiliating scene, by the way, and a very desperate scene. They imagine if you had to watch actually a scene that

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resembled a king,

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what conquered all of his enemies. And then he brought in those who had allied themselves with his enemies, he brings them in his court, and he has absolute power. And then he tells them, call on those that you've allied yourselves with, let them slugged me see if they will come and help you. What's the purpose of that? To demonstrate his full power, and their absolute or weakness, see now, when you need them, they're not going to come to your aid. And what follows the king's request is devastation, meaning he's going to execute them now he could decide to forgive them in this dunya. But what follows is what after this humiliation, meaning he's going to vanquish he's going to

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destroy. So that's the see.

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And so Allah as if he's telling them remember in the dunya, because you may feel sorry for them, when you hear to this, if you don't mean they're gonna be helpless. But Allah is telling them remember, in the dunya, when you're being told that these ones that you're calling instead of Allah or with him or false, they do not exist in here Illa smell and submit to Musa these are just names that you've given Manziel Allahu beermann, soltana Allah, they don't reveal any authority about the meaning worship this idol worship this man, this tree, this star, none of these things are true. Or you claim that these people will intercede on your behalf based on what authority. So remember all

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of these claims, and the prophets of Allah come and they warn you and they advise you and they give you Allah's message, but you refuse it and you make fun of them. And you make fun of the believers and you try to kill the prophets of Allah. Because you have to remember all these crimes in order to remember why this humiliating scene. So you tried to kill the prophets of Allah, and all the followers of the prophets of Allah and you harass them, and you distort the truth. And you misguide people, you remember all of this, that you were doing, and all of that on the basis of claiming that they will intercede on our behalf or we will worship them with Allah.

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Whatever that is.

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So when Allah azza wa jal says call on them,

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it is to show them and everybody there. And to show was also here that if you can visualize and think about it, if a person is an unable

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to help you, then why would you worship them?

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Right? So if you think about it, if you worship anyone, besides Allah, oxygen, worship, what do we mean by worship?

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You don't necessarily need to believe that they have divine powers, although you could

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see could worship them because you think that they could bring the dead back to life? Or that they could heal you? Or they knew? Or they know the futures? These are divine attributes? Or maybe you don't worship them because they have divine attributes, but you think that they will intercede on your behalf? or so so and so who is that helped me? Alright, that is to direct it to him. Is this worship or not?

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Yeah, it's worship. That's worship. Oh, also, who is dead helped me write or a worship today. For instance, if we if you believe that, your fortune can be told by someone, a psychic knows the future, or an object could bring you good luck, bad luck. All right, or can heal you. Alright. So this is an act of a brother that either can defy

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the attributes of Allah azza wa jal in terms of his power, or that Allah is the only one exclusively should be worship. So you worship someone who can benefit you,

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by you.

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And even Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam will not be able to benefit you on the Day of Judgment unless Allah azza wa jal approves his intercession

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and then his intercession for you.

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Right, before that, can he help you know, because he has to go and seek permission from Allah zodion First, can I intercede then Allah says yes. And then if you remember the Hadith that Allah azza wa jal will set a limit those people

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so it's not up to their salah. He said, Allah, Allah who sent them to decide who can be included and excluded Allah sets it. So if you want to be included in the intercession of anyone, first, you must know that this person will intercede and Allah loves them enough for him to intercede. You don't base it on your own assumptions. And the second that you habilitated yourself

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so that you could be worthy of receiving and intercession, but don't think that a person could disbelieve and then he thinks those people will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment. Some of the people who book the book, that's what they believed.

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Right, some of the people of the book that's what they believed when the message of Muhammad Ali's salatu salam came to them, it says no, our forefathers will intercede for us they are in Jannah they will not let us or leave us behind. So these are what these are fantasies. So beside me come you claimed them the unto a normal unknown Shoraka you claim that they are partners call on them. So they call on fella Mr. G Bula. Home, so they did not respond to them.

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And that's the ultimate disappointment. That is, this is when I need you the most. I've been worshiping you. I've been counting on you. I've been fighting for you. I let and now when I want you you don't respond now why they do. Why don't they respond? A because they could be nonliving things, stones idols. So they call on them no one responds. Or they could be living beings, meaning if they worshipped the angels of Allah, if they worshipped people who are pious,

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they call on them for help. What do they do? These people renounce them? Okay? These people renounce them.

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So when the Allah azza wa jal will ask a Salah Salem and the hotel in Nasik the head only Warmbier Illa hailed him into an alert did you tell people take me and my mother as Ali had besides Allah azza wa jal, not as God's ally her but to be worshipped. So someone goes to marry, what are the Allahu anha and once her meaning direct to do to her, you save me i you heal me, that is making Mary Meriam and Alia from the earlier okay. So, then Allah azza wa jal says so call them they call them they don't respond to them. And so they lose all hope. And so, Allah says it will also add this physical distance as well as your Anabaena homophobia, we created this destructive

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barrier that cannot be passed, which is hellfire.

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So now they see with their eyes or their own eyes or can even reach them and they cannot even reach us. So that is hopelessness. And then Allah azza wa jal says what are elementary Munna? Nowra and Mooji remove the criminals wrongdoers, they saw Hellfire for one no no homework you so they thought or they believed that they will fall into it they will be thrown into it to Allah meow doo doo and her mother Teresa and they did not find an escape from it.

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That is after that scene he said subhanho wa Taala the criminals and he names them by that Sefa sama home be heavy asleep well why? Why allegedly moon because it's their criminality and wrongdoing that led them to this. That's why he said Elmwood remote otherwise he could have said what I Will not they saw they who is they? They won't we have been talking about but why again make it explicit and moduli moon because it is their crimes that made them enter Hellfire so they see hellfire and then Allah says fallen new here London who could mean thought or believed both it could work for both meaning they saw it and you're not they knew for sure that they're going to fall there

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that said this is our fate or they

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thought maybe but also maybe we could escape

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and they say if that's the second that as to their agony because there is hope and then the hope is crushed low annum right.

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So they thought that or they believe that they will be thrown into it well um yeah judo and her muscle refer they do not find an escape away from it. Which so it says what that they tried to look for when

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they tried to escape or find an exit.

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And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said in the Hadith he says it the coonara while there will be Shakti Tambora it says save yourself some Hellfire even by giving away half a date on a day when a person will look to his right and see hellfire and look to his left and see hellfire and look in front of him and he only sees what he has done. So save yourself even by giving away half a date.

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So you understand that there is no possibility of escape because this is how big

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Hellfire is

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especially when it approaches those people. So he said Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the scene of hellfire. And it comes that it comes with 70,000 robes being held back each by 70,000 Angels being restrained

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and it's charging for forward

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with what intense

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rave, right? intense hatred for or anger over the nonbelievers me is was waiting for that day meaning because you see, you see what builds up heaven.

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The good deeds, the good deeds of the pious it builds up heaven.

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What increases the intensity of hellfire, the misdeeds of people. So the more that they disobey Allah, the more that we disobey Allah as the more intensive becomes because that's the punishment of Allah azza wa jal there. So on the Day of Judgment, the culmination of it all the end of it all, it will want it wants to charge those people and is being held back by so many angels. So just think about how immense and big it is. And so people will see it, they believe they're going to fall they try to escape but where's the escape? Then you have to do an Homosassa. So that again, how bleak,

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how bleak it is.

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Then Allah azza wa jal, he says,

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Well, according Serafina Fahad Al Quran at nurserymen Cooley method

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and indeed we had varied and multiplied in this Quran for people from every example

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from every reminder what Cannell insane work Thora che injured Allah, but the human being is among all things, the most quarrelsome and argumentative.

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So Subhanallah this idea, this idea, it's as if to follow the other area by saying that you want to be saved from hellfire

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the Quran

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because the Quran came down with these examples with these proofs. So when Allah says well Acharya Serafina What is this word autosleep Serafina is to move something from one to the other from one to the other. Yeah, Neva water is running Serato Hoonah it what goes here, so rough the Hoonah it goes there. So Allah son Rafa field Quran meaning from one and another, and then another, and then another, and then another meaning varies and multiplies and repeats in the Quran.

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So Allah is praising the Quran, but he's telling you what's in it,

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in this Quran for people, from every methyl from over all examples, meaning anything and everything that they need that humanity needs, it's there in the Quran. So in terms of the examples that Allah had given, and we saw a couple in Surah, to GIF, right, we saw the example of the people of the cave, we say the example of the rich and the poor, the one who has the gardens, and the one who is not, these are examples. But if you scroll the Quran go from first to last page, you see examples being given. So as if Allah has to do the same when it comes to example, here's an example about my oneness. Here's an example about the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Here's an example about the

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dunya an example about the Earth era. And example about Tawheed. Again, an example. And Allah is saying here is one. And if it's not enough, here's another and if it's not enough, here's another and so on and so on, and so on. So when it comes to example, Allah vary them and multiplied. When it came to advice, Allah repeated it, when it comes to warnings, Allah repeated them and give you multiple ones in case one is not enough. Or one from that angle is not enough. So it gives it here and here and here. And think about it this way thinking about thinking and think about it again, and then again, and then again. So that's what Allah says,

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every example everything that they need, all the advice, all the wisdom, you wanted, you know, information about the halal information about the Haram obligations, all of that is included.

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And so this tells you that if you want to seek hidayah like really hidayah Why should you seek it from

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the Quran?

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Really, like it's a treasure of guidance, but we neglect it. We don't when really we don't appreciate it, of how many things Allah has deposited in the Quran, but we are unaware of we think that we can get our guidance, our knowledge, our wisdom from other places. But if you want to give Dawa and you want to understand the best way to give Dawa so that people

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I love Allah

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and listen to him.

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The best examples to establish the heat, chase away multiplicity of gods or a disbelief in God altogether. How people can embrace the good life reject the opposite. What what is it? And subhanAllah you do not need to be necessarily aware in detail of every small intricate example in the Quran if you just read Allah azza wa jal teaches you and Allah azza wa jal brings these examples and these reminders to your mind into your heart, he treats you without knowing that you're being treated. He guides you without knowing that you're being guided. But the more that you read and the more that you absorb some of the some of these days you'll just say, Oh Subhanallah I can see this i

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and how it relates to this incident, how it relates to me how it relates to people, you are being made wiser.

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So we think about it. So Allah is saying we've given them everything that they need in the Quran, mean Colima Thal but here's the problem. The problem is not in the Quran

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and it not in understanding it but what what can I insert will occur are shaped into the law, but the human being is the most quarrelsome meaning if you're to say, to see everything that is a thing, and put the human among them hits his

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arguments, refusal of the truth is so intense, it seems as if he is the most argumentative of Allah's creation. He doesn't need necessarily to be the most argumentative, but when someone is so intense in doing something, he could be said he is the most in it to indicate and to emphasize

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accuracy injured Allah. So the question here and this is an important area to keep in mind because we can we can derive a lot from it. We can say is this the disbeliever al Insan. Here is a reference to the disbeliever Alka fairy annual in sun Hoonah al kefir Emile in sanel. In sun, is he the human being, as a human being, or the disbeliever

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we see the human being,

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human being, and the disbeliever has more of it.

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But human humanity as humanity is very argumentative.

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They dispute all the time. Right?

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So how, how do we know that this is in reference to humanity? There's what there's an evidence for it. One is that it says an incident, the human, the other one, there was an incident and the Sahaba were the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And they bring usually that hadith with this idea, because the prophets Allah is seldom used this idea. So the Prophet Salim salatu salam comes to the house of Allah subhanaw taala and Fathima are the Allahu Anhu ummah. And they were asleep at night. Right? So he knocks on their door, and he wants to wake them for Salah to late night prayer.

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So Allah you've never be tolerated from behind. Right? So he's with Fatima from behind the door. It says Ya rasool Allah He innama and fusina ba de la he has Urgell fellowship, Enya, batha and Allah but Athena, it says All prophets of Allah, He says our souls our knifes are is in the hands of Allah azza wa jal, if he wishes for us to stand up and pray, he would do so.

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So I don't even know if you thought about the Allahu Anhu. He says, I did not hear Him reply to what I've said. But he walked away. And now you've heard him saying slapping his thigh and saying what canel in Santa Clara che in J Dilla. Is as humans are the most argumentative.

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So, Allah you've not be tolerated here is a Muslim, right up to the best Muslims, right?

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And the prophets, Allah Allah, he was telling me here when he said this with that gesture, did he approve or disapprove with Ali or the other one who said,

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he disapproved. he disapproved, he didn't like it. Right? And there's a lot here in this incident, by the way. And that's that's the beauty of that hadith is that it's just you see how short it is. But you can see how much you can take from it. Like we can talk about it and talk about it and talk about it. One benefit from it is that what is that the pious very good person can still be argumentative, right? And you don't think if you see a pious person today, he's going to be flawless. He's not going to make mistakes. No. So we have to kind of readjust our standards. Some of us think

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that if a person is pious, he's an angel.

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Right? Oh, how could he, Oh, I saw him make a mistake. That's the case, I'm going to discredit him completely disregard Him completely. Because I cannot reconcile in my head that he could be so pious, and he could make a mistake. No, is a human? Yeah.

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So it's possible. Like you forgive yourself when you make mistakes. You have to be willing to do what?

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Forgive others when they make mistakes. I'm not saying give them a pass, hey, by the way, keep doing that mistakes and see you're No, you're a good person. We cannot overlook it. No, corrected. But don't throw away that person completely. Just because one mistake so the pious can make mistakes. The second is that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Did he argue with them?

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See, he didn't argue with him, though earlier of the law and who was wrong there, though the statement of Isley is accurate, but it's in the wrong place. Right. Because was he right or not? When he said about the Allahu Anhu. Right. Our souls are in the hands of Allah azza wa jal.

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If he wishes he would make a spray. Is it true or not? If you have true, true, absolutely. But to use it in that situation is wrong because you're opposing Kedah with them? While you are on a mobile,

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you don't go to someone. And he will say for instance, he tells you, you tell him stealing is haram. You say If Allah wanted me not to steal, he would stop me.

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Is that right? No, you can't do that. Right. So that argument is what you're relying on Allah's decree in order to contradict and cancel Allah's commands. And then not suppose Allah commanded and decree and he commanded for you to follow it not for you to rely on the other and say, since Allah that's by actually a lot of people don't understand this very well. This is like saying, What if Allah Who wants me to have kids he'll make me have kids put here so you should get married.

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There's our work. There are means by and tell that person if they want to see if Allah wants me to pray, He will guide me to pray, please don't give me any more advice. If Allah wants me to pray, Allah will guide me to it when Allah guides me, a set up when you are hungry. Why don't you say if Allah wants me to be full, he can make me fall and don't move, don't eat without work.

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This is know, why do you go to the fridge and you rush or you go outside and you buy food, because you know that if you don't buy it,

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eventually enough time passes, you'll die. You know, so you have to save your life. So in your mind there, there is no contradiction between Kadar and what you have to do, you have to do

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and that becomes your cutter. Right? So don't let this mess with your head either is with Allah azza wa jal, you don't know what's going to read what is written until it is written. Right? And again, so that's why I'm going over the Allahu Anhu. Right, he wanted to not enter that plague ridden place, and I will be doddle the Allahu Anhu says and I feel Roman Cuadrilla are we running away from Allah's decree? It says yes, we run away from Allah's decree, by Allah's decree.

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Or from Allah's decree, to Allah's decree, meaning if we enter that village or that city, then when we enter that will be Allah's decree, because we decided and we entered and if we run away from it, and we're in a different city than we're in a different city, by Allah's decree, Allah's decree, you have no access to it like that, and you do Allah's command. So they are the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said, How can I lead Santa Clara che in Jeddah in reference to an even Abi Talib, or the Allahu Anhu. And the beautiful thing about it is that he didn't argue at a salatu salam, he just let him he just let him which tells you that it's not always smart to argue. It's not always smart to

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give a reply. You have to know that the person is ready. Sometimes a lack of a reply is a greater statement than actually trying to fight with someone and prove your point. So the problem here with humanity and especially the disbelievers is that they argue against Allah zoton and against his yet and against his proofs, they will argue with Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment.

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That is when Allah azza wa jal will show people their books.

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You did this and this and this and that.

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And then the person will the disbelieve will see what the angels lie about me.

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They will things that I did not do. That's their argument with Allah as legit meaning no, this is not fair.

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Hear or another will say, your Allah you see you you you said that you will they will all end you will only accept witnesses that are trustworthy and I will not accept any other witness except from me. Meaning you're bringing other witnesses against me. I don't accept any other witness except from me. So when they accuse the ages of Allah azza wa jal, and they don't want anything else, as proof except themselves Allah azza wa jal says Illuminati more Allah fly him

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what to call the Munna ID him what they should do, or do to whom today we will put a seal on their mouths, meaning you're able to talk and talk and talk, okay, now we're gonna put a seal so you can't talk anymore. And now your hands and your legs will testify.

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But they will argue with Allah zodion On the day of judgment, and they argued with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So this Quran bring another Quran or change it?

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No, this is poetry. No, this is magic. It bringing them an idea we want another area will bring us a bigger area. Right?

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Why? Why is there Ness in the Quran? Why did you change your Qibla with everything? Why do you walk in the market and why do you eat? Why didn't Allah send angels? Why didn't he send someone who's better than you? Whatever He brings them the argue.

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And when they bring him you know, the example of Isa Alayhis Salam you said

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in the community, I mean the medulla hustle Bucha Hana, that is you and what you worship with Allah azza wa jal are the fuel of hellfire. They say we got him. They worship isa Ali Salaam and you tell us that ISA is pious? How is he not in hellfire we got you that Allah azza wa jal says Modaraba hula Illa J Dilla. He says that thing that they are bringing to you, they're just being argumentative. They are truly quarrelsome people, because they know that if they really wanted to understand that Allah says in nakoma, taboo doing what you worship, and what is for inanimate not, right, not conscious living humans. So they know that this is not included. But what they just simply want to

00:32:15--> 00:32:16


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00:32:19--> 00:32:36

one of the things that we should take from this is, first of all kind of lessons from it, is that if people as people argue with Allah, and argue with the prophet, and argue with against the book, don't think that you will be safe from their arguments and stubbornness.

00:32:37--> 00:32:47

Don't expect it. So you will always have people who will argue with you, a spouse, a child, a parent, neighbors, strangers.

00:32:48--> 00:33:09

So don't be surprised how. And don't be surprised if the truth is clear. And still people argue against it. The Quran is clear, Allah is clear. And they still argue against that. So don't think that if you just bring proof to people, if you bring enough evidence, that's it. They'll submit to the truth. There are some people who will keep arguing till they die.

00:33:10--> 00:33:23

So understand that so that you're not disappointed and heartbroken. And then you know how to deal with people. All right. As I said, sometimes it's not the best thing to argue, because the more they argue argue the more that they'll argue back.

00:33:25--> 00:33:54

Also to take from it insha Allah is that argumentation could be for the sake of the truth or for the sake of falsehood. Right? So Allah azza wa jal says hola to Jeju al Kitab, Illa bility here ACEN and do not argue with the pupil of the book except in the best way, meaning jedem an arguments with people is allowed as long as it is what? For the sake of the truth

00:33:55--> 00:34:08

done right. And in the best manner, then yes, you could argue with them, because Allah azza wa jal presents, arguments and sometimes their arguments and how Allah refutes them.

00:34:09--> 00:34:29

Call them a makalah may you hear a Vamo here Amin, who will bring the bones back to life after they have turned into dust. While you're he held the antiA one Amara say the one who created it first will bring it back. So Allah recorded what they said and he refuted it. Right. So is it permissible to argue or not

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

permit permissible right, as long as what is being done for Allah sake is being done right without manipulation without lying without fabrication? Because sometimes people lie and they think they're lying for good reasons. A lie to them and tell them oh, this is not in the Sunnah. Well, no, it is. So you will need to be embarrassed you actually have to be confident that what Allah says what the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said is true. So

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

lie I mean, argue for Allah sake in the best of ways. And that argument is okay.

00:35:07--> 00:35:22

Because it serves a good purpose. What they're doing is not because they're opposing Allah azza wa jal, and they're lying, and they're fabricating and opposing the truth. And that is the thing that is not allowed.

00:35:23--> 00:35:36

So a third thing that we can take from that insha, Allah, Allah, Allah mean is that the more knowledgeable you become, and the more Iman that you have, the less argumentative you would be.

00:35:37--> 00:35:51

The most argumentative view would be, because again, if you look at the example of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. And you look also at our arguments, most of the time, our arguments are mostly about the dunya, or the earth era.

00:35:53--> 00:36:04

Dunya, you could say almost 99% of the things that we argue about is what the dunya the prophets a lot he was hitting him that did not matter a lot to him.

00:36:05--> 00:36:28

Right? So things happen, they happen if there is food he'll eat. If not, he'll fast if his assistant or his servant, you know, does something according to his wishes. hamdulillah if not, he does not correct him, he does not quarrel or argue about the dunya. Because the dunya is small, is very small in his eyes, so it's not worth the argument.

00:36:29--> 00:36:38

So a person knows this, his argumentation and disputes will diminish. And if you know that, the more that you argue, the more that you

00:36:39--> 00:36:46

create hostility and ill feelings in the heart of this other person and push them away, the less you argue.

00:36:48--> 00:37:31

And when you know that you don't have to prove your worth by proving that you're right all the time. That I have to be dominating. I'm right and you're wrong, I'm right and you're wrong. You know that your worth is not tied to it and that you could be right. Right, and that you could be right and not have it be public. Allah azza wa jal knows that you're right, that is sufficient for you. Then you will leave argumentation. And if you leave argumentation, then you're closer to the behavior of the believers. are prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said in the abadal, rigidly it Allah he'll Allah dual Hasim he says that one of the people that Allah azza wa jal hates the most is Allah do al Qasim

00:37:31--> 00:37:33

the argumentative, the quarrelsome.

00:37:35--> 00:38:00

And there are people sometimes either by nature, or socializations are exactly like that. Meaning you come to him to the right, he likes the left the left No, I like the right now, they have to argue about everything. So if you find that in you discipline yourself by not arguing about the trivial by not arguing to prove simply that you're right.

00:38:01--> 00:38:13

And that by also by not arguing in falsehood, either to prove falsehood or through falsehood. And also, make sure that when you argue you're not damaging more than that you're building.

00:38:14--> 00:38:27

So because they are so argumentative, they rejected all the guidance that they find they're found in the Quran. So Allah azza wa jal continues, but he says, Well, my mana Anessa Umino

00:38:28--> 00:39:08

nothing stopped people from having Iman is Jehovah will who though is the furor of the home when guidance came to them, okay. And for them also to ask Allah for forgiveness. illa Anta to whom sunnah to loline Except that the fate of their forefathers or the elders or people previous to them, except that their fate would come to them, or they will face the punishment face to face, meaning that they have become so stubborn that the only thing that is standing between them and Eman is for them to see the punishment of Allah zoodle descend upon them. And then what do they do? They believe

00:39:11--> 00:39:53

that had their hearts had become so stiff, they have received so many reminders from Allah zodion believe believe but no, no, no, they rejected to the extent now at Nabil either Billa bring us the punishment of Allah, that they are telling their prophets, you know, you've harassed us enough. We don't like what you're saying, you're promising us or you're warning us about a punishment from Allah, if we don't listen, bring us the punishment of Allah. So they're wishing for it and asking for it. So the idea here could mean that that the only thing that is stopping them now from belief is them asking for the punishment of Allah or the punishment to Allah should come and then they

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

would believe at that moment and of course, does not benefit benefit them. So only when they see they will believe

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

But before the hearts have been so hardened and they are so distant than they believe in none of it. All right.

00:40:08--> 00:40:20

And here Allah azza wa jal says women are suited more Selena Illa MOBA, Shireen, Oman, dari, we do not send the messengers except to carry and they're good news and warnings.

00:40:21--> 00:40:36

Meaning here, Allahu Alem. The connection to the eye before it is that the prophets of Allah have no power over bringing this punishment or delaying it. They are bringing you only messages. And they don't get anything from you in return for this message.

00:40:37--> 00:41:20

Palmeras aloo Comala him in Edge. He says, I'm not asking you for anything in return for what you're asking me. And he don't you see from a prophet of Allah as Odin, that he gains nothing from this. In fact, he's losing. Because anyone else who wants to had a data like this a call where he opposes people, and they fight him, don't be thieves see that if he's upon falsehood, that he must be getting something from the dunya to compensate for all these losses, or he expects something from the dunya to compensate for all these losses. So he wants people to obey him, for him to be the center for him to get money for him to get followers. But here the prophets of Allah are telling you

00:41:20--> 00:41:36

what, we don't want anything from you. So what are they gaining? And here they're guiding you to what benefits you nothing that harms you. So the fact is that the life of a messenger of Allah testifies to the fact that he's a messenger of Allah.

00:41:37--> 00:41:41

You with me? Because this is one of the proofs, or how do I know

00:41:42--> 00:42:24

that this person who came who was Musa and Isa and Muhammad Ali, he masala to a sinner? He's a prophet of Allah, before any mere miracle is performed? How do you know before any miracle is performed, like when he talks to Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. He didn't show him a miracle. La salatu salam when you talk to her, Deja? Did he show a Khadija any miracle? Did you see something? No, a worker? Did he see something? I'll even not be toilet even though you can say he was young, but he does see something. And then the elderly Muslims, Abdullah Hamid. No. Saddam ABI Waqqas. What is the thing that they saw? From Muhammad Ali salatu salam to make him believe that he's a prophet.

00:42:26--> 00:42:29

So not distant so that you you're not under the impression that

00:42:30--> 00:42:37

I'll sell believe when I see Mr. Jesus, a miracle. The early Muslims the earliest they didn't see it.

00:42:38--> 00:42:47

So why did they believe? Because the message itself, and the person himself testify that this is something special?

00:42:49--> 00:43:20

That's it, these just completely stand out. Right? Because he cannot be a poet. They know exactly what a poet is. Right? They know exactly what a poet is does not fit a poet. That's a category right? They say a poet they know he's doesn't fit a poet. Right? Like today, if you see an honest, I'm sorry, if you see an honest politician, right? You say you don't fit right. That's not your place. That's true. It doesn't you don't fit you that's not your place, because the medium doesn't support that. So a poet

00:43:22--> 00:43:45

is this he's not doesn't fit doesn't behave doesn't talk like that. Magician doesn't fit doesn't talk like this fortune teller. Kahin. No. So it's not this not this not this stands out as a completely unique thing. The Quran stands out as a completely unique thing. So when you hear it, and it agrees, it actually speaks to your fifth law, this must be from allies, speaks to

00:43:46--> 00:43:48

others needed miracles.

00:43:49--> 00:43:52

But not these early Muslims. So this is how they're being sent.

00:43:54--> 00:44:13

But then when you just do the livina, for OB rebel till you get hit will be Hill help. And those who kifaru disbelieved, they are arguing with falsehoods, that's the argument that Allah is criticizing, they're arguing with falsehood. liyu the head will be he'll help to remove the truth.

00:44:14--> 00:44:54

To defeat it sooner, you'd hate to hear as if the truth is stable. And they want to make it slippery standing on slippery grounds of the head is something that will slip so the truth is stable. But they'll come and tell you Do you actually believe in a creator? Do you actually believe in God? Don't you look at the world today and how corrupt and the mess it is. It must not be the product of a wise intelligent this and that arguments that the truth that is firm begins to shake. Do you believe that Muhammad Ali Salatu Salam is a prophet while he did this or did not do that. Do you believe that the Quran Do you believe in this? Do you believe in that? It's what? It's not that they

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

actually want to establish the truth, but they want to shake and destroy the truth. It's

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

So, so they know what they're following is wrong. All right. So you gathered with both the lead Hillary and how, what to her do it woman in the room who's who and they've taken or they had made my errors and their the warnings that they that they've been given as mockery.

00:45:20--> 00:45:24

Not just that the mock them they made them objects of mockery.

00:45:25--> 00:46:08

So the idea of Allah azza wa jal, that includes the ideas that are revealed in the Quran, the I O Muhammad Ali salatu salam being sent the eyes that they you see around you, that the heavens and the earth the animals, you know, humans were everything that happens that's an idea. And all the warnings that come to you from Allah azza wa jal in the book The Death of those who are around you, your own sickness, all of these things, he said the mark them are things that should cause you reverence and fear and love of Allah azza wa jal and reflection it becomes Marguerite so when they hear the than the market and they hear the Quran, the market and when the market it hurts you, or

00:46:08--> 00:46:23

for some people, it shakes their Iman, but Allah azza wa jal is telling you that they're not mocking it because it's worthy of mockery. They're mocking it because they're gonna mock everything. Right? They are willing to mock everything, including you, if you believe.

00:46:24--> 00:46:34

Right? So you believe in a creator in a creator and they will mock that how could you believe in a creator, although it is supposed to be

00:46:35--> 00:46:59

one of the most established truths, that it needs no proof, you know, that, that some people today say what is the proof for the existence of Allah azza wa jal or the existence of God? He said, No, actually, the position was from before is that there is no need for such a proof because Allah's existence is bigger than any other proof.

00:47:00--> 00:47:36

You understand that? What are you going to say, the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun that is this is smaller, in relation to the fact that you have the belief in Allah azza wa jal in your heart, and in your mind, you already have it implanted, you grew up with it, you feel a necessity to believe it. And then a necessity that everything, everything, not just one or two, everything that is around you, is formed by someone who had formed it in your mind. That is an established fact, it does not need proof, just like somebody tells you prove to me that one plus one is equal to two.

00:47:38--> 00:48:00

Where's the proof for that? That's unknown, right? That's based on that you proceed to accumulate other knowledge. Or prove to me that one thing cannot be in two places at the same time. What's the proof? This is a known as a child will know this right? A toddler, they begin to learn that if it's not here, it's there. Right?

00:48:02--> 00:48:19

Right. This is just basic knowledge, the quality and Midori basic knowledge. So to ask prove that Allah azza wa jal does not. But does Allah exist? And you say Allah is bigger than any other proof. Right? But then with enough mockery, people start losing faith.

00:48:20--> 00:48:31

So don't let people's mockery of a position actually shake your iman is as they are gonna mock it all. Then Allah azza wa jal says woman of the moment do Kira Biya to be

00:48:32--> 00:48:47

fair out of the unhappiness em aka de Machida. He says, who's more unjust or committed a greater crime than the one who is reminded of Allah as is Allah signs? And he turns away from them, and he forgets what his hand has done.

00:48:49--> 00:48:58

Does Allah who reminds you, like the disbelievers he reminds them of the Quran? And what do they do? Do they accept it? No, they turn away from it.

00:49:00--> 00:49:20

He's Allah is saying who has committed a greater injustice than that. And when you turn away from Allah's reminders, what happens is that by necessity, you will forget your own mistakes and your own sins. Or as you're supposed to use the Quran to remember what you have done, ask for forgiveness and fix it. So the more that you remember Allah's ideas,

00:49:21--> 00:49:29

you will cause you to reflect on what you have done and what is missing, and to be better. And if for instance, could be somebody's death.

00:49:30--> 00:49:46

Now you could focus on it, and let that benefit you or you can turn away from it because you just don't want to focus on death and you just want to leave it you really live your life. If your attitude is the second, it will not lead you to contemplate what you have done in the past.

00:49:48--> 00:49:51

Right. So your sins will be forgotten.

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

But if you focus on it, and you say his death as a reminder of my own mortality and death, then what have I done for tomorrow?

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

then you will remember, you will not forget. So if you embrace Allah's guidance, you will remember your life and what's missing in it. And in will improve your turn away from Allah's guidance, you'll forget about your own life. This is true for the disbelievers in totality, and in partial and partial manner and also for the believers who are neglectful of Allah azza wa jal. So the more that you neglect Allah's commands, the more that you will partake in that volume, that injustice. So if somebody comes and he tells you, fear Allah, consider that a reminder and don't turn your back to it. If something happens around you to bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal, and you can connect it

00:50:42--> 00:51:03

specially to a sin that you have done, or something that you have missed. consider it to be a reminder from Allah azza wa jal that I maybe I forgotten about the things, the bad things that I've done, and I need to ask Allah for forgiveness, because it's easy to forget, right? Easy to forget about all our mistakes. So then Allah says,

00:51:05--> 00:51:29

in Jannah, Allah Kuru be him akin Nitin, a year for who who are fitter than him Mokra we have placed covers upon their hearts, so that they do not understand it. Will he add any him? Well, Keira, and there is deafness or heaviness in their ears. And that is the tragic consequence of them turning away from Allah xojo. Right.

00:51:30--> 00:51:48

We're entered Mohammed Al Huda. And if you call them to guidance for a year, they do it, and then they will never be guided. That is the tragic consequence of what of not listening to Allah xojo that they have reached the end where the heart is there.

00:51:50--> 00:51:51

But there's a cover.

00:51:52--> 00:51:55

And if there's a cover, they can understand anymore.

00:51:57--> 00:51:57


00:51:58--> 00:52:07

And the ear is there it can hear. You can hear the Quran, it goes in, but you will really understand it.

00:52:08--> 00:52:30

That's what is tragic, right? That it cannot penetrate anymore. And it tells you here that the greatest loss is this loss. And the greatest punishment is this punishment for the heart itself, to lose its receptivity that you hear the Quran and you could check yourself by the way, you hear the Quran, it doesn't move you

00:52:31--> 00:52:57

and you hear the vicar it doesn't move you and you hear reminders in the hotbar they don't move you and lessons and they don't move you and then you have to ask yourself, well, what is happening to this heart? Is it actually still alive? Why isn't it responding? So Allah is saying they're actually barriers between them and their hearts. They don't have fix anymore. Now if you ask them, What did this I mean, they'll tell you.

00:52:59--> 00:53:09

But did it affect you know, you intend to follow? No. Do you accept it? No. So the fifth here is that preceptive Deep M

00:53:10--> 00:53:12

perceptive deep knowledge.

00:53:13--> 00:53:19

deep knowledge, right? There's M and there is fifth. Fifth is deep knowledge. So they have a

00:53:20--> 00:53:37

okay, you remember, maybe you've memorized that Surah or that idea, but you have fixed of it. For COVID Is that you could take it and you could feel it and it changes you or you apply it and you worship Allah azza wa jal with it that's Fick.

00:53:38--> 00:53:40

And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

00:53:42--> 00:53:58

prayed for him to Abbas all the Allahu Anhu be said, Allahu Akbar COVID Deen, Allah give him fill in religion before fiqa Being or meaning the law. This is before that filament what deep understanding in the faith

00:53:59--> 00:54:20

the COVID Dean, so Abbas was able to extract benefits from the Quran with the back of the door of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Right? And there's an etheric part of it that says that you're in a you're in a time where it's fuqaha are plenty and it's it's quite raw are few.

00:54:21--> 00:54:40

And there will come a time where it's Cora and plenty but there are few. So the sahabi was saying and I think it's an ethical low LM is that you're in living in a time where the folk AHA meaning those with deep knowledge are plenty, but the Hora meaning those who have memorized are few.

00:54:41--> 00:54:48

Right? You're gonna come to a time where those who memorize are plenty, but those were deep knowledge are few.

00:54:50--> 00:55:00

So it's not always in correlation. memorization and deep knowledge is great if you have both, but here are

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

allows them to the saying that they have been deprived.

00:55:04--> 00:55:08

And you might say to yourself, as people, some people will say, is it then

00:55:10--> 00:55:26

fair for Allah azza wa jal here to put a seal on them, and now they'll never be guided they can be guided. So still it is it fair to ask them to be guided after Allah put that seal on their hearts and say, well who helped put that seal on their hearts?

00:55:27--> 00:55:27


00:55:29--> 00:55:32

Allah azza wa jal just would put what they put

00:55:33--> 00:56:10

because that would every sin with every rejection with every disbelief, a black spot and other black spot another flag spot and if you don't pay enough attention to this, it becomes so black that it over covers the entire heart and it could reach the level where there is atop the seal and if there is a seal right unless ALLAH has Zoda not Allah of course can unseal whatever he sealed, but at first, unless it when there is a seal, that sit, the light cannot penetrate. So Allah azza wa jal only did to them what they did to themselves so that you don't come back and say, Well, how is this fair? No.

00:56:11--> 00:56:18

So there is going to hear and if you ask them to guide to to be guided, they will not never be guided.

00:56:19--> 00:56:20

And they say here

00:56:21--> 00:56:46

in the construction in the sentence will allow them. It's as if there's a question from the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam as if he's saying, if you can ask them to be guided, say, as if the Prophet is saying, If I guide them, they will they listen, if I keep like, after all of this, if I keep at it, will they listen, after that? See, after this, if I keep trying, if I keep pushing?

00:56:47--> 00:57:03

If I don't give up on them? Will they listen? And it's this is an answer to him. He says, After all of this, even if you keep trying, they're not going to be guided. As if to tell the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. For some people, there's just no hope.

00:57:05--> 00:57:11

For us, of course, we don't make that judgment until a person dies. Right? Because you don't know.

00:57:12--> 00:57:40

Then Allah azza wa jal says what a boo can afford with a Rama and he says and you're Rob and he will have Medallia salatu salam you are Rob is the one who is most forgiving. With immense mercy. Lo you actually don't be mica sub Well, we're here to hold them responsible for the bad for sins that they have done. Large Joella Humala dub, he would rush punishment to them, but the homeowner, but instead they have an appointment, that they will not be able to escape.

00:57:41--> 00:58:22

So here this is consoling, a solace for the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam comfort for him, but also every other believer, as if when you hear that these people will not be guided there are some who have like that, they will not be guided, no amount of effort will help them then you say to yourself, why doesn't Allah destroy them? Just get rid of them right? Why keep them why the why you know, because the more that you keep them, they will introduce more harm, and they will corrupt more, and they will misguide more so why keep them so Allah Azula saying what a boo kill her photos are Rama, Europe, has immense forgiveness and immense mercy.

00:58:23--> 00:58:32

So he says he delays them. Alright, so the kuffar that you see around you today, and maybe some of them you say, what a tyrant. What a killer.

00:58:33--> 00:58:41

What a criminal. Why keep him alive? Why keep him alive? A one one answer is that Allah is giving him what

00:58:43--> 00:58:43


00:58:44--> 00:58:57

Right? There's a chance. That's one answer. That's why he says Waterbrook Allah photos of Rama, otherwise if not, Allah azza wa jal, right, could wipe him out completely everybody.

00:58:58--> 00:59:08

But he says what? I'll delay him, maybe he'll remember maybe he'll change maybe he's repent, maybe there is another, you know, chance for him until what

00:59:10--> 00:59:33

his appointment comes. So Allah says, We all of us on this earth aisle, if Allah were to to hold us responsible for what we have done, he would kill us all. We would deserve it on this earth, this earth would end. But he delays us the pious and those who are not he delays us, so that maybe we will wake up. And he says, but that has an end.

00:59:34--> 00:59:38

And don't be deceived by it. If Allah as the real if you commit a sin today,

00:59:39--> 00:59:43

and you say, Wow, I wasn't punished. It doesn't mean that you've escaped it.

00:59:44--> 00:59:48

It means that Allah delayed you. So maybe it will come to you next week.

00:59:50--> 00:59:58

Or next month, or next year. So Allah is giving you a chance to repent, but if you don't, it's coming.

00:59:59--> 00:59:59


01:00:00--> 01:00:37

It's like you do something bad and you trip. And you fall on. You see, it's this because of that, like at the time of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam There was once a man. And it was a woman walking by. And then he kind of looked, and he kept looking. And he kept looking looking like until he hit the wall. And he hit his head, and he started bleeding. Right? That was for this. That was for this, and he went to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And he asked him about this and that they you know, and he recommended that a Salatu was Salam that he would pray with them. He said, Do you pray with us? So good deed after a bad deed. But I'm saying you could sometimes relate the bad

01:00:37--> 01:01:00

that you did, to something bad that follows, right? happens, right? And sometimes you say, Oh, I escaped it. Nothing bad happens today actually was a good day after I've done something bad. It didn't mean that you actually escaped. It means Allah azza wa jal is merciful with you. So actually, you should be on edge watching for what could happen. But instead of that, do what?

01:01:01--> 01:01:17

ask Allah for forgiveness. Okay, wipe the record clean, do something good so that you can escape that. So there's Allah azza wa jal says, but they will have an appointment and they will not be able to escape it. And then he said, Finally, and that's the final area.

01:01:18--> 01:01:27

Allah azza wa jal says, and one benefit, by the way here before we leave that area, because how Allah Zota delays people and he does not rush to punish them.

01:01:29--> 01:01:46

Consider that in how you behave as well. That is, if Allah Zota is very lenient with you, and he delays your punishment, and he wants to forgive you because why does he believe it delay you because he wants to forgive you. In the same manner, don't rush and punish people.

01:01:48--> 01:02:17

You will hear me say that is if Allah is really patient with you, you try to be patient with people. And if he doesn't immediately punish you don't as soon as you see someone doing something bad boom, you punish him. I got you know, consider Allah's Rama with you so that you also can be merciful with the meaning extended, extended. If Allah conceals your sin, conceals people's sin.

01:02:18--> 01:02:55

And if Allah forgives you you forgive and have our overlook something are we asking Allah overlook this then you overlook it? Or do you Allah give me ease? Don't be difficult with people. Right? Oh, you remember on that day what you said and update the you look this way. And this show you counting the minor sins, and the minor major sins. But then you asking your Allah forgive me all my sins. If you are you want to be forgiven, then forgive, you want ease then be easy, don't be difficult. Right? So that is to be taken here from that. And the final idea here. And Allah says,

01:02:56--> 01:03:23

again, as a reminder, what's it called Aura Alekna hula mandala, mudra anelli, Malik, amo, Aida, and those cities and those people, we destroyed them when they were unjust. And we have made to their own given to their destruction and appointed time, meaning that Quraysh are the aggressors of the day. If Allah is delaying, you don't think he forgot about you, you know the nations before you because you've seen them.

01:03:24--> 01:03:29

You've seen them. And maybe the advantage of being at the time at that time,

01:03:30--> 01:03:57

is that they actually could pass by and they see these ruins. Or we don't have maybe that luxury, right? Or that benefit of that lesson. But the people of loot the people of add the people of thermwood they could actually pass by and they could see the ruins and they know those people lived here and those people lived here. So he says you know them and you know that they were destroyed. So Allah destroyed them at an appointed time. So don't think that you could escape.

01:03:58--> 01:04:21

Each has an appointed time of destructions if they disobey Allah azza wa jal. So we stop here insha Allah so that next week when Allah azza wa jal we can have dedicated to the story of Musa and Al harati ma Salam. But now in sha Allah we stop here with the La zoodle and let me know if you have questions and show a lot of banana either from this week or from last week as

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well ya

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Following is a short way

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convey already

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01:04:49--> 01:04:59

Zakah Allah here, so the brother is asking he says that, The ayah that says here which is if 57 If you ask them to have you invite them to be guided, they will never be guided

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

So if those people will never be guided, what benefit does delay them, delaying them bring if they will never be guided. So for sure, some will never be guided. And some that we don't know they are disbelievers at that moment, they will be guided because Allah azza wa jal had delayed them. So the disbelievers are of two categories, those who will never be guided, and those who when you delay them, they will be guided like the people of whorish in Mecca. So some died in disbelief, and some eventually or most of them came back to Islam. But those people who are delayed and they will never be guided, what is the benefit, if that's the thing that we didn't talk about? What is the benefit

01:05:39--> 01:06:24

of keeping them when they will never be guided? So the benefit is that, first of all, is that they become a test for the believers, that they become an instrument like Pharaoh, they become a test for the believers. So because of them, some believers become martyrs. And some believers become Mujahideen for the sake of Allah as they did and they sacrifice and they lose a lot for the sake of Allah, just to oppose the falsehood and champion what Allah loves. So their presence helps the Eman of the believers and also their demise eventually, after they gather all of that power becomes a final blow to falsehood, because they gather all this strength and they become its symbol, and when

01:06:24--> 01:06:37

they fall, the falsehood everybody can see, that this person was mighty and strong and live than promised and all of that that person was broken. So there are benefits in it though they are not going to be

01:06:38--> 01:06:50

reformed. So this sort of book will refer to the Rama refers to those who will come back to Allah azza wa jal not to those who Allah had decided nothing will happen to the no guidance.

01:06:52--> 01:06:53


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anyone else? Are we ready to give the other

01:06:58--> 01:07:04

I believe zircon Allah Subhana Allah we have a shadow stuffer aka to boiling