This is not only a question for Iblees

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Alonzo Shelton questioned him on amendment aka let us do the AMA took a lot of soil he said the police

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what prevented you from making a search there the second I commanded you,

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Kenny, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not destroy a person or a nation or a people until he questions them for the wrong even if lease before locker steamy questioned him. He said the man Iraq, what prevented you from making the search that I commanded you to do? And you see this question. It's not only for a lease, it's for each and every single person that neglects a loss obligations.

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early today when you didn't pre selected name an arc, what prevented you from from praying so on earth and first year the second Allah commanded you to do it?

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You know, Adam and a please. Allah azza wa jal is reprimanding him because he did not make the search that on time had he made the search the two, three minutes later it would have been useless. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us to be him the second He calls us the second He calls us a solid and then he's made you drop everything and you come to a solid, you disregard your sleep and you get up on a bond begins the second he begins, you get into the form and mode of worship. monarch is

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what prevented you what prevented you from fulfilling those obligations? The second he commanded you to do it, when you choose a day to pay your captain man? Why do you delay it fall? Pay it the second the luck and then did you to do so. And this goes on with every worship of Allah azza wa jal, my brothers in Islam, delaying the obligation is a crime. delaying the obligation is a sin against the law. This is what he believes is being reprimanded for them and aka Allah, Judah is Amal talk