Think 1000 months, not 83 years

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Laila hyaluron mean official and an either, you know, sometimes I do see these messages and these things that go around on WhatsApp and social media, people try to 1000 months equals 283 years and a couple of months What for? What is this? Why is this useless calculation for if a loan wanted to say at three years, he would have said at three years, if a loan wanted to say he would have said later two min at three years, or familiar or buy for less than whatever, Nina Santa Paula didn't say that. He said, Min unoffical unofficial, sounds bigger, because we're living in the month of Ramadan. We're living in the month of Ramadan. So it only sounds suitable to say 1000 months. You know how

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incredible This is. Because when you're fasting Ramadan, as you come towards the end 20 days of fasting seems to be something that, you know, well, it actually took a lot of energy out of a solar mobile, we had the fast from the first day, you people that are in Australia find it much more easier, because the days are shorter, and it's cold weather. But people around the world like myself and others living under the heat 16 hours of the day we're fasting, the IE D is the idea is that it takes a toll. It takes a toll. And you need to exhaust all efforts and make your plans you better have support. Otherwise you might not be able to do the whole day. And then football comes you're so

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excited. And so Pamela but the idea is is when when the last 10 nights approach, and that's when a lot of other is you're thinking man, we fasted a month, that month was heavy. Now in that context a lot you seem to imagine doing 1000 of those because Allah said Laila to call the Hiraman official say in context it's like amazing imagine doing 1000 of those. Imagine fasting 1000 months and praying the nights of 1000 months. Now he says that night of Lee little cuddle

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alpha sharp it is better than fasting goes 1000 months and praying 1000s of months sopin a lot so avoid this kind of calculation of 83 years and then it doesn't fit into the context of the air people it doesn't fit stay with Word of Allah because that's where the the motivation is low wanted to say it in easy would have said it in his later to continue higher min. Alfie Ciao