Dunia Shuaib – Ramadan a time of forgiveness

Dunia Shuaib
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Here. I've got a cat that hamdulillah for the blessing of being able to witness the secret and blessings month, a month of forgiveness, mercy and freedom from the hellfire. a month so amazing, so powerful, so full of virtues. That one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his beloved companions, or the Alolan home, the month of Ramadan has come a blessing month, in which Allah subhana wa tada has obligated you to fast and in it, the gates of the heavens are open. And in it the gates of the Hellfire are close. And in it the devils are chained and within it is a very special night, a night that is better than 1000 months. And then he said,

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Whoever is deprived of its good is truly deprived.

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We are witnessing the greatest Knights of the year. ones that we don't know if we'll be fortunate enough to witness again during these multiplicity of days. Would you like to be of those who rushed to the forgiveness of Allah and Jenna? I know I would. Allah subhana wa tada said in Sudan earlier imraan were Sadie Oh, Ilana Farah, Tim Minar have become what Jeanette and Aldo has somewhere to well, over a decade when we're talking

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and hastin rush towards the forgiveness from your Lord, and the paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth. SubhanAllah Who is this forgiveness and paradise that is so great, promised and prepared for a lost power that answers that question, or a dead snake with ducklin prepared for them with Ducky and those who are mindful of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So now we might be thinking, do these special people these look ducane have any characteristics that we can know about so that we can try and work and be amongst them and they'll answers and lithium ion Phil kona fissara he will the raw he will call the mean and either will AFI Nana nurse will love who you have Will my see me. Those who spend in charity and they give during times of ease and times of hardship. And those who control their anger when they're angry and upset, and they forgive people. And Allah loves those who are doers of good may lawmakers from them alumni me. So we are all here because we're on a journey working towards a collarbone selling a sound heart.

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That heart which leads to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw, taala and Jenna

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and I know it's easier said than done. But to be special, to be extraordinary. takes work to acquire anything that is great takes hard work. So what about Jenna and the pleasure of Allah? One of the characteristics of a help Celine is described in that beautiful idea that we just recited. It is a heart that forgives for the sake of Allah, one that is not filled with malice and grudges towards others. And I know forgiveness isn't easy for some of us, especially when the offense was so great. And I know that every single one of us at some point in our lives to different degrees have been hurt by others. And I'm so sorry you had to go through that experience. And I pray that Allah

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subhanaw taala rewards you human spleen heals your pain. I know it's challenging to forgive those who heard us. But we must understand that holding on to a grudge harms no one, but our own selves. And forgiveness is not something we do for the person who hurt us. And it's not because they necessarily deserve it. First and foremost, we do it for Allah subhanho wa Taala and then for ourselves so that we can find peace and move on and so that we can gain the pleasure and the forgiveness and the great reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala so that we can work on acquiring a college Saleem, just to be clear, forgiveness is not about validating or justifying other people's

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wrongdoing to you.

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It's not making what they did, okay? It wasn't okay. It's about giving yourself permission to let go. And to not allow that person to control your emotions, to give up that valuable space that they're taking in your heart for something better

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Forgiveness is an emotional gift that you and I can give ourselves. Letting go of these grudges is so important for our mental health. And if you would like to learn more skills to help yourself, nurture and cultivate your mental wellness, join me for journey 2021, which is an online self paced program to teach you how to achieve spiritual and psychological wellness. And as a token of appreciation for spending time with me today, I'd like to offer you a discount, use the coupon code, I'll be 20 for 20% off. Join me and the other instructors, as I would love to have you. And I'd like to leave you with one last thought. Our beloved Prophet salaallah heini he was the one who was

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physically and emotionally harmed by so many people

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who was hurt for so many years by the words and actions of others. He this man once stood on the pulpit and gave his beloved ones some sincere advice. He sulla while he was in them said be merciful to others and you will receive mercy from Allah subhana wa Tada. forgive others and Allah will forgive you. May Allah subhana wa tada forgive all of our sins on this very blessed day. May He subhanaw taala give us the ability to forgive others for his sake, Mahir Sopranos Allah grant us all a calm selling. May we all be written among those who are freed and forbidden from the hellfire. And may He subhanho wa Taala gift us all Jenna with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah Ameen.

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