Some Have Fulfilled Their Promise And Some Are Waiting

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either now or have you been named Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam yeah you Hala Nina Amira tabula Hapa toccata he will have to tune in to Misty moon. Yeah, you are NASA Takotsubo Mala the Holika come in FC Wahida to holla come in has Ojha Baba thymine hamari Geralyn cathedral when he saw what Tapachula Lolita and whenever he went home in Allahu carnality Kamala Bieber yeah you have Latina Hammond on top hola hola. Kulu golden said either use the Halacha mama look and we'll be looking with an Uber calm What are y'all doing let her What are solo who've got 1000 Now the man my bad friends talking to Eddie keytab Allah wa Halal how

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do you how do you Mohammedan son Allah when he was Selim Machado moody Mahathir to Aquila, mcdata timbira will collaborate and Allah Allah will call it a lot of them for now.

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And a signal Malika lon who.

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He narrates that he was named after his uncle and a sibling, another for the loved one.

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And he narrates to us his final moments and a verse in the Quran that was revealed about his uncle and those like him and the topic of our hotbar today.

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He says that his uncle Mr. Battle of weather

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was Chaka Allah hedonic, and it was very like heavy upon him that he missed the greatest day, or one of the greatest days in the history of Islam, Yeoman for corneal multiple Gman, the day the two armies met. And so he say, he said that if Allah who were to allow me to witness another battle with the Prophet of Allah Salam, salam, now Leia Orien, Allahumma asna, I indeed will, Allah will certainly see what I will do.

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And unless one thematic says he didn't say anything beyond that, so as not to be too bold, but he made a commitment to himself that if Allah gives me the chance, I will show my sincerity to Allah subhana wa Tada. And it wasn't long after the Battle of better where he had his chance in the Battle of ahould when the Muslims were initially winning the battle as we know, and the archers came down from the mountains, and they were attacked from behind and, and the army became

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intertwined with one another, the front ranks of the bank rags back ranks, Muslims were fighting Muslims and those Nanos from behind it was a it was a mess. And in this chaos, a rumor went around the the process of them was was was killed. And so some of the Sahaba hearing that they didn't know what to do, and as we know, some sat down some flood the mountain someone back to Medina. No, no, no, no God is there.

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And he made this vow to Allah

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that Allah who will most certainly see from me the truthfulness in my desire if he gives me the chance and so as he sees Muslims sitting down he says hola hola in the Abu Dhabi they come and mess on our heart without Oh Allah, I am free from what these people are doing.

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What I tell you, they come in Mehsana hola and I take part in from what these people are doing I need the Muslim mean who sat and left the battle and the machine Nikita who are fighting the Muslims. And then he goes for and he meets side of and more either lon who Allah.

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And he tells sad, yes, I have to know Yes, Adam the more has an agenda to one another. He says oh side paradise I swear by my father, Paradise paradise in the legendary Hammond Dooney. I can indeed smell its fragrance from around the mountain of a hood. And he went forth and he fought bravely and valiantly until he was murdered after he was struck over at times,

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is in southern Morocco. The one who the Throne of Allah shook at his death. He sees a messenger of Allah, I could not do an assessment of did.

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He had an opportunity to show his truthfulness and sincerity to Allah subhanho wa taala. And he showed it and Allah revealed the verse is about him. where Allah says, Meena meanie natty John sada goon

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la ha ha. That mean whom called Ana Hubba, who I mean whom may deadly one. Then who tubidy Allah says amongst the believers are men

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who were true in their promise they made to Allah subhanho wa Taala for men who monka Dona hubba. And amongst them are those who fulfilled that promise that vow that they made

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women who may until the

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end amongst them also worse are some who are waiting for the chance

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aims to fulfill that promise. Why am I but that will tap dealer and they did not change in the least bit.

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And it's a pneumatic. He says this verse was revealed about my uncle onus and another and those like him, like most of even homemade and hands I've never even looked at it in the others who were murdered in the battle hood.

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Now when we look at the understanding of this verse, how do we understand this verse, many have understood it to be that mencoba Allah says, some of them are those who fulfilled their promise. And that means that those who died in the path of Allah will mean who may until they die and some are waiting, meaning waiting either for shahada or for nurserymen Allah either for shahada or for victory from Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is the common understanding of the verse. But then we come across a very interesting narration

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imitating the records and others authentic hadith, in which in a time in which the companions were shy to ask the Prophet of ALLAH, any questions out of reverence for the Prophet of Allah, when they would see a stranger in Medina, they would ask him the questions to ask the Prophet of Allah says Allah. So a Bedouin man foreign to Medina comes into the masjid, and they see him so they tell him, go ask the Prophet of Allah, about me, men, kovanda, who were those who fulfilled that promise, as the verse said, and sort of the last verse 23.

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So the man goes to the Messenger of Allah.

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And he says, a messenger of Allah, Who is the one or who are the ones, whom in monka Namba who fulfilled their promise to Allah.

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So the process and I'm remain silent and ignored him.

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And then he asked a second time, and again, the prophet ignored and then he asked a third time, and again, the percent have ignored him. Then third, Heaven obey the law, he stands up, he says, I was near the door of the masjid. And I was wearing a green garment.

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And the prophet of allah sallallahu he was set himself on high standing. And then he says, Aina side or mencoba? And where is the man who was asking you about those who fulfilled their promise to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he said, Here I am a messenger of Allah. And the Prophet, I'm says, had that moment of dawn. And he pointed to what happened to be the law. He says Tala had been obeyed the law is someone who has fulfilled his promise. And another Hadith he says, met a habit and young daughter in law, Julian young, she, and I watch him out, whoever would like to see a man who was walking on the surface of the earth. Welcome to the Nakba. And he indeed fulfilled his promise to Allah, then

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young lord ILAHA, and he pointed for having to be the law.

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But that has a life.

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Allah has not died a shaheed.

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And so the question then is how do we understand the ayah? Because the verse says, There are believers who are true, who are sincere in their promises, they made their vow they made to Allah subhanho wa Taala somehow fulfilled that promise and others are waiting, women who may intervene, some are waiting.

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So how do we understand the IRA?

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What we understand is that it's not necessarily those who died in the path of Allah. But rather, those who fulfilled their promise their vow, they played the role that was necessary for them to play at that moment in time and in doing so. Allah granted them Jana

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been having to obey the law in the battle? Oh, do you know who the hero was of the Battle of ahould. It was fun having to obey the law. He was the one who defended the Prophet with his body and was taking swords and arrows into his body. He was the one whose finger was cut off, he was the one whose arm became paralyzed, defending the Messenger of Allah. So I said, um, he was the one who bent down when the messenger of Allah was trying to climb up a boulder, and he was weakened by his injuries and he was wearing two sets of armor and he wasn't able to climb up, but has squatted down and lifted the Prophet of Allah up until the prophesy centum said, Oh, Jabba Tala has been granted

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And that's why he didn't leave the battle until he told Hassan and Musavat good and faithful ha say poetry in honor of Baja. So he recited lines of poetry, Abu Bakar, reciting lines of poetry and the like, but not having to repeat them. That was the hero ahead. But he wasn't martyred in the Battle of ahould. That's why we know the commons the famous story of mathematics and I found when he funded when he continued donating and donating and donating the J show was going out until the Prophet of Allah so I sent him he said, Man, man, Miami, Nevada Yama, man will not be harmed about by by whatever he does after today. That's why we know the companion of how to how to live in Velda who

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participated in the Battle of bed at the same battle and it's been another wish he was there at

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infintech Mecca you fast forward to near the end of the life of the prophet so I settled on when the President was getting ready to go to Mecca and it was a secret nobody knew Mecca didn't know even Medina didn't know. The Prophet kept it under tight.

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and finally when the announcement was made half of he wrote a letter and he sent it to Mecca to warn them about what the Muslims are coming, but he didn't do it out of cover. But he did it because he didn't have family there and he was thinking in case anything goes wrong. And if case anything goes bad, I they owe me a favor and because I warned them,

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but Allah revealed the rest of them that he did so. And so the letter that he sent was captured before it was reached the Mecca and brought back and how that was brought before the Prophet of Allah salAllahu Salam.

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And the Prophet asked him Why did you do that? And he said, O Messenger of Allah don't rush to judgment I didn't do it out of disbelief in you nor in hoping you would be killed. I didn't do it for that. I simply was I was afraid for myself but I didn't do out of disbelief. I'm gonna have Baba standing there hearing this he admits to treason. So we still messenger of Allah let me cut off this the head of this field that wasn't messing around.

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And you know, the Prophet said, I'm told, Bobby sees value that he can add in Allah Allah Allah Allah any better. Oh, Amara, how do you know that perhaps Allah looked down upon the people have edited and said Faqad manual, mash it to do whatever you want.

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And so the point is, when Allah says for minimum mencoba and ABA, there are those who fulfill their promise to Allah, the verse it meant it mentions the necessary ingredients that now only qualify and a certain another member so I'm gonna remain in Hamza but can qualify, all of us can, quote, qualify anybody in from the Obama homicide send them from the time of his to the time of the day of judgment from here to for the scene to suit down to anywhere in the world. They can meet the qualities of this verse and get the reward that this verse promises and the next verse promises. So what is it

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a cynical Mahalla? minelute me? Nina Dijon. Sada Kuma Had Allah Holly amongst the believers are men and women who were sincere in their commitment in their promises to Allah subhanho wa taala. A simple Mahala.

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That's why the promises sent him he told the better one man

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he told him that in telestroke, Allah Yes, look, if you are sincere, towards Allah will fulfill your wish this Bedouin had gone out with the Messenger of Allah companions.

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And when he got some booty award, he came to the Prophet he said, O Messenger of Allah, I, I didn't go out for this. I don't want any of the, the aneema

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He says rather a messenger of Allah, I would love to meet Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Perhaps an arrow would strike my throat and come out from the back. And now what Daya Shaheed and approximate I'm told them if you are sincere, Allah who will give you your wish. And not soon thereafter, he said that statement, the battle ensued, another battle ensued. And he was brought carried to the Prophet of Allah. And the Prophet I sent him saw him and he said, Who is this the same man who just made that statement? And they said, Yes, he is. And the prophesied of Solomon said southern Allah for sadaqa he was truthful, sincere to Allah. So Allah fulfilled his wish, in his sincerity, his desire, and then the Prophet of Allah took off his own cloak, and wrapped him in that

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cloak and pray Janessa upon himself and made do out for him. That's why the Prophet of Allah says enemy sees in a heavy Allahumma haga he made dua for him, but then he sees in the Hadith about about the one he says man said Allah shahada, he said, Whoever asked Allah for shahada with sincerity, he says, Beloved, beloved, beloved hula hoop and as he the shahada, when he met Anna fellowship, Allah will give him the rank of martyrs, even if he dies on his bed.

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Again, sincerity in your truthfulness and sincere desire for Allah subhanho wa taala. If you're interesting Hadith, the prophet I'm saying the people have four kinds, there are kinds who have wealth and knowledge. So their, their knowledge gives them Taqwa. And so they spend their wealth, fulfilling the rights of Allah and keeping the ties of kinship. And that is the best type of person. And then there's a second person who Allah has given knowledge, but has not given any wealth to or not given much wealth to. But in his knowledge of how he is supposed to spend his wealth, he has a sincere intention that Oh, Allah, if you were to give me Well, I would spend it in your cause I

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would fulfill your rights, and I would keep the ties of kinship. So the President says that he and the one who spends all his money are the same budget.

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Even though he didn't spend a penny, he may not spend a penny his whole life because he doesn't have that ability, but because of his sincerity of intention.

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Allah gives him the same reward as someone who may have spent millions in the path of Allah, keeping the ties of family and spending into account sadaqa. And then the other two types of people are the opposite. One who doesn't have knowledge but has well

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Right. The second category had not had wealth, but no knowledge had had knowledge but no wealth. The third has wealth but no knowledge. So he doesn't know how to spend the money. He doesn't keep the ties of kinship. He doesn't fulfill Allah's rights. The president says this is the worst kind of person, then a fourth person who has neither money nor knowledge. But if he had the money, he's looking at this person who's spending and haram and not doing fulfilling the rights of Allah. He says, I wish I could be like him. And Allah says this fourth person, even though he has no money is equal and sin to the life of the third person. But you see where your sincerity can get you where

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your sincerity of intention can get you. So the first ingredient This is outlines for us is slipped by Allah, sincerely with your promise to Allah and your commitment to Allah subhanho wa taala. All of us you will know there's no one here who does not have a desire for a free Palestine. There is no one here who wouldn't give their their whatever they could to save a child, or to bring medicine to a Indian mother or an elderly man.

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Nobody wants fair anything. So if you are sincere in that, then Allah will reward you like that. But then Allah diverse says, mean who mencoba Anna hubba women who may into other

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women who may until it

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in there are those who are waiting,

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waiting for what's

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waiting for that opportunity.

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Waiting for that chance

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that perhaps I can show my sincerity to Allah subhanho wa taala. Perhaps I can do something.

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To help those who are oppressed to uplift the downtrodden to heal the sick to treat the injured, maybe I can do something.

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Women who may until it. And if you're in that category, then it's upon you to prepare your hearts to prepare yourself.

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So when the opportunity comes, you can give you can help Allah if you can save someone. But this verse kept, you know, as I was preparing, thinking, what do I talk about for this cookbook, this verse kept going through my mind because when you see the videos that we see, and I just saw again today a video of a of a journalist, who was his last video he posted. And it was with his 11 month old daughter, and with his wife, and they're in their home, and he's holding his wife is holding their 11 month old daughter and the bombs are literally shaking the walls and the windows of the house.

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And imagine just for a moment, I just kept going, What is life like?

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I mean for them literally what mean 1 million tell them and some are waiting. It's as if they're waiting for for death.

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Waiting for the next bomb that it's gonna have. And then this man who posted that video a few days later, it was a month ago, but a few days later, he died.

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He started his own film company. And of course, we know journalists are the primary target along with physicians and academics.

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He was killed. And he left behind his 11 month old orphaned daughter,

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woman whom they until it and some of them are literally sitting in waiting, waiting for what? waiting for death

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or waiting for help, or waiting for victory waiting for shahada

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when you see Doctor of Law sign the plastic surgeon who's there and he says he literally said in his own words, I have come to peace with her. I've come to terms that I might die.

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When you see Dr. Nadar who is in the hospital, and his own father is brought in as one of those who are killed. He's treating his own family, women who may until then

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some are waiting and they're thinking that maybe I'm next and my family's next for Subhan Allah, the Prophet of Allah so I sent him he was asked ya rasool Allah Mab I mean, you've tested a few Kobudo him Illa Shahid, O Messenger of Allah, how is it that all the believers can be tried and tested in their grave? There will be a test in the grave except for the Shaheed is the promise I sent him he says Kefa BB be bad party. So you see he fits in. It's enough of the flashing of the swords over their heads is enough of a fitness so they don't have the fitness of the grave. So what then of the fitna of bombs 1000 2000 palms that bound bombs falling over the heads of the brothers and sisters

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women who may until

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they're waiting, they're waiting for Shahada. They're waiting for the help of Allah. They're waiting for people around the world to stand up. And you and I are also waiting. We're waiting for what the opportunity to help the opportunity to make a difference. You and I when we have that desire to pray in a free Aqsa when you and I had the desire to know to not see

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any more children displaced in Sudan when you and I have the desire for Muslims, for non Muslims for people to have to live free of oppression, to live with food and clean water when you have that sincere desire, woman who may until then Allah will reward you for that sincere desire. If you are truthful with Allah

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Minami nearly done Sadako ma de la la la Concordia that was suffered all the way to conference Sophia who never for right

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now smell human or human hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen of satsang Rasulullah who Allah Allah, he was a big mine.

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What we learned from this verse,

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verse number 23,

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is that it's not just dying for the sake of Allah as we see 25,000 Palestinians have now died, over 10,000 children but it's not just dying. It's living for the sake of Allah.

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Are you and I ready and willing and committed to live our life for Allah, to change our life? To live off things that we shouldn't be doing? To engage more and things we should be doing to building our email and building our Taqwa increasing in our good deeds.

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Maybe it's easy a moment and you're gone.

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But what about living a life for Allah? What about when you're called to donate? What about when you're called to Salah? What about when you call to to hedge with whenever you're called to fasting

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than sadaqa? And the like, are we willing to do that? And if we are, then perhaps we can be like minded and have fun. When the Prophet of Allah said Nothing will harm him after today, or half of it will be built out when you participate in the Battle of better and he did something so grave.

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But Allah perhaps looked at him and said, Do what you want, you are forgiven.

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Sincerity with Allah, followed by action. That's what Allah asks of us. So we ask Allah to give us that sincerity. We ask God to make us amongst the truthful and the sincere, we ask Allah to make us amongst those who would be keys to victory for the Muslims and for the steam and keys, the lifting of oppression from people around the world, we ask Allah to make us amongst those who feed those who are hungry and give water to those who are thirsty We ask Allah to allow us to be amongst those who treat those who are sick and allow us to to provide medicine to those who need medicine. We ask Allah to make us amongst those who will be amongst the machete and hide the keys to goodness and and

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blessings in our communities in the world around us. We ask Allah to give victory to the people of Gaza and the people of Philistine We ask Allah to allow us to pray in mercy lotsa when it is free and we are in security, we ask Allah to lift that oppression from them and to give them victory over their enemies. Oh Allah we asked you to help the people of Sudan. We asked you to to help the people of Burma and the people of China and the people all over the world who are struggling and suffering Oh Allah, You are our Lord. Oh Allah, our cries and the tears of our children are not hidden from you. Oh Allah, the cries of the mothers are not hidden from you. Oh Allah, the tears of the fathers

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are not hidden from you. Oh Allah, the pain of the children and the pain of the mothers and the fathers of Allah are not hidden from you. Oh Allah, you are more merciful to us than our own mothers. Oh Allah you are more generous to us and anyone who is generous so Allah we asked you We beg of you to show your kindness and your mercy and your gentleness to the Ummah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, O Allah lift from upon us the oppression of the oppressors, all that lifted upon us the oppression of their presence, oh Allah free us and allow us to be those who can live freely and humbly in worshipping you freely Oh Allah and Allah Allah we ask you to allow us to be as servants

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to your servants. So Allah we ask you to be mercy to the people of this earth Allahumma Amin welcome devotee how the wealthy Masada