Abu Bakr Zoud – The Quranic Story of the man who died 100 years

Abu Bakr Zoud
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A lot of storage and he tells us you sort of tell a story about a man. Oh can lovey Miranda Korea.

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Russia, there was a man in the past. No one saw him he saw no one. Only Allah saw him and Allah mentioned in the Quran, the story of this man and what he went through. A lot of social tells us a man in the past Miranda Korea Tina Hall we're to Nana Lucia. He passed by a town and the town they say it was bait to knock this. Well here we are to Nana Lucia. At the time he passed by this town, it was hardware. Allah Lucia. It was ruined. It was destroyed. The walls had fallen down. The animals have perished and died. The water wells were useless. There was absolutely no one in this town. It was dead. A dead town a ghost town. Well, here we are to Nana Lucia. This man he was on his

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donkey. And he had his food and he had his water with him. So he passed by this town. And he said he looked at everything dead. And he said and he has he left.

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He asked the question How is a lot going to revive this town after he has died? how he's going to bring life to this town. Where would the water come from? How would the trees grow? How would the crops grow? Where would live forming this town? I know you hear the LA bar

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immediately right then and there. A lot of social wants to teach this man something for the hula hoop marathon. He's on his donkey he fell off he died. Allah cause death upon him. He died. His food fell off and his donkey died as well. How many is Mere

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100 years he died

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through navassa

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Botha after 100 years. A lot of social resurrected him. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him

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How long did you die for? How long? He answered. He said Karna Levy's to young woman Oh Baba yom I think in my estimation in my calculation, I probably was dead for half a day or one day 100 years. Look how time passes time is quickly goes by really quick. He felt it like a day or half a day. Don't waste your time tangos quick call on a lobbyist we own an Obama I own a lot of social city in Bella Vista Miata hub. He died 100 years now. Listen to Allah city. He said to him fonville illa paramiko sharabi Kalamata Sana. His problem was his knowledge about Allah who was limited. He was ignorant about Allah. When he came to town, he question How does Allah revive this? He doesn't know

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who Allah is. Allah wants to teach him something about himself. So a lot of social setting, look at your food and your water. Let me at the center, meaning lemmya

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mahmoodi seen that your food and your drink look at it, it's still fresh as it is. It did not change. By time it did not change it to you know, what's the miracle in this? that food is the quickest thing on earth that rots. You put a salad on the table now, come after 12 hours. It's gone. It's finished. You cannot eat it anymore. You put a fruit and open it up 24 hours less than that it's rotten. No one eats it. The quickest thing on earth the trots its food law. So I shall preserve these food, no refrigeration, no nothing. no preservatives. The food was preserved and fresh as it is. Even the 100 years passed by one vote allow paramiko shalabi Columbia data center. A lot of

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social he said to him wonderful Eli Merrick. Wasn't he on a donkey? The donkey had died. The donkey had been eaten by the earth. Nothing is left of the donkey only bit of pieces of bones and they were scattered all over the place. So he sold his donkey. what was left of it only bones. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said Illa him Eric.

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Even when she's manic suhaila all of a sudden, this miraculous site occurs and happens right before his eyes, the wounds they come to each other and they begin to form to with each other. And then a lot of social begins to dress these bones with me. Kay Fennec suhaila and all of a sudden his donkey rose, and his donkey was alive once again. Ready for him to ride on once again. Wonderful. ilahi Merrick Molina Sharla, the nurse

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kayfun when she's manic suhaila by the end of all this, this man he reached the conclusion

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On level one Allahu Allah Khalifa in Kadir. Finally his conclusion was, now I know and I am certain that Allah is capable over all things by brothers and sisters in Islam. This is something new and I always say, Allahu Allah colletion encoded this man, he deserved to die 100 years to learn something about Allah

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100 years to learn something about Allah subhanho wa Taala to learn and to be certain that Allah is capable over all things that you and I say I love coding. But how much do you believe in? How much are you convinced of this statement in your life? When trouble happens in your life? Are you quick to say Allahu Allah koalition Kadir when you fall in debt, and you're worried you can no longer pay your debt off? Do you say Allahu Allah colletion Kadir, when you're looking for marriage, and you cannot get married, how certain are you? And you sit with yourself and you say, Allahu Allah.

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how certain I have that.

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You see, the statement is easy to see. But this man had to die 100 years to learn this lesson. Allahu Allah, Alicia included.

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How much do you believe? How much are you certain in the fact that Allah is capable of all things in your life? capable of removing all your worries, and your sadness and your sorrow and your anxiety and your distress? How much are you convinced of this matter?

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