Abandoning the Quran – Not Reflecting Upon It

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu line was said at the beginning I mean, he was having a Jemaine why Chateau en la ilaha illa Allah What the Who? lashley cara, why should you know Mohammad Abdu was low Salawat why he will send m one E to slimming kathira and bhandal very the best speech is a speech of Allah the Quran and the best guidance is the guidance that came to us in the form of the authentic Suna of Prophet Mohammed Salah nonwhite, he said, we have not ceased to deal with to be dealing with some of the I got from Surah Al Furqan that describe the battle right man we choose servants of our right man and the other if uncertain for time that

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tells us about the newbies a Mullah who it was selling them coming yomo qiyamah and complaining to his Lord and our Lord Robin Coleman. It definitely had a pour on manager Oh my Lord, my people have abandoned the Quran. The abandonment of the Quran today brothers and sisters in this blessed day of Ramadan, because we have fasted 23 days today is the 23rd day of Ramadan. here in Birmingham, we have a few minutes inshallah and then McGurk will be here. And then we'll be in the fourth the 24th night, one of the even nights from the nights that last two nights of Ramadan. So we're going to deal with an issue that is considered to be abandoned in the Quran. And many people also fall into

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and when we mentioned in these things as examples were mentioned in them as a warning, as a warning. We want to warn the people we don't want to be of the people who closed the doors of Rama and hoping for Lord's mercy we're not like that. I want to be let the people were like that they're the most wretched and the most destroyed from the people, the ones who close the door and Allah's creatures in his servants and say no, you can't make Toba. How are you going to make tober and I'm only psychedelic as long as you are living you can make Toba inshallah Isaiah gel. So the first group and category of people that we want to talk about today and one ourselves and warn you from being with

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these people, or the people read the Quran, and they don't read the Quran with a dub book, or Tamil or teracles. They read the Quran without concern concentration, without consideration without really stepping in and taking on board there those people read the Quran like the Baba Yaga the Baba is the parrot. The parrot you could teach him anything you could teach him the st. inshallah. So panela piling on a cracker, you could teach him almost anything, but does he understand those words that are coming out of his mouth? We can't read the Quran, like the parrot, and we just pair it off is that we're not understanding because Allah has revealed the Quran and explained the reasons why he

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rebuilt the Quran. And one of the reasons why the Koran has been revealed is for the book as he mentioned subhana wa Taala we're en Zana la kal keytab. Mubarak.

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The debreu iottie What do you tell veker? All Alabama We have revealed the Quran to you yeah, Mohammed and it is blesses Mubarak is Mubarak is blessed. And we built it We revealed it for you so that you can contemplate its message in his eyes. So you and your companions and the Muslims and the people can contemplate it is contemplate and consider the idea that are being mentioned. And so that those people who have knowledge it will be a vicar a reminder for them. So this is clearly one of the reasons why the Quran has been revealed. As for the person who has the Quran, and he memorizes the Quran, or he reads the Quran but he doesn't practice the Quran, then Allah is given a similar

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tool for these people in the Quran. He says subhana wa Tada. Method levina from middle Torah the two millennia neuro hacker methyl hemmati Yeah, neuro is fara, Big Sur methyl Coleman, Nadine. wbI. Tila? Willa, Hola, como de mi. Verily, the example the similar tool of those people who

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have been made responsible for the Torah, but they didn't carry it, meaning the award. Their example is like a donkey, a donkey who was carrying

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on his back a bunch of books, what a terrible similar to what a terrible example that is for the people who reject and disbelieve in the eyes of Allah. And Verily Allah does not guide that people who are oppressive. So Eliza gel has described the world as being people who had the Torah, and the nesara had the Injeel. And the people with Tao, he was given the zoo board and so forth and so on. But when the people don't practice the divine revelation that came to them, then their example is like the example of the person, the donkey that has the books on his back. I remember when I was in Medina, it was common for many of the students to buy books because you have to have books, the

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great scholar the slamming Eman sufian, even sorry, even my stroke authority, Sophia Anna thought he said, How is the student or the Mujahid going to make Jihad if he doesn't have his weapons, and the meaning here is weapons are his books. So there are some people who accumulate books and they purchase books, just to say, look, all the books that I have, but they don't read him, they don't practice him. He accumulates a lot of books. And it's just decoration for his study, or for his library. That's it. She has a bunch of books that she purchased in English, but she doesn't read those books. The person even will organize the books in size, order, or in whatever the color, but

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they don't really, the example of that person is like the example of the humanoid the donkey. He has books on his back, but he doesn't understand them. He doesn't read them, he doesn't contemplate them. And that's the condition with many of the Muslims as it relates to look on. The person has the Quran is up in the highest level of the house, but he never reads it. And if he does read it, he doesn't read it in order to get guidance and gain knowledge. Here read it because he has a problem. So take it down to the opening, the very first place we put his finger would determine is he going to travel? Is he not going to travel? What is he going to name his child? What is he not going to

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name his child? Will he invest? Should he not invest? So he takes his finger and he puts his finger on a word he looks at the word and the word is a demand a demand, which means blood. Dumb is singular. deema is plural. He says oh my finger went on the word deema I'm blood. He's the size. I'm not going to do it. That's negative omen. No, we don't make decisions like that. But Quran is not for that. That's playing around. That's Hocus Pocus. Quran wasn't revealed for that. The Quran was revealed, though, that we can read its message now, no doubt has to be said.

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If a person read the Quran, and he didn't understand the message at all, they're still benefiting that because there are 10 I said that for every Hello from the Quran. So if you read it, I mean, that's 30 has said that it is 30 lamb is 30 means 30 he doesn't understand any of it. But the goal and the objective behind reading the Quran is to read it and to work bit by it, to work with it to be upon it. So Allah has put some questions forward to the monastrell keen and also to our own map. F and I get the Brunello Quran, Allah Kullu been at Fallujah, do they not reflect and contemplate on the Quran deeply and Seriously? Or do we find hearts that are locked and sealed? Do they have seals

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on their hearts which prevent them from doing that? So that goes to show that Allah mating calm? He talked bad and down upon it, he reviewed it. Those people who read the Quran but they didn't read the Quran, were at the bar and another iron fly yet the doubleroom Al Quran will Academy in India right in Lahaina, would you do the laughing kathira? Do they not contemplate and consider and concentrate on the meaning of the Koran For verily, if this Quran was from other than Allah, you would have found any many discrepancies, it would have been conflicting itself and contradicting itself saying one thing over here and another thing over there and a third thing over there and the

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fourth thing over there and on and on and on. But Allah started the idea by saying Do they not ponder over? Do they not reflect on and over this Quran so as to get the message of the Quran. So we can't afford to be like those individuals who read the Quran and they don't know what they're doing. And there are a lot of people like that from our oma. during these times of fitna are the people who are called the karate edge. Those rough and tough, radical extreme Muslims who kill Muslims and kill them.

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They kill people who are elderly, women, children. They compromise is the stability of the Muslim lands. They are creating all kinds of havoc. They kill more Muslims and non Muslims not that there's really a difference because both of them are bad, murdering people unjustly is a major sin. And instead of for time, they rebelled the right man the Choose service of Allah from them Allah mention one lady in Alaia tune enough seletti haram Allah enable the two servants of Iraq man are those people who do not kill people unjustly. If they kill, they kill someone with justice. Someone tried to attack him so he he protected himself. He protected his Deen protected his honor, he protected

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his property. That individual he murdered someone and this person, he works for the government. So he is going to administer a lethal injection because that person murders some eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. So now his life becomes how his blood is hollow out. But just to kill people indiscriminately and blowing people up and saying that this is Ellis land.

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The Prophet said about the Hawaii region. This is the point Samoa Hawaii was sending them your Quran Al Quran. When are you jawas Jai nigera, whom they read the Quran, but their recitation does not go beyond their neck because they don't understand the message of the Quran. It doesn't go beyond the next. It's just recitation is only recipe recitation. They don't read those if they're making an haraam. They shed blood to make mischief in the hurt to shed the blood of Muslims or people who have a contract and so forth and so on. So they read the Koran, they don't understand it. Another example of that are those Muslims who read the Quran, and they go against the essential messages of the

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Quran. Like those people have Hulu and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in their extreme, they extreme love that is not permissible and Allah doesn't accept it. It's like a person wanting to fast in the month of Ramadan, and he fasts every day without breaking his fans. He doesn't take if thought and he doesn't take so hard and he's sincere. Allah doesn't want that from him. That's going to be thrown back at him because it is not according in accordance to what the prophet brought salaallah what he was selling him. So some people claim that they love prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a way that is not going to be accepted from them because it

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is extreme and overboard. So some people say that the Nabhi of Islam and he said that was said and he knew the elemental Ray the unseen How are you not contemplating the message of the Quran? Allah subhana wa Taala. He mentioned in the Quran, Paul, that umbilical Li Neff, see Neff, Anguilla, Dara Illa, Masha, Allah will come to animal Hey, let's start for two minute. Hi, my name is Cindy Su. In Anna Ilana. virum. Weber shiroma coming up known santalum Yeah, Mohammed, I don't have the ability to benefit myself or to harm myself, except by that which Allah has allowed. And if I knew, listen, if I knew the unseen, no evil, no harm would have ever touched me I would have avoided every home.

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Because I know around the corner there's a car is going to be an accident. Over here. This person is going to kill my uncle Hamza over here, this evil thing is going to happen. So I'm not going to go that way. No Evil would have ever touched me. He said Verily, I am an aveer I am a warner and I am a Bashir, a giver of glad tidings to people who have Amen. So where is it that the people who believe that are a source of the level it was sending them knows that Elmo lay the unseen? Are they not reading the Quran with constantly contemplation, consideration? How could they call

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Memphis semi to an hour the labor Illa Allah tell them, no one in the heavens or the earth, Angel, scholar Prophet nebby Jin, no one in the heavens on the earth knows the unseen except Allah. People come and say lava llahi Rasool Allah He knows the unseen. You are not reading the Quran with contemplation. Then we have those people who say, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is omnipresent. He's everywhere at the same time. He's in South Plains, New Jersey right now. He's in South Orange East Orange, New Jersey right now. Linda D is they believe so the lady was selling he's in Mogadishu. He's

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in Wuhan, China, Peking, China. He said Lola while he was selling his in wired madami in Sudan, he's just everywhere at the same time. And he said the love Why do we sell them never die? People are not reading the Quran who said this a leftover solar light, solar love. Why are you sending them in the coming yet? We're in omega tune, verily you're going to die And verily they are going to die. Yeah, Mohammed all of you are going to die. Allow Tata said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran, where magic and the beschermen public a holder of an emitter for whom Oh Holly, dude, we have not allowed any human being before you. I mean, we have

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not given any human being eternal life and he never died. So if we cause you to die, do these people think they're going to live forever. So so many is telling us that then a B is going to die. So Allah what he was selling them for, imagine putting Caleb to mother aka become if Mohammed is killed, or he dies, or you people going to leave your religion then the beauty of Islam die sallallahu it was settling. And he is living in the barossa in a way that Allah knows its reality. But other human beings are also in the barossa for our own is in the barossa everybody will die is in the battle Zach so he's living, but he's dead. He living by he did die. So the point here is

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people say these things because they don't have a good grasp of the message of the Quran in terms of reading the Quran, and contemplating the message of the Quran. Now, there are many reasons why people don't make it to double when they read the Quran their meaning, we just want to mention a few right now when they mentioned in these few, we're mentioning them in the hopes that we abandon these characteristics. I'm not saying this to put anyone down to speak condescendingly against anyone to say, oh, look how bad the oma is. No, Kayla. We're going to take this month of Ramadan as an opportunity to change our mo to change our program. One of the reasons why people abandon the Quran

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is due to perpetual sins making sense over and over again. I mentioned in the Quran Kela Bell, run Allah kulu obey Him. Matt, can we see Boone? This is talking about a human being when he makes a sin. A black thing comes on his heart. If he makes Toba, it gets gets wiped away. But if he does another sin, another black thing comes on his heart. And he makes total bass washed away If he doesn't, he doesn't have a sense of blackness and the blackness and the blackness until his heart becomes absolutely black is darkened. And he can't tell right from wrong. He can't tell up from down he can tell his elbow from his ankle bone. At toe he becomes schicke The sooner becomes innovation

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with him and Morrow becomes Moncure he doesn't know what he or she is doing. It's the month of Ramadan. And this individual doesn't know that it is not okay not to pray. Doesn't know that it's not okay. Not the way he died. Now there are some people will make mistakes in the month of Ramadan and they say, I know what I'm doing is wrong. But I know it's wrong. But there's some people exist, they don't even know it's wrong. Why? Because of that sin that has covered the heart and they don't have the ability to discern to discern

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the monastic calling the hypocrites, the people from an keytab they used to fall into sins. And as a result of that they found it very difficult to contemplate the message of the Quran and to accept it and to embrace it. And allies mentioned this and documented this and many Ayat of the Quran. From those statements he says so panna cotta, Allah will call to Luna fee, a committed member to the una era where fee at danino workroom women, Bain and woman bathing our baby nikka hijab. They said to the nebby some level it was sending them our hearts I Deaf to what you're saying. arrogance, and cable is thick bar. That's a sin. Our hearts are deaf to what you're calling us to and what you're

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inviting us to this course on and this message Yeah, Mohammed and in our ears. There are there are stoppers, it could be our fingers. We're not hearing Wi Fi I vanina what Chrome, we have something that is the plugin our ears. We're not even listening to what you have to say. And between us and between you is a hijab, a hijab. There's a covering that stops us from listening to you. And that covering is the cover and that's on the heart and the ears and the eyes.

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Loud data has prevented them from hearing because of their sins and Eman. I share three he acts one of the greatest scholars of Islam and he man will kill me to Jura. I want to get knowledge and I'm gonna get a lot of knowledge would you advise me? He advised them to leave off since he said that the knowledge of Allah is a light is nor and Allah doesn't give his nor to the one who is an evil do any keeps doing sins. So we ask Allah to forgive us for the mistakes that we've made to have Toba upon us. The prophets on the love what is send them to our Isha. May Allah be pleased with her. She's from the olivella. She's a scholar, and from the Olia and when the Prophet was asked, Who do

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you love the most? He said, Isha is not fathomable, we can imagine him loving someone who's not worthy of His love. Someone who Allah doesn't love. I Isha is the beloved to the nebby. His Matt bullbar is Habiba. raviolo Anna, and yet when she acts Jada sola, if it is later to Qatar, what's the best duar that I should make me I issue the one you love the most? I'm a scholar. The Companions said the men if we had any, if the last between ourselves, we had differences amongst ourselves, the men. If we went to Asia, we will find the answer to that issue showing she's a scholar and the Prophet love them. What should I say if it's later to cut the jasola? He say you should say

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Allahumma inika a full moon to hit f1 ni O Allah, you are the one who parties and you love to party and so pardon me I Isha were lesser than I ation degree. If that's how you are, then surely it's applicable to us. So the point is, everybody is going to make mistakes, everybody. So I'm not saying here in my classes in this class, any other class, speaking down upon people make mistakes, we all make mistakes. But when we make mistakes, let's make Toba and ask Allah to forgive us. Because there are some people who don't even know that what they're doing is not okay. They believe that what they're doing is the deed. And the evil in which they're trying to get close to Allah by it is the

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deed. So there are reasons why people don't make it to the board. One of them is because of sin, that's one of them. Another reason is lack of knowledge, as it relates to the Arabic language, allow that to describe the Quran. And he said about the Quran that he sent it down below the sign in Arabic, moonbeam. He sent it down in the pure Arabic language

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in the pure Arabic language, and he gave the reason why he sent it down in the Arabic language, he said, Lai, Lacan, Takeru, it was revealed in Arabic in the hopes that you would understand, you understand this message. So the precision of the language, the eloquence of the language, the ability of the Arabic language, to articulate what's being said, is unlike any other language, and I'm going to say this,

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if you were reading the Quran, in another language, you are not going to be able to grasp the full meaning of the Quran. to this very day. There are many translations of the Quran in English that are much better than use of Adi and those Mamadou picked all those ones from back in the day. But I have not seen a Quran translated into English except that when I read the English, I can say the Arabic is not necessarily saying that, if I were going to translate it, I wouldn't translate the same way. It could be translated that way. But that's not what I'm getting from the Arabic statement. So if you don't know the Arabic language, is going to be almost impossible to make correct contemplation

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and pondering over the Quran, you only can do so much. And that's why when people are going to translate the Quran, they say, Allah said, and what the meaning is, and then they'll translate into English because the English is not really rendering the meaning of what Allah said. So not knowing and not being able to do that to double in its original language is going to have an effect, but nonetheless do the best that you can. Because the one who reads the Koran, and he has difficulty in reading it. He has difficulty and and trying to learn it, you're going to get double reward based upon what the prophet said sallallahu alayhi wasallam there's another reason that people don't make

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it to the board of the Quran, and is from the games that shaytan is played upon people matters. Some people say, I'm not going to learn the Quran. I'm not going to read

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Quran because I don't want to say something about a lot that is incorrect. So I'm just going to stay ignorant about it. And this way I don't have to do deal with it at all. Who says something like that? That is a trick of a shape bond for you to disconnect yourself from the book of Allah. No one that Prophet Muhammad is going to come Yama, Yama, and free himself from you. And your religiously disconnecting yourself from the Quran. Some teachers they say, Listen, I'm your teacher, I'm your chef. Don't read the Quran. Don't listen to the Quran. Just listen to me. As I've said many times, there are people who are given dour in their understanding their understanding their warped,

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restricted understanding, they're given down to the sooner according to them to what is correct in Ellis land to a selfie yet, and the person will talk for 45 minutes an hour not mentioned one I in the Quran. But mentioned, the sheriff said the sheriff said the sheriff said our sheriff said and that sheriff said and this sheriff said and that one over there said and the sheriff said and I can continue to say that for the remainder of my talk, the sheriff said the sheriff said and if the person is looking to me, they start scratching their head and say, man who was wrong with him, they share their share, because there's something wrong with that. If I would keep doing that they share.

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They share say you're going to say what's wrong with him. And that's the same thing that I say when I see people this is their dour. This shift said this and the shifts are that I want to know what Allah said. And then after that explained to me what allies said by using what the shift said in shoreline is proper context. As for putting the book of Allah behind your back and putting the chef in front of you at a step the rune and levy who had not been Levy, who Hi, do you replace that which is better with that which is worse that which is lower? Tell us what Allah say, connect us to the book of Allah, don't connect us to this share from that share, and don't come and get it twisted and

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take my words out of context and says Abu Salah is encouraging people this to go straight to the Quran without any teacher. I didn't say that. I said go to the Quran. And don't replace the Quran with your teacher with the shift and so forth and so on. So some people abandon the Quran

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and they do so wanting and seeking to be and remain ignorant ignoramuses and that's not permissible. Don't do that. Don't disconnect yourself from the Quran. take time out to read the Koran and from the beauty of the Quran. When you read it with it among the board you will find every source of the Quran has a connection to the surah that comes after it. So SoTL Fatiha is followed by Soto to Bukhara there is a wisdom in that the average patient person won't be able to tell you and won't be able to see why except with deep consideration and contemplation. The greatest scholars of Islam scheffel Islam, even routine media and Eman,

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Eben kefir, these great scholars that they said every ayat of the Quran has a connection to the ayah that comes after it, and the ayat that preceded it that came before it. But everybody can't see the connection. Only the ones who have been endowed with knowledge and read the Quran with deep consideration and deep contemplation. These questions are coming up about Should we do a decaf? And can we do a decaf in our homes? And should we do the salado Juma in our homes and should we do varied in our homes? There are either the Quran that can help us to understand these ruins but they come to people who are endowed and bless with precision and their understanding and they have deep

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understanding. So let us inshallah avoid being from those people who do not reflect upon the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala are those people who read the Quran believe in the Koran respect the Quran, but they do not make it to Tao we with the Quran. Today we from the word dolla dolla means medicine, medication, so medicine, the Quran is a book that has been revealed that has she fat in it. Allah mentioned as we mentioned earlier reasons why he revealed the Quran. He said in the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call who wouldn't levena Aminu hold down what she

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tell them. Very This is this Quran for the people believe for the people believe this Quran

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is a guidance and this Quran is a Shiva it is a cure that's when I it it is just a cure. He mentioned in another item but Quran yeah yohannes Khadija at commode either to me Rebecca mushy fountain Lima is pseudo wahoo them ME TELL THEM Mohammed all mankind all of you Muslims non Muslims why black rich and poor Americans not Americans Arab non Arab. Yeah you are nice all mankind. There has come to you a more either an exhortation words guiding you opening up your mind your mind and your heart and your spirit to his message there has come to you a clear exhortation and it came to you from your Lord. And it is a she found a healing is medicine. And it is a she Pfeiffer the

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diseases that are in the heart. People have doubt people have anger issue men anger management issues people have with was they overthink people, they have depression. people haven't humble them. People have so many issues going on in their hearts and their minds. Allah said the Quran is a medicine there is a cure for that. And it's also a guidance and a roadmap for the believers. And another iron third iron allow Tyler mentioned when the zero mineral Quran ma Who is she found one rapper to mil macmini, we have revealed the Quran and in an in from an essay she fat and aroma for the believers. So it becomes imperative if the believer understands this, that we use the Quran as

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if she fat. Our mother, Aisha Roddy, Allah, Anna, she told us that the prophets of Allah Whiting was selling if people got sick in his household, he would take the Quran and he would read the Quran over them and then he was spit on them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that when the prophet will become sick sallallahu I didn't say that she will also do the same, read the Quran over him and then spit on him and wipe the blessing and the Baraka of the spittle. That came after the research in the recitation of the Quran that says so now, there was a lady who came in a baby kept crying, kept crying, kept crying. The Prophet says some allow what he said and take your baby into Rukia on your

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baby Rukia the Rokia put Quranic rookie on that baby, do I have my baby? I should say that the Prophet used to read on himself and read on the sick family members. So Lola what he was sending from is Anil baith Radley Eliana used to read the surah Cole who allow Ahad he used to read pull up Rob Bell follow up. He used to read poor Ruby Robin nice. Everybody memorize those swords. Everybody. You don't have to call up share, glow in the dark to do rokeya on you. Were in lockdown. Leave that man alone. You do lupia on yourself, you do rokeya on your children utopia. The Prophet used to sell a lot instead of at night. read those servers, those last three sores and do other dogs

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and spit on his hand and wipe as much as his body as he could do and Rokia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He told the people in an authentic hadith and a combi chifa aim

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alacer will call on you people should hold on to and I advise you to take the two things that will cure you the two heroes no doubt about it. The one cure pure honey, the second cure the Quran, the Quran. So I want to ask you this question. The prophet will come your mukaiyama and he will say some lady was sending them Oh my Lord, my people have abandoned the Quran. They in use the court on as she fat. How the woman she had her monthly cycle every month. She had the period the pains that come from her period. She had those pains, those cramps, so instead of taking the Quran and reading it and touching her stomach, what she did was she took Tylenol of this of that which is permissible.

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The individual has a toothache then the video has a headache. Then the video is fast in the month of Ramadan. He has a headache, he's tired. He didn't take the Quran to read the Quran to get rid of those issues. The Quran will take away doubt the Quran will take away so many issues that people have. And as I said he can read those last three songs of the Quran. Hickory the grave is sort of the Quran I have to concede many people memorize surah three I seen sort of the rock nine. All of those I add in all of those swords. But what happened with the Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Prophets companions sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was traveling and they were traveling they were like 30 people. I was sorry that hodari narrated this hadith is saying

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they came to a group of people and they said Do you have anything for us in the way of hospitality we travelers Can you just give us some grub? Give us some food. The people knew that they were Muslims and people said no, we're not giving you anything keep on stepping keep on moving. The Companions didn't stop and back and say oh, give us your welfare. Please give it to us know that the companions kill them and take their stuff kind of religion is that the companions just bounced and it kept rolling they left when they left the local tada decreed that a scorpion or poisonous snake came and stung the man or beat the man and put poison in the leader of those people. So as he was

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laying there dying, those people said, Let's go and Ask those follows a Mohammed the Muslims, do they have a remedy? Do they have a cure Hurry, I will lead is dying. They caught up I will say that Hadrian those people and told them the story, I will say that what did he say? Yes, I have something that will heal him in sha Allah. He came back, he said, but in order for me to do this, do you agree to give me 30 sheep for each member of my traveling my cup my party? They say yes, yes, just do it. Please. Give us the stuff. They gave them the 30 sheep. I will say that Hillary said I started reading Surah Fatiha Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen R Rahman Rahim,

00:36:37--> 00:37:21

Maliki oma indeed. I started reading sorta third Fatiha. And after reading sort of, in fact, the I blew on demand to wipe the spirit and the birth of the Quran that comes on the split attic comes out, I told you in the Hadees that if the slave gets something makes a lot and he cleans his mouth with Miss swag. As he's reading, an angel will come down and get behind him. And that Angel will get closer and closer and closer to him and put his mouth to the mouth of the person who's receiving who's reciting the Quran. And the Quran goes inside of the body of the angel that happens for me and everybody when they read, clean out your mouth and recite that put on and that angel is going to be

00:37:21--> 00:38:07

attracted to the purity of that Koran miracle that caught on. So that man I will say the Hidary his spin on that man. That man jumped up he popped up. They said it was as if he had been released from shackles and he started walking around just like that. I'm still in fact I will lie he I believe in that. I believe in that. So the companions got back to Medina. I will say the history. He told the Prophet would happen because the Prophet wasn't there. When Prophet Muhammad heard the story, he said to Abu Saeed Al hodari. How did you know that sort of the fact the high was for Rukia? It is Rukia. How did you know that? He said, Now give me some of the meat that they gave you, given his

00:38:08--> 00:38:52

tacit approval that is permissible to make Rokia with the Quran. And it's even permissible to take some money as a result of you doing the rokeya but I want you Muslims. I warn you Muslims, don't go to any Rocky, I'm telling you people come to me asking me to read the Quran and said, I'll do that for you. I'll do that for you. But why go to someone who's going to do that and say, Hey, give me 500 pounds, 200 pounds, come all the way to London for that go all the way up to Bingley for that go all the way across the world for some special rocking and you are more interested in your mother becoming well than that Rocky is you are more interested thing your child becoming cured than that

00:38:52--> 00:39:36

Rocky is the Rocky Mount many times just want the money. He may be sincere, but he just wants the money. So this hadith of Abu sorry, the history shows it is permissible to take money if you teach the Koran if you if you did Rukia for the Quran, he said to him, how did you know is right what you did was correct. Now give me some of the meat showing that it was okay if it was haram he wouldn't have taken any of the meat some of the law while he was sending him so myrtillus omitted Islam Don't be so quick to take the medications that are being administered by the hospitals and the doctors because that's a scam and that's a hustle as well. And I have to mention this and I digress but I

00:39:36--> 00:39:36

have to mention it

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

I would like to say that at the beginning of Ramadan I had an afro but now it all popped off in my head because the people have done my head and with these conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and about g five 5g and all of this stuff. I believe in a new world order. I believe in the Illuminati

00:40:00--> 00:40:29

I believe that there is there are conspiracies. I believe that we're lucky. But my question is, why are we all into this issue about conspiracies, but we don't put as much emphasis and learn in our religion to protect ourselves from the conspiracies? What why we don't do that. I give you an example. That the Java the Java, the Java, these people are saying that Java is here that the Java is here. Okay, beautiful. The Java is here.

00:40:31--> 00:41:21

Do you memorize sort of, do you read circle Caf on Friday? Do you memorize the first 10 items Sudoku cat the last 10 items zero to calf to protect yourself from the job? Are you just gonna keep bombarding us and overwhelming us with all of these conspiracy theories issues? Don't keep doing that which one makes sense? Learn the 10 I act. There is a companion His name is towels and the many he was familiar with one of the great tagging his son makes a lot after the praise son came and said did you read and seek refuge in a lot from the Zhao in your prayer? That's what the prophets tell us that the Shah had the.com file Yes there is. Oh yeah. Min Allah the name and min Alibaba. If any of

00:41:21--> 00:42:03

you makes a lot seek refuge in Allah from for things and one of them is the fitting of the Messiah did Zhao, the man said did you seek refuge in Allah and protection from the jump? The boy said no. He said go back and pray again. That's how he was protecting his family and his children bombarding me with all of this bombarding people with all of this Come on, bombard the people with beneficial knowledge and that is nothing. So if a person were to hold on to his religion and practice his religion, Allah is going to protect them from his front from his back from his right from his left from above him. And that's why when the Prophet used to leave out some of the law while he was

00:42:03--> 00:42:47

selling us to sell low Mitch I didn't feed buffering Nora, what is a neuron if you tell me Nora, Nora, Allah put in my eyes light put in my ears light in my heart light on my right light left light in front of me light behind me light He will make the sunlight something long while he was sending them as my good brother and friend Mustafa Shakur was telling me about in discussing with me the other day the prophet will finish his prayer and he will ask allow Allah put light in my heart like in my eyes like my ears to my right to my left and from behind meaning what light protect me divine me As for me sending and bombarding people and then eating up all of their all of their What do you

00:42:47--> 00:43:30

call that? Their? Um, what data? Yeah, all of their data, you carry my data. Don't kill my date anymore. I'm asking you people below. He don't kill my data. There's been a fitna in Ramadan. So don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that there are not conspiracies. Like the conspiracy in the pharmaceutical field. These people are robbing us. They're robbing people. It's a hustle. They're stealing money. They'll get a pill for HIV, for example, that get some kind of pill and they charge people so much money in these pharmaceutical companies are making a killing, getting us to get vaccinated and things that have no benefit. All right, I don't want to go too far off. I don't want

00:43:30--> 00:44:18

there aren't conspiracies no doubt about it. So instead of using all of these medicines, and becoming dependent upon these medicines, let the first go to spark be the book of Allah. I have to fake I have a headache. I'm tired. Let me read the book of Allah made me do Rokia. Many ask Allah got burned this or that? Let me put the Islamic the Islamic shifa the things that our religion has shown us. So as I mentioned, the prophets of Allah while he was sending them, he used to do this for his companions for his family members, and they used to do it on him sallallahu it was setting them around the Golan edge remain an email at MIT and some of the major scholars of slam they will have

00:44:18--> 00:44:57

the opinion that it is permissible to get a glass and to read the Quran in that glass and to spit in that glass, give it to someone and let them drink it because the buttock is still there, they will have that opinion. What we have no doubt about is if you read over the person who put the spit on him, and you wiped it all we know him no doubt that's from this Sunday, but some of those other ways also permissibly shala. We're going to stop here guys. This is our third fourth class I think the third fourth class in the month of Ramadan. I think we have one more Friday inshallah. I don't know how that's going to go the one more Friday because I think the next day is there either something

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

I'm not sure it could be Saturday. The next

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

Saturday coming up, it could be their eight. But we'll see how it goes. I hope we do have one more opportunity to come before you to talk about one last aspect of abandoning the book of Allah and it is an important one. So with that, ask Allah azza wa jal to help it help you all to find later to cuddle inshallah, in these last few days to forgive all of us for our mistakes, our indecision, our indiscretions and then a lot of time to increase us in guidance and in light. And then life causes us all to be those people who have a successful Ramadan. Don't forget, please, while you're fasting, make dua for my mom's Miss meaning and make dua for my pups as well Mr. T, and the rest of my family

00:45:46--> 00:45:50

members. Sit on my we can rattle where he will burn a cattle