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AI: Summary © The responsibility of Islam is discussed, including the responsibility of Obama to destroy the nation and increase it, as well as the challenges faced by the public and the importance of protecting the Muslims' identity and values. The speakers emphasize the need to keep in mind the responsibility and advocate for their own interests and values. They also discuss the use of "has" and "has been" to describe actions and behavior, highlighting the importance of respecting individuality and privacy in public spaces.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you

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will Serratos salam ala manana the Avada Amar value formula Humana shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Rahmanir Rahim in Namo Shala Hamina EBRD

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Columna Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Allah ma what effect will AMEA o come upon interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will ask him

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my dear respected elders and brothers, there are certain categories of people in our society, that Allah subhana wa Taala has given them a special rank. And Allah Tala has given them superiority over others. And we are called upon to revere and respect him. So we find, for example, and that Allah tells us about respecting our parents. Now one such category of people in our community is that of the old ama in the Netherlands.

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And there is no doubt whatsoever that Allah subhanho wa Taala is given the Allah Allah superiority in Allah Allah has given them a very great rank and Allah has called upon people to show respect to them. And

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part of that

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superior superiority is maybe a cream sauce limit set on Ola what effect will be that the old alma are the inheritance and the heirs of the Gambia name was salat wa salam Wa hymnal and beyond them you want me to do what I did.

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The MBR Do not leave behind the inheritance in the form of wealth in the form of Durham's and De Niro's, they leave behind the inheritance in the form of knowledge and whoever takes some knowledge takes from the inheritance of the mdrd masala to wasallam. Amara Sharia which has several GTFO t or d gay or

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hookup wire can

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own custom cake Adriana is correct when we say the cup or

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maybe a cream so Allahu Allah He was telling me for my own will Amma and beyond and beyond him was salat wa salam ky.

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Now for example, some of the superiority, maybe a cream Salah while he was celebrated on all of our waters,

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and that Allah in the Holy Quran says he fell in love with Medina avenue of income for who

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you are for Allah Allah. Allah Allah has given a special rent to the Elam in one ayat Allah Allah says, Shahid Allahu Allah Allah Allah. Well Mala will help me by mumble Allah Tala based testimony and the Malaika their testimony and the hola mafia testimony that there is no one with your worship besides Allah and Allah mercy. Look at this verse. Allah has put the shahada and the testimony of the OMA in this verse, together with a testimony of the malaika and together with a testimony of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala Allah Tala Ania, shahada is Ironmen, Malika or Allah.

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Allah is put the testimony of the olema together with America, and together with the testimony of Allah subhanaw taala. Such is the rank of the Imam Malik said, the example of the ALMA is like the stars in the sky Allama camisa. What documents along the way for example, in stars, you take guidance from them, especially in the night of people who are traveling in the ocean, people who are in this world, they take guidance from them

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to lead a life. So this is something that may occur himself he may say, Man, silica and silica Tariq al Tammy Sufi Rima Salallahu agenda, whoever seeks a path in search of knowledge. Allah subhanho wa Taala opens up the door it isn't a door for him for now, one thing we must keep in mind that we sometimes you know, when we talk of knowledge we know we got contemporary knowledge and we got DD knowledge. Now contemporary knowledge is not haram. I made mention of it previously marked as

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sometimes it is permitted. Sometimes it is consecutive if you actually look up Bernard Purana Romney and this is not haram Can we come back to his career? Gervasio comica falsify. So there is not around however, these

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Create difference in the length between these two knowledge

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to gain contemporary knowledge is not haram sometimes if a person gained that knowledge with a proper intention and he fulfills the right of that knowledge he serves humanity through that Allah Tala can grant in Jannah. His there are many examples that, you know, our alumni have been mentioned. So a person can gain Genda by, you know, learning contemporary knowledge and serving people for the two days a vast difference between the 211 the origin of one knowledge is human capacity, human intellect

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ate it up

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to s3 Whoo hoo scheduling a Mahaska Amari Atala or DD Wulong cutter master head and what is the origin of DD knowledge? Allah subhanho wa Taala in the vehicle himself, sir, how can you compare the two? That is why it comes in addition, that maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that superiority of the olive over the habit is like the superiority of the wool superiority of the moon over all the stars and the sun over all other celestial objects. So there is no doubt with regard to it. We need to keep this particular aspect in mind that wild is permitted. the superiority of Dini knowledge is far more greater than contemporary knowledge. However, together with, you know, the

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facilite and the virtue which I've just given you some examples, because there are many aspects that I would like to cover the responsibility of Allah ma very grateful. The responsibility of Colombia is very green. And because of this responsibility, it does not be hold anyone who has any knowledge to take pride. Imam Ali has made mention of him, that because of the responsibility of Obama, it does not behoove them to become proud and arrogant, because they have to worry about fulfilling the responsibility. Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee has written that there are two types of people, there are two categories of people. If they are correct, then the society tends to become Correct. One of

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them is the Anima. And one of them is the wealthy people. Wealthy people have an influence in wealthy people become, you know, morally incorrect, and morally they become compromised, it has an impact upon society. And if they become pious, it has an impact upon society is Allah Allah says in the Quran, with our retina and nobody cooperated Amarna mudra Piazza for support via that when Allah Tala wants to destroy the nation, the people whom Allah is favored, they become transgressors. So this is something that we have to keep in mind. And you know, in a previous time, they used to give this example that Allah ma like salt to see previously they used to use salt to preserve the meat,

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there was no free refrigeration, so the salt used to preserve the meat. Well, number four is to market data goes to deposit Kenya. So they said the old Amma like salt to the meat, the way they use salt to preserve the meat, the old ama or those who preserve preserve the moral fabric of society. Can you imagine if the salt itself repeat itself becomes decayed? What will happen with me? In a similar manner, what will happen to society? May Allah subhanho wa Taala forget if the automatic become decayed. Therefore we have to make dua for the Allah. It is very important. And nebbia crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam has spoken about the responsibility of the orama in Nehemiah Shala I

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mean everybody that will Rama or those who fear Allah, the real enemies he will fears Allah subhanho wa taala. And today's time, you don't have your cream sauce. Solomon said in one Hadith it is such a, you know, you know, and I must make mention with it from the very outset. I'm not making mention of this in for any personal motive. I don't regard myself as an alum, I regard myself as a student who follow whatever and they are among whom we follow whom we show respect to there might be differences of among Salama, but they have polymer that we show respect to maybe in the field that you are working on the other Alama who are working in that field and you take guidance from them.

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However, what I don't know if any personal motor but such as the responsibility of the Olimar little one I didn't even imagine the via cream sauce limited Mantella will usually be here What am I? Will you marry me he's super hot. We ever gains knowledge to win the debate of knowledge with others

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and with the intention of silencing people who are ignorant and to turning people's attention towards him. A national Unawatuna will turn his face away from Janet and Allah will turn Janet away from him.

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Joe Sahelian kiss up

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here Hadith Imagica and today the responsibility of the Obama and increased because of the challenges today what what challenges don't we have? We have LGBTQ we have identity crisis because of that. That is

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Since the beginning it was a responsibility of the alumni have increased. Whenever you look at history, you will find that the Obama were in the forefront of challenging all types of deviations. Imam Muhammad when they humble Rahul Ali, when the Muslim of creation of the Quran came, Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Lee against the mortars. What does he like? Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah li against the philosophers of the time. Imam Hassan Kalani against Dini, where he wants to amalgamate all the religions. It's from that time that whenever we're in the forefront today, what to what what is the responsibility of the Alma? Very briefly, let me just give you some examples. present Islam to our

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youth, to the new generation, in a language in a context they can understand and we need to take them with us, for them to be able to practice upon Deen. This is one of the great challenges that we have, and also to reconcile with modernity. Today, we all know that more modern technology etc, is part of our life. How do we reconcile that modernity without the loss of Muslim identity? Without the loss of Muslim tradition, without the loss of Muslim values? That is now a challenge? When am I have to lead the way? How do we reconcile modernity with without losing our identity without losing our values without losing our two teachings, advocacy for Muslim interests in a minority situation?

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When the orlimar wrote those books today, the 50 books they rotate when Muslims were in power three, we many places were not in power, in fact, maybe perhaps old ones not in power. Even in Muslim countries, we're not in power. Now, how do you advocate for Muslim interest in a minority situation? Like for example, in South Africa, how do we do it? activism against injustices and social ills? Because Allah Tala has told us that we are supposed to fight for justice and to fight against injustice, guiding our communities towards the ideal of Islam in a largely secular order. These are some of the challenges and among all, one of the greatest challenges at least, presenting Islam to

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the people as a solution to the worldly problems.

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Marine Rama consider equal

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to Joe be optimists kiloton was Kahal Islam man, Aquila, Kissimmee Daria K 200. You I want to hear but I Arpita mounter was silica and Islam man, that is the responsibility of the Halima. Therefore, we always say that, you know, this is the responsibility of the whole ummah. Now, many times people make this particular statement, versus many times many people make the statement, but what am I? What are the automa? Do? How does what would have been the result of the social fabric of society, if there was not automatic? When you look at the history of Islam, you will find that the Allamah made tremendous sacrifices for the preserving of the Imam Mohammed Abdullah Ali used to spend long

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hours, you know, making Metalla he used to study and he used to try and find solutions for you know, the problems and the difficulties that the people are facing. So one day his daughter came and said, Oh, my Abba, oh, my father, look at everyone, they are all sleeping, you are spending the half the night most of the night. You are looking at your Kitab trying to find solution for the problems that the Muslims are facing. Why don't you also can sleep up to Romney fermata What a remarkable reply he gave. He said Oh, my daughter, people are sleeping. People are sleeping confident that they're going to preserve the deal. If we also go to sleep, who's to preserve the

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hamburger Jack has sorted to deal with this in metallic omega

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is led to Anam ratbert and Metallica.

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Imam sera, sera Milani. This is one of the most amazing incidents I've ever read. Imams therapsid Rahmatullah Lee was imprisoned by the governor of the time because he opposed the governor. So when he put him in prison, where did he put him in prison in the bottom of a well

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in the bottom of our web, so you might have said, I'm actually the student used to come around the world, around the world. And he used to give demos from the bottom of the world.

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And from the bottom of the well, he indicated, and he gave lessons from the bottom of the well, which have been compiled in a book known as Batsuit. T volumes.

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Because of that, that is the basis of the pick of

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the volumes he taught from the bottom of the web. You know, when we studied in Karachi, he used to be a family dinner Hall. So we used to go past we always used to remember this incident, that Mama was saying how much money was taken in, imprisoned by the British plus he went to Malta, then he was

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Even many times even three or four times to present, so when he came to Cal Karachi he was he because he fought against colonialism. He fought against breast British injustice at a time in the subcontinent. His trial took place in the phallic dinner Hall in Karachi, right? So the judge told him and said You have given a fatwa to cooperate with a British is haram. Do you still stand by that? Do you know for that particular footwear is treason and the punishment for treason is death.

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So more on Amazon

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in the court, he said many fatwa, Dr. Hare or Amina Kato, I gave the fatwa and I'm saying this in court that for Muslims to cooperate with the British is haram. So Maulana Muhammad Ali Milani caught his quota and said, What am I just modify your statement, modify your statement, otherwise, this particular situation can lead to your death you could be executed. So Mara was telling us that he said, Don't worry, who said I'm going to muddy up their coffin Durbin said Nick and I, I brought my coffin from the oval.

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Even if I have to be executed,

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this is an even in our country, what are we in the situation with regard to the DD coalition of people if they will do so this is my dear respected the service of Halima. Now, it is our responsibility to respect them. As I said, I'm not saying it because of any personal motor I'm talking about in general way. Maybe I could even saw Solomon said in a hadith, that person is not a Muslim, or Musa Molina here, who does not show compassion to the youngsters who does not show respect to the elderly, and does not sure he stepped to our hello

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to Hola, Malcolm

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Hickety missiny he's not part of our of our religion. Welcome Messinian Subhanallah and you know, what am I have made mentioned? You see, in every particular country, we have a flag. So you people respect the flag, and respecting the threat is regarded to be respecting the country. If anyone just respect the flag, in many countries, that is treason, he can be imprisoned. Now what is afraid it is only a symbol. Our own Am I required to shuffle on camera today See, the owner ma are like the flames of Islam.

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When you respect an ally, you're not respecting an individual. You're respecting somebody. Because he carries within him that knowledge of Allah this resort. He carries within him the Knowledge of aliveness, Rasul, so you're not respecting his personality, you respecting the knowledge that is God.

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And that is what we respect. So you don't respect your personality, you respect the knowledge and he is upholding? And that is why it's important that we keep this in mind. So many times people say what do we do with Alma differ from Katherine, what am I to enable hospitals?

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This is something that is common. Now all among themselves are fighting they themselves are calling one another names, they themselves are just respecting one another hunky dory, what must we do with these differences of opinion among

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now, it would have been good, you had better care to Hannah Alama update if Dilip Kumar

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or local custom analytic a 234 parabola Nikita

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would have been good that Allah would have resolved the matters in house, they would not have brought it in a public sphere, they would not have you know, stop bed about one another in the public sphere. Because what happens there is it leads to disrespect of the Obama across the board, people who are doing the door realize the consequences a time could come that people would become brave and brazen, because we have opened the door. But irrespective of that, irrespective of them, that is something for them to keep in mind. However, it is our responsibility to show respect to them.

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Even if he's difference of opinion, even if he What was he doing difference of opinion, would a marketer

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will Amanda retire Jill would Mr. Perham a Bourassa

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goostree Hula, hula markeaton Kibera. You don't have to criticize any other added if you want to follow up particularly on the phone and have him follow him. You got trust in Him. You can go and make mentioned you can't force people to follow any particular question. Why someone writes another question why he wants to follow what does he find inspiring? What does he find motivational? You don't know? Whoever wants to follow an alley let him follow him. But he doesn't have to criticize another Allium for him to follow this argument. Like for example, we see many times you find you go to the doctor, one doctor say you have to go make an operation. The other doctor said open to the

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operation is it is harmful for you. I have seen it many times in my own family. Sometimes you

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Get three four different opinions within the medical fraternity, what do you do? You look at all of those particular type of you know views. And you say that listen, this particular doctor because of some reason I feel that is particular view, I would like to follow. I don't want to go into operation, I don't want to take the risk of recompilation. So you follow the doctor with whom you got trusted, but you don't want to say the other doctor.

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This is a situation with regard to

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that whomsoever you have trusted you follow them, and those whom you do not want to follow, don't follow visual compassion in this particular situation. So these are some of the aspects that were made mentioned, with regard to the virtue, significance, responsibility and our respect that we need to show to the whole Ummah and you make dua that Allah subhanaw taala protect Allah, because by protecting them, they will protect the deen and Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to show respect to them, because respecting them is not only respecting the individual personalities, it is respecting the deen of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala

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