Don’t Desire What People Have!

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Educating the semi Murphy yet the nurse do not desire what people have. This is not to say, don't be ambitious. The prophets Islam is not asking us to lower our standards. That's not what he's saying. What he's asking us is to not become ungrateful, not become jealous, not become resentful for what others have been given to do the NASA alhama de Humala, whom informally, like the Quran says, are the jealous of what Allah has given to the people, if a person is resentful, or what others have is that resentment towards that person? Really, isn't it reflecting upon a resentment towards a law that will allow you gave this person that you didn't give me isn't that its logical conclusion, as a

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believer we should be is, we should not be concerned about what people have. And then that makes us devalue what we have. And this is the masiva that we have today. The masiva of social media, the most evil of Instagram, and take talk, you only see the good that people have, no one's going to put on Instagram, the crying child, or the child who's like, you know, throwing a tantrum, or the life is a mess, or the food cooked was not didn't come out so good, that was gonna put that up. No one does share their failures. And if they share their failures, they're gonna use that also as a comedic relief, to show how successful they truly are. This is the receiver of social media that we

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have to face the day that you only get the greatness of the perfection. The hijab is perfect. The person's you know, Korea is the shirt is nice and crisp, you only see them in that state. But you see that constantly.

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And what does that do to your brain? What does that do to a person's brain mother, only consuming that of other people, these people are perfect, these people are great, my life sucks. I will tell my brothers and sisters.

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Be careful of the things you put into you the stuff you eat, of course, but also the media that goes into your brain. The media that we consume, the input that we take, from the TV shows the social media followers that we have, or the people we follow, be very mindful of who it is you're following, whose life you are looking at, whose achievements you are holding in your mind as achievements. Be very, very careful of that. Because what it does, it accumulates and accumulates, until that is success. And me. I am a failure at gmail and yet Sadie Murphy the nurse to look at that person admiring, look at that person desiring

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and devaluing what you have. But you can look and say Alhamdulillah, Masha, Allah, Allah, may Allah bless you what you have, but that's our social media does the right social media wants us to want what the other person has. And it's very difficult for our kids who are going up in the audience right now in front of me, most of us are older. Right? We grew up at a time where we were offline in our formative years. Okay, we grew up offline and now we're online. But a lot of our kids are growing up online.

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And it's shaping the way they think it's shaping their it's affecting the fitara. These are important matters. And they ask us, we ask all of us, I asked you to consider the consequences of the media, you watch the social media, people you follow? What does it do? These are questions to be asked. It shouldn't just be like a blank slate. Do what you want, because it has real consequences.