Abdul Nasir Jangda – Illuminated Tarawih Khatirah Night #20

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The concept of a new light is used in the title, which describes the combination of the Quran and the Prophet's guidance as bringing life to the heart. The title provides guidance on finding the right way to live the Quran and highlights the need for the Prophet's example to motivate people to join the faith. The title also provides a brief recap of the upcoming Nights of Shame and discusses the importance of the Prophet's Salallahu.
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He married Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Shala continuing with our series illuminated where we look at the ayat of the Quran in which Allah subhanaw taala mentions the concept of a new light in illumination. Today we're going to be looking at pseudo number 42 pseudo to shoot off, I in number 52.

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In this particular ayah Allah subhanaw taala talks about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam receiving revelation.

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And we're going to see the interesting concept we've visited this idea, this concept previously, where this light from Allah subhanaw taala, this Iman, this guidance from Allah is a combination of the Quran, but also the guidance of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam as well. Allah subhanaw taala says raka Delica o Hanaa elago who Hammond and Marina

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that and similarly, we have revealed to you

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a spirit, a soul from our command by Our command. And so the verbiage here is very interesting where Allah subhanaw taala has said is saying that to the prophets a lot he said them that we have revealed to you we have sent to you, Rohan something that brings life right the soul of the person is called rule. So the way that it's being used here

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is the Mufasa don't explain that this is referring to something that brings life and there's many different

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opinions on what this could be referring to and how this can be understood and interpreted as the haka, Rahim Allah Allah he says well, Quran and Malik bien de nada Rahim Allahu Taala says sama who Rohan Lian Ji Hyun Min Moulton Jan, that this refers to the Quran that we gave you the Quran. And the Quran is something that brings life spiritual life, because it removes the death that is darkness, the lifelessness that is ignorance, the darkness and the ignorance that is represented that is represented by a lifelessness that the Quran remedies that the Quran enlightens the Quran awakens the Quran inspires the Quran motivates. And so Allah is saying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam that we sent to you the source of spiritual life.

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And then Allah says said the prophets Allah, he's a malcontent at the Rimmel key taboo. Well, Imani

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that you did not know the Book previously. Now there's a lot of deeper conversation here, philosophically, about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in general prophets before they receive revelation, you MAMARAZZI Rama Allahu Taala goes into a lot of detail, we're not going to go into all of that we're not going to go into as I always say, we're not going to go into the weeds. But nonetheless, what Allah is saying is that you did not have the Quran, you did not have this knowledge of Revelation.

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Nor will Iman nor did you know exactly how to call people to faith, how to invite people to the faith, and how to revive faith within the people.

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And so, but rather what happened, what I can juggle now who run but rather, we gave you that light, Nadi the human nature human everybody now, and we guide whomsoever we will, from amongst our servants from amongst our slaves, we guide using that light using the Quran, whomsoever we will, amongst our slaves and our servants. And something very interesting that Mr. Mulcair TV rahang Allahu Taala shares here about this particular concept that Malik bien de nada ham Allahu taala. He used to say yeah, Al Quran. Mothers are Al Quran Lubicon sago people of the Quran what has the Quran planted within your hearts grown within your hearts because he would say for Inilah Khurana of your

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local lube, come on the lathe or be

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that the Quran is the life of the hearts. Just like the springtime is the life of the earth. That when the springtime occurs, you see the Earth coming back to life. Similarly, the Quran engaging with the Quran spending time with the Quran reading the Quran, understanding the Quran reflecting on the Quran, living the Quran. This is what brings life to the hearts. We're in Nicoletta de la serata Muslim. So Allah subhanaw taala. Here, the first part of it focuses on

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exactly what a gift what a blessing, how necessary, how a source of light and a source of life. The Quran is.

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But in the last part of this ayah Allah subhanaw taala says, speaking to the prophets, Allah gitam were in Mecca. And you owe beloved messenger Leta de la serata. Mr. Clean, there you guide to the straight path, that you are guiding humanity and anyone who will listen to the straight path. And this is a reminder at the end of the ayah that, as we've mentioned, multiple times the Quran is this blessing and discourse of guidance and light and life and faith. But the Quran itself by itself is not enough to be able to find the way to actually living the Quran practically, to walk that straight path. Because for that to happen, we need the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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salam leading us if the Quran is inspiring us if the Quran is enlightening us if the Quran is reviving us, the prophets of Salaam is the one leading us. And this is the combination that results in the faith and the practice of faith that we are so desperately in need of and this is what Allah subhanaw taala emphasizing and emphasizes and affirms here within this particular ayah May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to be able to commit to the Quran and revive our relationship with the Quran in this month so that the Quran may revive our hearts and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to find our way to the example of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam so that it can

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lead us to the straight path lead us to Allah and lead us to salvation. I mean, yeah, Ramadan, Amin Subhan Allah who will be humbly he Subhana, Colombia Hamitic Nisha La Ilaha. illa Anta Asakura governor to Willeke

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so Inshallah, as we conclude, and we resume us the tarawih prayers, just wanted to remind everyone wanted to remind everyone that Hamdulillah we are embarking upon the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, and So alhamdulillah the team here is hard at work in continuing to provide benefit and programs and opportunities for spiritual growth during the blessing month of Ramadan, and particularly during the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. Starting from tomorrow night in sha Allah, we're going to have a nightly program here for the last 10 nights. The program will consist primarily of two components. Starting at midnight insha Allah we're going to have reflections, the

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theme of the reflections will be forgiven, where we will go over stories of forgiveness, and examples of forgiveness to inspire us to seek forgiveness from Allah saw the Brahmin Murphy and myself inshallah we'll be hosting that session in our program here every night. And then that will be followed by some peon prayers in sha Allah led by some of our students from the seminary, so we ask everyone to inshallah join us and I know that it's a late night program, but you know, already these 20 days past it seems before we even got a hold of it, we got a grasp of it. So these last 10 Nights will continue to go by whether or not we make we take we take advantage of the opportunity so

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inshallah please come through join us spend the night here with us in sha Allah will have reflections will have discussions will answer questions. And we'll also pray together have do our together in sha Allah, and we'll you know, have some snacks and refreshments and things like that. So, for those who are here in person, Inshallah, you're more than welcome to join us here and for everybody watching online inshallah. The nightly reflections series will also be streamed online, so you can keep up with that as well. And so, yes,

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yes, so good question about Salatin aid. We just had a pretty extensive meeting today. So we are going to be having Salatin aid and we'll announce that inshallah upcoming as we get some of the more finer details nailed down in sha Allah, just not going to lock it in stone. Why are they gonna have to leave it

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