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The relationship between certainty in Allah ﷻ and Allah’s ﷻ protection

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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When the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith, he mentioned that the greatest blessing one is given is eliakim ovilla. This is the greatest blessing to have all times and of all blessings. When nobody saw Salah he said in that Hadith, he said sallallahu Martha for in the hula mew the hardened bodily Akina hominin warfare, how do you two sorry, let me Sorry.

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He teaches us that the blessings the best of blessings are two things. The first one is having certainty and allows origin and the second one is having to protection having allows origin protecting you from the fifth and protecting you from the punishment of the grief from the Hellfire and so many of the evils these are the two greatest blessings that are lost or shall gifts for newbies Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he joins these two things in had in the in the one had the blessing of certainty and a law and the blessing of seeking and gaining a protection from a loss origin or musala. He said when he said color in the Mario A B C or D that is your theme. That is certainty in

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Allah and certainty and Allah leads to it leads to the protection as a result of laws origin protecting from fear out and his army