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Sam allowed him to love Santa Santa for less than Mr. Lake masala to Allah wa barakato

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this is rather zazzy welcome you all to the stories of the prophets. And this is Episode 4142 actually 42 and it's session number 11 Episode 42 still talking about the study of Musa alayhis salam.

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So please allow me to give a minute or two for more people to join so that we can resume our session about more so inshallah with that

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in the meantime, I hope and pray that you all are doing great in sha Allah that you all are in a high state of Eman

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and the high state of health as well. You staying healthy inshallah you hope your family is also staying healthy inshallah. And

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praying that Allah subhana wa tada predicts your future insha Allah and preserve you also, just allow me again to give a minute or two for more people to join. People are joining on Facebook as well. And on Instagram, so that we can start our

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our session Episode 42 and it's session number 11 talking about masahisa.

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Brothers and sisters just you know waiting for people to come. I want to quickly mention about the significance of today. Today is the 10th of Muharram which is Asha. Right? This is the 10th of Milan which is Ashoka. which in fact is the day when Allah subhana wa tada saved Moosa from from you know, saved Moosa from drowning in his today, and

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so it is going sides with so Pamela, as we're talking about more Saudis to them and we're talking yesterday we talked about Moses confrontation with the magician's with the sorceress, right. And, and maybe today inshallah, tada, depending on what we get. Today, in fact, we're going to be talking about most as miracles, most as miracles, and then the preparation to take bento slightly out now and to to lead them out from Egypt. So, this is the topic of today, but some Hamlet today, in fact, is the 10th of Muharram Ashura where,

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where Lazarus is Moosa and my brothers and sisters, just so, you know, because a lot of people now

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a lot of people, in fact, they don't know that even nj helia that even in Jamia, they used to celebrate Ashura, the people of Je li in fact reported by Aisha delana and Buhari that the people of j Hillier, they also used to celebrate you know, I showed up other than the Jews other than the Jews who used to fast the day of martial law, which is the 10th of Muharram the people of God they also used to, you know, celebrate the day of Ashura according to the law. So, it is, you know, it is something interesting to know.

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And with the fact that also, as I mentioned yesterday, that the people have a sense of the predecessors they used to celebrate or they used to

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glorify or they used to think define 310s the less than nights of Ramadan, the first 10 days of the Asia and the first 10 days of Mojave and today is the 10th of Muharram which is the end of or the last, you know, day of from the 10th day of Mojave.

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And so, these are you know, these are this day is a is a sanctuary day This day is a very, you know, Mashallah grand and great day.

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So, I hope that you those of you who are who, you know, are in East luck, you know, East Coast, maybe I hope you're fasting today. Those of you may be in the UK, you broke your fast You know, if you fast it today, those of you in Malaysia and Australia, you've already you know, you're gone and then today's probably Saturday for you there that I mean Sunday for you guys out there. So I just hope that you took advantage of this day in Charlotte or wherever you are, and you made some drop in Charlotte, my brothers and sisters yesterday. Yesterday. What did we talk about yesterday, we talked about the confrontation with the sorcerers with the magicians, according to best about the law on

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who they were, you know, in 200

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They were 10,000 sorcerers, and you won the ration 100,000 sorceress, you know, that say 10,000 imagine assembling all in one line in this arena right trying to defeat moose Addison. And before they went into that confrontation, they asked, they asked for down the Astrodome

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what would they get if they were to defeat Moosa?

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What would they get in Atlanta agilon in canal de la de been already in a comida, lemon and mocha Bobby in salt to Shara verse number 4142. They asked without What should we are we going to get a reward if we were to defeat Moosa for our

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philosophy, of course, and not only you're going to get real reward, but also you're going to become those closest to me, those closest to me. So, this is the promise of fade out to the to the sorcerer. So, they said, part of it is that if you know the wound, you know, by the by the might of Freetown we should be the winners we should be and we shall be the winners. So this is imagine the switch because very soon after they confront Moosa and they saw the true miracle of Allah subhanho wa Taala they would switch they would flip you know from you know, anticipating that reward from from Freetown instead, you know, only wishing for the UN hoping for the word from Allah Subhana

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Allah with that anyways, they, they asked for the home. They asked Moosa now they're meeting right in this arena. And today I'm Charlotte I'm going to share with you quite a few Yes, the talked about you know exactly what happened, you know, in this one

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that says in saw that a lot of well hyena in em owes us log. So now the Sorcerer's day through there, they do their their staff, their sticks.

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And then they played magic on the eyes of the people on the eyes of those who are there in the eyes of Moosa. They, they and then all the audience start seeing this sticks moving as if there were snakes. Well, our hyena either more sir and we can also talk about either he had the former yet

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and then we have to Moosa throw cast down your stick cast down your staff, and then the staff of Mossad devoured all the other staffs all the other snakes 10,000 snakes in one duration in another 100,000 snakes all you know belonging to the sorceress, folk on American men. Oh, but what evil Who? nadie Cohen bugaboo savini Well, the Sahaba to say, God, I know you love me, I love to be Moosa

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah prevail Of course, I'm happy to reveal the truth prevail that and then what happened? Olivia Sana, Sahara to say she didn't the Sahaba the sorcerers they made straight they made suzu to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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added me they said we believe in love bitter enemies in the Lord of the worlds of Hana with Allah, Allah Azza wa Han, the Lord of masa and Harman

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in so that you will notice. Here's another sola sola Chapter The one is verse number 79 to add to honor for dooney bico Lisa Hayden Irie from

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a Sahaba tokara who moves

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to move

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In namaha Silva in Allahu Allah, Allah mo CD while your hip bone long will help Barbican emergy he went okay.

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When the Sahara when the Sorcerer's they came together, Moosa told them uncle Matt and Thomas Kuhn flow cast down what you have to know what you what you brought in with you and your craft, you have your magic craft and they'll cast it down so they all through their their sticks or their staffs. But I'm I'm always I'm as he said, in the last little Allah. This is very powerful, very, very powerful. Moosa told them whatever you crafted, it is the craft of sorcerers it is magic in the law so your little Allah subhanho wa Taala shall remove it unless you're defeated subhanho wa Taala in alassio, but they will in the law. I'm an animal CD and this is why I said this is corruption on

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earth what you're doing is corruption. And Allah subhanho wa Taala shall defeated some kind of attack in another area in another chapter chapter five.

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I saw that baja I'm telling you all the chapters that that describe this particular incident between Moosa and the sorceress. So let's add off so at Eunice so at the Sahaba. So, Baja You know, this is all the the the the chapters in the Quran describing what happened you know or this incident between Moosa and the sorceress instead of Baja is la aguja Moosa in Tokyo, an akuna all they said oh Moosa, either you cast first cast down your stick or we should, you know start first you know, cast it down, Moosa said honorable for either him I know him what

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he means to him and

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once I told them, you know first you cut down your your your your sticks first

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that he that he bought a home wisely you whom you how young, he means he had him and hurt us. And then the ropes, ropes and sticks, what a lot of sisters and brothers, please listen up carefully here. In salt Baja, Allah not only mentions the sticks, but Allah also mentions ropes, what does the rope have to do with the this year, they used to have ropes in the edge of the of the sticks, so the rope was attached to the edge of the stick, so they would throw the stick, they will start playing with the rope. And then with magic, people would think that it's in fact snakes. This is what this sorceress used to do, because as I mentioned yesterday, they used to play magic in the eyes of the

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people so they had sticks or stamps, right? And there's a rope attached to the to the top or the edge of the stick. So they would throw the stick they would catch the rope and start moving the stick like this. And then the rope you know the the the sticks start moving and people the audience would think that they are snakes. Well, I see him you know, lay him and say hi to him and hurt us. Are you hired? They will be under the impression that there were snakes for our JSF enough see here FIFA moves

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off in

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the Murphy I mean, you gotta have Masanobu in ML Sana. Okay do sir here when you're familiar host Hazel Hazel at Allah monster got scared 10,000 snakes 10,000 ropes 10,000 you know sticks or 100 1000s in one duration. So he got scared for Oh Josephine FC FIFA, putting the Moosa Moosa cleaver Moosa Moosa unless they have left kwinana to have in the cantina we said, Don't be scared. You are the high you're the most high in the country. You are the most high well the McAfee I mean, you

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know, in Mr. Santa, okay to say hey, when you say hey, go, Hey, Dad, adapt. So Allah says in the field to Musa Musa cast down, that which you have in your hand, in your right hand, because the stick Moosa was holding it with his right hand. So he told him, cast it down, because that what you have in your right hand, it shall devour everything that they have come up with. All they have crafted is the work of sorcerers and the work of sorcerers shall not be whatever you prefer sahifa, the set had the magician, the black magician, they shall not be winners.

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That should not be winners, this should not be successful. Those This is why so Pamela, in Islam, the Sharia in the shadow of Islam, every every sin has, you know, you repent to it, you know, people can repent from everything. But so Pamela, a sad in Islam, as if this is any spam, but it is not practiced today, of course, but in Islam, the the punishment of the Sangha is to be killed.

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In Islam, the punishment of the session is to be killed because this is the only sense of how Allah you know, even killing, you know, even if somebody kills that person can repent. If that person repents, you know, and, and offers whatever that expiation, then hamdulillah Hamas, but so Pamela, you know, and then adultery, you know, there's a there is a whipping or a stoning, you know, depending on you know, on the adultery on the adulterer, but with regard to two second black magic, those who practice black magic, so even if they repent, the Prophet says that they should be killed the hell that would occur with a label. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the work of the

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magicians should not be successful. So this is the work of the magicians, brothers and sisters. When that happens.

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The Sahara, the sorceress

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on the spot they meet salute to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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they meet Allah subhana wa Salatu Sujatha olkaria they went down on the spot making sushi to Allah subhana wa Tada. So of Baja verse number 71, Freetown told them

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on a dumb level cobbler and then come in now hola como como la de Anima como said, he says you made sushi to him to his Lord before you believed in Him and you believed in his Lord before you know taking permission from me I'm the one who thought you said I'm the one who taught you this magic and then he threatened to kill them. You threatened to kill them by he says very Lee, I will surely cut off your hands and feet on opposites meaning he will you know he will cut if he was to cut that say cut off the right hand you will cut off the right foot in opposite you know, cutting off the right hand and then cutting off the left foot. He says I shall carve your hands and your feet in opposite

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and they shall crucify you. And they shall crucify you on the trunks of a date you know upon my palm trees.

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What did they say the magician's the sorceress would they scared this in brothers and sisters what the reply of the Sorcerer's was, there was such a very, very, you know, empowered by what they have seen because they have realized that they know their work is nothing but but but they know that their work is nothing but but magic. But they also realize that the work of most I wasn't magic. They realized and they came to the conclusion that the work of Mozart wasn't magic. So they went down in frustration on the spot for on ps4. halitosis agenda. So what did they say they said to fit around him and to pub Vickery. Whatever you desire to decree, though as you wish we don't care

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decree whatever you desire to decree up to the mat and upon

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no as you wish they didn't care because they know and they realize that which mousse I came with wasn't actually magic, but it was the work of Allah subhana wa tada in men have been early African i don't know how i know i'm i've gotten him in a second. Well, Allahu Hyejeong, wherever all Allahu Akbar the turned out to him and they said, in men, no, but I've been up we have believed in our Lord in a minute in a in a matter of no time. As soon as they saw, you know that miracle that a lot of soldiers work. You know the Moosa when he threw his staff, which you know, devoured all their snakes, all the other staffs. They went down into Sousou and they said in Amanda Bella Bina, we have

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believed in our Lord, the occidental Habana to forgive our sins, they have admitted and they have confessed their sins. So we have believed in our Lord, why we believe in our Lord, we believe in our Lord to forgive our sins, not only to forgive our sins, when I catenary him in a second and you're the one who in fact, you know compelled us to perform magic. You compel us to perform magic and we did magic just because we feared you will level favorable or low Halo, Allah subhana wa tada is the the superpower for subhana wa Tada.

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So brothers and sisters, this was the story with the Sorcerer's, yes, they were killed.

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Freetown ordered 10,000 of them to be killed.

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He did not kill Moosa.

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Why didn't he kill Moosa?

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He only killed the Sorcerer's by he did not kill Musa. Why do you think

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he was defeated?

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He was defeated in those three rounds.

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Just like you but I him, I didn't set them. When they throw him into the fire.

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They threw him into the fire. He came out from the fire in the middle. Why didn't he kill him?

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the you know, the dictator didn't kill him because they were defeated and they know they will they will not be able to do to to kill him. So they just kicked him out. That was Ibrahim and they said them. Same thing. Likewise, you know here to Moosa, you know, well, I know the fool around he knew that, you know, he wouldn't be able to kill Moosa. So he went and he killed the sorcerers. He killed the magicians, and he let him go psycho. He let me psycho but then he would realize, you know, my people, what am I people saying, I used to tell them I am the Lord the Most High, so now nobody's gonna believe in me. Now he changed his mind and he says, I'm going to kill water. But initially, he

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said go because he got defeated.

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He only gave the Sorcerer's and he liked masago

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there are some people who believed in musala his Salah

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there's this lady very well known story, the prophet Mohammed smelled her fragrance in Jenna, who's lady, a very, it's like a slave, he's a maid,

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Marcia has been to Freetown, she had a job to dress up the daughter of Freetown and to, you know,

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brush her hair. So one day she was dead with, you know, her daughter with mooses daughter with John's daughter, you know, brushing her hair, and then the brush fell down on the floor. So she picked it up. And before she picked it up, she said, Bismillah which, in fact, it's a sin that my brothers and sisters, if you were to pick up something, you say, Bismillah if you get something big, something gets something, say, Bismillah when you stand up, you say, Bismillah when you sit down, say Bismillah before you eat Bismillah before you sleep Bismillah when you wake up Bismillah Alhamdulillah you know, you start when you do in your work Bismillah before you do anything, you

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start with the name of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada with with blessing in everything that which you're doing. Right? So this is the sooner Subhana Allah, right? You know, before you do anything before you touch before you pick up before Bismillah In the name of Allah, I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm about to do what I'm doing. Right. So she picked up the brush. And then she said, Bismillah, In the Name of Allah, the daughter of Iran, she says in the name of my own my father, right, my father because I used to say, and then a book when I'm the Lord the Most High,

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um, the Lord the Most High. So she picked it up and she said, Bismillah that's my father. She says, No, that's Allah, my Lord, and your father's Lord,

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and your father's love.

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The daughter, she wanted her father, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, this this lady, my maid. She said that you worship some other God other than you. And that lady happened to have four children. very amazing story. amazing story happens to have

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four children.

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And then fit around, brought her along with her children.

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And then he threatened to kill her, provided that she denounces the worship of La ilaha illAllah. And then she goes back where she prints it out? She said no. And then he threatened to kill her children's youth. He said, she said no.

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Although she could have said yes, because it's all in the heart. He could have said yes, because he threatened to kill her. But she refused.

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So he took an image. Imagine this woman holding her children, and she had the baby with her. She had a baby with her at that baby was still, you know, breastfeeding. She was still sucking her baby. That baby wasn't able to speak. It was still a baby. You know, she's breastfeeding him. So he took the first kid. And then he threw him into this pit of fire before their eyes. Are you going to denounce your religion? She said, No. And then he took the second. And then he threatened? She said no, then then you throw him into that fire into that bit. Are you going to denounce your religion? She said, No. And then one after another one kid, and this is a mom, a mom, the love of the mom for

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her kids. She's seeing her kids been thrown into that fire to that bit, one after another, just so that she can denounce that Illa Allah and renounce that Illa Allah?

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And she said, No. So he picked the third kid and throw him into the fire. And then what was left her baby. What was that is her baby. So she is threatened again to kill the baby. So I imagine this woman now they're trying to take her baby from her. And then she's holding her baby. They're taking a baby. She's trying to struggle to take her baby. But of course, the soldiers they managed to take the baby. They managed to take her baby. She couldn't. She couldn't hold on to her baby. Are you going to denounce La ilaha illAllah denouncing religious? He said no. And then because she was fighting to keep her baby, Allah subhanho wa Taala made that baby talk. This habit is in Bukhari,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala made the baby talk. The talk the talk, he said to his Mom, Mom, do not be afraid. Do not worry. I showed me to engender Allahu Akbar. Yes, Mom, do not worry. Do not be sad, do not grieve. I shall me to engender, he throw the baby into the fire and then eventually he threw her into that pit into the fire, but the

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Sisters, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was ascended into the heavens.

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They literally saw when,

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when he was ascended into the heavens, he saw the heavens, right. And then he saw things in heavens and then he smelled a beautiful fragrant. He asked God or she believed, who whose fragrant is this beautiful, fragrant engine. Imagine Jenna has a beautiful smell and beautiful fragrance in itself. But then on top of the fragment of Janet, he smelled a more beautiful fragment. So the Prophet Mohammed as gibreel or as you believe, who's fragrant is this GPS told her

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you just told told him jasola This is the fragment of mashup that's been to fill out. This is the fragment of that made, who used to brush the daughters of his own hair. You know, the prophet Mohammed smelled her fragrance in Jannah. Allah ilaha illa she held on strong into her religion into that Illa Illa. Another person believed

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another woman believed

00:26:09--> 00:26:57

and brothers and sisters, lo and behold, surprisingly enough, feather Allen's wife believed, as the one who raised moves up. She's like his mom. She was like his mom, she raised him, right? She raised them, she sold her son, you know, confronting the Sorcerer's, I'm sure her heart was beating and then when she saw her sudden moves up, you know, defeating the saucers, she must have been very happy and glad, right? But now, right, she believed, she believed in the Lord of Moosa. And further out, I happen to know that she believed and he threatened to kill her imagine this is not any woman, this is the the wife and

00:26:58--> 00:27:21

the wife of renowned. Let us speak about her what you know, her maids, her wealth, her gold, her diamonds, her silver, her velvet or whatever, you know, everything that used to own, you know, the palace, her bags and, and whatnot, she was to leave all that she was to leave all that.

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

For what in exchange brothers and sisters in exchange of a house in Ghana, Allahu Akbar,

00:27:29--> 00:27:42

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, where you lay the hand. Imagine that you give up everything for Allah, everything in a haram for Allah. And some of us brothers and sisters, we know

00:27:43--> 00:28:12

some of us we know that some of what we're doing could be haram right? But we are hanging on to it trying to find a fatwa right, left or center. Right. Although you know, inside of you, brothers and sisters, listen to what the prophet said. He says his stuff difficult back he says ask your heart. Sometimes your heart Your consciousness tells you that what you're doing is wrong. Even you may find the sheriff giving you a fatwa. But inside of you, you know that what that what you're doing is wrong.

00:28:14--> 00:28:28

It shows in your consciousness, it shows in your face, it shows in your heart before you do it, your heart stopped beating it gives you those that alarm that what you're doing is wrong, yet you're home, hang on strong and tight to it. So Pamela

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

you are not ready to give up the harem because of this dounia

00:28:37--> 00:28:39

because of dystonia.

00:28:40--> 00:29:08

And you know that that person right you know you owe him or you owe her money, but you haven't gotten to it. It is because of because of Jani some inheritance problems and what not, you know you could have given up you could have let go up, but you chose not to you chose not to, but the wife of fit down she gave up in exchange of house in general. So,

00:29:12--> 00:29:13

Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

he gave the example

00:29:18--> 00:29:45

brought up that example of of the wife of Freetown beautifully insulated the heading. Chef Mossad is here, he will tell us about salata, hareem and in LA to film, The Muppet op evening here in the cabeza Finjan. Let me bring chef Mossad to recite for us He is here. Let him recite for us this beautiful beautiful Ayah Yes, yes Mossad.

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Hi Alice. Yes, no kidding.

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Yes, yes. Mossad.

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jF Mossad. Salam aleikum.

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Oh yeah hello

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yeah hello

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yeah hello

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yeah hello yeah hello Madhava

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welcome Xena

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aloka hayyan posuk

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o solo aka Miss Bala and other

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akima Guru into that Miss Alok how you will kita

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musawah Matthew down

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will Masha Masha Allah Mohammed it's so Matt Xhosa tree down command Xhosa tree down the Amana Takata beginning in the capital region. Contract La la

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la la la la la la la.

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Chef now current

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so let's move

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to be your God gonna mean Konami

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always me

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in masala Qibla This is Chef Musab Botha he is the Imam in the masjid in in Montreal. Please follow him on his on his page you know on Instagram all you have to do is follow him Mashallah. Mashallah bollock Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Life Daddy,

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I come set up

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unlike mine, so this is the chef was reciting from slotted to him. What the wife of what did she wish from Allah subhana wa tada because without he crucified the reporter against a tree, right? tied her up with a tree as best said, you know, tied her up in but in the desert, you know, against a tree. And they were beaten here up there was beaten her up, they were beaten her up, she was sure that she can denounce her religion. And then she refused to denounce a religion. And then she says about BPD in the debate and feagin she gave up her palace. Instead she says, Oh, my Lord, build a house for me in Jannah and save me from Freetown and his oppressors and his followers. Save me from

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Freetown and his followers, but yellow beat Yes, I'm giving up my palace. I'm giving up all my wealth and everything, but instead the lobby build a house for me in Geneva. And then he says, before she died, she looked at the sky. She looked up, and then she smiles before she dies. She smiled as if Allah subhanho wa Taala showed her that house that she wanted him to build for her. Allah subhanho wa Taala showed her her accommodation in Jana. She looked up, she smiled and she died. Who is this woman? This is the wife often around and she become higher Nisa agenda with hadisha you know, with Marian with Fatima Haley set agenda, you know, the the the the

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might have to fit around ESEA

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Allah Allah. So this is the story of this woman. Yes there is another man who will also believe Who is this man who will also believe he will have a conversation with for the hour and which will kill him which will kill him. What would do is this man related to fill out? Some said that he is but who is he What is he going to say? When is he going to say when is he going to speak up this man? We will talk about that tomorrow inshallah to Allah and then we will move to move around Splott around we'll move to another plot. What is his plot? We'll talk about that tomorrow inshallah Tada, brothers and sisters it's Camilla hair, bought a coffee calm thank you all for joining me Allah

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bless you Melanie Ward you I wish you all a blessed blessed day and bless a 10th of Muharram those of you who are still in the east, you know you still have some time to make dua inshallah huzzah Allah, those of you who are also in the West, you still have some time to make that inshallah Tada. And those of you who have already, you know, has you know, faster this day I asked Allah Subhana Allah to accept from all of you. Thank you brothers and sisters for joining me is that Kamala hair bought a coffee come said Mr. McCullough said American brothers and sisters, you take care so mid semacam nassima doula robe have is hard. You know is that my hair? Thank you for joining although

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view on the on Facebook Thank you, and those of you on Instagram thank you for joining Oh man. Yes mean patris trace, thank you for joining Thank you for coming again. We'll see you soon inshallah. I will see you tomorrow, same time, same place inshallah. So that might come up Ah, that might come. So I'ma come second as somebody from Allah.