The Origins of Wudu & the great Wisdom Behind it

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Bismillah metal Rahim hamdulillah Hello bin alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he or she Marian, all praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as still follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, salaam aleikum, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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And I wanted to share with you tonight, some wisdoms of a great worship that Allah Subhana Allah legislates for us. This is a worship that you and I are engaged in every single day. And every single day we're doing this worship, a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. It came as a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is what you and I need for our solar. And that is the worship of Allah. I wanted to tell you some things about

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the wisdom behind although the origins of although where did it all begin from? How did it start? And what is this great mirror and reward that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made for those who are consistent and continuous in their world? And is just real solid? Or does it have you can use it for other things, for sure. matana within 15 to 20 minutes, or any whatever must have handled that allows us to share, we will share and we ask almost panatela that it makes it a benefit to all of us, our brothers and sisters in islamically all know that Hulu is one of the conditions of an accepted solar. But before this, let's go to the very beginning.

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And that is you got to focus so you can understand where all this is coming from Adam alayhis salam, when he was in the paradise, he was roaming freely in the paradise and he was eating from wherever he wanted to eat, allows origin when he created Adam, and he created her work from Adam. He said to both of them for good. I mean how you get to eat from wherever you want, right? And enjoy the paradigms and eat from wherever you want on a taco bell heavy shadow and do not come near this tree. So there was one tree in the paradise Inn where they were forbidden to eat from it. Now, the you know, brothers and sisters that when one eats he relieves himself right? This is something normal

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that if you eat or you drink, you find yourself at the end of the day during the middle of the day after go to the bathroom and relieve yourself. But now when Adam are you Sam was eating in the paradise. How did he relieve himself? Awesome. Do the people of the paradise relieve themselves the same way that people have this dunya relieve themselves? For Hobbes comes to explain this is very important to understand the Novus Assalam he says in an agenda to kulu Noah shabu that the people of the paradise they eat and they enjoy the many drinks that allows origin has made for them lay a balloon while at the homophone they do not urinate, nor do they relieve themselves. Yeah, I mean,

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there's no relieving of oneself in the paradise, just like we do in this worldly life. When we saw someone said when I hit them, harpoon, Danny, no mucus and no any of that phlegm that comes out from the mouth and so on. Yeah, none of this. This doesn't happen in the paradise. And then in addition, as Adam said, when I clean up a hammer home, there

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was a Shawn garage and misc. He says however, the way the people of the paradise relieve themselves is through a shoe shed, shed is the sound that comes out from the noun the verb, wash on garage and misc and wash, sweat. That is the snow of musk. This is how the people of the paradise relieve themselves. So they eat and drink. And the way they relieve themselves is with a burp and sweat that comes out from the body. And that has the smell of musk. So now the people of the paradise This is how they're leaving themselves. Adam alayhis salam, that's how he was. Then he was inside of the paradise. He actually lived inside this paradise that anyone else can last pilot Allah to admittance

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into at the end of time.

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For then Adam Elise

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Siobhan came to him with between and you know what happened? He directed him towards that forbidden tree, that tree that's a sin, He was not allowed to eat from it. And he ate from Allah azzawajal said, Wow. So the moral of both of our Adam alayhis salam committed a sin. He disobeyed his Lord by eating from that tree. Eventually, what happens is that Adam alayhis salam and Hawa their clothes are removed. They are naked, they rushed to the leaves of the trees to make some clothes to cover themselves. It is narrated that leaves all the trees refused to give leaves to either Molly's lm and his wife, except chahatein. Except the tree that the face

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tree and they took from that leaves and they made some clothes they covered themselves. But anyway, as a consequence, as a consequence of this one sin, Allah subhanho wa Taala commands Adam holiday is set up, and how to come down to this earth. And when he came down to this earth, obviously is going to eat and drink. And that is the first time a human being relieves himself for relieving yourself like we do in this life happened when it happened after a sim was committed in in the paradise. There is no such thing as relieving yourself from the from the private pups that doesn't happen. When did it happen? The first of it this is why in Arabic it's called alhadeff. Hadith means

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something new. And it was something invented something new that happened to Benny Adam, When did it happen? It happened the moment he disobedient loss of Hannah horadada. This is why when we relieve ourselves in the bathroom, and we walk out what is the door, the thicker that we're supposed to say? Or flajnik? Our law I asked and I seek and I beg for your forgiveness? Why are you asking for las pantallas forgiveness? What you're seeing or flajnik when you leave the bathroom, because you are supposed to remember your sins when you are inside. And so you ask Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness. So He cleanses your heart from the sins from the impurity of the sins, just like He

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cleansed your body from the filth that was inside of it for so Panama. My brothers and sisters understand this very important meaning that just like

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when you went to the bathroom, you purified your body from the film, that film that was inside that weighed heavily in your body. You know that when when someone needs to go to the bathroom? He's in an uncomfortable situation, he can no longer think he can no longer do anything. All he's thinking about is how am I going to relieve myself? Imagine, imagine that this nudges or this filth remained inside of your body, and you weren't able to remove it. It will destroy you. It will destroy you kill you right then and there. So Pamela, when you walk out of the bathroom, you suppose you say well salonica Jani? Why, just like what the Niger sir would have done to your body. That is exactly

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what Sims does to the heart. If you did not ask Allah for forgiveness of the sins, then they're going to weigh heavy on your heart. And they will become the way to the point where it's so uncomfortable in the heart, that eventually it will destroy you and it will kill you. For when you enter the bathroom. And you found that I'm hungry left, I relieved myself. I'm relaxed now. Just like your body has been purified from an agenda. You walk out and you see or Florida. In other words, you're saying Allah, just like you're relieved my buddy from this pain of the film. Also cleanse my heart from the filth of a car. Because if those sins remain inside of my heart, Jani,

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this is going to be just as bad as if the measures are the filth was inside of my body. This is why I have no claim on him online. He brings up this beautiful meaning. And he says this is why one is supposed to see all salonica after he leaves the bathroom. Yeah, and you know, let's understand a little. Once you've said Florida, and you've walked out of this bathroom, and you've understood these meanings, that you've only relieved yourself because of the sin. And you remember the sins who were This is Jani. When one relieves himself and they The color is dirty. The smell is filled. All of this is reminding of the filth of the sins, the sins of a filthy snow, they have a filthy look to

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them, they have a filthy taste to them. Just like when you relieve yourself. This is supposed to remind you of the Sims, because that doesn't happen in the paradise you only hope it happens on earth after a loss origin was disobeyed. For now, after you've done that you're supposed to do and we'll do after this. Well, this is what belaire probably Allahu anhu and for those that are laminal agenda, when enemies are seldom heard below the low animals footsteps in the paradise, he asked him, What do you do? He said to me a little Salalah There is not a single time that I entered the bathroom and relieved myself except by me after that. And after this I prayed to look at and this is

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why with this continuous action of is he ended in Alfredo Salaam in agenda for now let's understand he would go to the bathroom relieve himself and he would follow it up by one floor up by and what is the purpose of all to begin with? Look for most of us.

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Yanni, Danny Salatin, he is on its way. I don't have although let's get up, make Google and I'm ready for solid. What true That's right. But that's yeah

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Some things small of what the dean told us about mobile. That's not the complete picture of although, and mobile is much more precious than just using it for yourself. It has much more of an effect, the wisdom, and the purpose of mobile is much more than you just need for bajada for solid, that's from a funky perspective, perspective that every Muslim is hotter the two year old would know the three year old if you taught him, you cannot pray unless you make Although everyone knows that, but now millions, he does have a lot 1000s of ahaadeeth came in the sun also masala, yet would come in the Quran to teach us about the wisdom of Bordeaux. No doubt my brothers and sisters. The first

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and foremost purpose of all is so that it cleanses us from our sins before it cleanses our limbs. This is the purpose of all and this is found in the meaning of hadith of Rasul masala. Let me share with you that and then tell you what kind of mentality you're supposed to have when you make a model. And those are some of them in the hadith of Sahih. Muslim, he says to the companion navassa tsunami robiola? No, he says to him,

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when you make boo boo and you wash your hands, the seams of your hands begin to drop until the last drop of water. And he said when you wash your face, the sins of your face in the hollow papaya was held by a human wedgie except that the sins of the face drop with every last drop of water. Yeah, this is the sins of the eyes. What did you see during the day, when you wash your face as part of booboo? The sins of the eyes are being washed as the water is dropping from your face or the sins of your town. What filthy language is spoken the day, what backbiting you did and slammed and mockery and words that you weren't supposed to say that is all washed as you wash your face and the seams of

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the ie the harm that you heard the backbiting and the gossip that you shouldn't have heard that is also washed away when you wipe your head and you wash your ears and then when you wash your your hands and the resources themselves as he washes his hands not except that his sins are dropping off as well the sins of the hands and what you did during the day with your hand on one of your you know all of it seems are dropping while you wash your hands. And then when you wash your foot in the harbor hopper yeah whom originally except that the sins of the foot, your foot button and you did not use them to walk to the masjid. You use them to walk to somewhere that disobey Yanni

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disobedience of a mob. As you wash it in all the sins of the feet have been washed as well. Well most of what is in the pool and above all, he says, Now you read the Maharaja Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah azza wa jal in a long area, he teaches us how to do and at the end of the air, he says, I did not want to make a burden upon you. He did not wait but didn't want to make a war as a burden upon you. While Akin, however, when I can you read only upon hirakud maliau Timonium alcoholic,

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however, he wanted to purify and he wanted to cleanse you, and he wanted to fulfill his blessing and favor upon you. And what does that mean? That means he wanted to purify you from your sins. That is exactly why will do was legislated for us so that it cleanses our sins. Now, if you understood this meaning, you'll understand that such a person is ready to stand before the hands of the loss of Hannah Tyler. He went to the bathroom. He walked out he said oh flocka

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so he asked them what to forgive him. He made a boo boo. And He cleansed himself from assiette. Now he's ready to stand before the hands of a loss of $100 sinless, free of sin is ready to face him subhanaw taala for this is the mentality that you and I are supposed to have with you and not every time a solid came. You don't think to yourself? Did I lose my walk from last time that I go to the bathroom or not forget? That is what I need. General person would think it's normal that you're supposed to think did I commit a sin from last although until now. And if you did commit a sin go and make a will because the purpose of the law was the cleanser from your say yet you see now when

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you think like this, this is this is a different level of thinking and a different level of treating this worship that allows or has given us when the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says now you have filled Waterloo in min. No one would take concerning great care in his Ward except a min except a person that has reached the level of a man to the point where he is no longer a Muslim only but he's a min. Furthermore min is someone who is always concerned in his wall.

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He understands that boo boo is that which wipes away he said his concern when he comes to solar is not that I go to the bathroom or not that I make mobile after I left the door that that's a Muslim min and I made a sin I committed a sin from last week. I must go on Google so I can cleanse those siet from my life. And it's apparent a lot this is why most Panda Panda has legislated this mobile app then.

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In the summer, he says

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man bear topo hidden so you can understand how Google is linked to forgiveness of say yet he says man better Bohannon better Maha monocle fishy IRA he lays the people at Amina layli in la cola maliko Allahu Allah. Allah homophily abacha fournet no bad Papa Hello that is our solemn says there is not a single server that makes mobile before he sleeps. Yeah and he sleeps upon mobile

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except that loves ocean sends to him an angel that sleeps with him. Yeah and he this angel accompanies in fisheye he stuck to his head on his body. How do you say hey, and that the Hadith would say layer state global admin a lead this person doesn't move any movement he doesn't like any movement he doesn't like except that the angels see this authority says Allah humble fiddly. optika foolad Allah forgive such and such a person why they are no better for him because he slipped upon purity. He slipped upon Moodle upon ablution Thank you see how they're tied. Hello Hi Lisa. Hi, Elena when we pray and you go home make sure you implement the sooner

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that before you sleep every night you make

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so that an angel accompanies you during that night and any movement that happens at night the angel who's black is answered and except that makes a door and it says Allah forgive such a person because he slept upon purity and upon will do for her This is the purpose of all the when you finish a mobile what are you supposed to say after finishing the mobile? What's the Is there a VIP after Lulu

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shadow on the Hoover there is to a hadith and to the groups that are narrated one famous common one and the second one

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Okay, we're going to share with bite number one famous and common one a shadow Laila in Amman or shadow Mohammed so long shadow no

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longer Lama altimeter web in which I live in mo Papa here in a vehicle that is made up of three sentences understand why three sentences The first one is a Chateau La Ilaha Illa Ma.

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This is called galima toto hidden Islam kaleena toto heat. This is what makes you a Muslim. This is what differentiates a Muslim and a Catholic. This first sentence it cleanses your heart from a ship. It cleanses the heart from all kinds of ship, the major ship and the minor ship and all of its kinds.

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The second part, which is what a shadow under Mohammedan. Abdo pseudo cleanses your heart from unbidden from the innovations. Why? Because now you have made a testimony, that Mohammedan also law that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah is the final messenger and servant of Allah. What does that mean? If you testify that then that means you've made him your Eman. You've made him your leader. And that means you follow in his pseudonym, for the first part cleanses you from a ship. The second part cleanses your heart from albida from innovations. And the last part is Jani Minato, Webby make me from among those whose daughter is accepted, or zsolnay, Milan moto harian, and make me from

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among those who are pure, before you here and in this third part, it cleanses you from the loop from the sins from the sins major and the minor sins for Subhan. Allah, an incredible Vicar that is mentioned. And this is why, if one can whoever establishes and ensures this kind of purification, whoever establishes cleaning his heart from a shift from the innovations and from the sense that such a person is ready to stand before most of palletized his hand and such a person. In the end of the Hadith. What did the prophet SAW Selim say? He said the one who makes will do and says this Vicar. What is the reward?

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The eight doors of the paradise are open for him. House that no there is nothing between him and the paradise. The who What? What steps

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Between you in the paradise you'll set the ship the innovations and the sins This is what walks your path to the doors of the paradise center if you made Will you cleanse yourself from a car and then you reinforce that with a vicar. So now you cleanse do you ask the laws or shell for forgiveness physically through and verbally by saying this ticket after that? Now there are almost a yet in your path. The doors of the paradise are open. Well, this is the reward for the one who does work for the one who makes mobile and says this liquid he hasn't even prayed.

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This is the reward for the one who just makes this liquor after do I imagine it hasn't even started trading. Imagine what kind of reward Allah has reserved for such a person when he begins in solid. You can understand why bla bla bla one home would go to the bathroom, relieve himself, although it would say that he will follow up with to look at what is that reward and that reward button for dogs Jani, although with vigor, a dose of the paradise open, although with vigor with to look at that sulfur dose, so pantalon any such a small deed that you and I all know about? This is the first thing you've probably learned in your life. You learn it before you're solid because you need to do

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for solid and look how much of it you need in your mind. The more you can make what you make will interview Solomon Walia

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as mentioned in the authentic hadith,

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enshrined in the Hadith and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he would perform oboe for every single soul and that was the life of Osama sossaman every celebrity would make regardless you have boo boo or not. And then the narration mentions it lay a woman should have precise the narration is except on the day of Fatima you know when they opened and conquered Mecca, except on that day on all the Aloha anhu he said there are so long I saw you today doing something in overdue he performed one ruble for all your prayers for Nevis I sent him said to him I know I did that on purpose.

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Yeah and in the summer of last year, masala was a boo boo for every single sonet and on the day of Fatah, Allahu Allah tried to explain and they said that he did one route for all the prayers so that it does not become an obligation that you have to make will do for every solid you know, that will be very difficult upon the people or maybe because it was a very difficult day and yeah, I mean, this is opening of Mecca This is a grand moment in Islamic history for there was no time for mahalo. But anyway, I need their understandings for it. But you asked about the son of Lhasa masala How did he deal with every single solid? There was also a Muslim muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam and that

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makes sense that not we should add if they are here for Allah will eliminate that only a min is the one who is concerned with his horrible day and night for Subhana Allah when you wake up although full settle before you sleep this little interview saucer let me says in the Hadoop LL Bean, I am from Mojave Hill hapa wildfire will be hit yet Shall I inform you of something that wipes away the sins of again wipe away sins and raises you in levels and ranks in the Paradise

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is spelled boo boo Alan McGarry. He said perfecting the law during times of difficulty. What is meant by this? How do you know when it's really cold? Who is not done properly? People must have a baby once move on. When someone is in pain, maybe his walk is not done properly. Musa Salah mentions in this Hadith, that one of the deeds that sheds the car away from your life and raises your ranks in the Paradise is performing mobile during times of difficulty. When find it's difficult to make a call. That's exactly where more reward is found. It's Melville Nobu lol mcherry when it's called when it's during the middle of the night,

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any sometimes the day, you've got your eyes open in the middle of the night.

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Get up and pray something at night. I need to get up and make although you see that there's a hotkey for that. That when you're at night, let's say you open your eyes at night. Are you looking at the time the son of a one hour professional? Let me just go back to sleep. Then if I'm gonna get up and pray, I need to make Hulu and if I'm able to wake up and then I can't sleeping

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in this industry

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SLM says, Is ahaadeeth awkward, no homophobia, lohana.

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He came to his companions one day, and he says to them,

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I want to tell you a hadith that I heard from Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And he said to them, I heard the news seldom say, anyone who intentionally or deliberately lies against me. Let him prepare a position for himself in the hellfire. That's how he began. That's how serious the hobby feels. Yeah, I mean, it's like he's saying guarantee 100% what I heard was authentic. And I would hold responsibility for lie in this hobby. Huge, huge words. He began the Hadith and he said, horseshoe luminometer akumina Lane. He says a person from among my nation. He wakes up at my Yakumo in a lake, your illusion of self who will have to hold

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your hand he should have said hope is the key word in the Hadith. He he finds it difficult. He struggles he puts so much effort to get up and make

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wahala here

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and upon him or not, he's not a downer is tied down. Yanni he's had a long day. He couldn't wait to get the bid that night and sleep. And now all of a sudden he finds himself is up. Just before he sleeps. He remembers this Hanif Nebojsa cell and he says a man

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he wakes up and he put so much effort to go to make Google happy Phil says either what bar is he in? Hello, doctor. When he washes his hands. A knot is untied

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for his elbow and

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when he washes his face, another knot is untied

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must have a son who?

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When he wipes his head, a another knot is untied. These knots are being untied and the difficulty is going away. And it's becoming easier for either one originally in handed. When he washes his foot. A Novel has been untied. So you're cool. Ah holy Lavina. Meanwhile, in Asia, you know most of Anahata Allah, he says to those who are behind the curtain. Yeah. And he says to the angels on boodle Illa have the hair that your hand is universal. And only look at the surface of mine about social is proud with the actions of the server. He shows his actions off to the angels. And he says look at this servant of mine. Your vision of Soho, Aleppo, your hellish rallies comes from an Maharaja

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getting treatment. You know if you have a wound and someone is treating it for you with no Jani, what do they call it as an anesthetic? You know how difficult that is? This guy that's making although that's the kind of pain he's feeling in his walk when he gets up from his bed and boiler up the vision of someone who is a loony. Look what almost is. masala anyhow have the head for who Allah who mess up the head of

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anything that the server of mine asks anything he asks. I am going to grant him his request. And he has it twice, only twice. And they said

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that the first time is anything he asks of world life affairs, worldly affairs, I'll give him and anything he's going to ask me of hereafter affairs, it is going to be for him as well.

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Yeah, my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the reward who hasn't even prayed it. He might not even pray. Maybe he goes back to bed and sleeps. Didn't he get up and he made that booboo, and a lot of saw how difficult it was upon him to make that wobble to the point where it's like he's treating an open wound, you're eligible policies in a position to ask whatever he wants from Allah. And Allah will give you imagine he followed that up with to look at what kind of reward is with this person. I don't want to enter the other topic of a solid. What kind of reward is with that? That's something incredible over there. But we're just talking about war itself, get the world all right. And the

00:29:12--> 00:29:16

result Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, a companion came and he said you're

00:29:18--> 00:29:36

going to realize the amount the Day of Judgment over these millions. He imagined from the time of Adam Allah is that up until the last man that lives on this earth when the bisazza has never seen you. How is he going to recognize you? For this man asked and this is Alan Kay for a photographer with metallic. He says to them

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in Oh Matthew with our normal Korea. Hold on Muhammad Ali mean Arthur illovo. He says I will know them from the traces and the effects and the white marks of Aloo l Mahajan is the whiteness that is on the face. Yeah and internally sama Mohali. He was seldom with it.

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Define you as being part of his oma because of your wobble? How much? How much how important is wool in your life? This is what would recognize you with Roma Muslim on Send them on the Day of Judgment.

00:30:12--> 00:30:40

Maha Maha Mama. He mentioned that if a believer who used to take great concern in his will, if it eventually finds himself in Jannah for whatever sin, He burns, but the limbs of Google do not burn, the limbs of Google do not burn. Headed this is this is the reward. Pamela Eonni understand my brothers and sisters in Islam, that this great worship of Allah azza wa jal has given us.

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Open your mind, be conscious every time you make

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or motivate yourself Allah will understand. It is wiping away you'll see your head. This is how nervous are seldom identifies you. It raises you levels and ranks in the paradise. It opens the eight doors of the paradise so you haven't even prayed yet. If you prayed another tool like that is Jonathan Phil dos. Look at the incredible merits and reward that las panatela has given us for this Blizzard worship. For me this is why the advice is take great concern in the law. teach it to those around you from your family, from your relatives, when Charlotte Allah, las panatela accepts our will. And he writes and either complete reward for this wobble that we do. And we asked him subhanho

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wa Taala to make us from among a little see me to make us from among

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and we asked him Subhana Allah to make us from among the people of people of some of us all Muslim, Amani, Salah na Julio Delica la salud La Casa La Bella Kalyan Amina Mohammed wallerian Savage, my sorry, for I finish.

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There is another another record that is mentioned after although we didn't get to it. So the first one we all know the common one. The second one was in a hadith it is mentioned that in the resource column says anyone who makes mobile and says after all subhanak alohomora.

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A shadow of

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a stone to make this is the vehicle that is set at the end of a gathering.

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Except that most of Anahata would write the reward of that, although in a scroll all the other body

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and it's closed, and it will not be open until the day of judgment. And this is a reward that a lot as origin has made. And we learned from this hadith the second Vicar and that is, you finish your boo Subhana command Mohammed shadowline Allah or stouffville catabolic. And another issue is the raising of the finger. There is nothing authentic, in the soul of masala that when you see this liquid, you raise your finger, while you see a lot of people after or shadow or shadow know how masumoto shalina Toby

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is here there's nothing authentic for

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simple you make although Would you say that they can after without raising any finger and that the you know, to do something and the VSA must have known or must have told us about it will since there is nothing authentic, then do not do it. Even if you ascribe that to a debate and it makes sense and whatever it is, do it anyone you do something, it must have some origin with words of a nervous hasulam or the actions of Osama Salim or his approvals in where he saw others doing a deed and he did not criticize them for it. Then there is also considered a son of his son in law hardly

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any this is the this was the second Vicar We ask Allah to make us people have some novels masala in Julio Veliko Calderon de la Sol aloha cinema Bella collina Vina Mohammed while at the heels of the hash mark