16 Days Of Activism For No Violence Against Women

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The speaker discusses the struggles of women in society, highlighting the need for education and campaigns to highlight the problems. They also discuss the importance of Islam and its role in shaping women, citing the Prophet sallali Alayshi wa sallam and the importance of women in society. The speakers stress the need for men to treat women with respect, treating them with respect and showing respect for their women in their lives. They also mention the need for men to work on their marriages and unions to avoid insulting their spouse. Finally, they discuss three signs of abusive partnering, including disrespecting a woman, using derogatory names of law, and being emotional abusive.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen when our October 2013 was Salatu was Salam O Allah sorrowful, NB even more serene Ummah Baraka yaku la Katara philippou earning Mojito for corn in Hamid RO Billahi min ash shaytaan shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, where as you

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saw the

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honorable allamah respected elders and brothers, mothers and sisters

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each year on an international level

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16 days are set aside

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from the 25th of November to the 10th of December.

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These days are set aside to highlight the plight that the women are suffering across the world.

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We be in a form of rape,

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physical abuse,

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emotional abuse, or every other form possible.

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The objective is to create awareness within the society.

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The objective is to conscient eyes, the people with regards to what's happening to the women fraternity at large.

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women are vulnerable, and they are most susceptible in society.

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And there's a great need for education.

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There is a great need for many campaigns to highlight the problems in our society. And at the same time, we need to work towards eradicating that problem.

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islamically speaking

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a law addressed the ills of society when Islam just came to the fore.

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Whatever customs were prevalent at that time,

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in whichever way a woman was marginalized, Allah subhanaw taala spoke out against those ills of society and a wall addressed the issue.

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A lot do not shy away.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became the ambassador for the women for fraternity. He stood up for the rights.

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He was an activist. Just as he was in the Bureau for law. He was also an activist, by and large.

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He spoke out against the oppression that was taking place against the women in his community.

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And so you find the Quran replete with this? Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you hella de

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la luna come and 34 Nyssa Akira.

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Oh, you who have brought a man in the loss of Hannah wattana it is not permissible for you to inherit, inherit women and to treat them like commodities.

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In the pagan era, when the husband passed away,

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the family had full rights over the woman if they wish they could marry her. If they wish they could leave us stranded for life. And they could tell her you could not get married anyone after this day.

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They took her wealth. They gave her no say in her own life. Allah subhanaw taala looked at the situation and Allah addressed the ills of society. And so Islam gave rights to women. When nobody gave her rights, Allahu Akbar.

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What a progressive religion. Islam brought her to, to to to light when the world kept her in darkness. Islam gave her education. When the world kept behind doors, Allahu Akbar.

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Islam gave her dignity when the world used her as a mere commodity in the house.

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Islam stood up for the rights of women. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam started with his mission in the lap of Khadija the lowdown on how his mission ended in the lap of a woman. I shall have the lowdown on how what dignity what honor what prestige Islam give to women are.

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The most vulnerable of society became the respected ones of society. People started showing hurry guard

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and the poor on ordered men say

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While she ruhuna been maruf we command you Omen to live with your women folk in kindness, Allahu Akbar,

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who champion the cause of women in history, it was Islam.

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Allah loss of Hello Donna says, however that tomo could

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be kind and dutiful, towards your mother, for she carried you taking the pain upon pain, and she gave birth to you, when it was not easy, she could have lost her own life.

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The Sahabi comes to the prophet of a law, and he asked the Prophet of Allah, Who should I be coming to?

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And the Prophet of Allah said your mother.

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And then he asked for the second time, and the profitable Lord responded for the second time your mother, he asked for the third time. And for the third time the profitable Lord responded your mother. He recognized the women of his society.

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He said, I have deep love for the women fraternity, referring to what they have been in pre Islamic era.

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At a time when the pagan society would bury the tortoise alive.

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The prophet of a loss stood up and he spoke against the ills of society. And he said, whomsoever Allah has blessed was daughters. If that Father gives us the right upbringing in the right nurture in that daughter will become the barrier between him and the fire of Johanna.

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He was a social activist. Also, he was not only in the key of Fatah, he was not only a newbie of Hajj, he was not only in a be advocating of fasting, he stood up for the oppressed ones in the society, even the women fraternity. It is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to do. So.

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The women folk came complaining to the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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And they said, A wives of Rasulullah

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addressed the ills of our society, our men in treating us, the prophet of Allah took to the member this very same member that we are using to address the society today. And he said luck has a power for the early Beatty Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nisa Kassir.

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Your women folk in the numbers have come to my wives complaining of the domestic issues in the house.

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Yes, as of now, they are complaining about the husbands

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a lot for the Prophet of Allah said those men that are ill treating the women folk in their homes are not setting a good example for others laser care comm they are not from the good ones among society.

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What is the profitable work doing?

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What is he doing? He is playing an active role. He did not say crush it away mixer my sister inshallah award the award you he took to the member.

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And unequivocally he addressed the issues facing the society. And he said those men that are ill treating the women folk are not setting a good example for people.

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And so the profit of a loss stood up for him, for people who oppress the women folk. Today in the first century. We need to continue with the effort. 16 days of activism is just an excuse to highlight the plight that the women are suffering across the world. After all, they are our mothers. They are our sisters. They are our daughters.

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They need to be treated well. They deserve rights also.

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We need to treat our women folk according to how the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam treated them.

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It is the final sermon of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's standing in honor of that. And I want you to ponder for a moment

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being here his final address to his oma.

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Naturally he would address those issues, which are of utmost importance.

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After 23 years of preaching to the world,

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is coming to the culmination of his mission. And naturally, you would expect to hear those issues which are of utmost importance.

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And guess what?

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The Prophet of Allah stands up.

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And he said Anna was supposed to be Nyssa

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Oh people led me an attentive ear. Now the word aligned Arabic denotes emphasis, oh people, live whatever you are doing. Listen to me. And I was supposed to be nicer if I wrong.

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I am commanding you to be kind and dutiful towards you, women for

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a lot. In his final sermon. In his final address to humanity, he is highlighting the plight of the women folk of his society, and is telling the men folk,

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be kind, and dutiful to women folk.

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That tells you that the profitable law held this issue very close to his heart. And he gave great regard to women folk in his life. He respected them, he gave them honor, he gave them respect. And he treated them with equality of law.

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Men need to treat women with respect, because a law treats her with respect.

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Allow me to reiterate that

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men need to treat women with respect because Allah threefold respect.

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Allah has acknowledged her in his holy book.

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It does not behold a believer to live in a hostile manner with his wife, with his mother with his sister with his daughter.

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And in his final address, he said, For in our in our in the room, may certainly Poonam in hoonah she

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they are your partners, you do not own them. The women folk are not your properties.

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You cannot treat them the way you want them.

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What did you say? Your women folk are your part is give them the due respect.

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Lay certainly cool. I mean, when I say you don't own your women, it's a wrong notion that our own my wife, you don't own them. They are your partners, and you are accountable in the court of law.

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Brothers, there are many issues facing the women fertility, largely physical abuse and emotional abuse. Allow me to touch on these two issues.

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Firstly, physical abuse.

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Many men unfortunately behind closed doors are lifting and raising the hands on the womenfolk. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Now your journey to arducam imbricata who

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know how to do it does not behold the husband to lift his hand on his wife. And then at the end of the day share that it was how do you make a field?

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How do you make her feel as a human being chill in the day you abuse her and at night you want her to be available for your needs.

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What respect the Prophet of Allah has given to women

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in Morocco, who gel the lab to

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lay, it does not be home and husband to be his wife like a slave. And then at the end of the day, call her to share the bed. How do you expect her to feel as a human being?

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She is somebody who thought at the end of the day

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How would you feel as a father if somebody was ill treating your daughter

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would you

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she's a human being. She's got feelings. Allah has kept strong emotions within a woman as compared to a men

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respect her, show her the do right.

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So it does not behold.

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The common thread between physical abuse and emotional abuse is that in most cases, the man has anger management issues.

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She provoked me. How dare you say that she provoked you and so you lifted your hand on her. It can never give you the license. It can never give you the license to raise your hands on your wife, never. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never ever after his hands on any of his wives, he does not expect any of us to do so without human folk.

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So physical abuse should not take place any way. It destroys the self worth of a woman.

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Another issue that is on the rise, and that is emotional abuse. And this is subtle,

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but it's more destructive than physical abuse.

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What are the telling signs of emotional abuse? Number one, name calling when a husband ridicules his wife, by calling her using derogatory names,

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he keeps calling her by terms which she is not comfortable with. You are hopeless. You are no good. You can't cook. You're not attractive. You don't fulfill your role.

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Unnecessarily, the husband belittles her. So the first sign of an abusive partner is that he ridicules the worth of a woman he derives herself worth he takes a sneer at her.

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And he ridicules her by using derogatory names of law must protect us all. If we are, if we are caught in such situations. Let us make Toba let us use beautiful, attractive names for our partners. The Prophet of Allah will call his beloved Ayesha by the name your homie Raul.

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Oh from Iran, and at times, you would say your ish.

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That's how you're supposed to be addressing your partner. If a man is ridiculous, and his wife by using derogatory terms, it means he's got deep issues within himself, which he needs to resolve.

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Secondly, he ridiculed her in public in front of friends and family members and others. Generally, you had a social function, and you lash out at her in front of everyone. That is a sign of an abusive partner.

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Come on.

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We can do better. There's a place for everything. How do you feel? Or how would I feel if somebody ridiculed me in public?

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If somebody tells me in public, you know, good, how would I feel as a human being?

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Don't you think she also has feelings.

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Number three,

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he emotionally neglects her. He uses the silent treatment for days on end, for a petty issue. He will not speak to her for three to four to five days. That's a sign of emotional abuse.

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Brothers, we need to work on our marriages. We need to work on our unions. Our children need to learn from us as to how to respect women in our homes. And as husbands as fathers, we need to set the high precedent for our children. We need to show them how to respect a woman folk in the house so that tomorrow when they get married, they can also show respect to the women in their lives.

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They asked the profitable law marhaba zojirushi Idina La Jolla, what rights does the wife have when she's married, and the profitable law so the law and Islam said, and tutori Maha Eva treinta. Number one, when you are eating, you give her food to eat

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and talk to her in the center. And when you are buying clothes for yourself, you buy clothing for her also. And so the financial burden lies on the husband's shoulder. The ship, the sherea has not made the woman responsible for the financial matters of the house. It's the husband that must go out and feed for his family and fend for his family.

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Number three, what are the top two reveal watch her to not raise your hands on your women folk, he categorically stated this not indirectly. So that's physical abuse.

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Number four, he said, why not to cut back?

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To not insult your wife, that's emotional abuse.

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Do not use derogatory terms to address your wife.

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When she is speaking, give her respect. When she gives you her opinion, give her an attentive ear. You don't have to agree but hear her out and try to work around those issues.

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Another sign of emotional abuse is you give her no regard whatever she says you undermine her.

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Wherever she suggests you shoot her down.

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And like I said, a man who resorts to emotional abuse has got deep issues within themselves. He needs to work with those issues. If he has got anger management issues, he needs to work with it. He needs to go for counseling. No woman should put up with an abusive partner.

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She must stand up for rights. Obviously, there are ways and channels to be in which you can direct your anger.

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But you don't have to live with an abusive partner. You can seek recourse and you can seek assistance outside of your marriage. Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken out against this in society. The women folk have rights in the house also. Lastly, brothers and sisters in Islam, I end up with this point and I want you to think think about this

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original kawamata Allah Nisa, Allah has made the men in charge of the household. He is the lead of the house.

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With responsibility comes accountability.

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What's the responsibility comes accountability.

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Every man sitting here including myself, is accountable in the court of law.

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Those tears of your women folk will not go unnoticed in a court of law. We will stand in front of a law that they have piano

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How will I answer my Lord?

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What answer will I give my own law? How did you treat your wife

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but until I give my own law,

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every man is accountable in the court of law. People outside in society will not be aware of what's happening behind closed doors. But a law is watching

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the moon Allah says don't think I'm oblivious of what's happening behind those. I am fully away.

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Allies Haganah your mood of law is keeping records. We might get away with it in this world, but will be brought to accountability in front of a law that they have kiama now we're supposed to be Nyssa

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the final parting words of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in his final sermons, be kind and dutiful, to to women folk. How you can how you can minister he the best amongst you are those who are kind and dutiful, towards your womenfolk. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive me and forgive us all for all our shortfalls in life. May we become better husbands, I pray for myself first, for this level of improvement required my own life. And I pray to Allah that Allah makes me a better husband, that Allah makes me a husband that will fulfill the roles of his duties and what is required of him or marlina. It will follow