The Most Complete & Correct Way Of Fasting Ramadan

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The purpose of fasting is to increase pleasure and convenience, avoiding sexual and food-related activities. This process is designed to protect against evil deeds and is linked to the concept of "factor of the day." character development and the importance of fasting for achieving a strong person is emphasized, along with the need for character development and maintaining one's fasting pure and intact.

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How to fast correctly

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How can you come to them on and not understand how to fast correctly? The main pillar in blah Mabon is to fast. Therefore it only makes sense that you learn how to fast correctly.

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You know, the purpose of fasting.

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What's the purpose of fasting? By fasting you avoid food and drink and sexual relations. The purpose is to nurture a Taqwa within us. That's the purpose of fasting. As Allah azza wa jal says, the code so that you may attain a Taqwa. Fasting is supposed to nurture a toque. What is the taco space very simple. A taco is for you to keep away from sins, decrease your sins and increase your heart center tell the taco, a taco is to do what Allah commanded and to keep away from that which Allah prohibited. This is a Taqwa.

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And so this is what fasting is for. That's the purpose of fasting. It increases your house and out and it keeps you away from the hollow. Because the fasting person is more conscious and aware. He doesn't do what's haram. He avoids the honeyands

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when you're fasting, and I put you in a room alone, no one is then there's an apple in front of you. You won't eat it even though an apple is halal in Islam, you won't eat it. Why?

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It's an apple, it's halal. Why wouldn't you eat it? Because you know Allah he's watching Mashallah. That's the kind of attitude you're supposed to have with everything else during your life.

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He did not eat it because you knew Allah is watching. But you've so now when it comes to haram matters, isn't Allah watching as well? They have after Ramadan isn't Allah watching as well? Is an Ramadan and fasting develops the stockpot and nurtures it and you're doing this for 30 days. So you're being nurtured and nourished with this taqwa. What not am Rahim Allah, He said fasting is two parts. At the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us fasting is two things. That's what you need to learn to take your first correctly. Two things. Listen, an Al Hamdulillah. He said,

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there is the fasting of the stomach from food and drink. And there is fasting of the limbs from sin and transgression was stellar for Him whom Allah used to say that fasting. The easiest type of fasting is to refrain from food, drink and sexual relation, Heather the easy fasting, and he said the real fasting is to abstain from all forms of sin and transgression. When the Wii sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this to us. And the reason I said that, in addition to teaching us that we are to keep away from food, drink and sexual relations. He also said there are three things you're supposed to keep away from. And you know that when you keep away from these three things, and

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these three physical things, you have now fasted correctly. In a hadith and Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam he says, Mala Mia dalcolle Azul, when Amelie Obi Wan Jan, Felisa de la hija and the other Alpina who mashallah Baba, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, Who ever doesn't give up alongside food, drink and sexual relations, three more of the things they are polar zoo, full speech, even swearing, and telling lies, and backbiting and gossip, and all foul language that comes from the mouth, at this to food, drink and sexual relations at it. That's one thing and the reason I sell them says, Whoever doesn't leave these things. So you need to fast from these things, called a

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zoo. Zoo is a comprehensive term that refers to anything that is falsehood,

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and evil deeds, evil deeds, and evil deeds. So that means the first thing of the eye, that's a deep when you look at something haram that must have the eyes must fast with you. The hand when it does something haram it should fast with you as well. And your hands and your feet and everything. Give it all up. A Taqwa is supposed to be flowing in your entire body in your veins. Everything is supposed to keep away from an Hala and that's the second thing had is fasting limbs supposed to fast when Jen, you also are supposed to refrain from Jehan once again, Jan is two things. Number one is ignorance. What is ignorance? Ignorance is when you know something and you do not implement it. And

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when I know a solid is obligatory and I don't pray, that's ignorance that you knew they're solid and you didn't pray. When I know the fire burns and I put my hand in there, I'm ignorant. You have knowledge? Why didn't you act upon your knowledge? Isn't this a problem they added to your head so you need to keep away from Jehan and the other meaning to Chahal is the foolish arrogant character and behavior.

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The bad attitude, the bad character, that journal as well. So if someone wants to argue with you during Ramadan, or swear at you and insult you, Don't raise your voice. Don't fight with anyone. Notice I said I've said lay us hub. Don't fight with anyone don't

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raise your voice at any one that's what I asked herb rather in the midst of Ansel and told us what to do. Someone is going to insult an angry and raise his voice at you. And so say to them in your saw him in your saw him two times and walk away. I'm fasting. Yeah, what does it mean in context it means I'm fasting, and I cannot raise my voice on you and swear back at you and insult you. Because that's another type of fasting I'm supposed to do alongside food, drink and sexual relations. time you saw him in you saw him and keep your fasting protected, purify your fasting, keep it intact and move away. Now, if he posts and does this, now he has fasted correctly. Don't forget this meaning

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this is just as important as leaving food, drink and sexual relations. Remember, at the end of the day, the purpose of Ramadan is not to starve you and to deprive you from sexual relations. The purpose of Ramadan was to nurture Taqwa what Taqwa is what will protect this and protect your limbs from an haram and protect it from ignorance and bad character. That's what the cloud do. In that's the purpose.

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As for Yanni, speaking in terms of from a football perspective, if a person was to refrain from food, drink and sexual relations, and then yes, he back did someone, he slandered someone, he did a bad deed with his eyes.

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And he swore at others, from a funky perspective is fasting is still correct. And he doesn't have to make up that day. But he lost a lot of reward. Fasting, if it's not correct, the more you destroy your fasting, the less reward you earn. It's like a solid and the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says that he posts and finishes his solid, warm equity Bella Willa Oshawa to sort of her thumbnail has super high suits who have Ahimsa, oral burohappold, who had a SWAT Nerissa, Selim says that a person might pray and he will leave, he will end the solid having earned a 10th of the reward. There was an opportunity to earn one whole reward a big reward. But some people earn a 10th, some a ninth,

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seven, eight, some are seven, some six, some they earn a fifth, some they own a quarter, some earn a third, or some earn a half and some uncomplete reward Allahu Ana, first thing is like this, the more perfect you're fasting, the more reward there is.

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You didn't control your tongue, your limbs weren't controlling. And today it's going to reduce reduce ridges until you fasted a whole day in your earth at the end of it maybe a 10th. Why would you Yanni waste this opportunity upon yourself? Wouldn't it be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said this fact Robo saw me lay Salah hoomins told me he La Jolla perhaps that a fasting person doesn't own anything from his fasting except hunger. What does that mean? Yeah, and he doesn't own any reward. The only thing he had was that he went a day starved himself.

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What about me Lisa Holman, Claire Mihaela salt and perhaps it could be that a person prays the whole night doesn't own anything, no reward no nothing. Only tiredness

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Heather he went have a better frame to sleep. For you need to understand alongside your worship your character must develop as well. Character first and foremost your character with Allah. He says something is haram keep away from it, and then behave with the people. That's how you keep your fasting pure and intact. Now.

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And you noticed Pamela people are always just focused on the physical things. Keep away from food, drink sexual relations, hollows and he thinks he's good is alright.

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And we know this from the question of the people. Ah, if I had a spray in my nose, does it break my fast? If accidentally a drop of water do I break my fast? Or accidentally I did this. What about if I swam? See the questions are all about the physical part. No one ever asks. If I was to swear there's a brief by fast. No one seeks that kind of knowledge. Even the ideas people are ignorant. This is supposed to is the purpose of this posting is nurturing this a Taqwa to protect this to save it here and the limbs and the ignorance as we said