Ramadan 2023 Boost #07 – Tempers Flaring in

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As salam o alaikum, the anger the road rage, tempers, the abusive language, the yelling, the screaming during Ramadan is also true and real. Many people lose their cool in the month of Ramadan. The argument is, well, the shayateen are supposed to be tied up. Well, there is a lot of sin that happens in Ramadan, people do wrong things. And many people forget their duty Unto Allah that while they are fasting, they're not supposed to be getting so angry and upset and so on. So how is that happening? When the sharpener all tied up? Well, not all the shayateen are tied up. That's one thing. Another thing is sometimes within us we have such bad characteristics that even if there are

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no Shayateen around, we would be within ourselves, evil or bad, that we have to work on ourselves. So therefore, be conscious of your character in this month of Ramadan. When you want to get angry, just calm down, relax, say a good thing break into laughter or a smile, it's fine. But don't allow yourself to vent that frustration. Don't get angry. And you know, people on the roads become so angry and upset. They want to cut others up. They want to, you know, swear at them. They want to misbehave on the roads. It's dangerous, it's not safe. Number two is it's not the quality of a believer. Calm down, take things easy, it's okay. People do make mistakes. Not everyone who's done

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something has done it purposely or intentionally if they did it purposely, which is very rare. It would be in order to see you react the typical way so don't react typically. And if it was not intentional, then it's a mistake. You're not supposed to react in any negative way anyway, because it was a blunder. So either way, calm down, don't fall into the trap of people similarly at home, when people become very angry in Ramadan, and especially in the afternoons you're hungry slightly, the food is delayed a little bit more maybe something might not taste the way it you supposed to, for example, and we get angry, you're defeating the purpose of Ramadan.

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Ramadan is a month of discipline, calm down, cool off, work on your characteristics on your bad habits. And insha Allah you will be as you will be successful in this world and the next because you will earn the benefit of the month of Ramadan, you're supposed to come down Listen, outside the month of Ramadan throughout the year the Prophet peace be upon him expects us and told us that Allah expects us to come down to control our anger to control the tempers. A lotta bla bla bla bla bla Besides, don't get angry, don't get angry, don't get angry. He repeated it so many times. If that is the case, outside of Ramadan, surely you need to work even harder during the month of Ramadan. And

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make sure that when you exit Ramadan, you're a calm person.

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That's what the month is all about. So for those of you get angry, this is the time that you've been called out and inshallah you calm down, take things easy, and inshallah we hope that you can control the temperature of your Secondly,

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for those of you who are abusive and begin to hurl hurtful words, this is the time to become conscious of it. Don't say those words, replace them with something good say a nice thing or keep quiet mankind or you know, Billa he will your will actually valuable hire and only a small whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should say that which is beneficial or remain silent? Which one would you like to do remain silent or say something beneficial? You don't have a third option. My brothers and sisters, this is the month of discipline, discipline yourselves. This afternoon I witnessed someone get really enraged.

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And this is why I decided you know what, let's remind people to come down. And the argument like I said, people say well, there isn't supposed to be no shape and you know that sin is happening in Ramadan.

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And the narration of no shape on or shaytan Shayateen being tied up. Speaking of the heads of shayateen as for the little ones there roaming around everywhere, according to some of the regions you know, So may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. It's a month filled with joy, mercy, goodness, and discipline above all, consciousness of Allah. Allah bless you all. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.