Lauren Booth – A visit to death and survival

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Dutch Nattel Memorial museum and its strange and tragic story. They talk about how people were rounded up and killed by the Dutch war and how they want to learn about the cause of the attack. The speaker also mentions the possibility of teaching lessons related to the attack.
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Some miserable place. This is a miserable, grim, awful place.

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This is struggling Nizza Memorial Museum,

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here on the old Dutch un base, where the United Nations withdrew and let the massacres happen

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8600 Plus,

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I want you to, to really feel this because we don't know enough about it. We don't talk about it

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and we have to care about it.

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6000 women and children were rounded up when Srebrenica had fallen. They were allowed in by the UN and another 20,000 Were not allowed in the compound and they were just wandering around outside and where were the men the men were in the hillside being shot and put into mass graves. Some of the so many so much shocking imagery here including images of starvation which I haven't

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seen I hadn't realized how much the people were starving during those times I mean, have a look at this just look at these images here

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right now it's got a project of First Person testimonies from what happened across Bosnia specifically Srebrenica.

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just goes on and on and on and on and on and on.

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to put it into some context for us, there are twice the number of murdered human beings in this graveyard as died on 911 Twice the number

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twice only the people who did this

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goddess state

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they got a seat

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those people who did this are still at home.

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The people who did this

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they got us they got an autonomous state

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and part of the land of same people that they did this to

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which is your family member?

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my gosh how can we all be one family? This is probably most of the people killed from one probably one

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I didn't believe that that it's possible in Boston because together we work together we live together in school with our friends with our neighbors and I didn't believe as

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possible here but it's happened

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today I see it's it's possible to anywhere in the world to teach means we are not really still not learn the lessons

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is up

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to too

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