Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #017 – Brother Andrew Takes SHAHADA After Khutbah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Arabic language for people to learn to follow the messenger Mohammed, the only creator. They emphasize that people should not feel embarrassed by their actions and that they are there to answer any questions. The speaker also talks about their availability for questions and clarifies that they are not trying to force anyone to do anything.
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Okay, so you're good right there? Yep. So yeah, I mean, the Arabic is not the important part, right? Because just like you said earlier, it's about what you believe. You know, somebody never learns a word about it, right? But they believe that allows the only thing that deserves to be worshipped the only creator, and that Mohammed is the final messenger that are your muscles.

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It's like everything else is after. And I think I tell him to convert is that as long as you're very, very told, all right, bottom row is that testimonial. The bottom rung is belief in Allah, only Allah and follow the messenger. And the ladder is always going to be there. However, how you want to climb, so don't feel or make anybody makes you feel like you don't belong on a ladder. If you've got that bottom rung, you belong on the ladder, you know, and some people they decide that they want to climb, you know, a little bit, some people decide that they're good for where they are for now, some people decide that they want to go at the top. And that's up to you, you know? So, with that being

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said, Okay, so we'll do English first, and I'll give it a shot. Now. I bear witness, I bear witness that there is no god that there is no doubt worthy of worship worthy of motion except, except ALLAH, no bear witness and I bear witness that Mohammed Mohammed is a messenger is the messenger of Allah. Allah

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Arabic Yes, okay, here we go. Ready? Ash had ash to Allah, Allah, e la ilaha in lung LA is Allah wa ash had to wash hadn't Anna anna muhammadan Muhammadan rasul Allah rasool Allah gratulations.

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Thank you, Joe, for all your help and for being here. And if there's any questions you have or things that you, you know, like wonder about, we're here. We're all here to push anybody. You know, I've talked to many evangelicals and stuff like that, and missionaries and they're always like, you're so laid back. Why don't you try to get us like, I'm not here to force anybody to do anything. I'm here to answer questions, clarify doubts, these sorts of things. So if you have any questions, you're not sure you're considering it for yourself. I'd love to talk to talking. Obviously, I'm talking about it's 24/7. So we're here for you just as much as we are

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