The Beauty of Being Silent

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AI: Summary © The importance of speaking in religion is discussed, as it is universal and can lead to negative reactions. It is important to control one's words and avoid over-promising or being silent. The use of silence in shaping behavior and culture is also emphasized, with examples like Francis Bacon's statement and the use of silence by people to avoid mistakes. The benefits of silence include building friendships and building a foundation for life.
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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mon Samata Niger. Whoever remained silent, shall be successful. Whoever adopts the policy of being quiet, whoever learns the art of not speaking, mon Samatha. Samata is a verb. To not speak is an action. To not speak requires effort. For many of us, not speaking requires much more effort than speaking. For many of us to close our mouth requires a more Jihad than opening them out and blurting things out. And our Prophet sallallahu Sallam reminded us mon Samata Niger memorize this beautiful Hadith. And from this, obviously, it was the lack of a Prophet salallahu it he was seldom to maintain long periods of silence, he wouldn't speak

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frequently, he wouldn't constantly be talking smack even herb says, I asked the job it had been somewhat off. Did you sit with the prophets of Allah? Who are they who was selling? Were you one of the Sahaba jab was one of the younger Sahaba he says yes, I used to sit with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what kind of Tawi the Santi Polyfilla bikey. He would be silent for a long period of time, and he would not laugh that much. And the Sahaba would be telling tales of their days of Jaya Helia or saying something of poetry, and they would laugh in His presence. And he would sometimes smile listening to them. So he gives us a glimpse into the clock of the Prophet system.

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He's with the sahaba. He's listening to them. He's allowing them to be merry and happy. He himself is adopting longer periods of silence, and he's participating more with his presence and with his smiles, I shout out the Allahu anha the prophets of Saddam, he's a she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would speak in such a manner, if you wanted to count his words you could do so he would speak in such a manner when he said something, if you wanted to just count on your fingers, how much he spoke, you could do so in other words, when he spoke, it was poignant, succinct, short, concise, it was to the point and he did it go longer and longer. And this has been

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a well known characteristic of the people have wisdom and knowledge, even beyond our religion, it is a universal characteristic of wisdom, not just within our faith, universal characteristic of being intelligent, that you diminish blabbering and speaking, and you speak only when you need to, and you choose silence over extra speech, one of the Sahaba said, When you see a person who has no love for this dunya and whose speech is very little, then accompany that person for Allah has given him wisdom. When you see a person he's not greedy for the dunya. He's not always running after this world. And you also find that he has little kalila Sani column. He doesn't speak that much about

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unnecessary things, then this is the person you should take as your friend. This is the person who's a wise person benefit from his presence, I believe in Mr. Roboto, the Allahu Tada and who said a Jacobo Fidel, Callum, I warn you from constantly talking, I warn you from unnecessary talk, because it is only enough for sorry, so it is sufficient. He said that because it is sufficient for a man that he conveys what he needs to and then it's silent. It is sufficient for a man who speaks what needs to be said and then doesn't go beyond to this. And Abdullah, Mohammed Abdullah also know the Allahu Allah and he said, leave and abandon that which has no benefits to you. And do not speak

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about an issue that does not concern you and control your tongue and trap it more eagerly than you trap your golden silver. Be careful about spending your tongue he's saying more eagerly than you're trapping your money. Make sure you keep your mouth shut more than you keep your wallet shut out of spending a Seraph This is a constantly we find amongst the Sahaba and amongst the earliest scholars and SubhanAllah. Just imagine how much trouble we would save ourselves if we only chose silence over speaking in anger. Silence over speaking in haste silence over speaking without choosing our words. rarely, rarely will you be criticized for your silence. Sometimes you will sometimes you must speak

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up. But generally speaking, you shall be criticized for speaking nine times and criticized for silence one time generally speaking your tongue and opening it will cause you much more distress than keeping your tongue silent. Subhanallah one word that you say can break years of friendship, one would argument that you have can

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brake the love of your spouse SubhanAllah. How dangerous is this tongue that we have? How dangerous is the unleash moment of this tongue, where so much harm can be done, if only we kept it quiet, if only we kept our thoughts within us, and then waited until we're able to formulate a better response, and then speak with words of wisdom, we would save so many friendships, we would cause so much, so less stress and arguments. And all of this goes back to the issue of controlling the tongue. And as I said, the notion of controlling the tongue is beyond just our culture, we find these snippets of wisdom in all civilizations and cultures, even Plato, not that we care about

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Plato's out there, but even Plato, he has a statement that wise men speak because they have something to say, full speak, because they have nothing to say. Wise men speak because they have something to say. But one full speak is because they have nothing to say they're just blabbering on and on. And the one of the philosophers of the Western tradition, Francis Bacon, he said, silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom, meaning when you're silent, it allows time for the foot quarter for to the border, for contemplation for minimizing your mistakes. And in fact, that is why in many, again, Eastern traditions, the notion of meditation

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requires what silence now we don't have that version of meditation. But we do have something similar Ibrahim ibn Adam, that famous scholar and ascetic that famous worshiper and that one of the greatest luminaries of his time, Ibrahim ibn deadtime, he said rasuna Riba, 30 at Suffolk, Kuru was some to the pinnacle of worshipping is to think a lot and to be quiet. The pinnacle of worship will be achieved when you think more than you speak, when you contemplate and you speak less, except to goes for the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa taala. So silence is one of the characteristics of virtue, especially when it comes to speaking of the matters of this world. And silence by the way is not

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just of the tongue. In our days, silence must also be used by our fingers, social media, Facebook, Twitter, writing an email this to silence you have to think before you type Think before you tweet, think before you put a Facebook status up there, Think and Do not ever write or tweet or speak in a state of anger, calm down, collect your thoughts, think about the wordings you're going to use and then reply back. A saying goes, a fool by staying silent, appears wise. And a wise man by constantly talking appears foolish a fool by staying silent. People might think you're wise, heartless, you're gonna give the false impression, but a wise man who constantly talks, he's gonna appear to be

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foolish. The benefits of silence are many of them. You cultivate wisdom. It is a sign of Eman because a prophecy some said of the perfection of Eman is to leave that which is of no concern to you. It is a sign of good luck. It is a mechanism of protecting one from hurting the feelings of other people. It allows you time to formulate a better response. It brings about a positive impression amongst the people and most importantly, it saves you from the fire of hell and causes you to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. Brothers and sisters silence is an art silence must be trained, you must push yourself to be silent, you must learn the art of controlling your

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tongue. Next time you feel like speaking Think before you speak, our final point is shallow to other are two points. Number one, all of this silence is meant in the world and the affairs of the dunya. As for the affairs of the akhira as for dhikr of Allah and the Quran asked for more Allah and preaching and teaching obviously that is not the type of silence that we are talking about. Ibn Abdullah Bara the famous scholar said that the kalam that comes when good from doing dhikr of Allah from the reciting of the Quran from doing good deeds from preaching from bringing people together and bringing reconciliation This is much better than being quiet. So when you do say something to

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bring people together, their friendships are broken, you bring them together vicar of Allah the Quran, this is not what we are talking about. And the second point and the final point of sha Allah Allah is that as more either bingeable said that killed him a NASA kalila and what kill him Rebecca Kathy Iran, Cal lemon NASA Kalyan, speak to people Colleen, what can limb Rob Becca Cassia and speak to your Lord plentifully. How do you speak to your Lord, do vicar or on tila? This is how you speak to your Lord. We conclude by reminding ourselves of the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mankind

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Are you going to be liable human failure cool Hiren holy smokes whoever believes in Allah and the final day either say something useful or else be quiet say something good say something useful or else be quiet May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us the wisdom to speak when speaking is better and the wisdom to be silent when silence is better is that Kamala Harris said I'm

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