Abu Bakr Zoud – Trapped in a cave, will your deeds save you

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The group discusses the potential consequences of staying inside a cave and the potential loss of Anahata. They share a hypothetical scenario where a cave is found and the group is stuck until the end. The group is warned of the consequences of staying in a cave and the potential loss of Anahata. They also discuss the importance of power and the need for everyone to commit to their actions, including showing weaknesses in public. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to act sincerely and show their weaknesses in public.
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Melina Maria de La da da da da da da Why should

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ilaha illAllah who de la sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abu masala

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Johann suta Pura vida como la de Hanukkah camino de are gonna come in house Oh jaha Baba salmon humare humeri jerilyn Casio one is

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what de la la de de Luna b1 or ham in la gana aliko Marathi de

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la Vina mano de la haka to party while at the Moto nylon to Muslim on.

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yo la Vina mano de la de la pulu Poland's de de de la comme la como la comme de Nova calm or menu para la hora Sula, who further further falls and Avi Ma, from Ahmedabad to find out the Cunha de kita. Bala, Allah Allah.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to her, Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata mubadala akula Bala let him fit in our agenda adjani La Jolla comin aneri from Amman or prison thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as taught follows my dear respected brothers in Islam. As you're all aware, in recent news, just less than three weeks ago, there were 12 boys in Thailand that got trapped and stuck in a cave, they were on an adventure. With their coach, they end up seeing a mouth of a cave, they entered in this cave, and they entered really deep, and the cave was known by the locals as a no golden zone,

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especially in a wet monsoon season as this season now, so they decided to go in five kilometres deep, they reach a point in where they decide we need to turn back and go. But little did they know that they were heavy rains outside which had blocked and close the cave off. So as they turn and they walk back, they realize that there is no escape. And there is no way out. Since the water has reached them. A few days go by, and the local authorities have sent search parties in search of them. Eventually, a search party spots a few bikes outside the cave. And they realize that this is a certain indicator that they are inside. So the authorities get involved. Local help international

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help is brought in and they go inside. And there is a mapping company that was able to provide in three hours an exact blueprint of the entire cave altogether, how it looks like from the inside, where are the end points and the points and so on the CEO of a very famous company, in his rescue efforts and ideas, he decided that he's going to build a king sized submarine and he constructed it. And he sent it and he arrived in Thailand within 17 hours in the government didn't even use it. So much help and so much aid and so much rescue and they are still inside. Eventually they decided a rescue plan for them. And that was to scuba dive them out. And this is exactly what happened. Well,

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hamdulillah they were saved. Now my question to you my brothers is in Islam is if you were to get caught in the same situation, what would you do? If you let's happen to say you walked into a cave and the cave closed on you either by rocks falling from above, or it was flooded? The main idea is that there is no escape, and there is no way out. What would you do? And let's take it to a metaphorical example. And say that this cave also may represent a hardship in your life. It may represent a difficulty in your life. So you're faced with the difficulty and a hardship in life, the same way in which boys are trapped in a cave faced difficulty and hardship. Let me share the answer

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as to what a believer is really supposed to do. And this is a hadith that is found in Sahih Muslim and Sahil Buhari in weld asuna la sala mahalo, he will send them teaches us and he narrates a story. Similar to the story that happened for W some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hadith, he says in bulatov Lf will not very mechanical block him.

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Maybe 211 for the soccer for

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him. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says about three men

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from among the men of bunnies for even centuries and centuries ago, they walked out of their house on a journey together. And they ended up in the desert walking, and eventually, nightfall approaches. And you know, the night and in the desert, it gets really cold, it gets scary wild animals, you got no idea where you'll be attacked from. It is not safe outside, and activists in another generation. In the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said he began to storm and storms bring upon heavy rain. So staying outside like this is not a solution. So they began to look for shelter, until they walk on top of a mountain. And eventually they find a cave, and they enter the

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cave, three of them. So they're going to spend the night in the cave. All of a sudden, in how there are

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a rock a big huge boulder from above, it slipped, and it began to roll until he closed the mouth of the cave. Now they're inside the cave, and they're stuck. This cave could have possibly been their burial site. It could have been their last moments on Earth. So they're together. What are they going to do? Understand and listen in to the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, completely cut out from the worldly life. No phones, no reception. No one knows their whereabouts. No one knows where they are. They cannot contact anyone. There is no torch and like to look for any other escape and exit since it's nighttime. So what do they do? My brothers in Islam understand

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that when I heart is concerned and busy with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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then and the world doesn't become a worry and a concern for it. It always has Allah subhanho wa Taala as a solution. So whenever he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says sakana Babu whom live up three of them in a cave. They sit and they speak to each other. And they say, you know, Len Yoon, Ji come in, have you saw her in

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America come? They looked at each other and they said, Look, no one is going to rescue us. And no one is going to save us from this except the last one.

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Except that we make dua to Allah through our good righteous deeds. Go everyone take a corner from the three. Look for a righteous good deed you've done in your life, an honorable, noble, righteous, good deed, and make dua to Allah through this good deed that you have done in hope that he relieves us from this difficult moment we're in.

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So Panama, these men, they didn't even touch the rock. They did not even try to move the rock nowadays. But if you got caught and stuck into a cave like this, what would you do? The first thing people do would bring out their phone and turn on the light and see maybe there's an escape, trying to call someone if there's reception. When the heart is busy with this worldly life, it will look for worldly means to relieve it from its problems and difficulties. And when the heart is connected, and it's concerned and it's busy with Allah, the first thing that will come to its mind is a loss of Anahata. And the way you're going to live your life will dictate how you're going to respond in a

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difficult moment and a difficult situation. So they all take a corner and the first person begins to make his day. And he says Allahumma inna who carefully abolishing Hanukkah Chanukah de Ron, welcome to LA.

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He said all along.

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I have parents, I had parents that will we can old teenage. Shahar means old can be your own means old. You can just imagine how old they were.

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And he said, Oh Allah.

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I never used to offer dinner to my children and my family, except that I first offer it to my parents first.

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So he says Allah, when

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he says a drink, it's a milk that is given and prepared for night. So he said,

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our last one day.

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I got caught up with my sheep. Outside he used to have a farm. And I took my sheep and we went really far in search for grazing land and green fresh leaves off the tree. And I came back really late. And I came back and my parents were asleep. So I know the sheep and I grabbed this milk and I took it inside the home. And I did not want to wake my parents up because that would disturb them. So I stood by their heads, waiting.

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One little sepia tone

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Caught me. And my children, my family, his little children. Were at his foot crying, they wanted to drink. They were hungry. So he said, Oh Allah, I refused. And I stood right by my parents. I did not want to wake them up. And eventually when it was time, they woke up for our plane to LA who Malibu man. I gave them their milk to drink. And once they drank, I gave it to my children and they drank. He said, Oh, love. If I did that, in going to fall to the helicopter, Mr. Burdick, for

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no fee, human, how do you suffer? He said, Allah. If I have done this for your sake, only seeking your pleasure. And I didn't care about anyone else. Then relieve us from this distressing from this calamity we're in. So when NaVi Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he says, fun follows at the soccer.

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Ball, the rock moved, it moves the little. And in narrations, they were able to see the sky, and they were able to see the light. But it was too tight, they couldn't squeeze out. So they remained inside. At least now there's a breath of fresh air, my brother's in his staff. And your good deed is power. It is more powerful than any nation that will come to your rescue. A huge boulder. You know how many men and how much force and might it'll take to move? One good deed. One was enough to move it a little bit. There is wisdom as to why not move it completely from the first person we'll find out at the end. So the second man comes forward to make his daughter

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and he says Allahumma inna, who can II blood Rama

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II says Allah, I had a cousin.

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But this cousin was so beloved to me. I loved her more than any man's love to his woman in love, to the point where I wanted to do how long with her a scenario to see making the sinister.

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So he says to her and see her funtana I wanted to commit to her arm. And she refused. She sit back.

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For Allah to be her center to mean a sin is goodbye by.

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And she happens to be in a desperate state in a hardship difficulty, she has no money to live and to eat and to drink to take care of herself. So she went to her cousin, this man. And she said to him,

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you know, I'm in need, please give me some money since we're related to each other. So he says, oh, Allah, I gave her 120.

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But I gave it with a condition. And I said to her, I will only give you this money if you sleep with me. And what does she have, other than to accept even though it's wrong to accept, but in a desperate state like this, you don't know how one would act. So she accepted and in adoration, she began to cry.

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And he put her on the bed as the Hadith was mentioned. And he was uncovered. And he went on top in position. And he was about to commit to her arm. So she said to me,

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she said to infura law, and do this legally in a proper marriage. Don't break the seal unlawfully. In other words, she's a virgin. And don't do this unless it's with a legit and a valid marriage contract. So how the law you learn from this woman something that even in the worst of moments, don't hold back from forbidding the people of the evil. She uncovered the longer she forbid the evil in even in this moment, did it benefit and benefit? So he said

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he's making it and he's saying Allah at that moment. You know, this is one of the most difficult moments a person can go through, in the peak of his temptation and desire.

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And he really is the word

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tequila, fear alone. And the fear of a law penetrates deep in his heart and his skin and he jumps off from sort of hair, and he runs away from her. And he says to her keep the money that I've given you away. For she went

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for Super Subhana Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam then says, He said at the end of it Allahumma Incan to fall to the early Captiva robotic foliage under manaphy. He says, Oh Allah, if I did that, in pursuit of your pleasure, seeking your pleasure. In other words, I wasn't scared of anyone. No authority. I wasn't scared of her. I wasn't scared of her father of her brothers. I didn't care about it.

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Given our love, you know, if I did this purely for your sake alone, and I was sincere in that, then relieve us from this difficulty. This rock that is in front of us, relieve us from it. Fun photoshot is sokola

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una hora minha. So the Rockies moved a little bit. However, it still wasn't enough for them to squeeze out and make their way out to Panama, you need to understand my brothers in the stem. Even in moments in where you're not supposed to do this in. There is the idea of abstaining the sin sincerely for Allah. And it'll help not only the good deeds that you do, but also the bad deeds you stay away from for the sake of Allah. Next time you see a temptation on the road, or you see something on the road, or you're alone in your room, with something How long before you remember this moment, and remember that this moment, if you were to get up out of fee for the sake of Allah,

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it would benefit you. It would be power, it would be power, enough to move a difficulty and relieve you from a difficulty and a calamity in your life. So the server and now he's making his way. And he says, Allah whom

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he says, Allah, who may know who can tell you. He says, oh, Allah.

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I used to, I had a phone.

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And one day, there was harvest season.

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So you know, before harvest season, you have a few workers on the farm. But when it's harvest season, you need to have a lot of workers. So he said, I went and hired so many laborers. And they came and they began to work really hard to take off the fruit from the tree.

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So at the end of the day, I came to give them their wage, how fidella ham each, except one man. He said, I worked twice any one person's effort. I did double the work. And I was I refuse, you should pay me What did not happen to him. So the man argued with him and he said how often things got really bad. The man the laborer got upset, and he walked off, and he didn't take anything.

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So this person is making the dryer, he says our love. I invested that half a deal home for him, who have the responsibility and the trust in work, how many times people would work for someone and he rips him off. He showed changes if he oppresses him, he doesn't give him his right. Listen to what happens. He, he said, I took that half a day. And I invested it for him. I purchased the little sheep with it. And that sheep gave birth to one sheep, and it gave birth to another. And then we milk that and the money we got from the milk, we went and bought a cow and cows and camels until it became a valley full of cows and camels and sheep, and slaves. yeas go by, and that man that Libra

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fell into a very difficult situation. He was struck by difficult bankrupt. So you know, when someone is bankrupt in a situation like this, he'll go through his list who owes you money. Let me go and collect my census from the people. Maybe it'll get me going for a few months. So he goes back to his former boss, and he says, I have a half a debt I'm with you give it to me. So he says to him Come with me. You see this entire valley of sheep, and cattle and cows and slaves. Good luck.

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He says to God, the law that the status he will be, he says, Do not make a mockery of me. Don't joke to me, give me my money and I want to go. He says to one law he last week. I'm not making a mockery, this is all your money. So he took it all and he left nothing behind the sincerity and the honesty and responsibility in work. So he made it and he says Allahumma income to fall to the helicopter robotic for federal three Shan nanopi. He said Allah, if I did this purely for your sake, then relieve us from this calamity that we are in February Salama, Allah you are sending me says, fun follows yet the Sahaba for holla I'm Sean, and the rock moves all together. And they come out and

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they continue their walk and they continue their life. So Pamela, and this is how the believer is supposed to be my brothers in Islam. The closer Your heart is to Allah subhanaw taala the easier the difficulties and the worries and the tribulations and the calamities in your life. If you even looked into the story of you know, Santa is Santa, you find the very same case with Eunice LA.

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You know, Santa, he said I'm a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He's on a ship, and he ends up being drawn in the lots that he needs to be thrown off the ship. So he's thrown off the ship, and a huge whale comes and it swallows him and he takes him down to the depths of the ocean.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that when you know Shalini Salam was also trapped in the cave, the first thing he says La ilaha illa Allah Subhana

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Allah mean, these are the first words he says. These are the first words he says. And as a result, Allah subhanahu wa tada converts the belly of a whale into a submarine that eventually would take him to the shore and deliver him safely to the shore. Until your problem and your difficulty. Can't stand strong in front of the word lay

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supine again, Nick, in he didn't even have someone to look after his need. He himself didn't even have the ability to look after himself. But his heart was busy with Allah. It wasn't busy in the belly of the whale, with the whale, and how will I get up until when your heart is busy with a lot during your day and during times of ease? Allah subhanho wa Taala will remember you in times of difficulty, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says,

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Allah he felt

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he should get to know a lot of property, get to know him in times of ease. In times like this, get to know him. And you get to know Allah by doing good deeds to yourself to others, whatever it is. And then Allah subhanahu wa tada will know you, and He will not leave you during times of difficulty. Let me end the first hope but with last one last question. And to my brother in Islam.

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If you were the fourth person in that cave, what would you

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what good deed Have you done in your life?

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that you're able to ask the Lord subhanho wa Taala through it and know very well that it was certain for Allah subhanho wa Taala sake. And he could eat a pill Josie, Ohio Hola. When he mentioned this story, at the end, he made a comment. And he says, If I was to open the book of my good deeds, I wouldn't find anything. This is from his humility, obviously. But in to ask yourself the question, what is this one good deed that you've done, and you've saved for a time of calamity that when it strikes, you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala through this. And one final benefit from this hadith as I promised earlier, that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not open this rock until all three of them made.

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In other words, collectiveness one thing, you need to understand that we have brothers and sisters overseas, that are trapped in a cave as well, the Cave of oppression and tyranny. And if they're going to be relieved from this situation, then the entire oma depends on everyone's gamma rush, and don't waste your time. And don't delay doing a good deed others sacrifice from your desire and from your temptation. do a good deed others in which no one knows about except Allah subhanho wa Taala do it sincerely. And then ask Allah subhanho wa Taala through that, that if it was done sincerely for his sake, really, performance problems, relieve me from my problems, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah.

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Al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam O Allah Milena v about the Hua

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mo kumala Allah Hadith Maria was killed by Sheree and Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Shah fukada moto Kuma Allahu taala bmdm better if he had been FC was the NaVi Malaika to masa

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become known as the man calling in Allahumma eketahuna soluna Elena de

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la he was a limo Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Casa ley de la bella hemo la la la Hema in naka hamidah Majeed or barichara Mohammed Ali Muhammad Allah tala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Mecca hamidah Majid aloha Marina Taka Hakuna Matata Arenal Bella Bella Nora's openacc Deena

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in maganda, Simeon Ali, Elena in Manitoba, Rahim Allah in aloha

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when an infection you will carry on

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